• This is a ninjago story

    • The Ninja are old and have children trained by a master named Khanji (Don't confuse). Their allies are also old. Their children's names are Selena, Austin, Owen, Will and Mark.
    • At the Bounty

    Lloyd: Ninja, I think it's time to retire and continue as masters. Let our children do the job. Khanji. Train them old friend.

    Khanji: As you wish my friend.

    • The Ninja leave

    Khanji: Students. You are the ninja team from now. Your parents are too old for the job.

    New ninjas: Got it!

    • Far away a portal opens and a dark figure steps out

    Dark Figure: Finaly I am back to Ninjago! Fear me peapole as I the Master of Shadows had risen again!

    • At the Bounty

    Austin: Master are you ok?

    Khanji: I feel darkness. Evil. Destruction. Shadow. And no light or any good.

    Austin: Could it be your evil brother you told us about? Lord Dragondon?

    Khanji: He was banished from Ninjago long ago. But there is a bigger evil I have not warned you about yet.

    Mark: Who is it?

    Khanji: The Master of Shadows. He is an ancent figure of evil, and when he returns, what is most likely happened right now, then a great darkness will come. Worse than the Great Devourer, worse than the Overlord, worse than the Preeminent. And only the combined power of all elements can stop it.

    Selena: We are four. He is alone.

    Khanji: Sadly he is not alone. He has an army of shadows. And I can see some dark things.

    Owen: Like what?

    Khanji: I can see the soul of a broken hero.

    Selena: Who

    Khanji: I don't know. But I can also see the end of my brother's long banishment.

    • In the Dark Island

    Lord Dragondon: I was banished here for a long time. Until now. Now I am finaly free and can concuer Ninjago! Hahahahahaha!

    • Dragondon uses his powers to teleport back to Ninjago only to meet up with the Master of Shadows

    Dragondon: Who are you

    MOS: I am the Master of Shadows!

    Dragondon: Why are you here?

    MOS: I want to cause fear in the citizens of Ninjago, and to bow before me.

    Dragondon: I think we can make a perfect team

    MOS: Yes. With our powers combined we can cause darkness and destruction in Ninjago!

    Dragondon: Good.

    MOS: Shadows! You have a new commander Lord Dragondon! He will help us complete our goals.

    • The Shadows cheer
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    • Anyone here?

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    • ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    • Are you kidding with me?

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    • Im here.

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    • You should continue the story.

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    • (Flashback

      • The Ninja travel in a forest and ecounter a rogue

      Rogue: Take down the weapons. I am no enemy. I am Khanji.

      • At the Bounty

      Wu: Ah, Ninja. You're back!

      Lloyd: And we brought this man with us.

      Jay: He says he is a Khanji.

      Khanji: That is my name!

      Jay: Oh.

      • While The Ninja are conversating, Khanji picks up his bows


      • Khanji creates an arm, grabs and slams the Ninja into a wall

      Wu: Khanji, you have the power of Creation! Just like me!

      Khanji: You...are...Sensei Wu?

      Wu: Yes

      Khanji: I am sorry for what I did. I want to become a sensei like you. I had a sad story that's why I attacked you. But one day, I will be a Sensei. Sensei Khanji.

      The flashback ends and we see present day Khanji meditating)

      • Shadows go near the Monastery and eat a tree.

      Khanji: Oh no. The Shadow Army!

      • Khanji uses his powers to create a beam, desintegrating the shadows

      Master of Shadows: Time to die old man!

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    • Maybe season 11 is next gen... Maybe the original ninja team ends with season 10

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    • The trailers for season 10 make it sound like a finale.

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    • Maybe Antonia is the new Kai

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    • Oh! The original Ninja team originates from the FSM right? What if the new Ninja team in season 11 follows The FSM’s wife???

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    • MemoryAngel wrote:
      Maybe Antonia is the new Kai

      The new Master of Fire is called Austin.

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    • MemoryAngel wrote:
      Oh! The original Ninja team originates from the FSM right? What if the new Ninja team in season 11 follows The FSM’s wife???

      I am not realy expanding Khanji's family. He has a brother named Lord Dragondon.

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    • MemoryAngel wrote:
      Maybe season 11 is next gen... Maybe the original ninja team ends with season 10

      That would not make realy sense beacuse the original ninja are like 60 years old now.

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    • Sorry, I forgot to clarify that I was just spewing out season 11 predictions

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    • A FANDOM user
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