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“We have to live up to a role that was bestowed upon us. We never chose these mantles we hold.”
Harumi to Lloyd

The Jade Princess is the second episode of the eighth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the 76th episode overall. It aired on January 27, 2018, in Australia, and on April 23, 2018, in the US on Cartoon Network.


In the wake of a vicious attack upon the palace, the Sons of Garmadon steal the second Oni Mask, and the ninja invites the royal princess, Harumi, into their makeshift family.[1]


The episode starts with Lloyd, looking around, unable to find Harumi. Lloyd then heads to the balcony to see someone carrying a bag, which leads Lloyd to think that "he" kidnapped the princess. "He" then realizes that Lloyd saw "him" and attempts to run away. Lloyd chases after "him" when "he" hesitated at a long jump. Lloyd jumps and catches the rope then moves to the second jump. Lloyd nearly makes it when he slips and starts dangling on a ladder. The mysterious "man" then saves Lloyd and reveals that "he" is Harumi. Lloyd then proceeds to inform Harumi that he tried to save her. But in Harumi's point of view, it looked like she was the one saving Lloyd. Lloyd then questions what is in the sack and Harumi reveals that the bag has food from the palace for the less fortunate. He then says that he saw her room was ransacked, which causes Harumi to explain that she can be a bit of a slob. In the background, Hutchins yells that the princess is gone and orders the guards to find her. Harumi quickly asks Lloyd to disguise himself and passes him a white hoodie.

Lloyd and Harumi

They walk through the city and give out the food to the children. While walking around, she tells Lloyd how being a princess is. They arrive on a bridge and chat when Lloyd sees a gang bullying a group of kids. Lloyd starts to approach them but Harumi tells him that if he did, he would blow their cover. Lloyd then sees something familiar on the back of a gang member's shirt: the Sons of Garmadon logo. Luckily, Samurai X shows up to thwart the Sons of Garmadon instead. When Lloyd and Harumi decide to turn back, Hutchins arrives and asks the pair what they are doing. He blames Lloyd for Harumi sneaking out but Harumi stands up for him. Hutchins then brings Harumi home, glaring at Lloyd.

Kai and Zane training

The next day, the ninja are training and Lloyd is telling them about the night before. Cole says that it was a date but Lloyd denies it. Zane then proceeds to define a date. Kai tells Lloyd that he needs to up his "game" if he wants to win Harumi's heart. Cole tells him that he needs to be strong. Jay pitches in and says that he needs to "woo" her with jokes. Kai hears this and adds that he needs to act like he doesn't care, with Lloyd saying he does care (thus confirming his crush on Harumi). Nya then tells Lloyd the best way to get a girl is to be himself. Lloyd agrees with her but Cole knocks him down when he's not looking. With a hurting hand, Lloyd walks past the throne room when he overhears Harumi talking to her adoptive parents. Her parents say that she should not be around the ninja (particularly Lloyd) since she is royalty while the ninja are not. Harumi apologizes, then her adoptive parents apologize for their harsh words, but remind Harumi that she has a role to play in the palace, and she can't let her heart interfere. Harumi runs away, crying. She bumps into Lloyd and runs away from him as well. Hutchins then comes over and warns Lloyd to stay away from Harumi. When Nya asks what happened, Lloyd explains that he can be himself, but not everyone is so lucky.

At a movie theater, two members of the Sons of Garmadon walk in to tell a woman, Miss Violet, that one of the generals of the Sons of Garmadon, Mr. E, wants her for a fight. She accepts, then tells them that "It's not Miss Violet. It's Ultra Violet!"

Cole's flashback

At the Royal Palace, Kai talks to the Postman, who leaves, saying, "See you next season!" Meanwhile, Cole has a flashback about how he met Master Wu, and how Wu helped him deal with his grief from his mother's death, and swears that he will do everything he can to find Wu. Cole then sees Hutchins go into a secret passageway underneath the Palace. He follows him in; while he loses sight of Hutchins, Cole discovers that someone planted bombs under the Palace, and believes it was Hutchins. He informs the other ninja, but before they can do anything, the bombs go off, and the Palace gets set on fire. The Sons of Garmadon, led by Mr. E and Ultra Violet, storm the front gate and launch an attack on the Palace and the ninja.

During the raid of the Palace, Lloyd finds Hutchins and accuses him of setting the bombs. However, Hutchins tells him he didn't do it, and that he would never harm the Royal Family. Hutchins saves Lloyd from getting struck by Ultra Violet's Sai, and the two fight her while Zane finds and gets Harumi out of her collapsing bedroom. Ultra Violet has Hutchins cornered but he is saved by Zane encasing her in ice.

Mr. E wearing the mask

Meanwhile, Mr. E goes to where the Oni Mask of Deception is kept, only to be confronted by Jay, Cole, Kai, and Nya. Mr. E then reveals the Oni Mask of Vengeance and puts it on, getting two horns on top of his head, fire as eyes, and four arms, to which Jay responds, "Really? Four Arms? Like that's new." The four-fight against Mr. E, but with the Mask of Vengeance, he overpowers them and breaks the case holding the Mask of Deception. Before he can take it, Kai sends a fireball at the mask, which destroys it. Nya tells Lloyd this, but Hutchins reveals the one Kai destroyed was a fake and he had placed the real Mask of Deception from the vaults underneath the Palace, revealing that he wasn't sure if he could trust the ninja with it, but he does now. He reveals a secret passageway underneath the Emperor of Ninjago's throne and gives the Mask of Deception to Lloyd, telling him to take it and to get Harumi out of the burning Palace. Harumi is concerned about her adoptive parents, but Hutchins assured her that he will find them. Lloyd apologizes to Hutchins by saying "I was wrong about you," then he and Harumi escape from the Palace moments before it explodes.

The ruins of the Royal Palace

Lloyd and Harumi leave the Palace grounds on a motorcycle with the Mask of Deception, and Ultra Violet and several Sons of Garmadon goons chase after them. After a long chase, Ultra Violet takes the Mask of Deception from Lloyd and Harumi, then she and her goons chase them down to the docks. Lloyd takes Harumi onto a boat, then fires it up, revealing it to be the Destiny's Bounty, and they escape from Ultra Violet's grasp.

As the sun rises, the other ninja are seen climbing a highway, having escaped the destruction of the Royal Palace. Lloyd picks them up in the Destiny's Bounty, and they reveal sadly that the Emperor, Empress, and Hutchins were killed in the explosion, leaving Harumi devastated. Lloyd tells Harumi that she is one of them now, and promises her that they will find the people responsible for the deaths of her adoptive parents and Hutchins as they fly off into the sky to start their new mission.











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  • It's unknown whether the movie theater attended by Ultra Violet was Chan's Theater or another theater. It has a completely different appearance and location than Chan's Theater, but it shares the theater's teal exterior color and is also showing a Fritz Donnegan film, and Ninjago City in general was redesigned for this season.
    • The sign for the theater says "PRESENT BRICK FUN BY WILFILM".
  • The brief flashback of Cole mountain climbing in "The Golden Weapon" is expanded upon in this episode. Though he had stated he was testing himself, it is implied in this episode that he started climbing as a way of coping with losing his mother.
    • The tone of the scene is also completely different, as in pilot episodes Cole climbed the mountain along with other climbers he overtook and the scene had a positive tone, while in this episode there are no other climbers and it turns out that Cole climbed the mountain out of grief and not out of a desire to overcome his abilities.
    • This marks the first mention of Cole's mother (outside of Way of the Departed) and confirms her death.
      • However, in "Snakebit", Cole pretended to make a phone call to his parents to assist Kai and Zane in prodding Jay into keeping his promise about visiting his parents.
  • This is one of two episodes named after Harumi, the other being "The Quiet One."

Cultural references

  • The scene with the secret passage behind the Emperor's throne may be a reference to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, where a secret passage is hidden behind the king's throne.


  • The Postman makes a cameo in this episode, delivering mail to the Royal Palace. He tells Kai that he'll "see him next season," as in the four seasons. In actuality, the Postman is breaking the fourth wall and confirming his return in "Radio Free Ninjago," an episode in Season 9.
  • Hutchins unknowingly foreshadows Harumi's betrayal in this episode, telling Lloyd, "If you know what's good for you, stay away from her."
  • Cole's original design is seen in his flashback, marking the first time since the beginning of Sons of Garmadon that any of the ninja's classic appearances are seen. This seems to contradict the possible explanation given in the previous episode about time travel changing the ninja's appearances, because if they timeline was changed, the past and the ninja's memories would have been changed along with it.
  • Hutchins, the Emperor of Ninjago, and the Empress of Ninjago die in this episode during the attack by the Sons of Garmadon.
  • Samurai X (still with "his" hidden identity) makes "his" first physical appearance in the season.
  • A portrait of Ray and Maya can be seen on the bridge of the Destiny's Bounty when Lloyd introduces Harumi to the Bounty.
  • The Destiny's Bounty makes a more clear appearance in this episode and is almost identical to the one from The LEGO Ninjago Movie.
  • In this episode, the fake Oni Mask of Deception gets destroyed.
  • When Lloyd kicks the Destiny's Bounty to get the controls to work again, it is reminiscent of Kai and Nya doing it in "Secrets Discovered" to get the scanners to work again.


  • Cole arriving on the mountain top in his flashback is slightly different from the original scene in "The Golden Weapon", because in the original flashback the mountain was not covered with snow, other climbers climbed the mountain and Cole did not met Wu on the very top of the mountain, because there was still a high rocky wall above them, which is missing here. Wu also doesn't have his staff with him in this episode, and he made tea on the fire, unlike the small metal plate he had in the original flashback.
    • When Cole is first seen in a flashback, the substance he has thrown over his body is green, although in the rest of the flashback it is blue.[2]
  • In the flashback, Cole says his father is never home, leaving all the chores for him. This contradicts what Cole said in "The Royal Blacksmiths," which was that he ran away from home and had kept in contact with his father through letters.
  • When Mr. E breaks the glass containing the fake Mask of Deception, the ninja briefly appear without their hoods.
  • When Zane tumbles onto the Bounty at the end of the episode, his bow and arrow clip through the ground.



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