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“I used to repair noodle trucks for Master Chen and his underground organization. When you put him out of business, you put me out of business.”
— The Mechanic to Lloyd, "Enkrypted"

The Mechanic is a well-known professional criminal and a former employee of Master Chen who was at one point imprisoned in Kryptarium Prison. During the Second Serpentine War, the Mechanic was affiliated with the Anacondrai Cultists, repairing noodle trucks for the underground crime organization. After Chen's army was banished, the Mechanic went out of business since has employer has been cursed. Due to his involvement with Chen, he was locked up in Kryptarium Prison, where he earned the name "The Mechanic."

After the ghost invasion, the ninja were imprisoned in Kryptarium after being framed for several crimes. Upon entering the prison, they were confronted by the inmates, including the Mechanic, who was vengeful after the ninja defeated Chen and put him out of work. When the inmates started fighting the ninja, the Mechanic went after Zane to steal some of his robotic parts but thanks to P.I.X.A.L. he was stopped from doing so. Following Jay's final wish, the ninja were never sent to Kryptarium and the Mechanic didn't confront them.

At some point, the Mechanic escaped Kryptarium Prison, but was defeated by Kai and Zane and was subsequently placed back in prison.

While still in Kryptarium Prison, the Mechanic strikes a friendship with Ultra Violet, over their mutual hatred for the ninja, and conspire to break out, only to be recaptured by Samurai X.

Sometime later, the Mechanic managed to escaped Kryptarium Prison again and associated with a mysterious AI named Unagami.

A year later, the Mechanic was invited to join the Council of the Crystal King to exact revenge on the Ninja. The Ninja tried to stop him while Lloyd went undercover as him to the Council, but they were unsuccessful and he escaped to the Council, while Lloyd was discovered being an imposter and got captured.


During and after Tournament of Elements

Before Master Chen's banishment to the Cursed Realm, the Mechanic made money repairing the noodles trucks of the Anacondrai Cultists. After their defeat at the Corridor of Elders, the Mechanic was arrested and sent to Kryptarium Prison where he swore revenge on the ninja with the intent of tearing Zane apart for parts.[1]


The Mechanic's first meeting with the ninja


When the ninja arrived at Kryptarium for being framed for a crime spree, the Mechanic opened his and several other inmates’ cell doors, leading them to confront the ninja. Explaining his situation to Lloyd, he demanded they hand over Zane to use as spare parts in exchange for the grievances he believed the ninja had caused. However, before he could take any action, Warden Noble arrived, ordering him and Lloyd to shake hands.

The Mechanic's defeat

During the following meal in the cafeteria, the Mechanic confronted the ninja again but was dismissed by them as at most a fourth-tier bad guy. Infuriated, he started a fight during which the Mechanic dragged Zane away, determined to take him apart. However, an electric shock orchestrated by P.I.X.A.L. sent the Mechanic flying back and he was returned to his cell by the guards before he was able to inflict any further damage to the Nindroid.

Sons of Garmadon

The Mechanic fighting Kai and Zane in the harbor

The Mask of Deception

The Mechanic manages to somehow break out of Kryptarium Prison and fights Kai and Zane with a new flamethrower robo-arm at Ninjago Harbor. However, Zane manages to freeze the villain in place.

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

The Mechanic in Kryptarium Prison

The Weekend Drill (flashback)

When Cole is riding his Earth Driller, Warden Noble calls him and informs him that there are problems in the Kryptarium prison. Cole guesses what happened and mentions the Mechanic and Sons of Garmadon.

Later, the Mechanic was sharing a cell with a Sons of Garmadon member at Kryptarium Prison, watching the fight between Cole and the Giant Stone Warrior. He later threw random objects at Cole, for defeating and placing the Giant Stone Warrior and Killow back into their cells.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

The Mechanic with Ultra Violet

The Absolute Worst

While in the exercise yard, a newspaper comes at the Mechanic, who reads it, and discovers that the ninja are gone before relaying the news to Ultra Violet, who tells him they breakout after lights out. Later that night after the guards turned off the lights, the Mechanic used his robo-arm to get the keys to his and Ultra Violet's cells before they escape through a tunnel she had dug in the prison.

The Mechanic and Ultra Violet meeting Fugi-Dove

Once they reached the sewers, the Mechanic and Ultra Violet argue about who they thought was the worst (Zane or Nya) before Fugi-Dove shows up, telling them it is Jay. Once they heard Ultra Violet's story about her capture, the Mechanic tells her and Fugi-Dove about the time Nya stopped him and later stole his Noodle Truck of Crime before eventually listening to Fugi-Dove's story about his hatred for Jay, only to easily find it false, until they reach a grate, and start to make plans for crime breaking, only to end up captured by Samurai X when they had inadvertently triggered her hidden sensors, resulting in the three recaptured prisoners to proclaim her as the worst.

After Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Sometime at this point, the Mechanic managed to break out from Kryptarium Prison again. Then he was confronted by Unagami and he decided to help him with his plan, thus beginning preparations for the release of Prime Empire. Unagami then created or improved the Mechanic's Noodle Truck of Crime. The Mechanic was also associated with some henchmen by this point.

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Let's Dance

When Nya and Jay arrive at Benny's Arcade Emporium, Lloyd calls them and notifies them that they've received a report of the Mechanic breaking into a warehouse.

The Mechanic talking with Unagami


After stealing money from the Ninjago City Bank, the Mechanic went to his headquarters and told a computer about the Noodle Truck's upgrades. When the Mechanic asked if the computer can reveal his identity to him, the computer replied that he'll reveal his identity when the time is right.

The Mechanic testing his new robo-arm

After failing to use a noodle machine in his Noodle Truck, the Mechanic asks the computer if he was able to get a robo-arm that is able to feel things. Luckily for the Mechanic, the computer was able to print blueprints of the arm, which the Mechanic quickly built. After testing out the robo-arm, the Mechanic once again questions the computer's identity again, only for the computer to reply that his name is Unagami.

Prime Empire

The Mechanic with his henchmen vs. the ninja

Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?

The Mechanic and his henchmen enter an old electronics warehouse and steal the Prime Empire motherboard. However, they are spotted by the ninja so he escapes in his noodle truck. After a short chase through the streets, he is captured and arrested when Cole ties him to a pole.

While the ninja were investigating his hideout, Jay finds an old arcade cabinet which is titled Prime Empire. He inserts the recovered motherboard into the cabinet and a wave of red energy bursts from the machine. Before being escorted to the Ninjago City Police Station, he laughs wickedly as he hears the shockwave of red energy pass through.

The Mechanic's interrogation

Dyer Island

The Mechanic was interrogated by the ninja about the mysterious V-shaped symbol as well as Unagami, the latter surprising him. He then told them it was too late and it had already started. Lloyd then has the Commissioner take the Mechanic away while he gloats. As he was still gloating with officers dragging him, he peeks his head at the doorway to resume gloating before the Commissioner closes the door on his face.

Level Thirteen

The Mechanic was able to escape the prison and convinced the prisoners (except Fugi-Dove) to work for Unagami.

With the other Kryptarium inmates in Borg Tower

Later, the Mechanic and the prisoners invaded Borg Tower to retrieve the original Arcade Pod. When they finally make it upstairs, the prisoners fight off the ninja and the Mechanic tells Lloyd that Unagami plans to start a new revolution and that he'll be serving at his side. Moments later, Lloyd attempts to enter Prime Empire but was stopped by the Mechanic. However, the Mechanic was pushed by Zane, allowing the ninja to enter Prime Empire while Zane escapes with P.I.X.A.L. and Cyrus Borg. When Soto tried to go after him, the Mechanic stops him, saying that they're only at Borg Tower to retrieve the original Arcade Pod. Although, when the Mechanic pressed the start button, the Arcade Pod wouldn't work, as Zane took the Prime Empire motherboard when he escaped with P.I.X.A.L. and Cyrus.

Hiding behind P.I.X.A.L.

Ninjago Confidential

The Mechanic and his henchmen ambush Zane and P.I.X.A.L. while they are investigating Buddy's Pizza. Zane is electrocuted by one of the Mechanic's gadgets. When P.I.X.A.L. checks to see if he's alright, but she too is electrocuted by The Mechanic.

The Prodigal Father

Talking with "Zane the Pain"

The Mechanic explains to Zane that they are building the Manifestation Gate which requires Energy cubes from the players who lost all of their lives. The Mechanic then demands the Prime Empire motherboard, but Zane claims he destroyed it. Knowing that he's lying, The Mechanic unveils Wu who was captured earlier by henchmen. He goes as far as to threaten to harm Wu, so Zane finally confesses and gives him the motherboard. The Mechanic inserts the motherboard in the Manifestation Gate and also uses Zane for a power source despite having a high risk of being destroyed. A portal is created and The Mechanic waits for Unagami to enter.

Running away from the warehouse

Game Over

Once the Manifestation Gate was complete, an anger-riddled Unagami escaped Prime Empire, along with his armies and the AI within the game. The Mechanic and his henchmen were overwhelmed by the spectacle and, ironically, ran away from the master they were serving.

The Mechanic then returned to his headquarters and hid there.


The Mechanic's defeat

The Fifth Villain

As the ninja entered the old arcade that was the Mechanic's base, the criminal attacked them using the tentacles of his truck. When Lloyd shouted at him that he would not escape, the Mechanic agreed with him, as it was his home, and he continued to fight. When Zane attacked him, the Mechanic fired his robo-arm and tried to hit him. However, Lloyd then managed to drop the Prime Empire arcade cabinet on the Mechanic and trapped him. Subsequently, the ninja gagged him and tied him up, and placed him in his truck.

The Council of the Crystal King

Fighting the ninja in the subway

While Lloyd pretended to be the Mechanic and went to the meeting of the Crystal Council instead, the real Mechanic was still tied up and gagged in the truck. However, when no one was watching, he managed to disconnect his robo-arm and free himself. Subsequently, he started fighting with Jay and Cole, and he even managed to flip the truck over. After the accident, he quickly opened the door and fled across the manhole to the subway tunnel. As the ninja climbed into the tunnel, the Mechanic hid and then knocked out the distracted ninja onto the train tracks. Although they managed to save, the Mechanic insisted that he just wanted to make sure they were awake. Then he started fighting them and even told them he could do it all day as the ninja got out of shape. As another train passed by, the Mechanic grabbed it with his robo-arm and escaped so he could meet the Crystal King.


The Mechanic is sadistic, such as when he attempted to remove parts from Zane and used him to power up the Manifestation Gate.

He also has a bit of pride, as when he made up the story about how Nya stole his noodle truck.

At rare times, he was a coward, such as when he ran away after the Manifestation Gate started to go unstable.


The Mechanic is a middle-aged man with brown teeth, a single golden tooth, and a small mustache. As shown in his anime-style version, his eyes are gray. He originally had circles under his eyes and cheekbones and wrinkles on his face, but those have disappeared since the animation studio changed from WILFilm ApS to WildBrain. He always wears a black bowler hat that has a piece of a Nindroid mask with three blue lights placed over it to cover his eye. These lights turned red in Season 8 and since Season 11, he has a red sash on his hat. He also has a robo-arm in place of his left arm, which has two versions, either regular or as a flamethrower.

When enclosed in Kryptarium Prison, he has a plain white prison suit with gray stripes and pants. Unlike the other inmates, his sleeves are torn. He has metal parts and cables on the suit that hold his robo-arm.

In his civilian clothes, he has a beige sweater covered in metal parts and cables that hold his robo-arm. He also has a long torn red coat, pale gray pants, and since Season 11, he began wearing gray shoes.


Anacondrai Cultists

“I used to repair noodle trucks for Master Chen and his underground organization. When you put him out of business, you put me out of business.”
— The Mechanic to Lloyd, "Enkrypted"

Little is known about the Mechanic's relationship with the Anacondrai cultists, only that he worked and repaired noodle trucks for them. When the ninja defeated Chen, the Mechanic was locked up in Kryptarium Prison.


“Sorry, was this a private escape or can anyone join?”
“You can come, bird guy.”
Fugi-Dove and the Mechanic, "The Absolute Worst"

The Mechanic and Fugi-Dove

The Mechanic and Ultra Violet met Fugi-Dove in their attempt to escape from the Kryptarium Prison. They are both taken by surprise at the beginning, but they very quickly accept him among themselves and start telling stories about who is the worst ninja. Later, when Unagami frees the Mechanic and the other prisoners from Kryptarium Prison, the Mechanic wants the prisoners to work with him for Unagami, but he doesn't want Fugi-Dove to go with him.


“We've been working together for weeks. You gotta tell me who you are.”
“You will know all... when the time is right.”
— The Mechanic and Unagami, "Upgrade"

The Mechanic and Unagami

The Mechanic met Unagami under unknown circumstances. First, Unagami helped the Mechanic repair his Noodle Truck of Crime and his robo-arm, and later explained his plan to him. The Mechanic quickly believed that he would rule Unagami's side after the revolution and began searching for the Prime Empire motherboard. Unagami was very ruthless to the Mechanic when he told him that if he let him down again, he would be game over. The Mechanic later managed to build the Manifestation Gate and open the gate from Prime Empire to Ninjago. However, when Unagami came out of the gate, the Mechanic fled cowardly.


“Who's trying to get away? There are more of us than you! And we're not afraid to use our weapons!”
— The Mechanic about him and the henchmen to the ninja, "Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?"

The Mechanic and the henchmen

Sometime before "Upgrade" the Mechanic recruited a couple of thugs to be his henchmen. Despite this, the Mechanic was sometimes rude and domineering to them.

Ultra Violet

“If the ninja are out of the picture, we might actually have a chance!”
— The Mechanic to Ultra Violet about their escape, "The Absolute Worst"

The Mechanic tells Ultra Violet that the ninja has disappeared.

During his stay at Kryptarium Prison, he became close with Ultra Violet, so when he learned that the ninja had disappeared, he followed her to plan an escape together. At night, they managed to get out of Kryptarium Prison, and during their escape they met Fugi-Dove. With him they told stories about who the worst ninja was. After their escape, however, they were closed again by Samurai X.

Later, when Unagami released the prisoners from Kryptarium Prison, the Mechanic was among the first to ask her to go work for Unagami.


“Then by my observations, that was your own error. Working for a crime boss isn't a very reliable career choice.”
“By my observation, actions have consequences. And you have to pay. This Nindroid here, it's got spare parts. I could use a few in a place like this.”
Zane and the Mechanic, "Enkrypted"

The Mechanic and the ninja

After the defeat of Chen, the Mechanic swore revenge on the ninja for getting him into prison. He originally wanted revenge by disassembling Zane and later trying various other methods.


“I'm revising my opinion. Samurai X is the worst!”
— The Mechanic about P.I.X.A.L., "The Absolute Worst"

The Mechanic standing behind P.I.X.A.L.

Although the Mechanic was not aware of the presence of P.I.X.A.L. in Season 6, when he threatened Zane she gathered Zane's energy and defeated the Mechanic. Later, after his, Ultra Violet, and Fugi-Dove's escape, P.I.X.A.L. as Samurai X stops and places them back to Kryptarium Prison, resulting in his hatred for her.

Later, during Zane and P.I.X.A.L.'s investigations, the Mechanic attacked them and ruthlessly injured P.I.X.A.L. by electricity in the cable.



Official description

The Mechanic is NOT a popular guy around NINJAGO® City, having unleashed the deadly ‘Prime Empire’ game upon them. Part man, part cyborg and the owner of some serious firepower, The Mechanic should be watched very carefully...[2]


Behind the scenes

  • He uses part of a Nindroid's head as part of his head.
  • In one of the Ninjago Magazines (see below), he is shown having two robo-arms instead of one.
  • Season 12 marks his first major antagonistic role. In all his other appearances, he only appeared in one episode and was a minor antagonist. In Season 12, he is the secondary antagonist as he was the one who commandeered the bringing of Unagami into the living world.
  • Since Season 11, his cheekbones, wrinkles, and the circles under his eyes were removed from his face design.
    • According to Tommy Andreasen, "When [the] Mechanic was first created it was done by WF and he was not a toy. LEGO supplied a new design to WB since [the] Mechanic is now a toy (Ninjago City set) and it was requested that WBs portayal looked like that."[3]
  • There are several differences between his regular and anime-style versions:
    • Despite he has brown teeth with one gold tooth, his anime-style version has all the teeth white.
    • In his anime-style version he doesn't have a red ribbon on his hat.
    • He doesn't have a glove on his hand in his anime-style version.
    • His regular version has a yellow-green sweater, but his anime-style version has a gray prison jumpsuit.
    • In his anime-style version, he has no metal parts and cables on his chest.
    • His robo-arm is bigger and has a different look.
    • His anime-style version has a belt, but the regular version does not.
    • His regular version has a torn coat, but the anime-style version has it intact.
  • The only season in which he does not appear in his civilian clothes is Season 6. In Season 11, he appeared in these clothes only in his story.
  • One of the pirates in Captain Soto's crew has the same face as the Mechanic before Season 11 (first from the left in this picture).
    • When asked about it, Tommy Andreasen implied that they are the same character, stating, "What's a pirate to do when his Captain in jail? Work for another crime boss of course!"[4]
  • He uses a recolored hat piece of Dr. Rodney Rathbone from LEGO Monster Fighters.
  • His Minifigure has the Nindroid eye piece printed on his head rather than being molded to his bowler hat as a physical piece. He also lacks leg and arm printing.
    • According to Michael Knap, the production of the Mechanic's minifigure would require too many new elements, which is why his minifigure looks different.[5]


  • His real name is unknown.
  • It's unknown how he lost his left arm and replaced it with a robot arm.
  • He speaks with a Southern American accent.
  • He is the prisoner who escaped from Kryptarium the most times. He ran away before Season 8, during Season 11, after Season 11 and during Season 12.
  • According to him, the absolute worst ninja is Nya, although at the end of the episode "The Absolute Worst", together with Ultra Violet and Fugi-Dove, he agrees that Samurai X is the worst.
  • Although he wants to get Zane's spare parts in Season 6, he doesn't show interest in them in his appearances during other seasons.
  • He is suspected in 37 unsolved criminal cases.[6]
  • Lloyd implied that the Mechanic is so far the only known Kryptarium inmate not to get captured by Ronin after the breakout from "Level Thirteen" or Sail Ahoy.[7]
  • When asked if there are things we don't know about him, Tommy Andreasen replied, "His name? Shoe size? Obviously lots."[8]



Promotional media

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Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

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