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Not to be confused with the actual council.
“So. You came all this way to find out who I am? Can't you guess? Can't you feel it, Lloyd? Can't you sense it? I'll give you a clue.”
— The Kabuki Mask

The Council of the Crystal King is the twelfth episode of the fifteenth season of Ninjago and the 192nd episode overall. It aired on May 20, 2022 on LEGO's YouTube channel.


The ninjas try to track an undercover Lloyd as a crystal spider leads him under Ninjago City — and straight to the council of the Crystal King.[1]

Extended: Now disguised as the Mechanic, Lloyd follows a Crystal Spider through a secret subway tunnel - the Ninjas track him from above, but the real Mechanic escapes their custody. When Lloyd finds himself at a Crystal Temple with the Council of the Crystal King, Kabuki Mask plays surveillance footage of the real Mechanic and exposes Lloyd's identity... and she also reveals her own as Harumi, Lloyd's evil ex.[2]

LEGO's YouTube channel: While the Ninja continue to track Lloyd as he heads to the Council of the Crystal King, the Mechanic breaks free and makes his way to the Council of the Crystal King as well. During the Mechanic's fight with the Ninja, a Crystal Spider video recorded the real Mechanic and informed the Crystal King!

Is Lloyd headed into a trap? Who is the Crystal King?[3]


Lloyd, still disguised as the Mechanic, follows a crystal spider down the Ninjago Metro to the Council of the Crystal King. Unbeknownst to him, he is also being followed by another crystal spider.

Meanwhile, the other four ninja continue to track Lloyd's progress in the Noodle Truck of Crime. The real Mechanic is tied up at the back of the truck, whilst Jay and Cole find a box full of noodle soup. Kai and Zane then stop the truck near the entrance to the abandoned airline. At the same time, Jay has Zane put his noodle soup on the instant noodle maker. The Mechanic stealthily shrinks himself out of his bonds by letting his robo arm loose.

Back at the Ninjago Metro, a crystal spider opens up a secret entrance on the wall. Hesitating, Lloyd narrowly makes it through the closing wall and enters a vehicle which travels at a high speed that the other ninja are unable to catch up with.

As Kai drives the truck, the Mechanic breaks free and fights Jay and Cole. The Mechanic then manages to stop the Noodle Truck of Crime, tumbling it over and escapes to the sewers, heading underground to the Ninjago Metro, while the other ninja give chase.

On an underground platform, the ninja are unable to locate the Mechanic. Jay notices light at the end of the tunnel, hinting at a train. Silently lowering himself from the ceiling, the Mechanic pushes the ninja in front of the oncoming train. Jay goes under the train while the others Spinjitzu to the sides. During the ensuing fight, the Mechanic overpowers all four ninja, and manages to escape once again by hitching a ride on a train for a meeting with the Crystal King. Cole attempts to warn Lloyd, but the velocity of the vehicle is interfering with the signal, so there is nothing else the ninja can do. Unbeknownst to them, a crystal spider had recorded their conversation, and left to report it to its master.

Arriving at the Crystal Temple, Lloyd walks through a hallway with an army of Vengestone-carved soldiers flanking a narrow walkway. He then encounters the other villains in a meeting chamber, assembled by the Kabuki Mask: Pythor, Aspheera and Vangelis, alongside Mister F, the newest upgraded model of Mr. E.

The Kabuki Mask then appears and meets with the assembled villains. He reveals that he is merely the Crystal King's servant, and decides that his plans and intentions will not be revealed to them right now; as someone in their council is an impostor. Aspheera accuses Vangelis because of his mask, whilst he accuses Mister F of his helmet.

However, a crystal spider shows a video of the ninja from earlier, revealing that Lloyd was disguised as the Mechanic. Lloyd attempts to escape, but Pythor catches him using his Anacondrai invisibility, so he uses his Spinjitzu to fight the villains.

Mister F then fires a blast at Lloyd, knocking him out of his Spinjitzu. Kabuki Mask then approaches him, mocking Lloyd about his coming all the way to seek the truth. They then provide him with a clue: a familiar lullaby. Kabuki Mask sings verses of the song while walking slowly towards Lloyd as Vangelis, Pythor, Aspheera, and Mister F gather around them.

Lying on the ground, Lloyd watches them with blurry vision and the Kabuki Mask slowly removes the mask from their face, revealing the person behind it as their voice changes from a male to a female. When the mask is fully removed, Lloyd gazes in horror and disbelief as the person reveals herself to be Harumi before he finally blacks out.













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  • This is the second episode to feature rainbow crossings. The six stripes are used as symbol of LGBTQ+ pride. The first being, "Papergirl."
  • Clutch Powers can be seen with the Teapot of Tyrahn in the background again.
  • Aspheera indirectly says that the ninja interfered with all of their plans: Her seige on the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Pythor unleashing the Great Devourer, the Golden Master's attack on Ninjago City, Vangelis's tyranny in the Dungeons of Shintaro, and the Sons of Garmadon's takeover.
  • This episode marks the first physical appearance of Harumi since "Saving Faith", exactly 100 episodes later, and also her first physical appearance in a WildBrain episode (not counting her avatar in "Stop, Drop and Side Scroll").
    • As she sang the "Spider in the House" lullaby to tell Lloyd who she was, it is confirmed that she is the real Harumi as only she, Lloyd and Hutchins know that song, unlike her avatar who couldn't answer Lloyd's question right.
  • This is the second episode Lloyd goes undercover, only to end up exposed and captured. The first is "The Snake King."
    • In both episodes, Pythor was involved in the villainous factions Lloyd was captured by.
  • This is the second episode where a main villain from a previous season thought to be dead returns, under the guise of a mysterious individual, the first being Pythor in the "The Curse of the Golden Master."
  • This is Mister F's first appearance in the series.
  • This is the first episode since "The Corridor of Elders" in which Pythor wears his reddish-brown Anacondrai vest, an appearance he last sported in Tournament of Elements.
    • In a strange parallel in both Crystalized and Tournament of Elements, Pythor first appears with a prison uniform on his upper torso, only to lose it in his next appearance and instead wear his Anacondrai vest.
      • Though it's likely Harumi gave it to him like she gave Aspheera her new staff and Vangelis his mask, hat and wings.
  • This is the first time Aspheera and Pythor have interacted.
    • Around 4 months before the release of the episode, Tommy Andreasen has stated about their possible relationship that "I’m not sure they would get along well. Too much ego on each side."[4] This was confirmed in the episode itself.
    • From the interaction Pythor seems to be annoyed by Aspheera's desire for revenge, which is rather ironic, since he said in "Never Trust a Snake" that he loved revenge.
      • However, Pythor only said that so he could get close enough to Lloyd to steal the Map of Dens.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Anacondrai invisibility since "The Greatest Fear of All" and the first appearance of Pythor himself using it since "The Curse of the Golden Master."


  • In the picture on the title card, the real Mechanic is placed instead of Lloyd. He also has a nindroid eye on the right half of his head instead of the left.



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Foreign language Translation
French Le conseil du Roi Cristal
Latin Spanish El Consejo del Rey Cristal


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