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“I am the Omega. The Destructor! The Bringer of Doom!”
— The Omega, to Garmadon and Lloyd, "Into the Breach"

The Omega is the leader of the Oni. He wields a staff and seeks to erase Creation from all the Sixteen Realms, and blanket all of existence in darkness. He and his Oni were defeated by the ninja and the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master's Tornado of Creation.


Ancient history

Before the Oni invasion, the Omega's existence was recorded in Wu's history book.[2][3]

March of the Oni

The Darkness Comes

The Omega briefly appeared as a silhouette after Cyrus Borg left Borg Tower.

Later on, the Omega appeared as a silhouette again when he was about to petrify Cole.

Into the Breach

When Garmadon and Lloyd were about to destroy the Realm Crystal, he manifested from the shadows and fought them. Backing the pair into a corner, he then told them his identity as the Omega, the bringer of doom. He demanded to know if Lloyd and Garmadon were the protectors of Ninjago, to which Lloyd said he was, and that Garmadon replied that while usually, he fought against the ninja, today he too protected his homeland. Confused, the Omega asked why he, an Oni, would side with the realm. Garmadon quickly snapped that he would only have himself take over Ninjago, and not "some Oni usurper with a walking stick." Angered, the Omega then declared that Garmadon would perish with the realm he said he would defend.

The Fall

Omega told Garmadon and Lloyd that he wanted to engulf Ninjago in Darkness so that the power of Creation would be forever gone and Destruction would take its place. The Omega fought Lloyd and Garmadon and beat the pair back. Garmadon and Lloyd managed to destroy the Realm crystal, though it did not stop the Oni Invasion. He then teleported many of the Oni to their location. While on the run, the two managed to find and take the Golden Armor, which had been kept in the Borg Tower. Omega led an army of Oni to stop Garmadon and Lloyd, though they escaped with the help of P.I.X.A.L.


The Omega led a massive army of the Oni to the Monastery of Spinjitzu to finish the ninja and the last of the free people of Ninjago off for good. As the ninja, Wu, Garmadon, and Faith stood on the steps blocking his army's path, he declared that the ending had begun. The Oni then attacked, and the ninja fought back, with Garmadon attacking the Omega. As the battle raged on, Garmadon and the ninja put an end to multiple Oni, but there were just as many coming. Their battle was soon interrupted by the return of the Earth Ninja Cole and his Earth Driller. The ninja quickly celebrated his survival from the darkness, and Cole reclaimed his Scythe of Quakes, using it to cause a small earthquake that blasted several Oni back, including the Omega, who was flung at a tree, and looked back at Cole, enraged.

As he got up after hitting the tree, the Omega saw Garmadon, who fired bolts of destruction at his hated foe, which the Omega blocked with his staff. The Omega absorbed the energy and told Garmadon that he was only delaying the inevitable, as the Oni could not be defeated. He then jumped back from Garmadon, and slashed Cole's Earth Driller, causing it to be flung from the monastery and crash down below. Calling the turn of events tiresome, Garmadon used his destruction power to make a staff of his own and unlocked his true Oni form. He then attacked the Omega once again, but the stronger Oni easily knocked him back. The Omega mocked Garmadon, telling him that he was Oni, but only in form. He told him that inside, he sensed only uncertainty and doubt. He then struck Garmadon with his staff again. As Garmadon was flung into the ground, the Omega told him that he knew that part of him yearned to know what it would be like to be human. The Omega then told Garmadon this hesitation would only further weaken him, and struck him again, knocking him back up to the steps of the monastery. The blast caused Garmadon to lose his true Oni form. Protecting his father, Lloyd attempted to make a stand, but the Omega blasted him away with a single dismissive shot. The Ninja are even horrified to learn that the powers of the Golden Weapons aren't still enough to stop the Oni as they managed to overcome their fear of the powers.

As yet more Oni arrived, Lloyd ordered the ninja team and their allies to fall back inside the Monastery of Spinjitzu for safety, while the Omega led the Oni Army right to the door, before it was closed on them. Inside, the ninja prepared for a final stand and a final hope that they could use the Tornado of Creation to stop all the Oni invaders. The door finally broke apart, and the Omega walked in, followed by his oncoming Oni Army. As he entered, the ninja began their Elemental Spinjitzu, and with Garmadon's help, they made the Tornado of Creation, which caused most the Oni to falter and back away from it, hissing.

Furious, the Omega gazed up at the power of pure Creation. He did not back away like some of the others, only growling in rage as the Tornado enveloped him and the Oni, and its pure creation energy caused the Omega and all the Oni in Ninjago to disappear, as well as freeing all the people the Oni petrified. However, it is unknown if the Omega and the Oni were banished to another realm, like the Departed Realm, or destroyed entirely.

Weapons and abilities


  • Destruction: The Omega commands the powers of Destruction, being one of the strongest users of the element. He can use these powers to create large tentacles of destructive shadow to trap and petrify his enemies. His Destruction powers can be unleashed as blasts of energy, that could even knock down Garmadon and Lloyd with ease.
    • Oni summoning: Using Dark Magic, The Omega can summon his legions of Oni by banging his staff against the ground. He often relies on his armies of Oni to utterly overwhelm his opponents. The Omega appears to be able to summon or teleport other Oni to his location, as he summons multiple to attack Lloyd and Garmadon when they attempt to destroy the Realm Crystal.
  • Combat: Being the leader of the Oni, the Omega is a highly skilled fighter, even exceeding the fighting abilities of Garmadon in his reborn form.
  • Superhuman strength: The Omega has tremendous physical strength, as he easily threw both Lloyd and Garmadon into a wall without breaking a sweat; even the powers of the Golden Weapons were not enough to stop him and his army from invading.
  • Emotion/thought sensing: The Omega could seemingly read thoughts and emotions, as he sensed the innermost fears and desires of Garmadon.
  • Fate denial: The Omega was immune to the predictability of the Sword of Sanctuary, making him a very unpredictable opponent.
  • Immense speed: The Omega is surprisingly fast, and agile enough to outmatch Lloyd and Garmadon.


  • Staff: Should he be forced to fight alone, the Omega is able to deal out powerful swiping blows with his staff.


Little is known about the personality of the Omega. He is shown to be violent and hostile towards beings from Ninjago and seeks to cover it in darkness.

Despite being a stronger Oni, he fears and cowers before the power of Creation. He had a hatred for Garmadon, and could not understand why a fellow Oni would ever fight alongside a realm that he was trying to cover in destruction, darkness, and death. The Omega was also condescending to those he believes are beneath him such as Garmadon for his desire to understand the people of Ninjago and that of his son.

He was prone to roaring or growling when angered or stressed, like the other Oni, as well as attacking with a low growl.



Upon meeting each other, the Omega is confused as to why Garmadon was fighting to protect Ninjago and not conquer it, to which Garmadon replies that he will be the only one who attempts to conquer Ninjago. During the battle against the ninja and the Oni, Garmadon fought the Omega. As the Oni started to gain the upper hand, Garmadon shapeshifts into his Oni form, but it is not enough for the Omega, who taunts him that he is only Oni in form, and that part of him yearns to be human again.


Lloyd immediately saw the Omega as a threat and attempted to fight him, though the Omega was able to overpower him at every opportunity.

Dragon Hunters

The Omega led the Oni to attack the Dragon Hunters in the Realm of Oni and Dragons. The Dragon Hunters attempted to fight the Omega and the Oni with the aid of their Dragons, but their efforts were in vain.





Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni



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  • He is the second named full-blooded Oni, after Mystake.
  • He is likely the oldest villain, and one of the oldest characters of the series.
  • The Omega's horns are very large compared to the two other Oni that Lloyd and Garmadon fought.
  • The Omega has greater fighting skills than reborn Garmadon and Lloyd, as he easily dispatched both of them.
  • The Omega seems to have trouble speaking the Ninjago language, as he hesitates at using some words.
  • The Omega refers to himself as "The Bringer Of Doom," the plural form of which is used to refer to all Oni.
  • The Omega's name is a reference to the fact that the Omega symbol is the last letter of the Greek alphabet and traditionally denotes the ending or finality of something or a dramatic conclusion.
    • In eschatology, the Omega symbol may depict the end of the world.
  • He and all other Oni cower before the Golden Power.
    • This is likely due to the fact that their very essence, Destruction, counters these powers.
    • However, this trait is likely gone in "Endings," as even though the ninja managed to use the Golden Power to rebuild the Golden Weapons, they aren't still enough to stop the Omega and the Oni from attacking.
  • He is the only character known to be resistant to the powers of the Sword of Sanctuary.
    • This may be due to the sheer amount of power he possesses.
  • The Omega is the only main antagonist of any season to reuse a torso piece.
  • He is one of the five main antagonists to be from another realm, the others being: the Preeminent, Nadakhan, Iron Baron, and Vex.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, due to the Omega being "gone" and the Overlord currently being in a weakened state, it is doubtful we will ever know which of the two is stronger.[4]
    • It can be presumed that the Overlord is stronger than the Omega as like all Oni, the Omega cannot stand the power of Creation and was unable to enact a full-out invasion of Ninjago until the essence's presence was weak enough; the Overlord proved to be an equal match to the First Spinjitzu Master, as well as the ability to harness the essence itself.
  • According to Bragi Schut and Tommy Andreasen, he is not one of the original Oni, nor is he one of the three warlords represented by the Oni Masks.[5][6]
  • Despite having one in the show, he lacks a cape in 853866 NINJAGO Accessory Set 2019.
  • The Omega is one of the two main villains to be exclusive to one set, the other being Acronix.
  • The Omega is one of the seven main antagonists in the TV series not currently known to be alive, the other six being Chen, Morro, The Preeminent, the Time Twins, and Kalmaar.
  • Bragi Schut does not wish to revisit the character, but he wishes the crew had had more time, such as 10 episodes instead of 4, to tell the Omega's story in Season 10.[7]
  • The Omega is more powerful than both Garmadon and Lloyd, as he easily defeated them twice
  • It is possible that he is the Oni pictured in Wu's history book as the image in the book is very similar to the Season 10 title cards. However, it is not confirmed.


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