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“One drop is strong enough to kill a man or tire a djinn, so he don't be poofing around.”
Soto to Lloyd in "Enkrypted"

Tiger Widow venom is a venom that is produced from a Tiger Widow and is only found on Tiger Widow Island, which makes it is very rare. It can slow down a djinn but is strong enough to kill a human.



In Kryptarium Prison, the ninja encounter Captain Soto, who tells them of Tiger Widow venom.

On a Wish and a Prayer

The ninja (expect Kai) travel to Tiger Widow Island to find the venom from a Tiger Widow to slow Nadakhan down, so they can defeat him. Jay collects it from the Tiger Widow, but Nadakhan catches him and pours it out. However, Nya reveals he poured out the wrong canteen.


Cole sneaks the venom on board but forgets about it and leaves it there. When Cole wishes them all out of Misfortune's Keep, the ship tilts and the venom falls, but Jay catches it.

Sometime after, he gives it to Nya.

Operation Land Ho!

Dogshank finds it in Nya's wedding dress and gives it to Clancee to get rid of it.

The Way Back

Clancee then hides it in Misfortune's keep and reveals to Jay where it is when he suspects what Nadakhan's plan is really all about. Zane untapes Jay's mouth. Jay then tells the rest of the ninja where it is and Kai mistakenly replies he thought it was gone long ago, but he was not there when they got the Tiger Widow Venom. Jay reveals about Clancee and later gives it to Flintlocke. Later, Flintlocke shoots it from a gun and it hits Nadakhan, causing Djinjago to fall. But it hits Nya, causing Jay to make his final wish which erases the events that were done by Nadakhan. description

The venom of the giant Tiger Widow spider is one of the most toxic substances in existence. A single drop of this substance is capable of causing death within minutes. It is also one of the only effective weapons against a Djinn, as it drains the magical being of energy and endurance. This has the effect of slowing down the normally super-fast Djinn, making it possible for other attacks to be launched successfully. Captain Soto used Tiger Widow venom to defeat Nadakhan and imprison him in the Teapot of Tyrahn. Jay harvested some of this venom on Tiger Widow Island for use on Nadakhan.[1]



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 6: Skybound


  • The venom is seen dripping in the caves of the Tiger Widow Island, in 70604 Tiger Widow Island, represented by translucent green cheese slope 1x1s.
    • The bottle the ninja hold in that set is a translucent green jewel piece showing the bottle is full of venom.
  • In "Operation Land Ho!", Dogshank notes that she herself should know of how terrible the Tiger Widow's venom is, implying she was poisoned by it but survived, though she may simply be referring to her recent encounter with the Tiger Widow in "The Last Resort".
  • According to Tommy Andreason, it is possible that Tox can survive being hit by Tiger Widow venom.[2]
    • Additionally, the Hageman Brothers stated that Tox, being the Master of Poison, could have the same effect on a djinn as Tiger Widow venom does.[3]



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