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The Shape of Nya

(In the Hangar Bay, the ninja are having a discussion.)

Cole: How could anyone be moving that much Vengestone across the city?

Zane: Not by air. It would be detected by local air traffic control. Underground, perhaps?

Lloyd: I told you, the Serpentine say nothing's travelling through the unused subway tunnels. They'd know.

Cole: But it's moving somehow. We're missing something. Let's start over with what we know.

Kai: Ugh, we've been at this for hours. We're just going in circles!

Lloyd: Any ideas, Jay?

(Jay doesn't respond, focusing on glasses of water instead.)

Cole: Jay? We need you to focus up, buddy!

Kai: Ugh. Jay!

Jay: You don't have to yell. I'm right here.

Cole: Any ideas on the Vengestone? Who the buyer is? How they're moving it? Anything?

Jay: No.

Cole: We're gonna need a little more effort than that.

Jay: What's the point?

Lloyd: Excuse me?

Jay: Lloyd, you said Nya wouldn't want us to quit. That she'd kick our butts and tell us to get to work. And you're right. But you forgot something. We weren't truly a team until Nya joined. And whether we realized it or not, she was the glue that held us together.

Cole: What are you saying?

Jay: I'm saying I don't think we can do this without her.

Kai: You're acting like you're the only one who misses her. We all do. But at least the rest of us are trying to help instead of being mopey and useless!

Jay: Hey! You came to me. I didn't ask to be here!

Lloyd: We're all pretty keyed up right now. Maybe we need a break.

Jay: What's a break gonna do? We know all there is to know! The Vengestone would be spotted if it were being moved by air or through the known ... tunnel system.

Cole: Jay? You got an idea?

Kai: Or have you just totally lost it?

Jay: I ... might have something. Zane, can you pull up a map of the subway tunnels below the city?

(Underground, the ninja enter the abandoned subway end line through a manhole.)

Kai: Why are we here? We already know the Vengestone isn't being taken through the subway.

Jay: Not the active subway lines, but the end line was shut down years ago. It's abandoned!

Zane: According to zoning plans filed with the city, the end line was never completed.

Jay: What if the city stopped building the subway tunnel, but someone else finished it?

Cole: This is where the tunnel ends.

Jay: Or, does it?

Cole: Maybe this whole section of wall rotates around or something.

Zane: Scans detect no hinges or mechanisms of any kind.

(Just then, they notice movement behind them. Cole approaches to find a man sleeping inside.)

Cole: Ah! Huh. I don't think he's breathing.

(Suddenly, the man sits up, and the ninja scream.)

Old Man: Where have you been? I've been waiting here for hours. Got another shipment for ya.

Cole: Lemme guess. Vengestone?

Old Man: Ha. What else? That's high-grade Shintaro V-Stone right there, as promised. Just need a signature.

(Suddenly, flames appear from behind.)

Miss Demeanor: Hey, hey! Looky at what I'm looking at! The real deal ninja. I was expecting you knuckleheads at the truckyards, but all I got was some multicolored phonies.

Cole: You wanted us, you got us. Ready to turn yourself in?

Miss Demeanor: Hmm, lemme think. Nope! But I am ready to part-aay. Combat style!

Kai: Huh? (He notices the gas tank strapped to her back.) Gonna be a real short fight since you wore something flammable to a battle with the elemental master of FIYAAA! (He tries to use his fire, but the flames go out.)

Lloyd: Uh, Kai? The Vengestone ...

Kai: Suppresses elemental powers. Right.

Miss Demeanor: Oh, could happen to anybody. But you know what Vengestone doesn't suppress? This baby! (She blasts the ninja with her flamethrowers.)

Lloyd: Look out!

Miss Demeanor: Attack!

Kai: No harm in some light exercise!

Jay: Fighting low-level thugs!

Kai: Why is this light exercise so hard?

Old Man: (in the background) Excuse me? Huh? Hey! I really need a signature! Hello?!

(Cole does Spinjitzu, but he knocks Jay over.)

Jay: Watch it!

Cole: Sorry! Sorry. My bad.

(Lloyd knocks a thug flying, whom the old man approaches.)

Old Man: Um, sir? I really need a signature!

Miss Demeanor: Just a warning, those other wannabe ninjas are moving in on your turf!

Lloyd: We're not worried! (He runs toward her, but Zane throws a thug his way.) Watch where you're throwing!

Old Man: (Running after a thug.) Hello?!

Zane: I require assistance.

Kai: You and me both!

Miss Demeanor: (cackles) Hey, what's up? You ninja out of practice or somethin'? You used to be great! You need to step it up before those other guys start horning in on⁠ yo—

Teal Ninja: Wherever there are criminals!

Fuchsia Ninja: Wherever there are⁠—

Miss Demeanor: Blah, blah, blah. Fireball! (She attacks them, but misses.) Oh, no, no! Attack!

(Her henchmen turn to attack the New Ninja, but are taken out swiftly and easily. Kai prepares to attack, but the Fuchsia Ninja defeats them first.)

Kai: Hey!

Jay: Excuse me, we're in the middle of a fight here!

Cole: Yeah, this is our fight!

(The New Ninja ignore them and continue to take out thugs.)

Teal Ninja: Super Punch! (He punches Miss Demeanor's gas tank, sending her flying.) By the power vested in us by ... Mayor Trustable⁠—

Fuchsia Ninja: We hereby, arrest! You! All!

Cole: How did they do that so quickly?

Zane: Most impressive.

Old Man: Will someone please sign this?!

Teal Ninja: Anything for a fan. (He takes the clipboard and signs it.)

(Aboveground, the police take the thugs away.)

Police Commissioner: Oh, great job, ninja.

Lloyd: Thanks, Commissioner⁠—

Teal Ninja: Thank you, Commissioner. Just making good on the trust the Mayor has placed in us.

Police Commissioner: The Mayor. Right. Well. I'll just thank you on behalf of the citizens. Let's get moving!

Cole: So uh, thanks, for the help back there.

Kai: I mean, not like we needed it, so.

Zane: We most definitely needed it.

Teal Ninja: We don't do this for the thanks. Protecting the weak is what makes all this worthwhile.

Kai: Weak?

Fuchsia Ninja: Yeah. Any time you need help, just call us. We really admire you old-timers. You're the reason we got into this business.

Kai: Old-timers?! Who you callin'⁠—

Teal Ninja: What Fuchsia Ninja is trying to say is sometimes we all need help. Sometimes we get a little rusty, or out of shape, or uncoordinated. Like you!

Lloyd: Out of shape? We just found a shipment of Vengestone, plus the villains behind it.

Fuchsia Ninja: Actually, you found the middlemen. Or is it middlewomen? (The Yellow Ninja shrugs.) We would have found the villain behind it all if you hadn't blundered into our operation.

Teal Ninja: We had a tracking device planted in the crate. We were gonna trace it to its final destination, but, eh, let's not cry over spilled Vengestone.

Orange Ninja: We gotta hop. Apparently the Mayor wants to thank us personally.

(The Teal Ninja throws a teal smoke bomb and the team leaps away.)

Kai: I'm starting to hate them.

(Back in the Hangar Bay.)

Lloyd: Ex-ninja? Old-timers? Who do they think they are?!

Zane: The New Ninja of Ninjago City. And their arrival was fortuitous. Without their help, it is likely we would have been defeated. I calculate our odds⁠—

Lloyd: I don't wanna know our odds, Zane. I want to know what we're gonna do about this.

Zane: About what.

Lloyd: About the fact that we're being replaced! Do you even care?!

Cole: Nobody is replacing us, Lloyd. And you know Zane doesn't care. He turned down his emotion chip.

Jay: Yeah. We're all dealing with losing Nya differently.

Kai: Right. Some of us are even talking to glasses of water! (He accidentally knocks over a glass of water.)

Jay: Aaah! Nya! (He frantically sets the cup upright, but the water has already spilled.) Look what you did you⁠— you clumsy— (He bangs the table angrily.)

Kai: Uh, Jay, sorry. I didn't⁠—

(Jay kicks Kai across the room.)

Kai: Oh that does it! (The two fire up their powers and begin circling each other.)

Zane: Ninja, please desist. Such a violent display of emotions is unbefitting a team.

Jay: Then maybe we shouldn't even be a team anymore! (He attacks Kai with lightning.)

Kai: Fine by me! (He retaliates with his powers.) Consider this my resignation letter! (He destroys Cole's Rock Cycle when Jay dodges his attack.)

(The fire triggers the sprinklers and Wu rushes to the Hangar Bay.)

Wu: What is going on here?

(Suddenly, Kai and Jay notice the spilled water glowing and shifting. Nya appears from within, taking on her humanoid form with the water.)

Nya: Jay?

Jay: Nya!

Nya: Jay! I need ... your help.

Jay: What can we do? Just tell us!

Nya: There's ... a way back.

Jay: Nya!

Nya: I need to --

Jay: Nya!

Nya: Drain - away my powers - before I - lose my shape --

(Zane uses his Ice to freeze Nya in place.)

Jay: What did you do?!

Zane: Apologies, but freezing her was the only way to maintain her form.

Jay: Is she okay?

Zane: Affirmative. In her aqueous state, she should experience no damage.

Jay: She said she needed to drain her powers away.

Cole: But that's impossible.

Lloyd: No. It's not. Kai had his powers taken away. Remember?

Kai: Yeah. I remember. Real well. And if you're thinking what I think you're thinking⁠—

Wu: That is out of the question. There has to be another way!

Lloyd: Master Wu. You spent the last year searching for a way to bring Nya back. Have you found anything? Anything at all?

Wu: (sighs) I have not.

Jay: This is the closest thing we've ever had to a plan to save Nya!

Wu: This is a mistake! She can't be trusted! If we let her out of prison, even briefly, lives will be at risk. (sighs) I ... I cannot be a part of this.

Lloyd: Everyone is safer with Nya back!

Cole: This is a big decision. A decision we all have to make as a team.

Kai: So the question is, are we still a team?

Lloyd: All in favor of going after⁠—

(Everyone raises their hand before he finishes.)

Lloyd: Okay then. It's decided. We go get Aspheera, and save Nya.

(End of the episode. For more information, click here.)

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