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    So as I said on most posts talking about the Ukraine dubs of Season 11, I have an iffy feeling seeing Nya get humiliated.

    No I'm saying girl characters can't be funny, I just don't think Nya should have those moments in particular

    Like most of her embarrassing moments were

    Getting smacked off by the billboard in Episode 12

    Falling off the ladder in Episode 30

    The little shuffling in Episode 57

    That... weird dance in Episode 70

    But she has almost been made a butt monkey nearly in Season 11

    {Wasted True Potential

    Wrecked by the chicken

    Falling beaten out of the door

    Getting in the pile with the guys

    Pranked on the roof and the green goop stuff

    {Questing for Quests

    Falls smack on her front out of a tree

    Gets FLIPPING PAPERCUTS! Seriously, I expect that from Jay, but not all of them. That's actually embarrassing for all of them.

    I was kinda hopeful from episodes 4-6 that her humiliation streak was over, but then episodes 7 & 8 came

    {Ninjas VS Fire

    Bonks her head with Lloyd, Jay, Cole, and Zane (and getting a stupid bonking cartoon sound)

    Falls down with others after Kai hots the sarcophagus

    Frown into Jay's Spinjitzu and tangled up

    Falling over the others after escaping some Pyro Vipers


    A brief picture of her is shown having trouble catching a cat

    [Nya Smarts & Carefulness]

    Most of her humiliation moments in Season 11 (especially the dum papercuts and head bonk) seems like their trying to turn Nya into an clutz and idiot, WHICH SHE ISN'T!

    I hope Bragi hasn't forgotten her brains from the past 10 seasons. I think she showed her smarts a bit episodes 3 & 4 a hit sorta though maybe. Like seriously, I hope Nya didn't loose her intelligence in the season 10 - 11 month gap. Hopefully she gets to show them again.

    No don't take this as a hate comment. I love Nya, she's one of my favorites. And I keep telling people not to fully judge till all episodes have come, and I'm finding it alright myself, but I still have some complaints myself. This being one of them.

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    • Most or all of those things happened to the other Ninja though, it's not like she was specifically targeted. I think it's neat she isn't excluded from slapstick antics because she's a girl.¬†

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    • I don't know man, it just seems cringey to me personally.

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