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The Curse of the Cat-Eye Jewel is one of the two canon Spinjitzu Brothers books that were released in 2021, focusing on Garmadon and Wu's formative years.[1]

Official description

The action-packed world of LEGO® NINJAGO®: Spinjitzu comes to life in this illustrated chapter book featuring Wu and Garmadon in their early adventures on the road to becoming Spinjitzu Masters!

Wu and Garmadon both want to become Spinjitzu Masters—but there are many who stand in their way—especially each other. Will a mysterious ninja bring them closer together or prove to be their undoing. And do they have what it takes to gain the skills they need to become true legends of Spinjitzu? Find out in this all-new illustrated chapter book series featuring the LEGO NINJAGO’s Spinjitzu Brothers![2]



At the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Wu has the ninja train in the middle of the rain. However, when Jay gets out an umbrella, Wu snatches it to prevent him from using it. Curious, Lloyd and the other ninja ask Wu about the umbrella. Wu then has the ninja come with him to his room so he could tell them the story about the umbrella, which is also about his and Garmadon's first journey.

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

After Wu and Garmadon defeated Aspheera, their father had been furious and refused to speak to them for many years until one day, he allowed them a chance to redeem themselves by sending them on a quest to find a special tea to help purify Garmadon. Before the next sunrise, Wu woke up Garmadon and ended up having to splash him with water when he refused to get out of bed. They headed off afterwards and stopped by a village for food along the way. Then, they continued on towards the north and came to a forest with heavy fog. Wu suggested they walk around but Garmadon thought it would take too long and they both head off into the forest. Soon, Wu complained that he couldn't see but Garmadon told him to just keep walking straight and there seemed to be a light ahead. Wu replied the lights looked like eyes and Garmadon retorted that it was probably his imagination. But before he could finish, a beast with glowing eyes and lots of sharp teeth leaped at them.

Chapter 2: The Mysterious Ninja

The boys dodged the creature, arguing over what kind of monster it was. They tried to use Spinjitzu next but the monster easily dispatched both of them. Between jokes and remarks, they both complained to each other about not being able to see and how awful its breath smelled. They attempted to use Spinjitzu again but the monster grabbed both of them, one in each paw, and prepared to make a meal out of them. While the boys struggled with figuring out how to escape, something dropped out of the sky and attacked the monster.

The monster leapt at them and they both saw that it was woman in a ninja uniform, who seemed to also have cat ears. They watched her attack the creature with an umbrella and were surprised when she started to use Spinjitzu. She circled around the monster several times and finally smacked the monster into the trees with her umbrella, who ran away, yipping. The wind that the woman had created with her Spinjitzu had cleared away the fog and the boys could clearly see her cat-like features. But when Wu thanked her and asked who she was, she disappeared into the trees.

Chapter 3: Attack of the Green Warriors

After her disappearance, they both excitedly wondered who she was and talked about her amazing skills. Garmadon suggested to go after her to find more about how she knew Spinjitzu but a roar changed their decisions and they headed out of the forest. They eventually came to a brook with no signs of trouble along the way and made camp. Around the fire, they ate and talked more about their impressions of the cat lady and whether they should've gone after her. Then they took shifts throughout the night and continued onwards the next day.

Sometime later, they came to a giant mountain and were just starting to continue their climb around it when a dozen warriors in green charged at them from behind. The brothers tried to greet them but the warriors continued to come closer. They then decided to take on six warriors each and a battle ensued. Wu took out his share of the warriors and asked the sixth warrior who they were and why they attacked them. But before he could answer, more warriors rushed in and the brothers decided to run. They raced over the rocks and didn't see a cliff up ahead until it was too late, and they plummeted into the ravine.

Chapter 4: Nineko

Wu grabbed onto a rock and saw that his brother had managed to find one as well. They began to wonder how they were going to get out when someone called out to them from above. They looked up to see the cat ninja from before, holding her umbrella out for them. Garmadon leapt up first and Wu followed afterwards. But he crashed into Garmadon when doing so, causing him to snap back and the cat ninja to laugh. Garmadon asked what was so funny to which she replied that she thought she was dealing with two Spinjitzu masters, but they appeared to only be two very silly boys. Wu thanked her before Garmadon could complain any further. They exchanged greetings, with the cat ninja introducing herself as Nineko.

Wu suddenly wondered where the green warriors went and Nineko laughed and told them the thugs left when they realized the boys were no threat to them. She proceeded to leave but Garmadon stopped her, asking if she could teach them some of her moves. She scoffed at this, for she saw it to be a waste of time, but when Garmadon mentioned their father was the First Spinjitzu Master, she invited them to come as she had been trained by their father as well. Curiosity got the better of both of them and they followed Nineko to her home.

While she made tea, Wu and Garmadon asked her questions about her training, some of which she tole them she could not promise any answers to them. The questions ended when she brought two cups of tea before them and offered her deal for teaching them her moves, which she called Catjitzu. Garmadon quickly agreed although Wu told them it depended on the favor. Nineko told them she seeked the Cat-Eye Jewel which the thugs that the brothers called warriors had stolen it from her. Wu asked why she couldn't steal it and Nineko told him the thugs had put a magical protection around the jewel to prevent cats from achieving it, but if she trained them properly they could steal it for her. She then asked if they agreed to her bargain and after some thought, the brothers accepted the deal.

Chapter 5: The Art of Catjitzu

Nineko then shooed them outside so she could nap. Wu and Garmadon waited until moonrise to begin their training. When the first moon rose, she leapt down from her tree house and their training began. They practiced balancing across slimy vines, leaping up really high with the aid of Spinjitzu, and landing silently on the ground. Overtime, they got better at it and pestered Nineko to tell more of her story, although it was mostly Wu who was not satisfied, even though Nineko told him how she met their father. Knowing that he would not stop the questions, Nineko promised that she would tell the rest of her story after they mastered Catjitzu. When they did master Catjitzu, Wu was still persistent, much to Garmadon's annoyance, and Nineko recalled how their father had accused her of stealing one of his katanas. While she had not, she saw that he would never see her as anything but the little thief he had rescued so she left him to train on her own. As Wu stammered out an apology, she leapt into her tree house and Garmadon punched Wu in the arm, scolding him for his reckless curiosity.

Soon, it would be time for them to retrieve the jewel. With a yawn, Garmadon asked if they could retrieve it in the afternoon but Nineko replied coldly that she had waited long enough, leaving Wu to wonder why she wouldn't say anything more about the jewel and the bargain he once held with Aspheera. Early the next morning, they set off on a river that Nineko told them was unguarded. But an hour later, they heard a rustling in the reeds and leapt out of their boat, tackling down the figure, who turned out to be one of the green warriors. They were both surprised to see he wasn't a cat ninja, much to the warrior's confusion, and asked why he had been following them. He told them they had to listen to him because Nineko was their true enemy.

Chapter 6: Ninja or Sorceress?

At first, the brothers were wary of the warrior's sayings. But after checking the perimeter and seeing that he had not lied to them yet, they allowed him to talk. The warrior introduced himself as Dillon, one of the members of the Ancient Order of Felis, and their duty to guard the Cat-Eye Jewel. He also mentioned Nineko's pursuit in the jewel for immortality with some help from dark sorcery and offered to take them to their temple for proof. At that, Garmadon thought he was making up a story and told Wu they should tie him up. However, Wu didn't understand why the green warriors wouldn't profit from the jewel if they were thieves as Nineko told them. He then told Dillon he wanted to hear more causing Garmadon to snap back about their promise to Nineko. They both argued some more before Garmadon left to go back to Nineko.

Chapter 7: In Search for Immortality

On his way back, Garmadon admitted to himself that Wu could have been right and if he was, it would have been very bad thing if Nineko got the jewel but he didn't want him to be right. As soon as he stepped into Nineko's tree house, she told he failed but Garmadon explained what happened and how he didn't believe the scout's story. Pleased that he came back to her, she then made tea so they could talk. After the tea was ready, she confessed what the scout said was mostly true; that she was a sorceress.

Garmadon realized she trusted him and decided to stay to hear her story out, even though a small part of his brain told him to run. He followed along, silently agreeing to himself, as Nineko told him what she did after his father betrayed her: vowing to become more powerful than him, discovering dark magic, and learning about the Cat-Eye Jewel, which ultimately led to her attempts to steal it. But when Garmadon hesitated to agreeing to fulfil his promise for her, Nineko seized him with her hair strands and Garmadon was forced to watch the dark magic come at him.

Chapter 8: The Temple of the Jewel Guardians

Back at the river, Wu had thought about jumping after Garmadon but decided to let him go. Dillon then took him back to their temple and briefly showed him around before they ran into Adara, one of the other guards. She soon left to organize an army to guard the mountain while Dillon took Wu up to the library to meet Komala, their leader. Komala had Wu look into smoke and told her story of Nineko's quest for immortality, how she defeated her when she came to the mountain again, and how Nineko tried to send more humans and creatures after the jewel. After the story, Dillon and Wu rushed to the mountain to intercept Nineko and Garmadon.

They meet Adara with more guardians there, who told them their scout saw Nineko and Garmadon coming. When they arrived, Wu tried to tell Garmadon she couldn't be trusted but Wu and Dillon realized that he was being controlled by magic. Wu then demanded Nineko to release his brother and that she couldn't defeat them all. In response, Nineko told him he was right but they weren't alone and opened her umbrella. Green rain fell down and an army of cats made out of rain rose up from the ground. Dillon warned Wu they weren't just rain cats, but the legendary Warriors of Felis.

Chapter 9: Get the Jewel!

The battle began as Nineko commanded the cat warriors to attack. Wu then heard Nineko command Garmadon to fetch her the jewel and he used Catjitzu to land in front of Garmadon. He tried to tell Garmadon that he should go with him to the temple but Garmadon tossed him aside and ran for the mountain, still heavily caught under the spell. Wu scrambled to his feet and ran after him. All around him, the guardians and cat warriors were engaged in their own fights and Wu realized that he was the only one who could stop Garmadon.

Soon, Garmadon reached the base of the mountain and used Catjitzu to jump up on to the narrow wedges of rock sticking out with Wu following after him, begging him to stop. Garmadon reached the top first and found two guards waiting for them. They charged at him, but Garmadon defeated them and goes for the jewel. Wu rushed over and both of them fight for the jewel. Just then, the rocks below their feet crumbled and they all go tumbling off the mountain. They both used Spinjitzu to land safely and resumed their fight. When they broke away, Wu realized he had the jewel in his possession. Dillon and Adara jumped in to distract Garmadon while Wu took the jewel back to the mountain. But before he could start the climb, Nineko landed in front of him.

She told Wu there was nowhere to run and that she would remove her spell on Garmadon if he gave the jewel. Wu replied that he didn't trust her and to release Garmadon first. Enraged, Nineko tried to grab Wu with her hair. Wu escaped and ran but stopped when he reached the same ravine he fell into before. Nineko then came up after him and demanded Wu to give the jewel. Suddenly, Garmadon leapt out of nowhere and wrestled Wu for the jewel again. The jewel falls out of his hands and Nineko grabbed it, claiming it was finally hers. But Garmadon shouted that he had to get the jewel and tackled Nineko. The jewel flew out of her hands and Wu dove for it. Nineko then leapt for the jewel, screaming that it was hers, but as she did so, she slipped on the rocks and tumbled over the edge of the ravine. Wu ran over, but he was too late. He looked to see if she had managed to grab hold, but heard Garmadon's cry for the jewel once more as he lunged at Wu.

Chapter 10: The Spell Is Broken

Wu raced away from the edge but was soon surrounded by Garmadon and rain cats. He tried to plead once more to Garmadon to stop but he was still under the spell and Spinjitzus at his brother. Before Wu could fight though, Komala appeared and cast the rain cats away. She dissipates the spell from Garmadon and the guardians gather around, discussing about Nineko and the outcome of the battle. When Wu handed the jewel to Dillon, the latter asked him if he could take it to the top instead since they zoomed up the mountain so fast. Garmadon then snatched the jewel from him and raced with Wu to the top of the mountain.


The rain has stopped and the sun shines through. After Wu had finished the story, the ninja remark on how it went and when Cole asks, Wu tells them how he ended up with the umbrella. They decide to train outside with Jay suggesting they do so with rain cats. Despite Wu warning him, Jay runs out with the umbrella anyways with the rest of the ninja following behind, but they watch him get soaked instead when he finally opens it, for only a true sorceress can actually summon rain cats. Nya then asks Wu what happened to the rest of their journey but Wu tells her those stories are for another day.









  • The old saying "Curiosity killed the cat" mentioned by Wu is a proverb used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation.


  • Zane talks about how he once meditated at the bottom of a lake, referring to a flashback from "The Golden Weapon."


  • In the prologue, Wu stands on a rock in the center of the Monastery of Spinjitzu, where the golden dragon statue should be.
  • The Monastery of Spinjitzu is not located on a mountain, but near the forest.
  • On page 104, Dillon's name is spelt as Dillion.



Language Name
German Der Fluch des Katzenauges
Polish Klątwa Kociego Oka



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