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“A nano-fused, neo-atomic power source, which, according to my calculations, creates an energy displacement sufficient to allow for… oh—oh dear, temporal voyage.”

The Time Apparatus is a nano-fused, neo-atomic power source that was created by Cyrus Borg under the orders of Krux that served as the heart of the Iron Doom.


The Hands of Time

A Line in the Sand

Krux informs Acronix on the progress of Cyrus Borg, saying that he is made little to no progress in creating the time apparatus. While Borg initially claims this is due to the materials he was provided, he reveals to Krux that he simply does not wish to make it, saying they cannot force him. At that moment, Machia arrives, who is instructed by Krux to help "motivate" Borg. After Machia's "motivation," Borg begins work on the apparatus.

The Attack

Following the Vermillion's failed attempt to secure the Slow-Mo Time Blade, Krux and Acronix angrily debrief Blunck and Raggmunk after suggesting they trade Cyrus Borg for the Time Blade, saying that without him, the apparatus would never be completed. During their argument, Borg attempts to sabotage the apparatus but is discovered and stopped by Machia.

Secrets Discovered

Upon returning back to base with both the Forward and Slow-Mo Time Blades, Krux, Acronix, and Machia all threaten Borg for stalling in creating the apparatus.

Pause and Effect

Borg fully completes the apparatus, telling Krux it will be able to supply the Iron Doom enough energy. Impressed by his craftsmanship and design of the apparatus, Krux places in the Slow-Mo Time Blade for a test run, but nothing happens. Borg then explains that the apparatus will not work until all four Time Blades are inserted. As Acronix and Krux are about to leave to secure the Pause Time Blade, Borg attempts one last attempt at sabotage but is once again stopped by Machia, who orders her troops to plug the apparatus into the Iron Doom.

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

After the Vermillion-disguised ninja locate Borg, he explains to them about the apparatus, informing them he can disable it with a special passcode he can insert into it. When the ninja attempt to bring Borg to the apparatus, they are stopped by Blunck and Raggmunk. After Borg manages to trick the two generals in to allowing him to inspect the apparatus, Jay accidentally blows their cover. While the others dealt with the Vermillion, Zane, Borg, and the newly-arrived Samurai X attempt to disable the apparatus. Unfortunately for them, they are paused by Krux with the Pause Time Blade. After the Time Twins insert the four Time Blades into the apparatus, it powers on the Iron Doom, allowing it to create a temporal vortex in the sky above. The Iron Doom, along with Krux, Acronix, and their Vermillion troops, all proceed to enter the vortex. Unknown to them, they were followed by Kai, Nya, and Master Wu on the Fusion Dragon.

Lost in Time

In the past, Kai and Nya attempt to remove the Reversal Time Blade from the apparatus in order to save the dying Master Wu, but to no avail. Later, when Kai, Nya, and the restored Master Wu confronts the Time Twins on the Iron Doom as it travels to the future, Master Wu is forced to rip out the Reversal Time Blade from the apparatus, causing the Iron Doom to spin out of control. As Kai and Nya return to the present with the Time Blade, Wu, Acronix, and Krux are all then lost in time with the Iron Doom.

Ninjago: Reimagined

Golden Hour

While traveling back in time a de-aging Wu fought the Time Twins until he was reduced to his child form. Krux mocks Wu and Wu threw his staff at Krux and run toward the time apparatus. Then Wu uses the Reversal Time Blade to stop the time apparatus. It is destroyed in a resulting explosion, leaving the Iron Doom permanently frozen in time, and Wu escapes into the temporal vortex.



Promotional media

In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Ninjago: Reimagined



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