• We finally saw two characters doing spinjitzu attack each other. Since 2011, I had been wondering what would happen if two ninjago spinners hit each other in the show. It was a game in the spinner sets and that has finally happened in the show. 

    After 103 episodes I was thinking they would never do that in the show. aspheera knows spinjitzu and she used it against the ninja and they were thrown out of the vortex. I thought they would bounce off each other like the sets.

    I thought this would happen in season 2 with lloyd fighting Lord Garmadon but that never happened not even in the episode Green Destiny

    Then I thought it would happen with Doubloon but he didn't do anything with his spinjitzu although he should have.

    But now we finally saw that happened. Although the first 8 episodes were mostly filler but we did see a good start for the Pyro Vipers and Clutch powers. Now that episodes 1-8 have premiered on all at once on the cartoon network app I saw them and am happy they were all released at once.

    I think they were just a slow start to show new fans what the ninja are, I think episode 9 and 10 are going to start the true season and have less filler after this. what do you think. The season has Spinjitzu in the title so I think we will see the same thing happen with the Blizzard Warrior, I think he knows spinjitzu as well.

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