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“Whatever is on this island, it won't stop us from finding my mom and Master Wu.”

The Island is a Ninjago mini-series, consisting of four episodes. It is preceded by Season 13 and succeeded by Season 14. It aired in March 2021, the same year as the series' 10th anniversary. Though Lloyd is the mascot character, there is no focus character. Ronin served as the main antagonist, and the Keepers and Ronin's criminal group serve as the villainous factions.

The first teaser was released on February 5, 2021, on YouTube while the official trailer was released on February 12, 2021.

Official descriptions

Teaser: An expedition led by Misako, Master Wu, and Clutch Powers has gone missing! With so much at stake, the ninja embark on a rescue mission to a mysterious and uncharted island full of surprises.[1]

Trailer: An expedition led by Misako, Master Wu, and Clutch Powers has gone missing! With so much at stake, the ninja embark on a rescue mission to a mysterious and uncharted island.

A piece of land which has never been mapped due to strange never-ending electrical storms. The ninja track down the only survivor and convince him to be their guide.

On board the Destiny’s Bounty, they head straight for the island! Prepared to enter a world of storms, monsters, doom, and much much more![2]

New mission!

Our ninja heroes have returned to Ninjago City after their latest adventure. But there's no time to chill out because all sorts of mischief is going on in Ninjago City! Meanwhile, Master Wu and Misako are on an expedition with Clutch Powers. This season, our heroes turn from crime fighters into explorers, because the mysterious island is calling them![3]



Season Ep # Series Ep # Image Episode name Airdate
1 161 Ninjago The Island Episode 1.png "Uncharted" March 7, 2021 (Canada)
2 162 Ninjago The Island Episode 2.png "The Keepers of the Amulet" March 7, 2021 (Canada)
3 163 Ninjago The Island Episode 3.png "The Gift of Jay" March 14, 2021 (Canada)
4 164 Ninjago The Island Episode 4.png "The Tooth of Wojira" March 14, 2021 (Canada)


Lloyd was the mascot ninja. The Storm Amulet serves as the collectible item of this installment. The set background was based on the shore of the Island of the Keepers.




  • The Island is sometimes referred to as "Season 3" by LEGO. This is because Ninjago is considered a new show by some sources starting with Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu,[4] and Prime Empire and Master of the Mountain were sold to distributors as one season,[5] which makes The Island and Seabound the third "official" season of this new series. Together, they are referred to as "The Abyss and the Flood" on LEGO's YouTube channel.[6] CITV also refers to both The Island and Seabound as Season 3.[7]
    • Despite being labeled as Season 3 by LEGO's YouTube channel and as Season 14 by at least one TV site,[8] Bragi Schut stated that Seabound is the fourteenth season, seemingly confirming that The Island is not a season,[9] but he later clarified that he considers The Island and Seabound to be the same season.[10] Tommy Andreasen has referred to The Island as "a 44 minute episode"[11] and has also stated that he considers The Island and Seabound to be "two chapters,"[12] though mostly he does not care and says it is up to the viewer.[13][14][15] Meanwhile, the soundtrack for the installment refers to it as "NJS13," suggesting it as the thirteenth season.[16] Additionally, the Ninjago Magazine (issue 77), in a description of Ronin, says that he "even tricked the Keepers in the latest season."
    • Tommy Andreasen stated that he has stopped counting seasons after Hunted, and said that "Unless you refer to later seasons by their title, I will not provide an answer."[17]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen:
    • When someone asked if they should be worried about Jay in Season 14, he replied, "Next year? Yes… yes you should!".[18]
    • The opening shot of 2021's Ninjago is the "most beautiful Ninjago render" that he has ever seen, as of July 2020.[19]
    • "There's gonna be some really big and new deep-cut lore things revealed in 2021."[20]
    • He replied "Did you spot the fish?" when someone posted a before, after showing the torches still lit.[21]
    • There are some "amazing" side characters coming up.[22]
    • Fans should remember to stay positive when seeing the 2021 first half installment.[23]
    • When previously asked if The Island would be a sixteen-episode season, Tommy Andreasen said, "We can only hammer in the nails we're given."[24] This implies the length of The Island was due to budgetary constraints or similar issues.
    • The ninja continue to use their suits introduced in "Wasted True Potential," as confirmed by Tommy Andreasen.[25]
    • "It was fun making a small, contained Ninjago story" and The Island was inspired by the setting of King Kong films, the structure of Scooby-Doo, and the story idea of "The Monster of the Misty Lake" (from the Dutch comic series, Douwe Dabbert).[26] A scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was also likely an inspiration.[27]
    • The structural similarities with Scooby-Doo are as follows: a character or group is shown in the first scene to be attacked by a mysterious villainous force; the next scene has the main cast getting the call to adventure; eventually, it is revealed the monster was a costume or machine set up by an ordinary human who was hinted at earlier in the story in order to gain something they want. In the finale, Ronin even says a version of the well-known line from Scooby-Doo, "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids."
    • At the end of the finale, there is also a shot of Wojira, which is similar to the shot of the Evil Entity in "Wrath of the Krampus" from Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.
    • Zippy's movement is very similar to that of Scooby-Doo himself. Zippy's set designer, Jme Wheeler, had in mind a "big hyper dog" for the personality of Zippy.[28]
  • The trailer was completed in early September of 2020.[29]
  • There are two upcoming books that tie-in to this story's events, titled The Uncharted Island and Rescue Mission.[30]
  • Although Kirby Morrow unexpectedly passed away on November 18, 2020, he recorded Cole's lines for this season prior to his death. LEGO announced that the 2021 episodes will be dedicated in honor of him,[31] which was confirmed at the beginning of the credits of "The Tooth of Wojira."
  • Its set wave has the least amount of sets of any wave, with only four.
  • It is the first WildBrain installment in which all the ninja appear in all of the episodes.
  • The poster for this installment was released prematurely. Nya, Jay, Lloyd, Kai, and Zane's lips appeared to be 3D and Nya and Zane's eyes also appeared to be slightly 3D on the unfinished poster. Lloyd was also missing his sword. The final poster was released on February 12, 2021.[32]
  • This is the second Ninjago story in which Misako goes missing on an island and the ninja go to find her, the first being the Dark Island Trilogy.
  • It is titled "The Unknown Island" in France.[33]
  • The Island is the first WildBrain installment where the Teapot of Tyrahn does not appear or is not even mentioned.
  • This is one of few installments in which the Destiny's Bounty is neither completely destroyed nor damaged in any capacity, with the others being Tournament of Elements, Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu and Prime Empire.
  • Ronin's return here marks the continuation of older side characters making their debut in the WildBrain era after not being seen for several seasons, including:
  • It also features the return of several WildBrain characters introduced in Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, including:
  • The events of The Island are confirmed to take place one month after the events of "Level Thirteen."
    • Cecil Putnam states that he had "not heard from Misako in weeks" as she left for her expedition, implying that her and Wu left for the expedition very shortly after the events of Master of the Mountain."
  • Mammatus and the Keepers are the first antagonistic force to redeem themselves and ally with the ninja since the Dragon Hunters in Hunted.
  • Fugi-Dove is confirmed to have been captured by Ronin in the first episode, yet is not seen in the finale with the other inmates.
  • Cole's Rock Cycle can be seen in the hangar bay, marking its first appearance since "Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?".
    • This marks one of the very few occasions of a ninja's vehicle appearing in multiple installments.
  • This is the first installment since March of the Oni not to have The Weekend Whip featured in the intro.
  • This is the first WildBrain installment where Harumi is not mentioned.
  • This is the first installment of the main series where Garmadon does not appear in any way, not even on the Ninjago history mural.
  • Although the English dub of the first two episodes premiered in Canada first, the other two were actually released in Taiwan two days before the Canadian premiere. This is because Taiwan aired all four episodes at once on a Friday, while Canada split the episodes into two parts and aired them on Sundays.
  • The Island is the first series of episodes to make its American debut on Netflix rather than on Cartoon Network.
  • Soundtrack titles from The Island are: Chop Chop!, Statuebro Terror, Uncharted, The Club Will Prevail, The Storm Belt, Twitchy Tim, Storms Monsters Doom, Leaded or Unleaded, Breaking Waves, Into the Fog, Catamaran Hand-Stand, Blue Sandy Beaches, Air Mail, They're Alive, Jungle Choppers Ride Out !, Island End Credits, Main Title, Poisonous Birds, How to Train Your Zippy, Statuebros, Rope-Bridges Always Break, A Shocking Entrance, The Keepers Arrive, Not My Style, Twitchy's Rule, Keepers of the Amulet, One With the Storm, Island Main Titles, All But One, Prison Reunion, Rambo Lloyd, Precious Little Gift, Game of Fetch, Gift of Jay, Wojira End Credits, Final Sacrifice, Wojira's Meal, It's a Con, All was Peaceful, Paying off Wojira, Cost Jay Everything, To Rescue a Friend, and Keeper's Brothers.[34]
    • The title How to Train Your Zippy refers to the movie trilogy How to Train Your Dragon, as well as the title of the Hunted episode, "How to Build a Dragon."
    • The title Rambo Lloyd refers to the movie series Rambo.
    • Uncharted, Keepers of the Amulet and Gift of Jay are also the titles of the three episodes of The Island.
  • There is a running gag where Lloyd forgets to acknowledge Clutch Powers, in "The Keepers of the Amulet" and "The Tooth of Wojira."
  • While the ninja use new weapons in sets, they use their weapons from Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu in the show.
  • According to Niek van Slagmaat, Twitchy Tim was going to be part of a minifigure accessory set, but it was canceled due to a bottle neck in production. It would have been named "Twitchy Tim’s Bizarre Adventure."[35]
  • Amount of times a different character reads a title card:
    • Mammatus: 2
    • Wu: 1
    • Jay: 1
      • This makes Mammatus announcing the most amount of title cards while Wu and Jay are tied for one.

Focus characters


  • There is no specific focus character for this installment.
  • Lloyd is the mascot. His determination to find his mother and Master Wu is a driving force behind the installment.
    • He is the only ninja who is not captured in Episode 162.
    • In Episode 163, Lloyd convinces Twitchy Tim to do something brave and uses Zippy as a distraction to save his friends.
    • In Episode 164, he realizes that the monster that kidnapped Jay was a fake.
  • Jay is a prominent character, especially towards the second half.
    • He is declared as a "gift" in Episode 163, which resulted in the Keepers sacrificing him to the false Wojira.
    • In Episode 164, he fights some of the Kryptarium inmates and is rescued by the rest of the ninja.
  • Kai and Nya have larger roles than Cole and Zane.
    • Kai plays an important part in Episode 164 where he uses his fire to free himself and the other ninja to save Jay.
    • Nya has a small role in Episode 164 where she realizes that Clutch Powers stole the Amulet and electrocutes him afterwards.
  • Cole and Zane have minor roles in this installment.
  • Wu had a smaller role than in other installments and served with Misako as a motive for the ninja to go to the Island of the Keepers.
  • P.I.X.A.L. had a very small role, although in Episode 161 she had a dialogue with Lloyd and helped the ninja get to the island.


  • Ronin served as the main antagonist of this installment.
  • Wojira served as the overarching antagonist of this season. She would only appear at the end of Episode 164 as a cameo, still in her deep sleep.
  • Mammatus served as the secondary antagonist of this installment. He reformed in Episode 164 after discovering Ronin's monster was not the real Wojira.
  • Other important antagonists include PoulErik and the Stone Guardians.
  • The Keepers (until Episode 164) and Ronin's criminal group served as the villainous factions of this installment.
  • Clutch Powers is an unintentional antagonist as his repeated attempts to steal the Storm Amulet for himself end up causing more problems for the ninja.



Promotional media

Character posters




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