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No. I have warned you before about the dangers of time travel. Change anything, change everything. In this time, you do not exist yet.

Time travel (also known as temporal voyage[1]) is the concept of movement between certain points in time, such as the past or the future, analogous to movement between different points in space by an object or a person, typically using a hypothetical device known as a time machine.


Wrong Place, Wrong Time

The ninja traveled to the past to stop Lord Garmadon, who traveled back to before Lloyd became the Green Ninja. They defeated him using the Golden Weapons of that time and sent the Mega Weapon into the space.

Codename: Arcturus

The ninja and Garmadon mentioned the past events involving time travel, concluding the Nindroids were planning to travel to the comet for the Weapons.

Misfortune Rising

Kai and Nadakhan traveled to the past so that Kai saw his father as he was before he became known as the Elemental Master of Fire.

Lost in Time

The Time Twins traveled 40 years into the past, moments after their defeat, to change the outcome of the Battle for All of Time, with Kai, Nya, and Wu to secretly get into the Iron Doom. Finally, Wu sacrificed himself, and he along with the Time Twins were lost in time, while Kai and Nya returned to the present.

Golden Hour

In the Iron Doom, reversal energy transported Wu and the Time Twins across various time periods as they fought and Wu de-aged, with the twins attempting to change the past and Wu stopping them each time.

Under Siege

The Monastery of Spinjitzu defenses were banished to the Never-Realm around 60 years into the past by Aspheera using her staff.[2]

Vengeance is Mine!

The Titan Mech and Zane were banished to the Never-Realm around 60 years into the past by Aspheera using her staff.[2]

Corruption (flashback)

The Monastery of Spinjitzu defenses, the Titan Mech, and Zane were seen arriving in the Never-Realm from 60 years in the future.[2]


In both major known cases of time travel, the two time periods involved seem to exist in some sort of simultaneity. In the first case, Wu watches the effects of Garmadon and the ninja's antics in the past unfold in the present, seeing a photo of Lloyd fade away and seeing gray clouds roll over Ninjago. In the second case, the ninja and their allies in the present are aware that Ninjago City's technological state had regressed forty years as a result of the Time Twins interfering with the past at the Battle for All of Time.

In the case of the Mega Weapon, only some events were undone despite the past being changed, due to the nature of chaos.[3] This is similar to some of the effects of the alternate timeline remaining after it was seemingly reversed.

Methods of time travel


A number of the visions from the vortex

  • When time-traveling through the vortex, one can observe past events. Events from Skybound, which had since been undone, are even visible from the vortex.
  • P.I.X.A.L. was temporarily erased from existence in "Lost in Time". Though not acknowledged by any of the characters, she was nowhere to be seen when the Time Twins' meddling in the past caused technology to regress forty years, as she had not been built until recently.
  • Though alternate universes are often associated with time travel in science fiction, there are no alternate universes in Ninjago.[7]
  • The ninja's changes in appearance in Sons of Garmadon initially seemed to be a result of time travel effects from the previous season, as Jay theorized in "The Mask of Deception," with the Hageman Brothers backing this up.[8]
    • However, Tommy Andreasen stated this is not the case,[9] and the show contradicts it as well, as the original designs are seen in photos and flashbacks in Sons of Garmadon and onward, which would not be the case if they had been historically altered due to time travel.


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