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The Speedway Five-Billion

Racer Seven: What is this place?

Scott: My garage. It's protected by a Level 999 Stealth Barrier. Were you followed?

Racer Seven: Who would be following me?

Jay: Those Red Visor guys.

Scott: Unagami's been trying to find this place for years.

Racer Seven: No, I wasn't followed. (She and Scott narrow their eyes at each other.)

Scott: Pull your car in before someone sees it.

Red 29: (He sees the Jungle Raider enter the garage.) Red 29 to Unagami. I have located the ninja. Repeat, I have located the ninja. Send backup.

(Unagami sends in more Red Visors.)

(Inside the garage)

Lloyd: Unagami is actually a man named Milton Dyer, a game programmer. He built Prime Empire. He's using it to trap players inside the game.

Nya: The only way to stop Dyer is to get the three Key-Tana.

Jay: To do that, we need your help. We need to win this race.

Racer Seven: You said I was programmed to lose. But I could break my programming. (Lloyd nods.) What if you're wrong?

Lloyd: I'm not. You can win. You just have to believe in yourself.

Nya: What do you say? Will you help us?

Racer Seven: I'll do it.

(An alarm beeps.)

Scott: Something tripped the motion sensors. (He checks the camera and sees the Red Visors heading towards the garage.) Red Visors!

Nya: What do we do?

Lloyd: I'll hold them off. You guys get to the racetrack and win that Key-Tana.

Kai: Are you crazy? We're not leaving you here.

Cole: Yeah, no way!

Lloyd: We're out of options! The Speedway starts in five minutes and there are too many to-

Scott: I'll hold them off. I've been hiding in this garage for 30 years, playing it safe. Time to try out that hero thing.

Kai: You only have one life left, Scott.

Scott: I know, and I want it to count for something. Just promise me you'll beat this game. Find Unagami, and you make him set this right. (He pulls up his inventory and takes out his gun.)

Jay: I promise.

(The Red Visors start shooting the garage.)

Scott: Go!

(Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Nya, and Racer Seven get in their respective vehicles.)

Cole: Uh... (He hops on the back of Kai's Jet.)

Scott: (He opens the garage's doors and the Red Visors stop shooting.) Game on, Unagami. (He exits the garage and starts shooting the Red Visors, then takes cover and sends a toy car at them.)

Red Visor 2: Huh? (The toy car explodes, destroying the Red Visors. More Red Visors emerge and head towards Scott.)

Racer Seven: Let's go. (She and the ninja buckle their seat belts and head to the Speedway. The Red Visors start shooting at them, but they miss.)

Scott: Hey! (He distracts the Visors' by attacking them, but he is shot and cubed.)

Jay: No! No. (He and the others head towards the Speedway Five-Billion.)

Red 29: (To Unagami.) We have eliminated the threat known as Scott.

Unagami: What about the ninja?

Red 29: They escaped. They are on their way to the Speedway. We require vehicles. (Unagami summons three cars while an aerial drone picks up Scott's Energy Cube.)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Robots and beasts and racers of all kinds! Welcome to the main event, the most dangerous race in all of Prime Empire. The Speedway Five-Billion! (The audience cheers.) And the prize is... That's right. A Key-Tana! But who will take the prize home? Let's meet our contestants. First up, the ever-popular Whack Rats! The Chrome Domes! The Ballistic Missiles! And lastly... Wait, what's this? I'm being told we're one team short. That's right, the Fast Chickens are a no-show. (A chicken wearing a soda guzzler squawks in protest.) What do we think of that, folks? (The audience boos, and they throw their soda bottles at the screen. The Admin Droid flies towards the starting line.) But the Speedway waits for no one! So let's get started. On your mark, get set, go! (The Admin Droid fires a gun and the racers speed off.) Holy Loot-Box! We've got a last-minute arrival! (The ninja and Racer Seven enter the race track, with Red Visors following.) The Fast Chickens are in the house! And it looks like they've got company. Red Visors in pursuit. I'd say that's against the rules, but it's the Speedway. There are no rules.

Cole: (Screams.) Why did I choose to ride on the back of a jet?!

(A Whack Rat throws a bomb at a Chrome Dome's Lightning Offroader. The Chrome Dome crashes to a Katana 4x4. Jay and Lloyd dodge the crash.)

Jay: Whoa! (A Ballistic Missile shoots a Quad Bike with his missiles. The Quad Bike gets destroyed. The Ballistic Missile crashes into a wall. Jay gets close to Ritchie.)

Ritchie: Ninja!

Jay: Ritchie!

Ritchie: That's Mister Ritchie to you! (He throws a bomb at Jay. Jay dodges it and it hits a Lightning Offroader instead. The Lightning Offroader crashes into two of the Katana 4x4.)

Announcer: There's another vehicle down and out, as we pass the second-mile marker with the Whack Rats in first, and the Fast Chickens in last.

(Three Red Visors attempt to sandwich Nya until she brakes, causing them to crash into each other. She then accelerates and knocks two Red Visors off the track, and laughs.)

Ritchie: Ah, loot box! Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine! (His vehicle gains a wrecking ball, and he causes a racer to crash.)

Kai: Look out, Cole! Wrecking ball!

Cole: (He leaps to avoid it, but ends up grabbing onto the chain.) Aah! Help! (He lands on Ritchie's car and throws him out, taking it for himself.) Loot box. Loot box!

Kai: I've got it. I've got it! (He obtains it.) Nothing happened. What kind of loot box is - whoa! (His mech jet turns into a mech.) Woo hoo! (He sweeps a racer off the track.)

Announcer: Nice move from the red mech!

Racer Seven: Look out! (She and Lloyd dodge several bombs, which stick to a Chrome Dome's car and explode, catapulting him into the air as he screams.)

Announcer: That's one more out of the race. The Whack Rats are still in the lead, Chrome Dome's in second, and surprisingly, Fast Chickens moving into third!

Nya: (Some Whack Rats attempt to sandwich Nya.) They're boxing me in! (A Rat releases spikes, which Nya dodges by levitating her vehicle, and the spikes take out another racer. Another Rat then causes her car to catch on fire.) Guys, I need help!

Racer Seven: Nya, hang on! (She extinguishes the fire.)

Nya: Thanks, Seven!

Jay: (Four Red Visors repeatedly smash into Jay.) Um, guys? I could use a little help!

Kai: Hang on, buddy!

Jay: Ugh, if I could just get this guy off my tail!

Cole: (He and Kai nod at each other.) Good luck, Jay. (They take out the Visors.) Not today!

Kai: Hold on! (He and Cole crash, and an explosion ensues. They lose their last lives and are cubed.)

Jay: No!

Nya; Kai!

Jay: Cole!

Announcer: Fast Chickens moving into second place, neck and neck with the Whack Rats! And we're crossing the fourth mile marker.

Past Racer Seven: (flashback) Fourth mile marker. You said I was programmed to lose, but that I could break my programming. What if you're wrong?

Past Lloyd: (flashback) You have to believe in yourself.

(Racer Seven accelerates and successfully crosses the fourth mile marker.)

Announcer: Woo hoo! Racer Seven takes the lead! You heard that right, Racer Seven takes the lead and steals first position!

Nya: Yes!

Announcer: She's past the fourth mile marker, making Speedway history here, folks!

Whack Rat: Ugh, get her!

Jay: Those rats are trying to take her out!

Nya: We gotta help her.

Lloyd; Hang on, Seven. We're coming!

Announcer: Racer Seven's teammates are trying to clear the road for her, but can she make it? We're in the homestretch and it looks like a nail-biter. (Racer Seven crosses the finish line.) It's Racer Seven! Racer Seven and the Fast Chickens! (The audience cheers. In other parts of Terra Technica, Okino smiles to himself, and the League of Jay cheers. A crowd lifts Racer Seven up.)

Racer Seven: Haha!

(Racer Seven receives the Yellow Key-Tana and gives it to Jay.)

Jay: We can fix this. We're gonna find Unagami and make him bring them all back. I promise.

Racer Seven: (She notices Red Visors arriving.) You'd better go.

Nya: What about you?

Racer Seven: I'll go my own way, thanks to you.

Lloyd: Thank you. (He, Jay, and Nya leave.)

Racer Seven: (She jumps off the stage and walks to the Red Visors.)

Red Visor 3: (To Racer Seven) Where did they go?

Racer Seven: Who?

Red Visor 3: It doesn't matter. There is nowhere in Prime Empire they can hide. Unagami will find them.

Racer Seven: Oh, I wouldn't worry about that.

Red Visor 3: Why not?

Racer Seven: Because they are going after him.

(End of the episode. For more information, click here.)

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