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We all knew the path to save Lloyd was never going to be a straight line. We were all fooled by Ronin but that doesn't make us fools. At a time like this, we mustn't butt heads but put our heads together.”

The Crooked Path is the seventh episode of the fifth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the 51st episode overall. It premiered in the United States on July 7, 2015, on Cartoon Network.


The Ninja now have all the items they need to get to the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master but before they can figure out the last riddle that leads to the location of the tomb, Ronin steals the sword to give to Morro in exchange for his soul, and the Ninja and Nya are unable to stop him.


At Steep Wisdom, Zane is putting up a "closed for renovations" sign, while the other ninja are building fortifications, anticipating a ghost attack. Inside the tea shop, Misako and Wu are attempting to figure out the final clue, though are interrupted when the security system goes off. The ninja spring into action with their water balloons, only to discover it is the Postman delivering a letter.

Meanwhile, Ronin is cleaning up R.E.X. while Nya attempts to reverse the water's flow at the fountain. The mercenary advises her not to try so hard, which ends up working, and the Water Ninja successful reverses the water flow. Ronin goes back to washing his vehicle but is telepathically contacted by Bansha ordering him to steal the Sword of Sanctuary in exchange for removing his curse.

Ronin begins searching the tea shop for it but is interrupted when everyone enters for Misako to give her presentation on how to locate the tomb. The Falcon then projects the third symbol, which Misako explains means the tomb. Wu notes that the tomb is guarded by three deadly tests, which can only be passed using the Sword of Sanctuary. Misako then realized that if one used the sword on the map on the back of the Airjitzu scroll, it would reveal the tomb's location.

While they are busy, Ronin slips out and sneaks into one of the side buildings where he finds the sword's case, but it is empty. He turns, and Nya is also there, holding the sword. A fight breaks out between the two, Ronin tells Nya he wants the sword and doesn't want to hurt her. Nya refuses to give up the sword but soon foresees Ronin kissing her. She's outraged and kicks him in the shins, as he questions the reason, she states he knows what he was going to do.

Taking advantage of her distraction, Ronin knocks her down, claiming the sword for himself. He runs outside while Nya alerts her friends of his treachery, and Ronin finds himself surrounded by the ninja. However, they quickly become entangled in their ghost security system, leaving Ronin to flee into the tea shop where he finds Wu and Misako armed and waiting for him. With the sword's reflective blade, Ronin defeats them with ease and apparently escapes in R.E.X. The ninja board the Bounty while Wu summons his dragon for him and Misako. They quickly catch up to R.E.X., only to find it empty.

Meanwhile, Ronin has taken a small boat down the river, and Nya catches up to him. Though she tries to reverse the flow of the river, it is too much, and Ronin escapes.

The thief arrives in Stiix and journeys to his old pawn shop, where Morro and his allies are hiding out. Ghoultar inspects the sword to make sure it is real, then hands it to Morro, who uses it on the scroll to find the location of the tomb. However, the Master of Wind changes the deal, as he wants the ninja as well. Ronin refuses, but Ghoultar grabs him as Morro still has a need for the thief.

Back at Steep Wisdom, the ninja, Wu, and Misako debate about where Morro could be, though they are interrupted when the Falcon displays a message from Ronin, who claims the tomb is in the Caves of Despair. Wu notes that they have been there, though there was no sign of a tomb, Misako states there were still unexplored parts. While Nya is suspicious because it could be a trap, Wu decides it is worth the risk, and the ninja leave for the caves as Nya stays behind.

Back in Stiix, Morro leaves Ronin's body as Lloyd, free of his possession, though locked in a cage, declares that Morro would never have been the Green Ninja if he had to lie. Morro tells Lloyd that he won't be the Green Ninja for long before he orders him to save his strength so he can use it, then announces that they will leave at dawn for the tomb. He tells that Ronin has fulfilled his purpose and is now useless to them.

The ninja arrive at the Caves of Despair and quickly locate the third symbol; though unbeknownst to them, it was created by Ghoultar. They soon discover four lamps and believe them to be the first test, though after Kai takes one, they realize they are just regular lamps. The ninja continue to follow the tunnel and come across a kethanol geyser near where Morro's skeleton lays. Ghoultar then reveals himself and causes a cave-in, trapping the ninja. P.I.X.A.L. locates an opening, though the geyser prepares to go off. Cole sticks a rock into it to stop it, though Zane declares that his action has multiplied the damage tenfold. The ninja use Airjitzu to get to the opening and soon come across a mine cart. A wild ride through the caves ensures, ending with them defeating Ghoultar and being saved by R.E.X. They climb into the flying vessel where they receive a message from Ronin who offers R.E.X. as an apology for stealing the sword, and gives them the actual location of the tomb, before revealing this would be the last time they hear from him. The ninja realize that the reason the tomb was never found was that it was actually located in the ocean. The ninja take control of the vessel and fly towards the tomb, as the Caves of Despair are destroyed behind them.











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  • Lloyd is temporarily free of his possession, making this the first episode of the season not to feature Morro in Lloyd's body.
  • Morro's corpse is discovered by the ninja, having decomposed to bone except for his hair.
  • Nya's "Become the water" may perhaps have been foreshadowing her transformation in "The Turn of the Tide".


  • While Ronin tries to get the Sword of Sanctuary from Nya, he threw his hat at her. However, in the next shot, it ended up at the opposite side of the room and switched positions after he got the sword from her.
  • When Morro is talking to Lloyd, Ghoultar's bandana is down, yet in the rest of the scene, he has it around his mouth.
  • When P.I.X.A.L. told Zane there was an obstacle, her mouth doesn't move.
  • When Jay grabs onto the ladder on R.E.X., his armor pads are missing.
  • When Ghoultar is walking on the mine cart tracks footsteps can be heard, even though he doesn't have feet and he floats.
  • When Ronin says "So, where does that leave us?" Nya's eyebrows aren't shown in the reflection of the Sword of Sanctuary.
  • When the ninja land into the mine cart, Cole is wearing armor pads.



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