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“I am Nya. I am the sea. We are one.”
— Nya to the ninja

The Turn of the Tide is the sixteenth and final episode of the fourteenth season of Ninjago, the 180th episode overall and part of The Flood special.[1] It aired on April 30, 2021 in the UK, and May 23 on Canada, both paired up with "Nyad."[2] It released in the US on November 19, 2021, alongside The Island and the rest of the episodes of Seabound.

This episode is dedicated to Kirby Morrow, who passed away on November 18, 2020 and recorded his lines as Cole in this episode and the rest of the season before his death, thus making this the final episode where he’s part of the voice cast.


Nya leads the ninjas against Prince Kalmaar and Wojira in the final battle to save Ninjago City.[3]

Extended: Prince Kalmaar and Wojira battle Nya while Benthomaar and the other ninjas do their best to help - eventually, Kalmaar's temper finally rankles Wojira, who turns on him and devours him whole. Just as she turns on the ninjas, Nya fulfils her destiny and pries the amulet from Wojira's head, defeating her - however, it's too late for Nya, who says goodbye and dives into the ocean...


Kalmaar destroying Nya

Nya launches a flurry of water attacks at Kalmaar and lands on Wojira's head to face him. Kalmaar sees Nya in her merged state and tells her it was a foolish sacrifice, just like what Nyad had done.

Wojira eating Kalmaar

The ninja arrive at the scene and Jay calls out to Nya. She lowers her guard at Jay's voice and Kalmaar seizes the opportunity to zap Nya, disintegrating her. The ninja cry out, horrified at what just happened. Kalmaar then commands Wojira to attack the ninja; Jay and Wu end up knocked back by her powers. Enraged, Jay takes Wu's staff and attacks Kalmaar directly. The Maaray Guards arrive soon after and a battle between them and the ninja occurs. Jay continues to fight Kalmaar but is easily defeated. Just as Kalmaar is about to zap him, Benthomaar with a screech, lands on Kalmaar from behind. Brother versus brother, they fight atop Wojira, and Benthomaar manages to destroy Kalmaar's trident, severing his control over Wojira. Kalmaar furiously strikes Wojira's amulet continuously, screaming at her to destroy the ninja. In response, she flings him up into the air and consumes him whole.

Nya fighting Wojira

Wojira then proceeds to destroy the ninja but a blast of water throws off her powers. She turns around and sees a water dragon, revealed to be Nya herself. The shocked ninja watch as Nya faces off against Wojira. Eventually, Wojira is able to disintegrate Nya by conjuring on Storm and turns towards the ninja to finish them off. However, a rainstorm begins as Nya reforms herself. She dives at Wojira and strikes the Wave Amulet, destroying it and sending a pulse of energy throughout all of Ninjago. Storm then circles around Wojira, who was then suddenly struck by it and disappears.

Nya leaving the ninja

The enemy defeated, Nya emerges from the water and lands on the rooftop. The others congratulate her, but notice that she is behaving abnormally. She turns to leave while Jay and Wu desperately beg her to stop, to no avail. Jay declares his love for her, and she asks him to tell Maya that she understands now - "That's the way the cookie crumbles," then dives into the sea as Jay screams her name. She emerges for one last time, returning the sea level to normal, then reenters the ocean and disappears.

Nya's memorial

Later at the Monastery, Jay cries as he studies a photo of him and Nya together, and he and Maya comfort each other. Cole and Kai come up behind them, and Jay and Cole head towards the courtyard. Jay remarks that he wants everyone to know what Nya did, and hopes that Skylor and Dareth will show up to pay respects. The two are then surprised to see that nearly everyone they had encountered throughout their adventures was present, and the crowd is so large that it trails down the steps of the Mountains of Impossible Height. As Wu makes a speech to commemorate Nya, everyone mourns together.

Out in the Endless Sea, Nya is swimming with the whales, laughing and whooping happily as she does so before speeding off into the depths of the ocean.













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  • Narrator: Wu
    • In the Japanese version of the episode, the narrator is Nya instead of Wu.
  • This episode is the ending of the "Abyss and The Flood" series that began with "Uncharted".[4]
  • Nya's departure fulfills a possibility mentioned by Tommy Andreasen in his interview with Brent Miller in 2018: Andreasen stated that he thought Jay and Nya would be together forever "unless we want to shake that up because of some story plot point at some point".[5]
  • Tommy Andreasen was "sobbing loudly" as he read Bragi's final script for this episode.[6]
  • Several characters from past seasons make their returns at Nya's memorial counting many background characters.
    • When asked about Ed and Edna's lack of appearances in recent seasons, Tommy Andreasen had said, "They aren’t exactly crucial characters. But I guess they would show up at an important event like a marriage or a funeral."[7]
    • Skylor, Ed and Edna are the only characters appearing in the episode that have not yet appeared in episodes of WildBrain. Unlike Skylor, Ed and Edna have completely different designs based on their appearance in The LEGO Ninjago Movie, but without the aprons. Edna also has different hair piece.
    • Surprisingly, the Postman, Cyrus Borg, Lou, all the Elemental Masters except Skylor, and Scott did not appear at the memorial among the main allies of the ninja from previous seasons.
    • According to Tommy Andreasen, Cole's father Lou didn't attend the memorial because he "doesn’t react well to loss"[8] and Cyrus Borg didn't attend because he is in a wheelchair and could not go up the stairs.[9]
      • However, Cyrus Borg was already in the Monastery of Spinjitzu in "Endings."
  • Cole's line to Nya, "I knew you could do it!", is reused from when he congratulated Nya after she seemingly defeated Boreal in "Awakenings."
  • Three lines in this episode (Nya's "This is how the cookie crumbles!", Kai's "That's gonna take some getting used to.", and Cole's "I think so.") were hinted at when Tommy Andreasen briefly changed his Twitter name to these phrases shortly before this episode's release.[11][12][13] The third is also significant because it is Kirby Morrow's final line in the series.

The dedication to Kirby Morrow.

  • This is the final episode to have Kirby Morrow as a part of the voice cast, as he recorded his lines for the 2021 episodes prior to his death in 2020.
  • This episode and the previous episode, "Nyad," aired in the UK on the same day "Gold Rush" was released.
  • This episode is a pun on turning the tide, which means to reverse a situation.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the reason Kai didn't react to Nya's sacrifice like Jay is because "People respond in unexpected ways to grief and shock. You'll learn though life."[14]

Cultural references


  • This is the first time where Ed, Edna, Skylor, and a monk appear in the WildBrain animation.
  • This is the second episode to feature a memorial for a ninja, the first being "The Titanium Ninja," which featured Zane's memorial.
  • Before she leaves, Nya touches Jay's face the same way she did when she was dying in "The Way Back."
  • The ending scene with several characters gathered at the monastery resembles the final scene in "Endings," though the tones are completely different.
  • This is the first episode to feature a main character sacrifice since "Vengeance is Mine!"
  • The line, "This is how the cookie crumbles," references Nya and Maya's conversation in "Five Thousand Fathoms Down."
    • A similar line was said by Cole in "The Last Hope." However, the lines in Seabound were not intended as a reference to this.[15]
    • "That's the way the cookie crumbles" is a phrase in English vocabulary said when something slightly unlucky has happened that could not have been prevented and so must be accepted.
  • Nya's departure was foreshadowed in "Master of the Sea," when Maya told Nya she was glad she got to go "on one last adventure" with her.
    • Another hint was when Maya had told Nya that she had never had to make a major sacrifice before.
  • An image of Jay and Nya from "Green Destiny" can be seen before Nya's memorial.
    • Due to being an image from the WILFilm ApS era, the image has a slightly different style than that of the WildBrain animation of this episode. This is the third time an image from a WILFilm episode is seen in a WildBrain episode, following "Dyer Island" and "Ninjago Confidential."
  • This episode shares similarities with "The Son of Lilly."
    • Both collectible items of the season (Wave Amulet and the Blades of Deliverance) were destroyed by someone striking at them (Nya and Hazza D'ur).
    • At the end, both feature a farewell (Nya re-entering the sea and the Ninja leaving Shintaro), as well as an event centered around a female character (Nya's memorial and Vania's crowning ceremony)
    • Both focus ninja fulfill a message from their mother (Maya and Lilly) ("That's the way the cookie crumbles" and "Always stand up to those who are cruel and unjust") .
  • When Jay and Cole walked out of the monastery, the music that plays first debuted during Lloyd's encounter with the First Spinjitzu Master.
  • This is the first episode of WildBrain, where it is mentioned that Nya was Samurai X and an inventor.
  • The way Kalmaar took Benthomaar's spear by his tentacle is the same as he took Wu's bo staff in "Riddle of the Sphinx."
  • This episode shares similarities with "Day of the Great Devourer."
    • Both main antagonists (Pythor and Kalmaar) get devored by the serpent they summoned (the Great Devourer and Wojira).
    • The serpents battle against a large dragon during the final battle (the Ultra Dragon and the Water Dragon).
      • Ironically, both dragons are actually a transformation of something else (the Ultra Dragon being a fusion between the ninja's four dragons, and the Water Dragon being Nya).
    • When the ninja witness Wojira's defeat, the sight in which they witness her possible death was in a similar location to where they all witness the Great Devourer's defeat in "Day of the Great Devourer," both being on the rooftop of a building.


  • In the synopsis, it states that Nya would pry the amulet out. However, this didn't happen, as the Wave Amulet was destroyed, not taken.
  • Kalmaar pronounces "Nyad" NYE-ad, which is neither the actual pronunciation of the Greek mythology creature, Naiad, or Nyad's name in the show. However, this might not be classified as an error.
  • During Nya's memorial, Hailmar was seen in two places at once.
  • During the same fight, Cole throws his hammer off the side of the building and into the water, yet it reappears on his back after Nya defeats Wojira.
  • During Nya's memorial, several background characters' hair does not fit on their heads.[16]



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