Not to be confused with 70655 The Dragon Pit
“It's most likely an arena. A brutal tradition but exciting nonetheless. I for one can't wait!”
Jay to Kai and Zane

The Pit is a location within Dead's End in the Realm of Oni and Dragons. It is an arena built by the Dragon Hunters to use for entertainment. Typically, a dragon is thrown into the pit with a prisoner, and the dragon is expected to fight. In some cases, people suspected of being Oni have been forced into the arena. 

After winding up in the realm and being captured by the Hunters, Kai, Jay, and Zane were forced to fight a dragon called Slab. Despite beating Slab, the Hunters realized they possess Elemental Powers, and captured them once more. 


Iron & Stone

Kai, Jay, and Zane are thrown into the Pit to fight with Slab, an Earth Dragon. The trio are forced to run from the beast until Cole and Wu throw set a chains for them to trap the dragon. Kai then alerts Jay that the dragon would attack but Zane freezes it, exposing their Elemental Power to all.

Iron Baron realizes they were not Oni and orders his followers to hunt them as Kai tells his friends to prepare for a brawl as the hunters jump in the arena and surround them.

Radio Free Ninjago

Cornered by the Dragon Hunters, the Ninja have no choice but to use their Elemental Power to fend them off. Not long after, Heavy Metal arrives, and uses several chains and the Dragonbone Blade to incapacitate the Ninja. The hunters put the Ninja in the Dieselnaut and leave The Pit, heading off to hunt a dragon


  • The original BIONICLE storyline featured a location called "The Pit." Unlike Ninjago's location, which serves as a coliseum where combatants fight dragons, BIONICLE's location serves as an underwater prison. 
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