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“So you know about how the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago, but what if I were to tell you in order for there to be light, there must be shadow, and within shadow, there is darkness. The blackest of darkness that existed from the very beginning. An evil spirit called the Overlord.”

The Overlord is an evil spirit, the creator of the Stone Army and the source of all Darkness in Ninjago. A sinister dark entity, he first appeared as a dragon-like being that challenged the First Spinjitzu Master, who was well aware of the creature's true nature. After a lengthy battle, the First Spinjitzu Master succeeded, defeating the Stone Army and trapping the Overlord on the Dark Island.

Thousands of years later, Lord Garmadon was confronted by the Overlord's spirit, who influenced him to join forces. Garmadon assumed command of the Stone Army, which constructed an ultimate weapon. Eventually, the Overlord revealed he was using Garmadon and possessed his body—commencing a metamorphosis that turned him into the giant dragon the former once was. The ninja and Lloyd returned to Ninjago, where Lloyd fought and defeated the Overlord in the final battle.

Sometime later, the Overlord once again returned in the form of a digital virus. With the help of Pythor and the Nindroids, the Overlord became the all-powerful Golden Master using the Golden Weapons and Lloyd's Golden Power. In a final effort to defeat the Overlord, Zane sacrificed himself, destroying their physical forms. As the balance must be maintained, the Overlord survived, yet his spirit is dormant.[1] A statue of him was to be placed in the Ninjago Museum of History prior to the Time Twins' return.


In the beginning


Before Ninjago's creation, there were two kinds of beings with unfathomable power: the Oni and the Dragon. The Dragons had the power to create, while the Oni had the power to destroy; and so, they waged war against each other. One day, a child was born of both powers, the First Spinjitzu Master, who went on to create a land of light and darkness, these powers had been passed down to him from their respective owners.[2]

From the shadows of the new world, the Overlord emerged. Risen to counterbalance the light, the Overlord challenged the First Spinjitzu Master to a battle for control of Ninjago.[3] The battle eventually ground into a stalemate, so the Overlord created the Stone Army to turn the tide in his favor. At one point, the Overlord and his army took cover at the Temple of Fortitude to resist the First Spinjitzu Master's Golden Power.[4]

Eventually realizing that he would be overcome, the First Spinjitzu Master used all of his strength to split Ninjago into two equal halves, which would later become two islands—one half remained as Ninjago, and the other became the Island of Darkness. This balanced the forces of light and darkness, preventing the Overlord from leaving the Island of Darkness as it slowly sank beneath the sea.[3] For thousands of years, he plotted the events that would lead to his return.[5]

Legacy of the Green Ninja

The Stone Army

After being betrayed by Skales and falling into the Endless Sea, Lord Garmadon was carried to the shores of the Island of Darkness, now just a nondescript tropical island. Appearing before Garmadon as a pulsing sphere of pink-ish energy, the Overlord guided the four-armed villain through the jungle, promising to fulfill his dream of remaking Ninjago in his own image. Although skeptical and suspicious of the mysterious voice, Lord Garmadon followed the Overlord's instructions and activated a mechanism in a rock at the center of the island, causing the rest of the Island of Darkness to rise from the sea.

The Day Ninjago Stood Still

With the Island of Darkness restored, the Overlord had Lord Garmadon climb a series of rugged cliffs, assuring him that a great power lay at the end of his trial. Eventually, Lord Garmadon arrived in front of the Celestial Clock, and the Overlord told him to remove the Helmet of Shadows from its pedestal. As Garmadon placed the Helmet on his head, the hands of the Celestial Clock began to move. The Overlord explained that the helmet gave Garmadon control of the Stone Army, while the Celestial Clock was counting down to the final battle between good and evil—a battle that the Overlord intended to win.

The Last Voyage

When Lord Garmadon went to oversee the Stone Army's mining operations, the Overlord told him that the soldiers were searching for Dark Matter, a powerful evil material that could be used to construct an ultimate weapon for the forces of darkness. After hearing this, Garmadon became much more excited about mining.

Island of Darkness

As construction of the ultimate weapon continued, the Overlord warned Lord Garmadon that he sensed the presence of the ninja on the Island of Darkness. Garmadon responded by sending Stone Warriors across the island to hunt the ninja down, only to find them narrowly escaping capture in his own base camp. The Overlord realized that the ninja were looking for the Temple of Light, and told Garmadon about the location's significance.

Unfortunately for the forces of evil, the ninja succeeded in their quest, and the Stone Army was driven off by their renewed elemental powers and Lloyd's new "Golden Dragon" technique. Learning of this development atop the mountain where the Celestial Clock rested, the Overlord alleviated Garmadon's concerns by reminding him that their forces were also growing stronger, and the countdown to the final battle continued unabated.

The Last Hope

As the ultimate weapon neared completion and the Celestial Clock neared the end of its countdown, the Overlord sensed a growing conflict within Garmadon. The latter insisted that he wanted nothing more than to consume Ninjago with darkness, but the Overlord questioned Garmadon's resolve, noting that the final battle would inevitably bring him into contact with Lloyd. His prodding caused Garmadon to explode with rage and redouble work on the ultimate weapon, pleasing the Overlord.

When the ninja managed to steal the Helmet of Shadows, Garmadon sent the Stone Army in pursuit, only for the Overlord to remind him that the ninja could control the army if one of them donned the Helmet. Acknowledging this possibility, Garmadon instead opted to pursue the ninja's Power Drill with his own robot but failed to stop them from reaching the Celestial Clock. However, their unfamiliarity with the clock's design—coupled with the interference of General Kozu—prevented the ninja from replacing the Helmet of Shadows before the countdown finally ended. As Lord Garmadon wondered what was going on, the Overlord explained that the final battle was about to begin, and led his servant back to his base camp, where the Garmatron was finally completed.

Return of the Overlord

Foto 08-01-18 7 01 47 p. m..jpg

As Garmadon admired the Garmatron, the Stone Army returned with Nya as a prisoner. The Overlord watched as Garmadon immersed Nya in Dark Matter, infecting her with evil and transforming her into a loyal servant of darkness. With the test complete, the Overlord accompanied his forces as the Garmatron left the camp and headed for the coast.

Upon arrival, the Overlord encouraged Garmadon to fire the Garmatron's main cannon across the ocean—its Dark Matter warheads would infect Ninjago piece by piece, remaking it in Garmadon's image. Unfortunately, Lord Garmadon was distracted when Lloyd, Master Wu, and Misako arrived and begged him to stop—although they failed to reach the villain, their interference prevented the Overlord from warning Garmadon about the main cannon's twenty-second warm up period. Despite this, the Stone Army managed to delay the heroes until the Garmatron could fire, thereby corrupting Ignacia.

As Lord Garmadon dropped Lloyd and General Kozu down a trapdoor and fired another shot of Dark Matter at Jamanakai Village, the balance between light and darkness shifted enough for the Overlord to begin manifesting in the world once more. At this point, the Overlord revealed that he had been using Lord Garmadon all along—the four-armed villain had only been a pawn in the Overlord's millennia-long plan to free himself and conquer Ninjago. Lord Garmadon angrily protested at this (both at being used and because the Overlord was "stealing" one of his previous plans), but the Overlord took over his body, declaring that his "metamorphosis" had begun.

In an attempt to gain even more power, the Overlord set the Garmatron's sights on Ninjago City, only to realize that the ninja were interfering with the Stone Army's attempts to reload the cannon. He sent General Kozu to secure the bullets but ended up accidentally firing him into Ninjago City when Master Wu kicked the general into the Garmatron's loading port. The Overlord was then confronted by Lloyd, who was determined to stop the villain before he could corrupt any more of Ninjago.

A fierce battle erupted, with the Overlord gaining the upper hand. However, Lloyd called out to his father, and Lord Garmadon's attempts to reach out to his son caused the Overlord to weaken momentarily. Taking his chance, Lloyd launched a furious assault, and Lord Garmadon desperately struggled against the Overlord's control in order to avoid harming his own son. Unfortunately, the Overlord regained control over Garmadon's body and overcame the Green Ninja's energy beam, trapping Lloyd in a sphere of darkness and hurling him across the beach, breaking his leg. Weary of the ninja's interference, the Overlord opened a portal to Ninjago City and led his army through it, leaving the ninja stranded on the Island of Darkness.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

The Overlord and his army appeared in the middle of Ninjago City, where the former immediately began bombarding everything in sight with Dark Matter fired from the Garmatron's turrets. The influx of darkness accelerated the Overlord's metamorphosis, allowing him to regain his original form. Leaving his helmet in the streets, the Overlord proceeded to transform the Garmatron into a tower-like fortress from which to oversee the newly-corrupted city, setting Nya and the Stone Army to defend it.

When the ninja returned and attacked the tower, the Overlord let his minions do the work against his foes until Dareth gained control of the Stone Army by donning the Helmet of Shadows. He began spitting masses of darkness at the ascending ninja, corrupting Cole, Jay, and Zane. With Kai occupying his corrupted sister and the Ultra Dragon shot down, the Overlord turned to the top of the stairs to find only an injured, unarmed Lloyd standing against him. The Overlord scoffed at the Green Ninja's defiance, but Lloyd was able to unlock his full potential, becoming the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master.

Despite his own considerable power, the Overlord was overwhelmed by Lloyd's new abilities. Even taking the fight to the sky failed to provide an advantage, as Lloyd summoned the Golden Dragon to pursue the ultimate evil. Enraged at the mortal's persistence, the Overlord surrounded Lloyd in a massive sphere of darkness and attempted to devour him. In turn, Lloyd used his powers within the Overlord's mouth—the dark dragon had only enough time to roar in fury and denial before he was obliterated, removing the taint of darkness from Ninjago City, the corrupted heroes, and even Lord Garmadon.


Unbeknownst to the heroes, the Overlord was not destroyed by his battle with Lloyd although he was almost reduced to nothing. When Borg Tower was built in the former resting place of the Garmatron, the Overlord somehow infected the network as the Digital Overlord virus.


The Surge

The Digital Overlord infects Cyrus Borg through his artificial limbs, transforming him into the villainous OverBorg. The Digital Overlord proceeds to spread his corruption to all of the robots in New Ninjago City, and sends them after the ninja; however, they escape.

The Art of the Silent Fist

The Digital Overlord collects Lloyd's Golden Power to try to make a new body but soon runs out of power. The Overlord tells P.I.X.A.L. he needs more of Lloyd's Golden Power and changes his plan to capturing Lloyd instead of getting the Techno Blades.


The Overlord restored by the Stranger.

After the power went out, the Stranger stole the Hard Drive of the Overlord then put it in the Computer which was powered by Electro-Cobrai.

The Overlord is outraged that he failed to procure Lloyd however, The Stranger explains that his attack on the ninja was merely a plot for them to send the Falcon, of which he now controls. With Lloyd heading into Hiroshi's Labyrinth, it will be the perfect place to spring a trap. Delighted by this news, the Overlord tells the stranger that he likes him due to the deviousness of the plan and laughs as his vengeance gets within reach.

The Curse of the Golden Master

Lloyd's location has been revealed and is clear for capture; however, the Stranger said that their low on power and he gets a tank full of Electro-Cobrai and is fully operational to capture the Golden Ninja to conquer his Power to become the Golden Master.

Enter the Digiverse

When the ninja entered the Digiverse in a bid to shut the Overlord down for good, the villain sent Pythor and the Nindroids to attack their physical bodies while he infiltrated the Digiverse to attack their consciousnesses. His digital self was erased by the Techno Blades, seemingly destroying his consciousness, but before he was erased he escaped into his new incomplete "Golden Master Body."

Codename: Arcturus

Pythor and the Nindroids managed to recover the Mechdragon and retrieve the Overlord from within it. However, due to the incomplete transfer of Lloyd's golden power, the Overlord was left as an insubstantial blob—not wishing the Nindroids to behold his weakened condition, he had Pythor conceal him.

Learning that Lloyd had divided his Golden powers between himself and the other four ninja, the Overlord initiated Codename: Arcturus, a plan to acquire the Golden Weapons from space. Despite the ninja's efforts, the Overlord and Pythor succeeded in completing their rocket and launching it from the Lost City of Ouroboros. Unbeknownst to the Overlord, however, the five ninja boarded the rocket just before it took off.

The Void

The Overlord's new body is taken to Borg Tower by the Nindroids to await the arrival of the Golden Weapons.

The Titanium Ninja

He finally managed to get the Golden Weapons to become the Golden Master and create his mech. Later when his Destructive Reign begins, The ninja manage to head back to New Ninjago City and get the Indestructible and Invulnerable powers to stop him including a pill which could shrink the Overlord. When Wu and Garmadon throw the pill to him, Pythor manages to get the pill which saved the Overlord; however, Pythor had to face consequences of turning small and being chased by the Falcon. The Overlord then used beams of pure Golden Power to ensnare all of the ninja, except Zane. Zane then used the beams to get close enough to the Overlord to hang off of the Golden Mech. Zane then began to absorb the energy within the Golden Mech, weakening the Overlord. He then used the last of his strength to destroy the Overlord's physical form.

After the destruction of his physical form, his spirit remained dormant, as he can never be truly destroyed.[1]

Ninjago: Decoded

The Digital Overlord in Ninjago: Decoded.

A remnant of the Overlord Virus' code (trapped in a Memory Loop) was found in Zane and slowly began corrupting him in order to take control of Zane's body and exact his revenge on the ninja, as it turned out Zane's "death" remained a traumatic event in the Ice Ninja's memory after he was rebuilt. However, by using good memories, the ninja managed to erase the rest of the Overlord Virus, for good.


The Overlord's dragon form in the Legacy of the Green Ninja mural.

The Overlord's Golden Master form in the Rebooted mural.

Both before and after his brief resurgence in Zane's system, the Overlord remained known as a fearsome adversary of the ninja's past. During the ninja's tour of the Ninjago Museum of History's latest exhibit, the Hall of Villainy, Dr. Saunders stated that there were still many more statues to be added, including ones of the Overlord and the Golden Master. Based on this statement, it is possible the Overlord would have had more than one statue in the museum.[6]

After the reconstruction of the Monastery of Spinjitzu, a mural was created, depicting the major historical events the ninja had faced. Several parts of the mural depicted the Overlord (in both dragon and in Golden Master form).[7]

Official descriptions

Season 3 (2017 Museum gallery)

The Overlord was the arch-enemy of the First Spinjitzu Master and the source of all evil in the world. Also known as the Dark Lord, the Overlord was consigned to Dark Island after the First Spinjitzu Master split the land in half. Existing as a spirit, the incredibly powerful Overlord plotted to return to the human plane of existence, using Garmadon and the Stone Army as his pawns. He is a skilled manipulator who has directed events from behind the scenes for centuries. His original form was a dragon. Although the Overlord was defeated by Lloyd in the final battle, he was not destroyed. He survived as a computer virus in Cyrus Borg’s Digiverse and was able to take over the whole city, thanks to Borg’s technology being everywhere. But the now Digital Overlord was not satisfied. He was trapped. To escape the Digiverse he needed Lloyd’s Golden Power. The Ninja were able to reboot the Digiverse, but it was too late: the Overlord had already taken physical form. He sent his Nindroids on a space mission to retrieve the Mega Weapon, the remainder of the four Golden Weapons, to become the prophesized Golden Master. He was finally destroyed by Zane.[8]


The Overlord has shown to be serious and cunning, though he is often heavily reliant on metaphysical concepts and prophesied events (destiny, the balance, the final battle, the prophecy of the golden master, etc.)

As is to be expected from the embodiment of darkness, the Overlord is very cruel and devoid of empathy and seems to enjoy inflicting pain and despair upon his enemies. In fact, he has been known to go out of his way to do so, taunting his victims in hopeless situations.

The Overlord has only ever shown respect for one person; that person being Pythor. That respect going as far as to include Pythor as an ally during the attempted Golden Master apocalypse. However, once Pythor is shrunk after consuming Cyrus Borg's shrinking pill, the Overlord does not attempt to protect the now helpless Pythor, showing that his respect even to Pythor is limited, which indicates the Overlord's inherently evil nature.


During Misako's telling of Ninjago's origins (seen in "The Stone Army"), the Overlord was depicted as a towering mass of dark fire with a vaguely humanoid shape.

When Lord Garmadon arrived on the Island of Darkness, the Overlord appeared as an orb of purple energy with a pale yellow core. The orb pulsed as the Overlord spoke.

After possessing Lord Garmadon's body, the Overlord began his transformation to his original form, which started out as larger, more demonic version of Garmadon. Notable differences included longer limbs ending in clawed hands and feet, short spikes erupting from his shoulders and back, glowing purple eyes, and elongated reptilian jaws filled with long fangs. In "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master," the Overlord completed his transformation, which has a monstrous black dragon with four long feelers on its face, massive, tattered black wings instead of arms, and a broad, toothy mouth.

"Enter the Digiverse" saw the Overlord appear in two different forms. The first was that of a shadowy armored humanoid, as he was in the process of transforming into the legendary Golden Master. When confronting the ninja inside the Digiverse, he took a shadowy humanoid form of great size made out of purple ash that possessed a number of tentacles.

In "Codename: Arcturus," the Overlord had become a pulsing amorphous, pink, white, and red blob with glowing red eyes due to his interrupted transformation into the Golden Master.

In "The Void," the Overlord's being had stabilized into that of a completely blank, black armored humanoid with glowing red eyes with purple mist surrounding him as his body was nearly complete.

Lastly, in "The Titanium Ninja," the Overlord assumed his semi-golden master form as a black and purple humanoid figure with a face akin to the mid-metamorphosis form he assumed in Garmadon's body with a pair of glowing red eyes. Furthermore, he was adorned with golden skeletal armor and a black helmet with purple energy trailing behind him from his back that appeared similar to a cape. After completing his Golden Master form by fusing with his mech, he experienced a growth spurt of enormous proportions with his armor gaining a more ornate appearance, his torso and legs had completely disintegrated with vibrant purple, flickering flames taking their place with mechanical black and gold machinery attached to him to take the place of his legs, which Zane would ultimately use to hold himself in place when the master of ice presumably died.

The remnant of the Overlord's digital code from "Decoded" has visual traits from both forms of the virus' full version. Being purple and filling a screen, it has the general figure of the Overlord's eyes but they are smaller and can turn as if they were on a head. They also differ from both the original and the Kraken by appearing more yellow than red.

Powers and abilities


  • Creation of the Stone Army: The Overlord was credited with the creation of the Stone Army, implying that he possesses the element of Creation (or a darkened version of the essence).
  • Floating: In his orb form, he was able to float freely, allowing him to accompany Lord Garmadon wherever he traveled on the Island of Darkness.
  • Enhanced Perception: He also appeared to have some form of enhanced perception, as he immediately sensed the ninja's arrival on the Island of Darkness.
  • Enhanced Strength and Durability: After using Lord Garmadon's body to retake a physical form, the Overlord gained enhanced physical strength and high durability, easily able to take Lloyd's attacks and overpower him.
  • Immortality: The Overlord, who is the source of all darkness, represents the dark part of the Balance, due to which he (as an entity) can never be destroyed. Or, as shown in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master," when Lloyd destroyed the Overlord, he, after a while, was able to recover, apparently from nothing, which confirms his perfect form of immortality.
  • Possession: As shown by the example of Lord Garmadon and the Borg Industries systems, the Overlord is able to possess objects, making them their hosts. Upon infiltrating Garmadon, the Overlord caused a mutation in his body, which intensified as the Balance shifted towards darkness.


  • Darkness: The Overlord possesses the elemental essence of Darkness. Whilst in control of Lord Garmadon's body, he gained the ability to release dark energy from his hands. He usually fired this energy as offensive beam attacks, which could overpower Lloyd's energy beams and break his legs, but he could also use it to fly; by releasing small "jets" of energy from his lower pair of hands, the Overlord was able to hover in the air or propel himself at varying speeds.
    • Dragon form: In his original form, the Overlord's strength and durability increased even further, due to his massive size. He could fly with the use of his large wings, breath dark fire, and spit masses of pure darkness that corrupt anything they hit (much like the Garmatron's Dark Matter shots). At the end of his battle with Lloyd, he displayed the ability to transform himself into a large orb of shadows that engulfs his foe—within the orb, his head grew to many times its original size, although it is unclear if this was purely an ability, or if his host body kept him physical. Even before his transformation as the Golden Master, he was the most powerful enemy the ninja ever met.
  • Golden Power: As the legendary "Golden Master," his powers grew to be equivalent to, if not greater than the First Spinjitzu Master. Once he gained this power, he tried to shoot Kai with a beam of Golden Energy. He was also able to use Golden Energy to levitate cars in mid-air, and even threw one at Nya. When the ninja got Stone Armor, the Overlord, like the Golden Master, shaped roof tiles into a massive arm and hand in an attempt to crush the ninja; despite this, he failed to crush them. At the end of the episode, he was powerful enough to ensnare the ninja with beams of Golden Power. Though, this shouldn't have been possible as the stone armor the ninja were wearing was supposed to be resistant to the might of Golden Power. However it possible that The Overlord was using his power over Darkness to injure them.



  • Garmatron
    • This vehicle was built for Garmadon and the Overlord to launch Dark Matter into Ninjago. However, after betraying Garmadon, the Overlord took possession of the Garmatron.
    • It first appeared in "The Last Hope."



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Behind the scenes

  • Regarding the inspiration for the character, Tommy Andreasen said, "The Overlord was entirely Kevin and Dan's idea… we needed something bigger and badder [than the Serpentine]…"[9]
  • In original concepts for "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master," Wu, after seeing Misako and Garmadon reconcile, would walk away with the Overlord manifesting inside him as the screen faded to black.[10]
  • When asked why they brought the Overlord back for Rebooted, the Hageman Brothers stated, "we thought the ultimate battle would be the end. S3 taught us how expansive the stories could be."[11]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, there is still more to learn about the Overlord's story.[12][13]
  • The Hageman Brothers have stated that the Overlord "is too one dimensional" and "is awesome, but hard to break new ground since he's such a massive baddie. I ask you — how would he evolve?"[14]
  • Tommy Andreasen once called him "Bruno," saying, "We don't talk about Bruno."[15]


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  • In the Portuguese-translated shows, his name translates as "Lord of Lords."
  • His minifigure has sloped legs, instead of a cape as shown in the television series.
  • The Overlord and Morro are the only two Elemental Masters (if the Overlord can be considered an Elemental Master) to take over the body of another Elemental Master: Garmadon for the Overlord, Lloyd for Morro.
    • Both of these hosts are related to each other.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen on Twitter, the Overlord could potentially be the most powerful antagonist in the series, if he had the right vessel. It is unknown if this vessel was any of his previous forms, as it is open to interpretation if he is the most powerful villain the ninja have faced.[16][17]
  • Although he is extremely ancient, he is not the first evil to come into existence, the Oni and Wojira are, though the Overlord is Ninjago's original evil and the First Spinjitzu Master's arch-nemesis.
    • It's unknown whether the Overlord existed before Ninjago's creation.[18]
    • When asked if the Overlord was an Oni, Tommy Andreasen said it would be left up to interpretation.[19]
    • When asked on the chances of the Overlord and the First Spinjitzu Master being brothers he answered, "...It's like you don't know me at all."[20]
  • The Overlord has several specific features that are not shared by anyone else in the show:
    • The Overlord is the only character in Ninjago who is immortal, as he cannot be truly killed or destroyed.
      • The Overlord's spirit is indestructible because he is part of the balance.[21][22] Misako said in "The Stone Army" that "in order for there to be light, there must be shadow," and since the Overlord is the source of all darkness (both the element and other definitions associated with evil), he's part of the balance. Although his fight with Zane may have destroyed his Golden Master body, it didn't necessarily destroy his spirit (since the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master couldn't do this either). According to Tommy Andreasen, he believes if the ninja were to learn that the Overlord is still alive, it would be on-screen.[23] Despite destroying his original body to defeat the Overlord, Zane would not be too bothered to learn this, as he still saved Ninjago and "Possibly bought it thousands of years."[24]
    • It is currently unknown whether he is dormant in the realm of Ninjago or another location such as the Departed Realm.[25]
      • Tommy Andreasen stated at one point, "I don't think he can leave Ninjago."[26]
    • According to Tommy Andreasen, the Overlord does not submit to the writing of fate by the monks of the Cloud Kingdom.[27] This means that it is not affected by any objects that somehow "know" the fate of the one against whom they are directed. It's also possible that Overlord transcends the very concept of causation, based on its nature.
    • The Overlord views the environment with thermal vision in his "spirit" form.
    • The Overlord is the embodiment of darkness and evil and needs a body to use his powers. However, as Misako states in "The Stone Army," he will be "trapped from this world" for as long as the balance is sustained. For instance, he was only able to use Darkness while he possessed Garmadon. When his transformation into his original form was complete he could use his full powers. In his Golden Master form, he had both Darkness and the Golden Power.
  • In the show, the ninja mistook his titles twice for characters they were already familiar with: Dark Lord (they thought it referred to Garmadon) and Golden Master (the ninja mistook Lloyd for being the Golden Master).
  • He doesn't need a body to use dark matter though, as it is from his life force.
  • The Overlord, Garmadon, and Unagami are the only villains to be the main antagonist in more than one Ninjago installment.
  • The Overlord and the First Spinjitzu Master were the first beings with powers similar to Elemental Masters in the realm of Ninjago.
  • Like the First Spinjitzu Master, the Overlord can wield all four Golden Weapons at once, as shown when he wore the Golden Armor in "The Titanium Ninja."
  • A statue of his dragon form was part of the ninja exhibit at the Ninjago Museum of History.[28]
  • According to Misako in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master," the Overlord's original form is a dragon.
  • This may explain why his possessed Garmadon and Golden Master forms both resemble his dragon form in some way, even though neither the backstory of the Overlord nor the prophecy of the Golden Master show them in this fashion.
    • His depiction in the legend is likely due to the ability he demonstrates at the end of "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master." Similarly, the same episode reveals the Golden Mech used by the First Spinjitzu Master. Neither the mech nor the dragon are depicted in the legend, although the former's revelation better reveals why the First Spinjitzu Master was able to split Ninjago.
      • The book Secret World of the Ninja, which shows this same legend, describes him as growing stronger, despite his lack of physical form. This is either an error (as the same book says Dr. Julien was interrogated by the Stone army instead of the Skulkins), or an indication that his dragon form isn't fixed like his Golden Master one.
      • Because of this, it's likely he could become just a shadow-sphere back then, but not when he regains it in the present since he's technically still possessing Garmadon.
      • The Overlord's possession of Garmadon is similar to Zuul and Vinz Clortho's possession of Dana and Louis in the first Ghostbusters movie.
  • He is the first villain to use Spinjitzu against the ninja, not counting corrupted Nya in episode 25. However, he was not the first villain to use Spinjitzu; that goes to Aspheera, who learnt it from Wu thousands of years ago.[29]
  • Years before the Overlord Dragon set was released, another LEGO version of the Overlord Dragon was shown in an official Ninjago video about the story of the Green Ninja.[30]
  • In the Legacy sets, the Overlord received an updated design that seems to be an amalgamation of his possessed Garmadon and Golden Master forms. This design did not make an appearance in Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu. It is unknown if it is canon in any way.
    • Despite his very different appearance, the set he appeared in was meant to relive the Final Battle with the Golden Ninja and the Overlord.
    • It appears to be some sort of Spirit form, as it has a translucent head as well as a ghost tail. Nadakhan, another four-armed ghost-tailed minifigure is not a spirit, and thus lacks this type of head.
    • The Visual Dictionary New Edition describes it as him in spirit form, likely indicating that he can choose how people perceive him when he is in said state, much like when in virus form when he appears as the Kraken.[citation needed]
    • This is a case in point when the same figure is used in a Rebooted-themed set.
    • Since it's a spirit form, however, he may only be able to present himself as forms he had when physical, unlike his virus form, which he made into the Kraken.[citation needed]
    • If so, this makes the Overlord's 2019 variant a would-be modern-day image of the character, just like every other Legacy minifigure.
  • The Overlord, Nadakhan, Krux, and Acronix are the only four villains who have yet to return after appearing in a full season.
  • He would have gotten rid of or betrayed Pythor eventually, as he did with Garmadon.[31]
  • His dragon form more closely resembles that of a Wyvern.
  • In "Level Thirteen," a screen in Borg Tower greatly resembles the Digital Overlord's eyes.[32]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, it's doubtful that it will ever be revealed whether the Overlord or the Omega is stronger, with the Omega "gone" and the Overlord currently in a weakened state.[33]
  • Tommy Andreasen once referred to 45th US President Donald Trump as "The most recent incarnation of the Overlord."[34]


Main article: The Overlord/Gallery


Foreign language Translation
Czech Pán temnot (S2)
Overlord (S3+)
German Ultraböses
Polish Mroczny Władca
Russian Оверлорд
Spanish El Gran Tirano
Turkish Derebeyi
Ukrainian Надволодар
Hungarian Sötét Úr


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