Not to be confused with the actual maze.
“Remember what I offer! Escape. Freedom. A place in the real world.”
Unagami, to Okino
"The Maze of the Red Dragon"
Season 12, Episode 8
Ninjago Prime Empire Episode 8.png
Air date April 11, 2020 (Asia)
April 12, 2020 (Australia)
August 2, 2020 (US)
October 18, 2020 (Canada)
Written by Kevin Burke
Chris Wyatt
Directed by Daniel Ife
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"The Cliffs of Hysteria"
"One Step Forward, Two Steps Back"

The Maze of the Red Dragon is the eighth episode of the twelfth season and the 136th overall of LEGO Ninjago. It aired on April 11, 2020,  in Asia, paired up with "The Cliffs of Hysteria." It also aired on April 12, 2020, in Australia, paired up with "The Cliffs of Hysteria". It aired in the US on August 2, 2020.


Still in the game zone Terra Karana, the Samurai guide Okino has to chose between helping his allies the ninja, or obeying the evil orders of his Master, Unagami.

Extended: As the ninja and Okino approach the Maze of the Red Dragon, Unagami uses his control over Prime Empire to briefly "pause" all the players except Okino. He appears before Okino, urging Okino to betray the ninja and not help them against the fearsome Red Dragon that awaits the ninja at the heart of the maze. If Okino betrays them, Unagami promises to bring him with into the real world. He then disappears and restores the ninja back to normal. The ninja arrive at the heart of the maze and find themselves outmatched by the Red Dragon, and appeal to Okino for help. Okino struggles with his decision but cannot in good conscience betray the ninja. He defies Unagami, his creator, and helps the ninja defeat the Red Dragon by revealing its weakness: a scale on its chest. The ninja defeat the dragon and Jay delivers the final blow. The Red Dragon changes colour and vanishes into an amulet.[1]


As the ninja and Okino head to the Maze of the Red Dragon, Okino narrates about his past failures and promises that he'll not fail the ninja. Once the ninja and Okino enter the maze, they are forced to escape from the obstacles and traps, such as statues and floor spikes.

Unagami talking angrily to Okino.

When Cole was about to ask Okino on which way to go, Okino sees all of Prime Empire pause, and Unagami appears before him. Okino explains to Unagami about what the ninja said about Prime Empire and Unagami admits that the ninja were right. However, Unagami explains that he plans to make a machine that will allow him to escape to Ninjago and that Okino can join him by betraying the ninja. Okino disagrees with Unagami, saying the ninja are his friends and that he can't betray them. Enraged, Unagami transforms into the Empire Dragon and says to Okino that he'll meet him again soon. Unagami then unfreezes Prime Empire and the ninja see Okino depressed again. When the ninja ask Okino what's wrong, Okino replies that he's okay and tells the ninja to head right.

After heading right, the ninja and Okino dodge more traps and rested awhile. Okino questions Lloyd on why he and the other ninja seek for the Key-Tanas and Lloyd replies that they need it to stop Unagami and free all the people that are trapped in Prime Empire. Soon, the ninja and Okino reached the heart of the maze and spotted the Purple Key-Tana with the Red Dragon. Jay attempts to grab it, but only for the Red Dragon wake up and attack the ninja.

Jay obtains the Blue Dragon Amulet.

When Okino was about to tell the ninja about the Red Dragon's weakness, Unagami pauses all of Prime Empire again and reminds Okino about his offer. Prime Empire unfreezes and the Red Dragon continues to overpower the ninja. Remembering what Lloyd said to him about making his own decisions, Okino tells the ninja the dragon's weakness by hitting its scale. The ninja were able to overpower the Red Dragon while Jay was able to get the Key-Tana. When the Red Dragon was about to attack Lloyd, Jay used the Key-Tana and defeat the Red Dragon with it. After the dragon was defeated, it vanished into an amulet and Okino tells Jay that he can now use the dragon in a future battle and only once.

Angered by Okino's betrayal, Unagami pauses Prime Empire again and tells Okino that he'll never go through the gateway to Ninjago. The ninja thank Okino and told him that he should join them. Although, Okino denies the ninjas' request.

Now named as the Rōnin of Terra Karana, Okino placed his sword with his fallen masters and head out to seek his own adventures.



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  • Narrator: Okino
  • After being defeated by Jay, the Cyber Dragon was stored into Jay's inventory and can be used only once in a future battle.
  • This episode concludes the 4-episode Terra Karana arc, concluding the stories of Okino and the first Key-Tana.
  • Okino renounces his way as a Samurai upon fulfilling his purpose and declares himself a Ronin.
  • Unagami reveals he can transform into the Empire Dragon, making him the second antagonist to take on the form of a Dragon, the first being the Overlord.
  • Unagami confirms his plan to build a doorway to Ninjago and become a physical being.
    • This plot is very similar to the Framework arc in the fourth season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where an A.I. Madame Hydra constructs a portal from the digital framework to the real world.
  • Jay announces he is great with mazes, which is a reference to "Grave Danger".


  • After Lloyd asks Okino how to defeat the dragon, Jay screams with Zane's voice.
  • In the shot where Unagami talks to Okino for the third time, Cole has his visor hood on, even though he removed it beforehand.


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