• Let's put the whole ""Suit up" while in full suit" matter aside for a moment, and reflect on one of the key plot points in Season 6. The Ninja wishing themselves away.

    In order to recreate Djinnjago, Nadakhan must use the Sword of Souls, taking pieces of Ninjago and rebuilding his own land. However, as alluded, the Sword of Souls needs, souls. And Nadakhan decides that the Ninja are the perfect target. It's the perfect revenge for him, since they inadvertently destroyed his own realm. However, in order to trap the Ninja, Nadakhan must make them wish for it themselves, resulting in laughs, tears, allies, enemies, and an overall great story.

    Until you reflect on this line.

    "There is another way! Being struck by it." - Captain Soto.


    So. Do we see the problem here? Let me take you through my thought process. (This is my THOUGHT process. I, didn't actaully say these things....)

    "Alright, let's watch a little NINJAGO."

    [Jay is cleaning on Nadakhan's ship. Nadakhan tried to break Jay into making his final wish, but Jay refuses. Nadakhan then throws the Sword of Souls at Jay.]

    "Why doesn't he just pick it up? Pick it up Jay! Nah, never mind. Careful Nadakhan; if you had throw that sword any further, you would've hit him and he would've been trapped-BFBFGFBBFBFGFBFBFGFGFBFBFGGFGFBFBFGFGF????!!!!"

    Is this clear now?


    All he needed to do was hit the Ninja with the Sword of Souls, JUST LIKE JAY DID WHEN HE GOT IT, and he literally would've instantly won.

    The Other Problems:

    - "Suit up!"

    - Jay getting hit by Lightning hurts. It happens multiple times throughout the season, and, well, you know, HE'S THE MASTER OF LIGHTNING!!!! Fire doesn't hurt Kai!

    - Jay used the Sword of Souls full force on one of Nadakhan's pirates, it then capturing his soul, and Jay says "Oh, I forgot it could do that.". Okay, what did he WANT IT to do? Based on the way he hit that guy with it, it looked like it could've been pretty bad....

    - Clancee has his wishes, yet Nadakhan never uses his to trap Jay.

    So, what do you all think?

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