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You said we have a responsibility. It's our job to let people know what's happening. The news never sleeps, remember?

The News Never Sleeps! is the sixth episode of the eleventh season of Ninjago and the 104th episode overall. It aired on July 6, 2019, in the United States, August 5, 2019 in Australia, and on August 24, 2019 in Canada. It was paired up with "Boobytraps and How to Survive Them."


Lil' Nelson takes a job as a paperboy, which is more difficult than it sounds in a city overrun by scorching Pyro Vipers and an evil Serpentine sorceress.[1]

Extended: Lil' Nelson heads out for his first day on the job as a paperboy. As fate would have it, however, this is also the day that Aspheera descends on NINJAGO City with her scorching Pyro Vipers. As Lil' Nelson attempts to navigate the dangerous streets of NINJAGO City, dodging fire balls, he befriends paper girl Antonia, who teaches him the Paperboy ethic, ""the news never sleeps."" Lil' Nelson begins to understand the importance of what they do, in sharing the news and getting the word out about what is happening and begins to take pride in his newfound job. As they go about their paper- route they stumble on Clutch Powers, who has blasted all the way back to NINJAGO City on a fire-ball conjured up by Aspheera. Clutch is injured and delirious but conscious long enough to impart an urgent message: the ninja are in danger. Armed with this warning, Lil' Nelson and Antonia race to the Monastery of Spinjitzu where they meet Master Wu himself and deliver Clutch's message. Wu thanks the kids and hurries off to tell Pixal the news.[2]


The episode begins back in Ninjago City where Nelson wakes up and gets ready for his new job as a paperboy.

When Nelson rides his bicycle to a warehouse, he meets up with Leroy and two other kids, who gossip whether he would last for the day. Before Nelson could react, the storage room opens and Sammy makes some announcements such as road closures and some paperboys being out with injuries. Eventually, he introduces Nelson and pairs him with Antonia.

As Nelson and Antonia begin to deliver the news, Nelson sees fireballs coming down from the sky and Elemental Cobras emerging. At first, Nelson barely gets through the path of Elemental Cobras and struggles to keep up with Antonia who continues to deliver the newspaper to people. By the time Nelson reaches Antonia, he begins to overreact and question the situation they're in, but Antonia doesn't care and continues to do her job.

Just when Nelson and Antonia are about to turn directions, they oversee P.I.X.A.L. in her Samurai X mech fighting three Elemental Cobras. The duo pass through the conflict, but before they leave, Nelson thinks they should help Samurai X; however, Antonia shows faith in Samurai X. In the end, Samurai X proved to be victorious as she was able to destroy the Elemental Cobras.

During their lunch break, Antonia talked about having to deliver the news in conditions that included the Colossus and the Sons of Garmadon. When Nelson realizes his lunch was burned down, Antonia offers Nelson another sandwich and explains to Nelson that they must do their part by delivering the news.

The duo continued to do their jobs as they were able to avoid being devoured by a Elemental Cobra and a wall of fire from stopping them. Suddenly, they spot Clutch Powers falling from the sky, and Powers explains that the ninja are in trouble and need help before passing out. Before they continue their job, Nelson believed they should tell the news to Master Wu, but Antonia thinks otherwise. However, after Nelson is able to persuade Antonia by saying "everyone has to do their part," Antonia agrees to help.

When the duo reach Route 23, they realize that part of the highway was destroyed. Before they could reconsider any other option, a Elemental Cobra was coming their way which forced Antonia to jump over the highway. At first, Nelson is scared, but is reminded of the quote, "A ninja never quits" and is able to complete the jump.

After a long ride, the duo finally reached the Monastery of Spinjitzu and Wu comes out. Nelson explains everything Clutch Powers said and Wu promises to inform P.I.X.A.L. about the ninja's situation. Wu then complements Nelson on his courage to come all the way to the Monastery and compares him to Lloyd when he was younger. Nelson is happy about the comment he received as they ride back to Ninjago City.



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Locations featured


  • Narrator: Wu
  • Nelson has a Kai poster with the words "NINJA GO" in Ninjargon in his bedroom.
    • He also eats a box of Corn Flakes (with a picture of Lloyd on it), also written in Ninjargon.
    • Also, according to the cereal box, the box with the cereal weighs 200g
  • The episode was released on Monday in Australia, and when Clutch Powers asks Nelson and Antonia where he is and what day it is, Antonia replies, "What? It's Monday. You're in Ninjago City."
  • Referring to this episode, Tommy Andreasen stated, "Coming up with that episode was a labor of love."[3]
  • Tommy Andreasen previously hinted at the return of Nelson and his friendship with Antonia, saying, "I think he [Nelson] is due for a comeback. And I think he deserves a new best friend."[4]


  • This is the first episode where none of the ninja appear in physical form.
  • This also marks the first episode that Jay does not appear in of the entire series.
    • Jay does appear on one of the posters in Nelson's bedroom, however.
  • Nelson returns for the first time since Season 6. He now has an updated purple Legacy ninja mask.
  • This episode marks Antonia, Sammy, Roise, Leroy, and the Elemental Cobras' first appearance.
  • It is revealed that Nelson lives in the same village the Sons of Garmadon attacked in "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago," which is also the same one Harumi lived in as a child as shown in "Samurai X-Treme."
  • It is suggested that, unlike with the ninja, Ninjago citizens do not know the identity of Samurai X, as both Antonia and Nelson refer to her using he/him pronouns.
  • The reason why Nelson doesn't wear pajamas at the beginning of the episode and sleeps in his hoodie is probably the same as the reason why the ninja no longer wear pajamas, due to the simpler animation because of modest budget.[5]


  • Nelson's sandwich gets completely burnt to ash despite his bag being completely intact.
  • Roise's shirt contains a typo. It should say "cat lady" in Ninjargon but instead says "cat lcdy".
  • When the man on the building says "Thanks, new guy. Thanks, Antonia" taking a closer look shows his mouth doesn't move.



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