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“Our only hope was four blades, hastily forged from Chronosteel... the Time Blades.”
Wu to the ninja, "The Hatching"

The Time Blades are four weapons forged from Chronosteel by Ray and Maya and used by Wu and Garmadon to absorb the abilities from the traitorous Elemental Masters of Time, Acronix and Krux. The blades would eventually be recovered by the latter two in the hope of reviving their lost power to create a time-traveling superweapon in a bid to conquer Ninjago.

The blades consist of the Pause Time Blade, Forward Time Blade, Reversal Time Blade, and Slow-Mo Time Blade.



After the Serpentine War, when the Elemental Masters of Time, Krux and Acronix, betrayed Wu, Garmadon, and the rest of the alliance to rule Ninjago, a fight ensued in the forest below the Monastery of Spinjitzu. The entire Elemental Alliance was no match for the Masters of Time, and they were easily defeated one by one by Krux and Acronix.[1] Knowing what needed to be done, Wu orders Ray and Maya to follow him back to Ignacia.[2]

Ray and Maya forged four Time Blades out of Chronosteel[2] and Wu and Garmadon used them to battle the Time Twins at the Monastery of Spinjitzu. When Wu and Garmadon gained the upper hand in battle, The Hands of Time blasted their Elemental Power towards the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master, but they absorbed them with the Time Blades, which caused the Time Blades to strip The Hands of Time of their powers, thus rendering The Hands of Time to normal men. Afterward, knowing that the power to control Time was too dangerous, Wu and Garmadon disposed of the Blades through a temporal vortex. However, Acronix and Krux followed their stolen power and became lost in time along with their stripped power for forty years.[1]

However, almost immediately after Krux and Acronix entered the Time Vortex, Krux was spat out in the woods below the Monastery, where he ran off to begin his forty-year plot of revenge, unaware of the Reversal Time Blade landing behind him. Eventually, the Blade was found by Ray and Maya, with Wu ordering them to dispose of it in the Boiling Sea.[2]

The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time

During Acronix and Wu's battle at the remains of the Monastery of Spinjitzu, the Forward Time Blade landed in the center courtyard at exactly six o'clock. As it landed, it created a shockwave that caused all of time to skip a full minute. Acronix was quick to grab the Blade, using it to overpower Wu, ultimately striking Wu with a move he called the "Time Punch." This would cause Wu to start to age rapidly. Eventually, Wu performs Spinjitzu and knocks the Blade onto the roof of the monastery. However, Acronix knocks Wu off the structure while reclaiming the Blade, sending him to his near-death as he manages to grab ahold of a branch.

Eventually, the Ninja arrive in the Destiny's Bounty, where they fight Acronix, who was still wielding the Forward Time Blade. Eventually, Lloyd, Kai, and Jay shoot their elemental powers at the Blade in Acronix's hand, causing it to seemingly be destroyed as Acronix uses it to escape the area while the Ninja are knocked back.

The Hatching

During Wu's flashback, he reveals that the Time Blades were used by him and his brother forty years ago to strip the power of the Time Twins, being forged from Chronosteel, a powerful material capable of absorbing and stealing elemental powers. At the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Wu and Garmadon use the four Blades to absorb the power of The Hands of Time when they blasted their Elemental Powers. Knowing that the ability to control Time was too powerful for anyone to wield, Wu and Garmadon use the Blades to create a temporal vortex, where they discarded the Blades. However, the Time Twins decided to go after the Blades, ultimately being sucked into the vortex and becoming lost in time.

After Krux unleashes a few Vermillion warriors at the unveiling of the BorgWatch, Zane manages to retrieve Cyrus Borg and flee. However, they are stopped by Krux in an alley, who was disguised as Dr. Sander Saunders. While Borg states that he wasn't expecting to see him, Acronix uses the Forward Time Blade to strike Zane unconscious before the two escape with Borg.

A Time of Traitors

The Forward Time Blade remained in the possession of Acronix, who kept it with him in Krux's lab in the Ninjago Museum of History. After Kai entered the museum with a Vermillion helmet, Acronix offered to suppress the threat with the Forward Time Blade, but Krux said he would deal with him.

While watching the footage of Zane's last moment online before being knocked offline, the Ninja discover Acronix used the Forward Time Blade to become a blur and strike Zane offline.

After Kai unknowingly opens the door to Krux's lab, Acronix grabbed the Forward Time Blade and charged for the door, but it closed after Kai unknowingly closed the door. After Krux's identity of Dr. Sander Saunders is blown after his mustache falls off, Krux and Kai engage in a fight. After Kai kicks the head of the statue that held a periscope that Acronix was using, Acronix told himself that he knew he should've dealt with him. As he was about to exit the room again, the door became blocked by the sarcophagus that contained Cyrus Borg. Eventually, he uses the Blade to knock the sarcophagus away, where he battled Kai along with his brother. Before he could finish Kai off with the Blade, he was pushed aside by Nya's Water powers, causing him to drop the Blade and forcing him into hand-to-hand combat. After Krux is defeated and locked in the sarcophagus, Acronix grabs the Forward Time Blade and teleports away with the sarcophagus and Cyrus Borg.


Wu mentions to Misako about being hit by Acronix's Time Punch with the Forward Time Blade during his battle with him at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, which caused him to start aging rapidly.

A Line in the Sand

The Slow-Mo Time Blade emerged from the temporal vortex, landing in the eastern Sea of Sand, causing time to slow down briefly. Krux notes it has arrived while Acronix manages to locate the Blade with his temporal anomaly locator on his new BorgWatch. As Machia notes that both Raggmunk and Blunck's forces are the closest to the Blade's location, Krux tells Machia that the Blade is now their top priority and orders her to inform Blunck and Raggmunk about the change of plans.

After the Vermillion warriors leave Mega Monster Amusement Park, Zane manages to locate the Blade with his temporal anomaly locator. Realizing the Vermillion are now after the Blade, the Ninja give chase to the Vermillion.

After a lengthy chase in the desert, Raggmunk manages to secure the Slow-Mo Time Blade first, where he and Blunck argue on who gets to use it. As the Ninja arrive, he tries to use the Blade on them but misses and hits a Vermillion warrior. Blunck takes the Blade from Raggmunk and manages to slow down the Ninja, where Raggmunk orders the Vermillion warriors to destroy the Ninja. As Jay and his father suddenly arrive on his bike, the two generals fight over the Blade, only for them to accidentally create a massive Slow-Mo bubble around all of them. Jay enters the bubble and manages to exit, where he crashes his bike. Noting to his father why they made their upgrades to the bike, Jay speeds off and activates his boosters, causing him to go normal speed in the time bubble, where he manages to knock the Slow-Mo Time Blade out of Blunck's hands and manages to rescue his mother. After the time bubble ends, the Blade lands on the ground, where Blunck grabs it, but is knocked down by Lloyd. Kai recovers it and after throwing it around with the other Ninja, Lloyd grabs it and orders them to leave.

As they are being chased back to their vehicles, Lloyd uses the Slow-Mo Time Blade to slow down the Vermillion forces chasing them, giving them enough time to escape with the Blade in the Super Sonic Raider Jet.

As Raggmunk and Blunck report to Machia that they failed, Krux angry asks that they didn't recover the Blade, but Machia assures him that they will soon as they track the Blade's location with Acronix's temporal scanner on his BorgWatch.

The Attack

With the Slow-Mo Time Blade in their possession at the Temple of Airjitzu, Jay, Cole, and Zane begin to play around with the Blade. The three then decide to use the Blade to see if it would stop them before they collided with each other.

Back at the Vermillion Swamplands, Acronix and Krux berate Raggmunk and Blunck for using, losing and lying about using and losing the Slow-Mo Time Blade. While the two try to come up with foolish plans to get the Blade back, Machia steps up and says she has a plan. Saying they have the scanner on Acronix's BorgWatch, they know where the Blade is, saying all they have to do is go and get it.

While fooling around with the Slow-Mo Time Blade, Lloyd tells them that such a powerful weapon cannot easily be conceived, but Cole and Jay ignore him. However, Master Wu enters the room and says the same thing to them, to which Cole and Jay listen to, much of Lloyd's annoyance. Asking Kai and Nya to join them, he informs them that they have earned a victory, but Krux and Acronix's forces still remain a threat, telling them not to allow their confidence to cloud their vigilance. Shortly after, the Temple of Airjitzu is attacked by the Vermillion forces with the objective of securing the Slow-Mo Time Blade. As several Vermillion warriors reach the temple, Wu tells Lloyd that he will sit the fight out in order to regain his strength and protect the Blade.

After fending off waves of Vermillion warriors, Krux and Acronix personally arrives with the Forward Time Blade. The Ninja and Wu combat the two with the Slow-Mo Time Blade and they manage to claim the Forward Time Blade. However, Machia arrives and takes the two Blades from the Ninja before slowing them down with the Slow-Mo Time Blade. As Krux and Acronix capture Wu, they escape on Machia's ship with the two Time Blades in their possession.

Secrets Discovered

As Krux and Acronix lead the way back to their base with both Time Blades and attempt to mess around with Wu by telling jokes, they decide to promote Machia to the leader of the Vermillion while demoting Raggmunk and Blunck. Eventually, they arrive at their base.

Eventually, they reach the main control center of the base, where they threaten Cyrus Borg with the Time Blades for stalling on his progress of creating the Time Apparatus.

Pause and Effect

Cyrus Borg finally completes the Time Apparatus, where Krux commends him for his work before plugging in the Slow-Mo Time Blade into the apparatus, but to no avail. Borg then tells him that for it to work, all four must be plugged into it. At that moment, Acronix arrives with Machia, informing Krux that the next Time Blade was about to arrive. Krux then removes the Slow-Mo Time Blade and joins his brother, Machia and Cyrus Borg aboard Machia's ship as they set out to retrieve the next Time Blade.

Arriving atop a mountain in the Glacier Barrens, Krux questions Acronix on the location of the Blade. As Acronix tells him that it will arrive any moment, the Time Vortex forms above them and shoots out the Pause Time Blade, where it lands on the ground, pausing everything briefly. After the effects wear off, Krux claims the Blade, where Acronix tries to get him to admit that not all modern technology was bad, but Krux says that not even his BorgWatch can find the last Blade.

After reuniting with their father and mother, Kai and Nya learn the origins of the Time Blades, where they learn that Ray and Maya forged them to absorb the powers of Time from Krux and Acronix. With the task completed after a lengthy battle at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Wu and Garmadon used the Blades to open a Time Vortex, which would lose the Blades in time forever. However, Krux and Acronix went after them, where they would be lost in time. However, they later learned that while Acronix remained in the Vortex, Krux managed to escape and flee the area, unknowingly leaving behind the Reversal Time Blade, which dropped behind him. They tell them that they found it later on and under Wu's orders, they disposed of it in the Boiling Sea. Knowing that if Krux and Acronix found out about this information would be catastrophic, they ask their children to leave, but are too late as Krux and Acronix arrive. As Ray begins to charge at Krux, he pulls out the Pause Time Blade and pauses Ray before kicking him aside. As Machia reveals Wu to them, Acronix notes that the Reversal Time Blade is the only way to undo the effects of the Forward Time Blade's Time Punch on Wu, with Krux stating that if they want to save Wu, they will retrieve the Reversal Time Blade for them.

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

Aboard Machia's ship, Machia informs the group that they are approaching their destination as Krux and Acronix hold the three Time Blades in their hands. Eventually, Kai and Nya leave to retrieve the Reversal Time Blade.

After a while, Acronix questions what they would do if they failed to retrieve it. However, Kai and Nya return with the Reversal Time Blade. Before they could use it to cure Wu, Acronix and Krux reveal they never intended on letting them save Wu. A fight breaks out and Kai attempts to use Spinjitzu on Krux, but is knocked aside. Before Krux can strike him with the Slow-Mo Time Blade, he uses the Reversal Time Blade to briefly rewind time, gaining the upperhand in his previous attack and successfully dodging Krux's attack. Krux uses the Slow-Mo Time Blade and tries to slow down Kai, but misses and hits Machia instead. Acronix then ambushes Kai and before he hits him with his Time Punch with the Forward Time Blade, Ray pushes Kai out of the way and is struck by Acronix's Time Punch. He then pauses the group with the Pause Time Blade as Krux retrieves the Reversal Time Blade. With all four Time Blades in their possession, they leave the paused heroes at the Boiling Sea.

Returning to the Vermillion Swamps, they are surprised to see the Ninja attacking the site of the Iron Doom, but tell Machia to prepare her troops while they dealt with the trouble. Krux and Acronix then jump off the ship, landing behind Zane, Samurai X and Cyrus Borg, who were attempting to disarm the Iron Doom before it can become operational. Acronix pauses the trio with the Pause Time Blade before Zane can finish disarming the Iron Doom, where they plug the four Time Blades into the Time Apparatus. As the Iron Doom powered on, Acronix shoves the paused trio aside before boarding the Iron Doom with Krux, Machia and the rest of the Vermillion warriors. The Iron Doom then uses the Time Blades to open a Time Vortex, where they enter it. Unknown to them, they were followed by Kai, Nya and Wu on the Fusion Dragon.

Lost in Time

With the Time Blades, the Iron Doom would travel to the Monastery of Spinjitzu forty years into the past just shortly after the past Time Blades and Krux and Acronix would enter the Time Vortex. The future Time Blades would remain in the Time Apparatus on the Iron Doom. Kai and Nya attempt to get the Reversal Time Blade out of the apparatus during the Vermillion's battle with the past Elemental Alliance, but they couldn't get it out.

While Kai and Nya use the Fusion Dragon to combat the Iron Doom, Nya gets and idea and tells her brother to buy her some time as she runs down the mountain, where she finds the past Reversal Time Blade in the woods below the monastery. With the Blade, she cures the Time Punch on Wu. While that happened, Krux and Acronix managed to escape from Kai, trapping them in the past. However, as Wu appears with Nya, he explains that they can correct their mistake because they have the past Reversal Time Blade. Using the Blade, Kai manages to pick up Nya and Wu with the Fusion Dragon and chases after Krux and Acronix. Before entering the Time Vortex, Wu tosses the past Reversal Time Blade to his past self.

During Kai, Nya and Wu's battle with Krux and Acronix aboard the Iron Doom, Wu realizes they are about to pass by the present. He then proceeds to climb outside of the Iron Doom and manages to rip the Reversal Time Blade from the Time Apparatus, causing the Iron Doom to spin out of control. Kai and Nya nearly fall out, but are caught by Wu. However, Wu drops them, but yet they catch onto the window of the Iron Doom. Asking what he was doing, he grabs the Reversal Time Blade, saying he's putting off until tomorrow for what cannot be done today before throwing the Blade towards them as they lose their grip. As Kai and Nya return to the present with the Reversal Time Blade, the other three Time Blades are then lost in time with the Iron Doom, Acronix, Krux, and Wu.

In the present, Kai uses the Reversal Time Blade to cure his father of the Time Punch before giving the Blade to Lloyd, who says that they must get rid of the Blade before they focus on finding Wu.

After The Hands of Time

Upon Lloyd's request, Kai and Nya returned the Reversal Time Blade to the Boiling Sea for safekeeping.[3]

Sons of Garmadon

The Quiet One

After discovering that the Baby is actually Master Wu, the Ninja question how Wu turned into a baby. Nya then hypothesizes to them that the Reversal Time Blade seemingly did more than stop Wu's aging and ultimately kept de-aging him. Zane states because Wu has been sent through time, the effects of the Time Blade would slowly wear off and he'll eventually change back to his original age.


The effects of the Reversal Blade would be felt throughout the Ninjas' conflict with the Dragon Hunters, as Master Wu went from being a baby to being a child, then a teenager, and eventually his normal, bearded self.


  • Combat: Originally the blades were created to battle the Hands of Time and defeat them by draining them of their powers. The Time Blades can be worn like gauntlets and were strong enough to break several swords. The Time Blades were able to be carried with no strain and each of the gauntlet had two blades on each side.
  • Time: After the Time Blades absorb the Hands of Time powers, each of the four blades gained a unique ability to control time.

List of Blades

  • Green - Forward Time Blade: Accelerates time, giving the target(s) the appearance of enhanced speed and allowing the user to accelerate their opponent's aging with a punch. It allows the user to disappear and reappear whenever and wherever they desire by sending themselves forward into Time. It was the second Blade to emerge from the temporal vortex and the first to be recovered. This Time Blade was used by Wu to absorb Acronix's ability to accelerate Time. The Forward Time Blade has the most appearances in Season 7 than the other Time Blades.
    • Time Acceleration - Allows the user to accelerate the flow of Time. Invokes the use of green temporal energy, allows the user to disappear and reappear by sending themselves forward into Time by a few moments.
      • Age Acceleration (Time Punch) - Nicknamed by Acronix, it allows the user to blast a charge of temporal energy at an opponent which causes them to rapidly age until death.
  • Blue - Slow-Mo Time Blade: Slows time around the target while allows the user to move normally. It was the third Blade to emerge from the temporal vortex and the second to be recovered. Wu used this Time Blade to absorb Acronix's ability to slow down Time.
    • Time Reduction - Allows the user to temporarily slow down the flow of Time while allowing them to move faster. It invokes the use of blue temporal energy.
      • Time Reduction Field Projection - When a user fires a Slow-Mo bubble at their opponent, it creates a powerful energy field, slowing down the target and nearby objects caught within the bubble.
  • Red - Pause Time Blade: Freezes time around the target, leaving them immobilized and allows the user to move normally. It was the final Blade to emerge from the temporal vortex and the third to be recovered. This Time Blade was used by Garmadon to absorb Krux‘s ability to stop Time.
    • Time Stopping - Allows the user to temporarily stop, freeze and pause Time in an area around them while allowing them to move freely and also to blast a red temporal energy surge at a target to freeze him or her without pausing the whole area. It appears that the Pause Time Blade is more powerful than the Slow-mo blade in every way.
  • Gold/Copper - Reversal Time Blade: Reverses time around the target, undoing their actions or getting them out of a dangerous situation and allowing the user to negate the effects of the Forward Time Blade and de-age the target. It was the first Blade to emerge from the temporal vortex and the last to be recovered. Garmadon used this Time Blade to absorb Krux’s ability to reverse Time. This is the only Time Blade to remain in Ninjago while the rest are still in the temporal vortex.
    • Temporal Rewind - Allows the user to reverse the flow of Time giving them the upper hand in battle. Invokes the use of amber-like temporal energy.
      • Age Reversal - Allows the user to reverse someone's growth, making them younger, and undoing the effects of the Time Punch.

When united and plugged into the Time Apparatus, it allowed Acronix and Krux to used their drained power to activate the Iron Doom, and travel anywhere in time they please, bringing their unstoppable Vermillion hordes with them to take their revenge. description

The Time Blades were forged from Chrono-Steel, allowing each blade to absorb one of the evil twins’ four time powers – the Forward Blade (green), the Reversal Blade (copper), the Slow-Mo Blade (blue) and the Pause Blade (red). The blades are active when they glow and in that state, they can alter time, which gives their holder an enormous advantage in close combat. Each time a Time Blade is used, it takes a little time for it to recharge – but even uncharged, the Time Blades are dangerous, razor-sharp weapons. And when all four put together, the Time Blades hold the power to time travel!



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Season 9: Hunted

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Ninjago: Reimagined


Each of the Time Blades landed in different locations around Ninjago.


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  • In the Portuguese-translated shows, its name translates as "The Daggers of Time."
  • The Slow-Mo and Forward Time Blades appeared in three sets, while the Pause and Reversal Time Blades appeared in two. All of the Time Blades appeared together in one set.
  • They are similar to the Fangblades. Both have four variants, were the collectibles of a season, share the same colors (albeit only in the sets in the Constrictai Fangblade's case), and were united to utilize a great Serpentine entity.
  • The Reversal Time Blade appears to be orange in the sets. When Krux uses his reversal power against the Elemental Master of Gravity, it is also orange.
  • The four properties of time have colors such as: Green (Fast Forward), Blue (Slow-Mo), Amber (Reversal), and Red (Pause).
  • The order in which the blades are recovered in the present day goes from "forward" to "backward": the Forward Blade is the first one recovered, followed by the Slow-Mo Time Blade, the Pause Time Blade, and finally the Reversal Time Blade.
  • "Scavengers" is the only Season 7 episode not to physically have a Time Blade featured in the episode, although the Time Punch is mentioned by Wu.
  • In the Season 8 episode, "The Quiet One", it was shown the effects of the Reversal Time Blade can wear off over time.
  • The Pause Blade was the only blade never owned by the Ninja.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, a Time Blade's destruction "would leave a fragment if time without a vessel. That would be very unwise."[4]



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