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“But the powers do exist within each of you. And there is a way to unlock your powers on your own. We must go to the Temple of Light.”
Misako to the ninja

The Last Voyage is the ninth episode of the second season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the 22nd episode overall. It aired on Cartoon Network on October 17, 2012 in the United States.


The group travels to the Dark Island in an attempt to restore the ninjas' elemental powers.[1]

The Ninjas, Lloyd, Sensei Wu and Misako journey to the Dark Island to find a 'Temple of Light' that can restore the Ninjas' elemental powers but are attacked by Starteeth (barnacle-like star fish) that start eating through their ship.[2]

Extended: On the Dark Island, the Stone Army is preparing for their war on Ninjago, mining a mysterious goo that the Overlord says is concentrated Evil. He tells Garmadon that they need a Super-Weapon unlike anything ever seen. Back in Ninjago, Zane sends his falcon to investigate the island. while the other Ninja and Nya try to repair the Bounty. It is hopeless, and the Ninja despair of defeating the Stone Army. It is then that Misako tells them of the Temple of Light, where the Golden Weapons were imbued with their powers. There, the Ninja can unlock their True Potential on their own and supercharge Lloyd, enabling him to defeat the Stone Army. They set sail for the Dark Island on the Bounty, leaving Dareth to guard the escapees from Ninjago. During the voyage, the falcon reaches the Dark Island and all are witness to it being attacked and seemingly destroyed. The Bounty is then struck by a storm and attacked by starteeth, vicious ship-eating creatures that leave the Bounty without any steering, a damaged mast and a hole in their side. They eventually run aground on an uncharted island with a lighthouse. There, they find Zane's father, the Tinkerer. While he entertains them, the Tinkerer explains that after he flicked Zane's memory switch and died, Samukai arrived and brought him back to life, forcing him to construct their advanced war machines. To make sure he did not escape from the island, the Skeletons chained a Leviathan to keep guard. Though Zane is glad to see his father again, the Tinkerer was always afraid that Zane might be ashamed of him for creating the weapons for the Skeleton Army, but Zane soon dispels his fears. Zane's father agrees to repair the Bounty, but just as they are setting off, the Leviathan attacks. Zane dives overboard and cuts the chain holding the creature in place. In return for this, the Leviathan releases the Bounty. When asked by Sensei Wu how he knew the beast would do that, Zane explains that nothing deserves to be held captive, even a monster. With the creature freed and the Tinkerer on board, the Bounty, once again airborne, continues its journey to the Dark Island.[citation needed]


Master Wu, Zane, and his Falcon are standing on a peak, observing how the Dark Island has appeared in the middle of the ocean and how the Stone Army mysteriously disappeared. Zane sends his Falcon to see what's on the Island while the others are working on the rocket boosters of the Destiny's Bounty. Misako leads the others inside saying there is a way to defeat the Stone Army within the scrolls. She tells them the power of the Green Ninja can only be unlocked when the four protectors (Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane) find their true elemental power. She explains that they can find their elemental powers at the Temple of Light, which is located on the Dark Island. Since the Bounty cannot fly, they decide to sail there instead.

The Bounty is placed at the dock, while everyone is saying their goodbyes to everyone they love, except for Zane. Zane tells Master Wu he will miss Ninjago but is excited about the future. The rest of the ninja board the ship and set sail to the Island.

The ninja ponder what they think is on the Island, but Lloyd wonders if it will be the end of their destiny. Zane checks his falcon vision and sees that he has arrived at the Dark Island, when a Stone Warrior shoots him down, leaving Zane with no family left. Misako than points out a storm heading their way.

Meanwhile, on the Dark Island, Garmadon thinks it is foolish "playing in the mud" when the Overlord explains it is not mud, but Dark Matter, a horrible substance that can turn the kindest of man dark as night.

The Bounty crew struggle to fight the storm and are soon attacked by Starteeth, fish that devour ships until they sink. They use their Spinjitzu to throw them overboard, but soon realize they have already chewed a hole in the ship.

On the bottom deck, the crew is trying to get all the water off the ship, when Zane claims he senses something. They crash on an island which holds a large brick lighthouse prison. They climb the stairs and are greeted by Dr. Julien, Zane's creator. He invites everyone inside and explains to Zane how he is alive, despite his memories saying he had passed.

After he turned off Zane's memory switch, Samukai revived him with an antidote called Resurrectea and forced him to build vehicles and weapons for the army. When Dr. Julien refuses, the skeletons take him to the prison with a toolbox and say once he has built everything, he will be able to see Zane again. Then, Samukai chained a Leviathan to the bottom of the sea, though Samukai never returned.

Suddenly, the Leviathan checks in on Dr. Julien while the ninja and others hide. Kai and Nya ask Dr. Julien to fix the rocket boosters before "it" comes back.

They began to work together to fix the boosters. When Zane is finished cooking for his father, Zane asks his father to remove his memory switch so he will never forget his father. Dr. Julien explains that he is perfect just the way he is and is glad he found him. To ruin the moment, the Leviathan returns and they all run aboard the ship and try to fly away. When they are nearly pulled into the water, Zane notices the monster's chained, jumps into the ocean, and places Starteeth on the chain.

The monster is freed and releases the Bounty. Zane climbs back onto the Bounty and briefly explains his actions by saying that "no one deserves to be held captive. Not even a monster."











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  • It is not specified how the Stone Army disappeared and reappeared on the Dark Island but the Overlord may have used a similar portal to the one he used in "Return of the Overlord" to teleport the Stone Army back to the Dark Island offscreen.
  • Jay, when he was a kid in disguise in the episode "Child's Play," can be seen clapping after Lou sang a song to Cole.
  • When Cole whistles the Ninjago Overture, it is actually Michael Kramer or Jay Vincent whistling.[3]
  • None of the ninja wear their hoods in this episode. This is the first time this is the case.
  • This is the first appearance of Lighthouse Island. It later reappears in the Skybound episode, "The Last Resort".
  • Nya jokes that Dareth's Elemental Power is "hot air," meaning "Empty talk that is intended to impress."[4] Dareth understands this to mean he commands the wind, which was later revealed to be a real element possessed by Morro, while Dareth would eventually gain the fake Elemental Power of "Brown" for a short while.
  • When Zane tells Dr. Julien that he remembered him dying, Dr. Julien says, "Ah, you found your memory switch." As explained by the Character Encyclopedia, Dr. Julien turned off Zane's memory switch to allow Zane to life a normal life as if he was a human. However, "I built him, for heaven's sake" was one of the first things Dr. Julien said upon reuniting with Zane in this episode, so it is unknown why he would be surprised that Zane had found his memory switch if he was not already surprised that Zane knew he was a robot, or why he would reveal this to Zane when he did not know if Zane knew he was a robot.
  • The Skull Motorbike blueprint in Dr. Julien's flashback says "1 + 1 = 3", referencing the Skulkin's low intelligence.
  • Dr. Julien had more age lines on his face when he was imprisoned by Samukai than he does in the present. It is unknown if this is an error or intentional.
  • After the Leviathan was freed from captivity by Zane, its vision was shown on screen for a brief period.
  • The Starteeth are credited as "Startooth."
  • Unused concept art for the episode shows "shanty town huts."[5]
  • When asked how Samukai knew about Dr. Julien, Tommy Andreasen explained that Garmadon must have had Samukai "staked out for some reason."[6]


  • The first part of Dr. Julien's flashback is an extended version of his death scene from "Tick Tock," with some differences:
    • The color filter in the original episode is yellow, while the filter in the later episode is gray.
    • The shot where Dr. Julien turns off Zane's memory switch is slightly different.
    • In the original episode, Zane is smiling and then has a blank expression when his memory switch is turned off, while in the later episode, he is sad and then has a more serious expression.
      • However, the shot composition and Zane's head movement remain the same, and this is the only shot to be present in both versions of the scene.
    • In the original episode, Dr. Julien's glasses fall to the floor after he dies, but in the later episode, his glasses remain on his face.
    • In the original episode, Zane turns around after his memory switch is turned off, but in the later episode, he remains facing forward without moving.


  • When the ninja are seeing the Starteeth, Cole is wearing his original outfit.
  • When Lord Garmadon is coming down to see the Stone Warriors and the Dark Matter, he is seen wearing his former helmet.
  • When Kai asks Jay who was laughing, he says it in Cole's voice.
  • In the first scene with the crowd of fangirls, an adult male, a girl, and a boy are seen behind the crowd. However, in the next scene, the order switches to a boy, an adult male, and a girl.
  • When Jay says, "Oh, perfect!" after he gets splashed by water, his mouth does not move.
  • In one of the shots when Tai-D is giving out plates, Wu's beard is missing.
  • When Dr. Julien explains how he was resurrected, his glasses are on while being resurrected, but in "Tick Tock," he dropped his glasses before his death.
    • In addition, Zane's eyes were completely open when his memory switch was turned off, though they were half open in "Tick Tock."
  • When Julien talks to the Leviathan while pretending to play with the bowls, his mouth does not move.




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