(The Ninja plan on how they will take down Nadakhan.)

Kai: Thank you. I don't know how we'll ever be able to repay you.

Skylor: Let's just say you owe me one.

Ronin: Or a few thousand, if we're talking denomination of currency. What? No reward?

Dareth: Hey, you'd do the same for us. Only with less pizzazz.

Jay: Ugh, I hate to break up the reunion, but may I remind you we have a wedding to stop?

Misako: That's right. Jay has his last wish to take the Djinn down.

Kai: But since we don't have the poison, it'll be up to us to slow him down. Come on, there's no time to waste.

Lloyd: Wait! If you defeat Nadakhan, his power will diminish.

Cole: Uh, yeah, that's kind of the point.

Wu: Of course. Lloyd is all too right. If his power diminishes, Djinjago will fall. Ninjago will be crushed.

Kai: Even if we win, we lose?

Soto: Well, whatever you decide, I sure don't want an all-powerful Djinn calling the shots. You have to take him out if you have the chance.

Wu: Ninja, you go stop Nadakhan. The rest of us will return back to Ninjago to prepare for the worst.

Jay: Ninja, go!

Ronin: Ah-ha, not you, Dareth.

Dareth: The Brown Ninja will live to fight another day.

Ronin: This way. We'll take the jet down.

(Nya walks down the aisle.)

Nya: (Whispering) Come on, Jay. Where are you?

Dogshank: She's beautiful.

Flintlocke: And slower than molasses dripping uphill.

Jay: Get ready. (Jay strikes a Pirate with the Djinn Blade.) Oh, yeah, I forgot it did that.

Clancee: I h-h-hereby d-d-declare from here until e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-eternity, that this holy temple in which you are married, shall stand the test of time.

Nadakhan: You keep looking at the door. You said you would stand by my side, Dilara.

Clancee: Do you, Nadakhan, son of the King Khanjikhan, take this girl as your wife?

Nadakhan: Aye.

Clancee: And do you, Nya, D-D-Dilara, t-t-take him as your husband? To make him all-powerful, freed from the restrictions of love, harm, and added wishes, so sayeth Djinn law?

Jay: (He attacks two pirates.) Ha! Two Sky Pirates with one stone.

Cole: Jay, focus.

Nya: Uh, can you give me a minute to think about it?

Nadakhan: (He takes out his guns..) She meant to say "aye." Now finish the ceremony to make it official. Barricade the doors. Let no one in. Continue.

Clancee: And under the watchful eye of this seventh sun, may this crown codify this renewal today and years to come.

Jay: The entrance to the wedding hall.

Cole: Let me help. It's locked. And it won't budge.

Lloyd: Maybe if we use all of our powers together.

Kai: Fire!

Zane: Ice!

Cole: Earth!

Jay: Lightning! (They break the door.)

Clancee: ...and by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you all-powerful.

Cole: Ugh, we're too late.

Zane: Do it, Jay!

Jay: I wish Nadakhan wasn't—

Nadakhan: I wish you wouldn't say that. (He prevents Jay from talking.)

Kai: Oh, no. He has infinite wishes.

Nadakhan: And I don't have to follow any rules. This feels good. Begone! (Nya attacks him, but Nadakhan renders her unconscious.) Careful, my love. I wish to deal with you later. Sleep.

Kai: Nya!

Zane: She's in a deep sleep. The only way to break the spell is by defeating him. (Jay mumbles.)

Lloyd: I think what Jay's trying to say is we can do this. It's still five to one.

Nadakhan: Five to one, huh? I wish I had those odds. (He creates clones of himself.) Five of me to every one of you. When you can't find good help, do it yourself. Let's play fair. I wish the swords away. (He takes their swords away.)

All Ninja except Jay: Ninja, go!

Lloyd: There's too many. We have to get out of here! (Jay mumbles.)

Kai: I want to save my sister too. But we're no good to her gone.

Clancee: The poison Nya brought with her. It's in the Keep. (He whispers to Jay.)

Nadakhan: What did you tell him, Clancee?

Clancee: Now, hold on. I wish you'd listen to me for once. I never liked how you treated people. Flintlocke was right. You said this was about us, b-b-but it's only about you!

Nadakhan: Well, if that's how you truly feel, you're banished! (He banishes him.) Of course I do appreciate your loyalty. And I can't wait to repay you. But Clancee was right. This is all about me. I banish you too! (He banishes Doubloon and Monkey Wretch.) Dogshank? Flintlocke? Where are you? Bah! Forget them. (Dogshank and Flintlocke secretly run out.) I finally have you all to myself.

Lloyd: This way!

Cole: There's too many! (Dogshank attacks a clone.)

Dogshank: Need help?

Kai: Glad to see we're not alone in this.

Flintlocke: The only thing good about this situation is being able to knock him out more than once.

Kai: Come on. We have to find a way back to Ninjago. (Jay mumbles.)

Lloyd: Jay's pointing to the Misfortune's Keep. I think we might want to follow him.

Cole: What's gotten into him?

Lloyd: Let's find out.

Cole: I hope you know what you're doing, Jay. (Jay uses Airjitzu to land on a sky mine.)

Flintlocke: He does know those are highly explosive?

Kai: Tread lightly.

Dogshank: You might want to hurry up.

Flintlocke: Throw me, Blossom, and I'll pull you. Are you ready? Whoo-hoo! (The clones approaches them, and Kai lights up his Fire.)

Lloyd: Careful. No Elements. If one of these blows, they could all go up in flames.

Dogshank: This will be close. Be ready to shoot when they get here.

Flintlocke: Shoot? I can't even hit the broadside of a bar, remember?

Dogshank: Oh, right. (She detaches her anchor from the chain.)

Flintlocke: Wait. Wait. (The Ninja get on the ship.) Now! (Dogshank throws the anchor on a mine. The clones are defeated, but the ship is unharmed.)

Kai: But my sister's still down there. And I'm gonna save her.

Lloyd: Yes, Kai, never leave a Ninja behind. And we never will. But we are running out of time.

(Nadakhan stays in the wedding hall.)

Nadakhan: You pretended to be her to trick me. Clever girl. But clever can only take you so far. I wish...for my love to return. (He resurrects Dilara using Nya's body.) Dilara? Is it finally you?

Dilara: My darling, you have done it. Oh, what trouble you must have been through.

(Zane tries to take the strip of metal from Jay's mouth.)

Dogshank: He banished them right before our eyes.

Flintlocke: Fear not, Buttercup. We all know the realms we came from were a lot more welcoming than this world's ever been.

Cole: But how are we supposed to stop him? Without the poison, we don't stand a ghost of a chance.

Kai: Oh, how long are you gonna say that?

Cole: if Nadakhan gets his way, not long.

Dogshank: Maybe it's best if we keep our distance.

Kai: But that's my sister he's got.

Lloyd: Kai's right. We have to do something. But what?

Zane: (Zane finally frees Jay.) Whoa!

Jay: Aah! We have the poison! Oh, boy, that really hurt.

Kai: I thought the poison was gone long ago.

Jay: Thanks to Clancee, it's right here.

Cole: And you still have your wish.

Jay: I do. But if there's anything I learned, it's that wishing for something won't make it come true. We all tried to get something from Nadakhan, and look what happened.

Lloyd: It only made him stronger.

Jay: Right. But if we really want something, don't wish it to happen, make it happen.

Cole: But how are we gonna get close?

Jay: Maybe one of us doesn't have to get close.

Flintlocke: Me?

Jay: You can take the shot from far away. Once he's weakened, we'll do the rest.

Flintlocke: But I can't even shoot water in an ocean.

Jay: According to Nadakhan. But he never held the real power. We did.

Kai: I don't follow.

Jay: All his wishes, he could never make them on his own. He needed us to make them come true. Just like when I wished to be rich, he tried to convince me my dad died. But that wasn't my real dad. My real dad lives with my mom, happy in the junkyard.

Cole: That's true.

Jay: And how did he manage to capture the greatest Ninja this world has ever seen?

Lloyd: We all wished ourselves away. He's right. It's worth a shot, Flintlocke.

Flintlocke: If what you're saying is really true, then let's see if I've still got my mojo. (He shoots a coin.)

Lloyd: If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.

Flintlocke: (He loads his gun with the dart.) Just give me a clear shot.

Jay: Leave that to me.

(Nadakhan and Dilara united with each other.)

Nadakhan: Do you forgive me, Dilara?

Dilara: You did what you had to do, so that we could become all-powerful.

Nadakhan: But do you still love me?

Dilara: Of course. How many times must you ask?

Nadakhan: I can now wish all that we ever dreamed of. I can wish you a feast. Wish you luxury. Wish you...romance. Here I stand before my ancestors, the last Djinn King. Our world may have been destroyed, but we will rise again.

Dilara: You are the only thing I have ever wanted. You and you alone.

Nadakhan: That is all I wanted to hear. All I ever...My ship!

Jay: Come about, mateys!

Zane: This is the moment of truth.

Kai: Incoming at 3 o'clock.

Cole: Keep them busy till we're at the temple.

Jay: Look, there! And dive! Hold! Hold! And slide...and dive!

Nadakhan: Hmm. Looks like someone has a death wish.

Kai: Looks like we crashed your party.

Cole: And to think we forgot a wedding gift.

Jay: Oh, I brought a little something. Step away from him, Nya. This guy's about to become French toast.

Dilara: My name is not Nya, it's Dilara. And you will pay for your insubordination.

Zane: He has cast a spell on her. We must defeat him to save Nya.

Nadakhan: You think you can cast me away with my own sword? How little you must think. I wish you gone! (The Ninja dodge his blasts.)

Lloyd: Careful, Ninja. We don't want to hurt her in the process. Just do as we planned.

Nadakhan: I will squash you like bugs.

Flintlocke: Come on, Ninja. Get him in the open.

Nadakhan: You have destroyed my works of art. A pity. I suppose you'll make good replacements.

Kai: Sure, you're a real tough guy when you get each of us alone.

Cole: But let's see how tough you are when we're together.

Nadakhan: I wish you still. (He turns Zane into a golden statue.)

Cole: Zane! (Dilara laughs.)

Nadakhan: And so, the end of the Ninja has begun.

Kai: Fire!

Cole: Earth!

Nadakhan: I wish you both—(He turns Kai and Cole into statues. Dilara laughs again.)

Flintlocke: Come on.

Jay: Sorry, Nya, I have to do this. (He throws Dilara. Lloyd attacks Nadakhan with his Energy.) He's hit! We've got him!

Nadakhan: I wish you still. (He hits Lloyd.)

Jay: Lloyd! (Sighs.) Come on, Flintlocke, take the shot.

Nadakhan: Now, give me back my sword. (Jay drops his sword.) Finally. I wish...

Flintlocke: My shot is yours to keep. (He shoots Nadakhan.)

Nadakhan: Tiger Widow venom. (Djinjago falls apart.) No! (Nya regains consciousness.) Dilara...

Wu: (The citizens gasp.) Move! Move!

Kai: (The Ninja are turned back to humans.) The poison. It's working.

Cole: His magic is failing. Now, Jay! Now!

Jay: I wish...I wish... I wish you weren't a...

Nya: Jay...

Jay: Nya, the poison hit you too!

Zane: It only hurts a Djinn, but is fatal to her.

Nadakhan: Only one wish, Jay. What a dilemma. Wish me mortal, and she dies. Wish her well...and there is no stopping me.

Flintlocke: No.

Nya: You have to make your last wish. You're the only one who can stop him.

Jay: No. Not if that means losing you.

Nya: I never wanted to be part of your boy's club anyway.

Jay: No, Nya. Don't say that.

Nya: Guess it's true. The greatest love stories do always end in tragedy. (She dies. Nadakhan takes the sword. Jay sobs silently.)

Jay: I wish you had taken my hand, (sobbing silently.) and no one ever found that teapot in the first place.

Nadakhan: (He drops the sword.) Your yours to keep. (Time starts to reverse.)

Past Nya: The reason you're the only one I've ever let into my heart. Even before you saw a glimpse into our future, I saw it too. You have the wish.

Past Lloyd: You'll need it.

Past Jay: For when?

Past Lloyd: For when it's said from the heart.

Past Nya: We're friends. But that's all we are. And that's all we're ever gonna be.

Past Kai: Too late.

Past Jay: We're a team. We stick together.

Past Nya: Thanks, but I can stick up for myself. And just what are you implying by "we?" (Echos.)

Lloyd: They're gonna see us. Quick, take cover. (The Ninja, except Nya, Airjitzus behind a billboard.)

Jay: Nya, you need to hide too! Oh, forget what I said, just take my hand.

Cole: Just take his hand, Nya, or else we're spotted.

Jay: Nya, take my hand. (She Airjitzus to him.)

Dareth: Whoa. Did I interrupt something?

Nya: I remember. I remember it all.

Jay: I do too. But how?

Nya: Who cares?

(Jay and Nya kiss.)

Lloyd: Um, I'm getting the strangest feeling of déjà vu. Have we been here before?

Kai: Gross.

Cole: I'm glad they finally came around. You know, I don't know what had gotten between them in the first place.

Zane: Are we still going to try to stop Clouse?

Lloyd: Let's just hope he missed his train.

(Meanwhile, Clouse searches a junk pile in Stiix.)

Clouse: It must be here somewhere.

Man: Look, a ghost. Get him! (The citizens chas him.)

(End of the episode. For more information, click here.)

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