“Welcome to my favorite event. Thunderblade!”

Thunderblade is an event in the fourth season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Chen created the round just after the Ninja realize his true plans to perform a spell using all of the elements. As a result, Chen gave Chamille an advantage to make Lloyd lose, claiming a higher chance to bring victory to his true goal. In spite of this, Lloyd won and Jay and Kai decided to inform the other Elemental Fighters about Chen’s secret, and gained an alliance, which threw back Chamille’s support and raised Lloyd’s.


There are two contestants (being Chamille and Lloyd) competing against each other. In order to win, one of those two have to finish laps while holding a Jadeblade at all cost. The most laps completed with a Jadeblade wins the event. The other remaining participants in the Tournament of Elements received the choice of a side that they declare by wearing helmets colored to each team. In words, they can try to stall and slow the other members on the enemy team, as well as the leader, and also steal a Jadeblade (hold it hostage until the leader can get it back).




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