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Time, the thread that holds the fabric of reality together. You cannot see it, you cannot hold it. And yet, it seems you never have enough of it.
Wu in "Golden Hour"

Time is an element in Ninjago. It is associated with the colors copper/amber, green, blue, and red. It corresponds with the Time Blades, temporal vortex, and Iron Doom. Acronix and Krux arrogantly thought it to be the most powerful element. It is the only element associated with multiple colors.

Users' abilities

  • Chronokinesis - The user is able to manipulate and control time.
  • Chronopathy: The user has a fine-tuned sense of precise time and can determine the exact time an event has taken or will take place and for how long. Acronix was able to know when the Pause Time Blade will appear although it is unclear how.
  • Chronokinetic Energy Manipulation- The user is allowed to create powerful energy using time. It is up to the user to decide if it should do the effect or just use powerful energy without a time effect.
    • Chronoportation - Allows the user to travel through the past or the future. It appears to require an immense amount of power, usually requiring the user to channel their element through a conduit of sorts—examples include Lord Garmadon's Mega Weapon and the Time Twins' Iron Doom.
      • Timehole Creation: The user can create portals that can travel through time. Krux and Acronix used this through the Iron Doom to create a Temporal vortex.
        • Chrono Vision/Time View - Through the Time Vortex, it allows the user to see what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future.
    • Time Rays: The user can project rays of time energy that either freezes, slows down, or ages targets rapidly.
    • Time Reduction - Allows the user to slow down time, reducing the movement speed of the affected object, person, or area. This appears to involve blue temporal energy.
    • Time Bubble - The user can emit and create a powerful energy field speeding up, slowing down, or holding the target and nearby objects caught within the bubble. The bubble will be the color corresponding to the effect used.
    • Time Acceleration - Allows the user to speed up time forward. It can be used to accelerate the aging of an opponent or to make the user "teleport" by accelerating their own time for short periods. This appears to involve green temporal energy.
      • Age Acceleration - Nicknamed the Time Punch by Acronix, it allows the user to accelerate someone's age, eventually leading to death. It can only be reversed by using the opposite power on the one affected.
    • Temporal Rewind - Allows the user to rewind time. It can be used to restore youth to themselves or others or to negate a dangerous situation by reversing time until a moment prior to the event, allowing the user to adjust or prepare accordingly. This appears to involve yellow-orange temporal energy.
      • Age Reversal - Allows the user to reverse someone's age to make them younger.
    • Time Stopping - Allows the user to pause time, freezing the target of their power. This appears to involve red temporal energy.


The symbol of Time seems to resemble a gear with clock hands. The gear has a black swirl inside. The Vermillion have the symbol on their armor, except it doesn't have the swirl.


With the Time Blades



  • It is possible that Time is the strongest element in all of Ninjago (excluding the Elemental Essence Powers), as it took the whole Elemental Alliance, including Wu and Garmadon, and the Time Blades to defeat the Time Twins.
  • Chen was able to complete the spell without this element because it did not require the use of Time, like Water and Wind.[2]
  • The effects of Time are also seen in some type of tea such as Tomorrow's Tea, which can age (or de-age) people as shown in "Child's Play" when Lloyd threw the tea at the Grundle, which aged both it and the Ninja.
  • Time is a special case in Elemental Power succession, because the power of Time is easily divisible, allowing for it to be distributed among the twins as different abilities from the same power.[3]
    • In other cases, if twins were born to an Elemental Master, it is likely that only one would inherit the element.[4]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, a Time Blade's destruction "would leave a fragment if time without a vessel. That would be very unwise."[5]
  • Time is one of the six elements not currently known to be confined to a human host. The other five are Ice, Wind, Water, Wave and Storm.


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