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Rules are simple. Each lap you complete with your blade in possession, a point. Most points before time expires, you win.

Thunderblade was an event within the Tournament of Elements. Chen created the round just after the ninja realized his true plans to perform a spell using all of the elements. As a result, Chen gave Chamille an advantage to make Lloyd lose, claiming a higher chance to bring victory to his true goal without attracting suspicion. In spite of this, Lloyd won and Jay and Kai decided to inform the other Elemental Fighters about Chen’s secret, and gained an alliance, which threw back Chamille’s support and raised Lloyd’s.


There are two contestants (in this case, Chamille and Lloyd) competing against each other. In order to win, one of these two have to finish laps while holding a Jadeblade in their hand at all costs. The competitor with the most laps completed with a Jadeblade in hand wins the competition. The other remaining participants in the Tournament of Elements receive the choice of a side that they declare by wearing helmets colored to each team. They can try to stall and slow the members on the enemy team, as well as the leader, and they can steal a Jadeblade and attempt to keep it from the leader if they wish.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 4: Tournament of Elements


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