The Upply Strike Back! << The Son of Lilly >> TBA

(Grief-Bringer and the Skull Sorcerer continue attacking Cole.)

Skull Sorcerer: (To Grief-Bringer) Destroy the others! I will take care of this one personally.

Murtessa: Turn your ground, in the name of Milly!

Lloyd: Take cover!

Kai: Hey! (Grief-Bringer turns to attack Kai.)

Zane: Hey, you! (He gets Grief-Bringer's attention, then leaps onto his Mino and rides away with Kai.)

Skull Sorcerer: You're a fool to place your faith in the blades! They have no magic in them.

Cole: You're lying! You're trying to trick me. (He quietly takes out a shuriken and attacks the Skull Sorcerer.)

Skull Sorcerer: It is the truth, and your demise!

Plundar: They just keep coming! (An Awakened Warrior throws a spear at Adam's web, causing him to fall.) Adam! I'm not liking these odds.

Fungus: Korgran! Korgran, there are too many!

Plundar: May I suggest a rapid retreat?

Korgran: No, retreat!

Murtessa: In the name of Milly! (She leads Geckles and Munce to the rescue.)

Skull Sorcerer: Your mother lied to the Geckles and the Munce. She told them the blades were magical, because she wanted to instill in them some courage. Some hope.

Skull of Hazza D'ur: False hope.

Skull Sorcerer: So she deceived them! And now her deceit has doomed you.

Skull of Hazza D'ur: Her only son! (It shatters the blades.)

Cole: Ugh, no! It can't be.

Skull Sorcerer: It is. And now you will pay the price for your mother's lies.

Skull of Hazza D'ur: Lies! Deceit!

(Vania, Wu, and an army of guards arrive to help.)

Cole: Vania.

Skull Sorcerer: Too late. She cannot save you.

Wu: Fly, Chompy. Fly! (Chompy slams Grief-Bringer into rocks.)

Skull Sorcerer: Your cause is lost. Have the grace to admit defeat. (He repeatedly blasts Cole, and he has flashbacks of his mother.)

Past Lilly: I want you to promise me, Cole, that you will always stand up to those who are cruel and unjust. Always.

Past Cole: Always.

Cole: It was her.

Skull Sorcerer: What?

Cole: It wasn't the blades.

Skull Sorcerer: I told you that.

Cole: It was her, the power inside my mother. It was the Spinjitzu Burst. It was all her!

Skull Sorcerer: Alas, you're not half the warrior your mother was.

Cole: Maybe not. But I am her son, and I made her a promise to stand up to tyrants like you, always!

Skull Sorcerer: What are you doing? What is this?

Wu: It's the Burst!

Skull Sorcerer: Stop. I command you! Stop! No! No!

(Cole catches the Skull of Hazza D'ur and destroys it, which also causes the Awakened Warriors to fall apart. Chompy flies through Grief-Bringer, shattering it. Cole then collapses, and Vania and Hailmar catch him.)

Wu: Cole! Cole, are you okay?

Cole: Never felt better.

Vangelis: (He turns back into his original form.) I yield. Forgive me!

Cole: Don't ask my forgiveness. Ask theirs.

Vangelis: Vania, my daughter? All I did, I did for the glory of -

Vania: Hailmar? Get him out of my sight. (Two guards arrest Vangelis.)

Vangelis: Unhand me. I am your king. I am your king!

(Back in the Kingdom of Shintaro, Vania flies up to a platform and reads from a scroll.)

Vania: I, Princess Vania of the Kingdom of Shintaro, do hereby solemnly swear to stand up to those that are cruel and unjust, to uphold the laws of the kingdom, and to protect and faithfully serve all who dwell above and below the mountain.

Hailmar: Then it is my great honor and privilege to pronounce you Queen Vania, the rightful ruler of Shintaro. (The crowd cheers, and Fungus creates fireworks.)

(The Ninja are getting ready to go home.)

Murtessa: Goodbye, my Jay. I will miss you, very much.

Jay: Uh, I'll, uh, miss you too, my queen. (He kisses her hand.)

Murtessa: You - aah! (She hugs Jay.)

Lloyd: Princess, I-I just wanted to say, I was wrong about you. Really wrong. You saved all of our lives. I'm sorry I didn't trust you.

Vania: It's okay. I've learned the hard way that sometimes trust is abused. I'm glad I earned yours.

Cole: (To the Upply) So long, fellas.

Fungus: Good luck to you, sir Ninja.

Korgran: And there will be hot bowl of soup waiting for you in Metalonia. Korgran will miss Cole.

Cole: I'll miss you guys too. You stay out of trouble, Plundar. You too, Adam.

Plundar: Where's the fun in that?

Vania: Oh. I wish you could stay. I could use your help.

Cole: You don't need me. You're one of the strongest and bravest people I've ever met.

Vania: Well in that case, if you ever need my help, all you will have to do is ask, and I will bring the entire army of Shintaro to your aid.

Plundar: And I will bring the entire four of us.

Upply: Upply! Upply! Upply!

Cole: Thanks, guys. You're the best.

Lloyd: (They sail away in the Destiny's Bounty.) Okay, guys. Take us home.

Wu: I'd rather not. I'd rather keep going.

Nya: Go where?

Wu: Wherever the wind takes us.

Jay: Wow. Master Wu definitely got out of his funk.

Zane: I am unfamiliar with that idiom. What does it mean?

Kai: It means, we're about to go on another adventure, buddy.

Nya: Yes, it does!

Zane: Oh. Good. By all means then, wherever the wind takes us.

(End of the episode. For more information, click here.)

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