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Not to be confused with the actual temple or the set.
Nya! No! I–I–I can't do this alone. Don't leave me! I love you.
Jay, to Nya's Energy cube
"The Temple of Madness"
Season 12, Episode 15
Ninjago Prime Empire Episode 15.png
Air date April 26, 2020 (Australia)
May 2, 2020 (Asia)
August 30, 2020 (US)
November 7, 2020 (Canada)
Written by Alisha Brophy
Scott Miles
Directed by Shane Poettcker
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"The Prodigal Father"
"Game Over"

The Temple of Madness is the fifteenth episode of the twelfth season of Ninjago and the 143rd episode overall. It was released on April 26, 2020, in Australia, and on May 2, 2020, in Asia, and were both paired up with "Game Over." It aired in the US on August 30, 2020.


Jay must stand alone against Unagami in the end-game, yet Unagami has a bigger battle in facing the truth about his own identity.[1][2]


After leaving the battle arena, Jay and Nya begin to make their way to Unagami. Before the last two ninja can enter the Temple of Madness, they must pass a conveyor belt with large shurikens moving in a certain pattern. Jay notices some of the shurikens have a glitch, due to the game being unfinished, which makes the pattern confusing, but Nya claims they will improvise. They work together by acting as if they were dancing. Although Jay nearly fell, which nearly caused them both to be pushed into a glitching shuriken, they are able to recover and enter the temple.

Jay thinks the level will be more challenging than the previous, as this is normally what video games do when the player progresses, but they end up at Sushimi's sushi restaurant. A Hostess greets them to their table and Nya thinks it's all a trick just for them to lower their guard. Jay downplays the idea replying that some games have a rest spot before they fight the boss. The waitress lists everything on their menu, the last being "marinated destruction" and attacks the ninja with her butcher knife. Jay and Nya are able to evade her, but then she throws her knife at them, which also misses. They taunt her at first, but she pulls out two more. They continue fighting her, but she pulls out the next "special", monster sushi, that begin growing to giant size and bombard Jay after Nya destroyed the waitress.

Jay is able to jump and shake them off, but three red sushi chefs go into the room, also ready to fight. They begin throwing plates and knives at them, but Jay and Nya flip and push the tables in front of them as shields. They take out two of the chefs before having to deal with the pieces of monster sushi again. As Nya attacks them, she points out that their attacks only split them into smaller variants. Jay deducts that they could use this to their advantage and they keep slashing at them until they are harmless pieces of sushi again.

Nya gets cubed.

The remaining sushi chef then uses stir fry sauce on his stove to summon the Mad Sushi Chef, Sushimi. Jay picks up chopsticks, Sushimi's weapon of choice, and battles the sushi chef until he slaps two pieces of sushi onto his face. Jay then kicks him onto the conveyor belt and Nya turns it on, sending Sushimi flying out of the room. The door to the next room appears and the couple progresses.

They run up some stairs until encountering a red Fire Wall with three slots in front of it, those being for the Key-Tanas. One Jay puts them in, he and Nya hug for a job well done. However, Nya sees Sushimi approaching them, still barely alive, and throws a malice in the shape of a pufferfish at Jay. Nya willingly pushes Jay aside and takes the hit, killing her and turning her into an energy cube. Jay throws the malice back at Sushimi in anger, destroying him for good this time.

In despair, Jay breaks down over Nya's death, saying he couldn't do this alone, but his mourning is interrupted by Unagami telling Jay to surrender or suffer the same fate. Jay refuses and switches the Key-Tanas, closing down the firewall. Before leaving, Jay tells Nya's energy cube that he'll set things right and runs off to face Unagami.


As Jay gets closer to Unagami, he gets a good look at what he's building: The Manifestation Gate, with all the Energy cubes of the cubed players being put in place. Unagami congratulates Jay on beating the game. Angry, Jay expresses he will do the same to "Milton Dyer". He begins to think Unagami is playing dumb when he acts confused when being called by that name, so Jay tells him to give up his ruse. Unagami tells Jay that Dyer was his creator and his whole reason for his plan to enter Ninjago, to hear his reason on why he abandoned him. Jay then comes to the conclusion that Unagami was the game as the latter denies this. Jay continues to put the pieces together, while Unagami is tired of waiting. He then sends the pieces of Nya's energy cube to be apart of his gateway, finishing it, much to Jay's dismay. With it now being completed, a shock wave travels throughout Prime Empire, alerting the NPCs and calling the Red Visors to the temple.

Unagami attempts to leave, but Jay attempts to settle the score by jumping on one of the drones flying towards him and the two engage in combat. Unagami tells him that fighting is futile and knocks Jay's Prime Controller to the floor. Jay then tackles the villain to the floor along with it. Annoyed, Unagami transforms into the Empire Dragon and attacks Jay. Jay grabs his controller and attempts a strike, but is easily knocked aside. Unagami then flies through the gateway with many Red Visors following. Some stay behind to fight Jay. As he continues holding them off, one knocks his controller out of his hands and falling down below. Jay continues to fight but soon gets overwhelmed. Just as it all seems over, he uses the amulet he achieved earlier and summons the Red Dragon, now known as the Blue Dragon and under his command. He then takes out the rest of the Red Visors and soars through the gateway.



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Locations featured


  • Narrator: Jay
  • When Sushimi appears, the text on screen reads "Boss".
  • Jay's dialogue when Nya turns into an energy cube was reused in "The Turn of the Tide", when he is saying goodbye to her before she enters the sea.


  • Nya loses her final life in this episode and gets cubed, thus becoming the final Energy cube needed to power up the Manifestation Gate.
  • This episode marks Unagami's first physical appearance.


  • When Unagami was fighting Jay when he was on an aerial drone, his left hand was missing.


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