This is a timeline for the in-universe events. For a timeline of the canon installments in the series, see here.
“The Dragon had the power to create. The Oni had the power to destroy. Their war was never ending. But a child arrived, born of both worlds. The child understood the power of both. Without one, you could not have the other. But when the Oni and the Dragon fought over which side the child should choose, the child abandoned their world to start a new one called Ninjago.”
Mystake telling the beginning of the Sixteen Realms in "The Oni and the Dragon"

The timeline is a chronological list of the important events that have occurred in the known history of the world of Ninjago and the Sixteen Realms.

Beginnings of the Sixteen Realms

Thousands of years ago

Before the First Spinjitzu Master

Light vs. Darkness: The First Battle of Ninjago

  • The First Spinjitzu Master's evil counterpart, the Overlord, manifests himself in the shadows and declares war to decide the fate of Ninjago.[9]
  • Though the Overlord lacked a physical form, he only grew stronger.
  • The Stone Wars: the Overlord creates the Stone Army to combat the First Spinjitzu Master, as well as the Temple of Fortitude to fortify against the Golden Power.[9][10] To combat the Overlord, the First Spinjitzu Master uses the power of the Golden Dragon and Golden Mech to fight him off.[11]
  • Unable to stop the Overlord, the First Spinjitzu Master splits Ninjago into two parts (Ninjago and the Dark Island), with the Overlord banished to the Dark Island and the Stone Army entombed underneath Ninjago City, leaving the ultimate battle between good and evil yet to be finished.[9]
  • The First Spinjitzu Master creates the Realm Crystal.[2]
  • The Serpentine come into existence along with humans, who colonize the land, building cities, villages, and other places.

Note: It is possible for the First Spinjitzu Master to have brought the Serpentine from Chima.[12]

It is unknown exactly how long ago Aspheera's attempted coup occurred. The following events were millennia ago, but they did not necessarily happen less than 3,721 years ago.

  • Mambo V becomes the leader of the Serpentine tribe that would eventually be known as the Pyro Vipers.[15]
  • Before the birth of his two sons,[16] the First Spinjitzu Master bestows upon a group of humans the powers of the elements, forming the first Elemental Masters.[17]
  • The First Spinjitzu Master and King Mambo V agree upon peace between humans and Serpentine.[15]

The sons of the First Spinjitzu Master

  • Garmadon is born as the first son of the First Spinjitzu Master.[6] He inherits the Oni's power of Destruction from his father.[18]
  • Wu is born as the second son of the First Spinjitzu Master. He inherits the Dragon's power of Creation from his father, in order for his children to represent balance.[19]
  • Wu and Garmadon successfully perform Spinjitzu for the first time while fighting off bullies.[20]
  • Thousands of years before the events of Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu:[21]
    • Wu and Garmadon discover the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu as their father writes them, but he does not allow them to use it.
    • Wu teaches Spinjitzu to Aspheera privately, after she helps him and Garmadon get out of the cell when the two crossed the line between the humans and Serpentine. Aspheera uses her new ability to briefly overthrow King Mambo V.
    • Wu and Garmadon steal the Scrolls and use Forbidden Spinjitzu to defeat Aspheera, restoring Mambo V to power. Mambo sentences Aspheera to magical entombment until her sins are forgotten. Aspheera declares vengeance on Wu for not teaching her all his secrets and leaving her to her fate.
    • The First Spinjitzu Master takes the scrolls back from Wu and Garmadon for disobeying him and hides them in separate unknown locations.
  • At some point after this, the three move into the Monastery of Spinjitzu.[22]
  • Garmadon and Wu spar one day, but Wu loses one of the katanas over the wall of the monastery. Afraid of their father's disapproval, Wu chooses not to go after it, but Garmadon does. In the process, he is bitten by the young Great Devourer and becomes ill as its evil venom starts to affect him, even causing him to tell his father that he hates him, and blaming Wu for all that happened.[23]

Centuries ago

Note: These events are listed in no particular order.

Decades ago

  • At some point, the Hypnobrai and Fangpyre were allies.
  • At some point, Yang invents Airjitzu, allowing the user to fly through the air temporarily.[36]
  • Yang discovers the Yin Blade, and, in a failed attempt to become immortal, turns himself and his students into ghosts with it.[37]
  • Around 60 years before Zane was banished into the Never-Realm:[38]
    • Because of Aspheera, Zane ends up in the Never-Realm where he tries to repair the Titan Mech and take shelter, only to have his memories erased and be manipulated by Vex into believing that he is the rightful ruler of the land. Zane quickly overthrows the king, Grimfax, transforms his warriors into Blizzard Samurai, and takes his place on the throne as the "Ice Emperor".[39]
    • Zane's Blizzard Samurai commit genocide on all Yetis, but only Krag somehow survived.[40]
    • Vex convinces Zane to attack his former village, leaving Akita and Kataru as the only Formlings who were not frozen.[41]
    • Kataru gets locked in the palace's cell for many decades.
    • Zane continues to rule for many decades.
  • Over 40 years before the events of the fifth season, Morro is born.[42]
  • Around 40 years before the events of the seventh season, The Hands of Time:
    • Dr. Julien builds Zane, the first Nindroid, and builds the Falcon as a companion.[43]
    • Garmadon trains under Master Chen alongside Clouse, and later, Garmadon gains the title Lord, as Chen's right hand.[44] Chen convinces Garmadon to sign Wu's love letter to Misako as his own. Meanwhile, Wu finds Morro at the Monastery of Spinjitzu and trains him.[26] He learns that Morro is a descendant of an Elemental Master of Wind.
    • The Golden Weapons are placed before Morro. However, they do not glow green.
    • Morro fails to become the Green Ninja and blames Wu for it. Wu tells him that destiny brought him there, but Morro causes chaos in the monastery because he is still very bitter and upset about it. He then runs away and attempts to find the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master in anger.[26][45]
    • As conflicts between the Serpentine and humans arise as a result of paranoia over the Curse of the Golden Master and the Great Devourer's release and defeat,[citation needed] Chen takes advantage of the situation and tricks both sides into attacking each other.[44][46]
    • The Serpentine War begins, and Garmadon defects from Chen. Garmadon, Wu, and the Elemental Alliance fight the Serpentine, who in turn eventually split up. The five tribes begin fighting among each other.[citation needed] Garmadon develops the Sacred Flute, allowing humans to win the war. The Serpentine are locked away in their tombs, the Anacondrai generals are banished to the Cursed Realm, and Chen and Clouse are banished to an island far from Ninjago due to their involvement with the Serpentine.[44]
    • Sometime after, the Anacondrai started to get hungry to the point they have to commit cannibalism in order to survive. It kept on going until Pythor was the only one left in the tomb.
    • The Time Twins, Acronix and Krux, betray Wu and Garmadon and try to take over Ninjago with their power over the element of Time.[47]
      • Ray and Maya forge the Time Blades out of Chronosteel;[48] Wu and Garmadon use them to battle the Time Twins and steal their power. Wu and Garmadon dispose of the Time Blades through a temporal rift as Acronix and Krux follow them and became lost in time.
      • Altered timeline:[49]
        • Kai, Nya, Master Wu, Acronix, and Krux travel back from their present era to 40 years into the past, to shortly after the defeat of the Serpentine.
        • Wu, Garmadon, and the Elemental Masters use Obscuritea to forget the alterations caused by the time travel while Kai, Nya, Master Wu, Acronix, and Krux re-enter the temporal rift.
    • At some point, Krux emerges from the Temporal Rift along with the Reversal Time Blade and begins plotting his revenge on Ray and Maya for creating the Time Blades, and Wu and Garmadon for stripping him and his brother off their powers and causing them to be lost in Time.[48]
    • Ray and Maya find the Reversal Time Blade and Wu has them dispose of it in the Boiling Sea.[48][50]
  • The former Elemental Master of Lightning and Cliff Gordon presumably go on their honeymoon.[49]
  • At some point after the war, Garmadon marries Misako.
  • Years after leaving Wu, Morro dies in the Caves of Despair and his soul is banished to the Cursed Realm because of his actions.[45]
  • Nearly 30 years before the events of the twelfth season and 10 years after the Serpentine War, Milton Dyer, the creator of video games Lava Zombies and Prime Empire, goes into hiding.[51]

Recent history

Birth of the ninja (fewer than two decades ago)

Note: There is no particular reason for the order of Kai, Jay, and Cole's births. The original ninja that are human are all simply around the same age, and which of them is older or younger than the other is unknown.

  • Cole is born to Lou and Lilly.
  • Jay is born to Cliff Gordon and the former Master of Lightning.[53]
    • Jay is abandoned and left at the doorstep of Ed and Edna Walker, and the couple adopts him as their own.
  • Kai is born to Elemental Masters of Fire and Water respectively, Ray and Maya.
  • Two years after Kai's birth:[54]
    • Nya is born as the second child of Ray and Maya.
  • Fourteen years before the events of the second season, the Ninjaball Run competition is established as an annual tradition.[55]

Tyranny of the Shintaro Dungeons

  • The Lowly go on a quest to retrieve the Skull of Hazza D'ur for King Vangelis, but get sent to Rock-Bottom after denying his true intentions.
  • Vangelis takes over the Dungeons of Shintaro by using the Skull of Hazza D'ur and forcing the Geckles and Munce to mine Vengestone for him after stealing the Blades of Deliverance.

Battle between brothers

  • Around a decade before the events of Rise of the Snakes:
    • Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon is born to Garmadon and Misako.[56]
    • The evil in Garmadon completely takes over him, and it mainly manifests itself in the form of overwhelming greed. He returns to the Monastery of Spinjitzu to steal the Golden Weapons in an attempt to recreate Ninjago in his own image. Wu confronts him, and after a short battle, the combination of the four weapons and the protection spell on Wu's kimono opens a gateway to the Underworld, and Garmadon's skin turn black after getting struck by lightning and fall down through the gateway.[27]
    • Fully succumbed to the evil in his veins, Garmadon battles Samukai for command over the Skulkin army and easily wins, becoming the ruler of the Underworld.[28]
    • Garmadon takes Samukai's helmet, dethroning Samukai as King of the Underworld.
    • Wu realizes that Garmadon will stop at nothing to get the Golden Weapons, so he hides them away in secret locations, each guarded by an Elemental Dragon. Wu then makes a map of the four secret locations so someone could find them if he perished, and gives the map to a trustworthy friend.[6]

After Garmadon's banishment

  • Kai and Nya's parents, Ray and Maya, are taken by Krux for his plan.[48]
  • The Elemental Master of Ice arrives at Birchwood Forest and gives Zane his powers, Zane being completely unaware of this.[57]
  • Wu meets Dr. Julien and Zane and tells Zane he will see him again someday.[57]
  • In his final moments, Dr. Julien erases Zane's memories.[23] Zane becomes an orphan, but Dr. Julien is soon revived by Samukai to construct vehicles for them (being reunited with his son as ransom). When he disagrees, the Skulkin take him to a lighthouse guarded by a Leviathan, to force him to design their vehicles. After he successfully complies with their demands, the Skulkin do not release him from the prison and leave him there.[5]
  • Ten years before the events of the eleventh season, Clutch Powers gives up adventuring.[58]
  • Seven years before the events of the sixth season, Nelson is born.[59]
  • Years before the events of the first season, possibly around five years:[60]
    • Misako knew that destiny would take her son as the Green Ninja, so she drops off a young Lloyd at Darkley's Boarding School (in a precognitive precaution), so she can go find a way to prevent the father and son from facing each other.[9]
  • A few years before the events of the third season, a chunk of the Delta V comet breaks off and lands as a meteorite in Ninjago. Scientists discovered the fossilized remains of some kind of parasite embedded within it.[61]
  • Not long before the events of the pilot episodes, Cole loses his mother.[62]

Current era

Pilot episodes

  • Master Wu finds Cole climbing a mountain, Jay testing an invention, and Zane meditating under a frozen pond.
  • The three train together for a short time as a team of ninja.
  • Kai and Nya work in the Four Weapons Blacksmith when Master Wu comes in search of a ninja to train: Kai. However, the hardworking blacksmith declines Wu's offer. Soon after, Samukai and his army (ordered by Lord Garmadon) attack the blacksmith in search of the Map of the Golden Weapons, and in the process manages to get both the map and kidnap Nya. Encouraged by compassion for his sister, Kai agrees to train in the art of Spinjitzu under Wu's teaching to become a ninja.
  • Kai begins training as the Fire Ninja, and in the same instance meets his new teammates: Cole (the Earth Ninja), Jay (the Lightning Ninja), and Zane (the Ice Ninja).
  • The ninja team begin their hunt for the Golden Weapons.
  • Kai wakes up and sees "Nya", then goes to the Fire Temple to retrieve the Sword of Fire. He then goes in and finds Nya, tied to a rope near the lava, while he realises the "Nya" that led him to the temple was a trap set by Lord Garmadon. Master Wu then rescues Kai and Nya, but discover the other ninja have been ambushed by the Skeletons, with the weapons stolen. Master Wu then takes the Sword to go to the Underworld to confront his brother.
  • Altered timeline:
    • Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane and Garmadon travel to the past thanks to Garmadon wanting to alter Lloyd's future with the Mega Weapon.[63]
  • The ninja tame their respective dragons and head to the Underworld.
  • Samukai and Master Wu fight for the Sword of Fire, but Samukai wields the three other Golden Weapons and wins. Samukai then betrays Garmadon, attempting to take the Golden Weapons for himself, but their combined power causes him to implode, opening a portal to the Realm of Madness. Garmadon reveals his plan to the ninja, escapes through the portal, aspiring to gain a way to possess all four weapons, leaving Ninjago in temporary peace.

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

  • Having been kicked out of Darkley's Boarding School for not being evil enough after spending around half of his life there, Lloyd makes his journey to Jamanakai Village in an effort to be more like his father and to get revenge on his school for expelling him.
  • The ninja are at the monastery, playing video games rather than training. Wu removes the plug and tells them to train, but Cole plugs it back in and continues to keep on playing. However, Nya tells them that Lord Garmadon returned from the Underworld to invade Ninjago again.
  • The ninja walked into the village, and they see "Lord Garmadon's shadow". But they soon realised that it was a "false alarm" and it was just his son, Lloyd Garmadon. He terrorizes the village and steals their candy but is soon suppressed by the ninja, and he gets pantsed. The villagers celebrate and all was brought back to normal.
  • Seeking revenge on the ninja for humiliating him, Lloyd releases the Hypnobrai from their tomb. Lloyd accidentally tricks the Hypnobrai General, Slithraa, into hypnotizing himself and gains leverage over the tribe.
  • Lloyd returns to Jamanakai Village with the entire Hypnobrai tribe. The tribe uses hypnotism to take control over the citizens. The ninja arrive to stop him and defeat the Hypnobrai, freeing the people and taking the tribe's staff. However, Skales (the Hypnobrai second-in-command) manages to post-hypnotize Cole.
  • The mailman comes after the ninja were training. However, Zane finds out that he got no mail from his parents.
  • When the Ninja, Wu, and Nya were eating, everyone starts commenting on Zane's pink apron and Cole starts a food fight. However, Zane is not amused.
  • Zane unintentionally finds his long-lost friend; the Falcon. After another evening of feeling left out from the ninjas' antics, and he follows the Falcon to find a treehouse being constructed by Lloyd and the Serpentine. He informs the ninja of his discovery, and they begin their mission to destroy it. Just before they finish the destruction, Skales uses the previous post-hypnotic command on Cole to attack the ninja. As the ninja struggle to fight Cole, Master Wu and Nya arrive on Kai's dragon, using a flute (later to be described as one of the flutes of the First Spinjitzu Master used to banish the Serpentine in tombs) to snap Cole out of his trance. The group hurry back to the unguarded monastery, only to find that the Hypnobrai had burned it down in search for their staff. Cole, Jay, and Kai blame Zane for the loss of their home, and in the ruckus, no one notices Zane flying off on his dragon.
  • Slithraa and Skales get into a fight for the staff and for the title of General. The other snakes wanted a Slither Pit battle, and it happened. Unfortunately for Lloyd, Slithraa lost due to Skales using Fang-Kwon-Do. He was not able to command the Hypnobrai since then.
  • Later on, the ninja try to make the best of their situation, but immediately regret what they had said to Zane. When they eat toads for dinner, Wu tells them to be grateful, while Nya finds Zane walking towards them. They were shocked that Zane had returned, and he conveyed to them that he had not been hurt by what they had said, but merely had seen and followed the Falcon again. He then leads them to where he had followed the falcon: an abandoned ship in the middle of the Sea of Sand. This would become their new home, known as the Destiny's Bounty. It would survive for a very, very long time.
  • After being betrayed by the Hypnobrai, Lloyd uses a map of other tombs to find the Fangpyre Tomb and reawakens the Fangpyre Tribe.
  • Master Wu informs the ninja that their Dragons have reached the age when they need to fly off in order to go through a stage of metamorphosis. This leaves the ninja without transportation.
  • Jay and the ninja go to Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk to visit Jay's parents, Ed and Edna, only to find out the Fangpyre have injected venom into them, and Lloyd has taken over the Junkyard.
  • To fight off the Fangpyre (who's venom turns people and objects into snakes), the ninja find out they can transform their weapons into elemental vehicles (Jay's Storm Fighter, Kai's Blade Cycle, Zane's Ice Glider, and Cole's Tread Assault). They manage to get the Fangpyre Staff, which Nya extracts the anti-venom from to reverse the effects on Ed and Edna. With a bit of help from Jay's father, Jay activates the Bounty's new flying function that allows them to escape the approaching Fangpyre, but the staff falls over board in the process.
  • Zane has a dream about the Green Ninja rescuing him while fighting Lord Garmadon, and the 4 ninja get into an argument about who would be the Green Ninja. Wu punishes them by having to find the answer to the question, "What is the best way to defeat your enemy?"
  • Lloyd finds the Anacondrai Tomb and releases Pythor, who tricks Lloyd by pretending to be his friend. He soon betrays Lloyd while the two are raiding Darkley's Boarding School for revenge, but Pythor betrays Lloyd in the middle of the raid. Wu then takes Lloyd as part of the team and even reads Lloyd a bedtime story so he will never trust a snake again. Wu finds his students right outside the cabin door, angry at him for not punishing his young nephew. He then gives the answer to the same question he asked his students in the morning.
  • Master Wu travels to a dark dimension and finds Lord Garmadon, who was revealed to have gotten two extra arms. After informing him of Lloyd releasing the Serpentine and his imprisonment at Pythor's hands, Garmadon agrees to return to Ninjago to rescue his son.
  • After following the Falcon into Birchwood Forest, Zane finds out that he and the Falcon are robots. He then fights a robot that was meant to protect intruders from any harm. Prior to this event, Zane was in shock for a while. Zane discovered a memory switch in his robotic body which leads to him remembering his creator. He protects his friends from the Treehorns and discovers his True Potential after accepting the fact that he is a robot while fighting the strong Queen Treehorn.
  • Jay and Nya are at the Mega Monster Amusement Park but Jay becomes a snake after pricking his finger on a skeleton from a Fangpyre. Meanwhile, Pythor and the other Serpentine find the first Fangblade. They tie Nya to a rollercoaster and Nya reveals to Jay that she is Samurai X. After that, Jay discovers his True Potential by knowing he is the best version of himself. He then saved Nya in the nick of time by stopping the rollercoaster. After that, Jay tells the other 2 ninja that Nya is actually Samurai X.
  • The ninja are searching for the second Fangblade and Cole says he has seen the Fangblade on the Blade Cup, a trophy which his father had won many times. The ninja go to Cole's father, Lou, and train to be dancers to get the Cup but the Serpentine sees it too. The ninja go to the Concert Hall of Ninjago City and win the Cup because of Cole doing the Triple Tiger Sashay, a move that was never been successfully been done by anyone, and because of their great performance. Cole was very sad after, because he was always up because his dad watches him dance. Lou comes and genuinely comforts his son by telling him that the Serpentine are evil and that he saw him dance. But Pythor steals the second Fangblade and crushes Cole and his father, leading Cole to discover his True Potential after realizing that he was born to be a ninja, not a dancer. Then, when Pythor knocked over the set of lights and cameras and stole the Blade Cup, he saved himself and his father from the set of lights and cameras.
  • After all his hard training and rescuing Lloyd, Kai unlocks his True Potential upon realizing he wasn't destined to become the Green Ninja but to protect him: everyone soon realizes Lloyd is the Green Ninja and that he must face his father. Meanwhile, the Serpentine obtain the Fangpyre Fangblade from the lava and are just one away from releasing the Great Devourer.
  • The ninja capture Spitta and later figure out that the Serpentine are using underground tunnels to avoid them.
  • Lloyd suggests getting the remaining three Fangblades while Pythor retrieves the Venomari Fangblade. The ninja train in preparation and infiltrate the Constrictai Tomb, leaving Lloyd and Garmadon behind.
  • Lloyd catches his father trying to steal the ninjas' secrets, and confronting him, gets him to leave. The ninja fight the Serpentine, only to fall into Pythor's trap.
  • Pythor places the Fangblades together and holds a Slither Pit to celebrate.
  • Lloyd dons the Green Ninja robes and confronts Pythor alongside his father and the Skulkin (except for Samukai). The ninja get the Fang Blades and escape on the Destiny's Bounty, but Pythor sneaks inside, invisible.
  • Master Wu gets a vision of the Great Devourer being awoken.
  • Pythor saves the Fang Blades from being thrown into Torchfire Mountain and escapes on a nearby train with his Serpentine forces, converting it into the Serpentine Train.
  • The ninja pursue Pythor, but he manages to awaken the Great Devourer, only to be eaten alongside Master Wu.
  • The Great Devourer destroys the Destiny's Bounty.
  • The ninja use the Tornado of Creation to create the Ultra Sonic Raider and use it to discover the Great Devourer's weakness on its forehead.
  • The Great Devourer attacks Ninjago City and the ninja are helpless against it, even when the dragons return in the form of the Ultra Dragon.
  • Garmadon attempts to go back to the Dark Realm, but upon noticing the return of the serpent that cursed him, arrives to help the ninja kill it.
  • The ninja begrudgingly entrust Garmadon with the Golden Weapons, and Garmadon destroys the Great Devourer, only to escape with the weapons in tow. Master Wu survives, reconciling with the ninja with a cup of tea in his slimy hand, and Pythor escapes, undetected.[46]
  • Harumi's biological parents are killed when a building caves in on them due to the Great Devourer. This leads Harumi to hate the ninja because they didn't save her parents and idolize Lord Garmadon due to the fact he killed the Devourer.[7]

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

  • The ninja fix up the city and train Lloyd to face Garmadon one day.
  • Lord Garmadon uses the four Golden Weapons to recreate the Destiny's Bounty into the Black Bounty for his own transportation.
  • Garmadon shows off his powers, getting the Serpentine to abandon their generals in favor of him.
  • Skales tries to kidnap Lloyd as revenge but fails and is arrested.
  • Garmadon takes the Weapons to the Golden Peaks, and forges them into the Mega Weapon.
  • Lord Garmadon accidentally uses his Mega Weapon to resurrect Captain Soto and his crew of pirates, but Soto takes advantage of his exhaustion and reassumes command of his ship, before attacking Ninjago City.
  • The ninja meet Dareth and train at his dojo.
  • Lloyd unlocks Earth and his own element, Energy, and helps the ninja fight Soto and his pirates.
  • Lloyd learns Spinjitzu, but is too young to use it on enemies.
  • Soto wins, but is defeated by Nya in her Samurai Mech.
  • Soto and the pirates are captured, and Garmadon reassumes command of the Black Bounty, escaping.
  • Lord Garmadon uses the Mega Weapon to create evil versions of the ninja.
  • The ninja and Lloyd are invited to Darkley's to celebrate their reforms, only for the students to reveal it as a trap and attempt to lure Lloyd back into the side of evil.
  • The Bizarro ninja track their counterparts to Darkley's, forcing the students and ninja to team up together to defeat them, and Lloyd unlocks his control over Lightning.
  • Garmadon uses Darnagom Enterprises to threaten Dareth's dojo into ruin.
  • The ninja join the Ninjaball Run to save Dareth's dojo. Skales escapes the prison and the ninja win the race, getting back their ship, and Skales rescues Garmadon from the police.
  • Lord Garmadon uses the Mega Weapon to turn the ninja into children, and awakens the remains of an extinct Grundle. In the process of turning the ninja older (and killing the Grundal), Lloyd becomes a teenager. Rufus McAllister offers Lloyd the latest edition of Starfarer, but Lloyd refuses, saying that he already knew how the ending went.
  • Garmadon doesn't want Lloyd to become the Green Ninja, so he calls on his Mega Weapon to change the past and enter a portal. The original 4 ninja and Wu follow, but Wu tells Lloyd that he is too valuable to risk. They all try to stop Garmadon from changing the future to his own desires, destroying the Mega Weapon and sending it to space in the process.
    • Kai, Cole, Jay, Nya, Zane, Garmadon, Wu, and the Serpentine remember the Mega Weapon, while Lloyd does not.
  • The ninja meet Misako, Lloyd's mother.
  • Garmadon, inspired by Soto's tales, attempts to find the Island of Darkness and succeed where the pirate failed. However, unimpressed by his plans, Skales, shoves him into the Endless Sea, leaving him to drown, and is crowned the second Snake King.
  • Garmadon washes up on the shore of an island and meets the weakened Overlord. Acting as his champion, Garmadon activates a switch that raises the Island of Darkness from the Endless Sea.
  • Skales leads the Serpentine to dig tunnels underneath Ninjago City, destroying its foundations and causing earthquakes.
  • The Serpentine become trapped underground in the tomb of the Stone Army, simultaneously awakening the long dormant Stone Army.
  • Garmadon activates the Celestial Clock and dons the Helmet of Shadows, summoning the Stone Army to the Island of Darkness and assuming control.
  • The ninja sail to the Island of Darkness.
  • Garmadon begins digging up troves of Dark Matter to power the Garmatron.
  • The Falcon is captured by the Stone Army.
  • Zane reunites with Dr. Julien, his father and creator in a lighthouse, and frees the Leviathan.
  • Zane saves the Falcon.
  • The ninja go to the Temple of Light and gain the Elemental Blades and a set of new gi, giving them an advantage, and Lloyd gains the power of the Golden Dragon, allowing him to defeat the Stone Warriors.
  • The ninja were able to place the helmet at the last second, and thought they stopped the Final Battle. Unfortunately, the Celestial Clock finished its countdown and the ninja failed, and the Garmatron is finished.
  • Nya is corrupted by Dark Matter after getting stuck and kidnapped by General Kozu.
  • Garmadon uses the Garmatron to infect Ninjago with darkness, shifting the balance and allowing the Overlord to cross over into Ninjago by possessing Garmadon.
  • The Overlord wrecks the Destiny's Bounty and escapes with the Stone Army to Ninjago City, and proceeds to convert nearly everyone under his control.
  • The ninja unlock the Golden Mech and with the Ultra Dragon rush back to Ninjago for the final battle.
  • Nya destroys the Golden Mech, and Dareth dons the Helmet of Shadows, placing the Stone Army under his command.
  • Jay, Cole, and Zane get corrupted by Dark Matter in their efforts to help Lloyd defeat the Overlord.
  • Lloyd becomes the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master and defeats the Overlord, restoring the balance between good and evil, with Jay, Cole, Zane, Nya, the citizens of Ninjago, and, especially Garmadon being purified from evil.

Post-Final Battle

  • Cyrus Borg turns Ninjago City into a futuristic metropolis with new technologies, becoming New Ninjago City.[64]
  • The Overlord's spirit survives his battle with Lloyd and infiltrates Borg Industries' computers, transforming himself into a virus in the process.[64]
  • The Emperor of Ninjago pardons Garmadon for the crimes he committed while evil.[65]
    • Harumi abandons her fanaticism of Garmadon, viewing his current state as a shadow of his former self for giving up on his goals.[65]
  • Garmadon builds a monastery and assumes pacifistic ideals to atone for his crimes.[66]
  • The ninja (except Lloyd), Wu, and Nya become teachers at Wu's Academy.[64]
  • Dr. Julien perishes once again, presumably from old age.[64]
  • 16 P.I.X.A.L.s were built. However, only the final one worked in Borg Tower.[64]
  • Lloyd and the Ultra Dragon stop the Venomari, and shortly after this, Lloyd realizes that the Ultra Dragon wants to go home and lets him go to the Realm of Oni and Dragons,[67] where he is captured and killed by Iron Baron and the Dragon Hunters.[68]
  • The Serpentine secretly free themselves from the Stone Army tomb and become pacifistic to atone for their ways. Skales marries Selma and has a son that he names after himself, Skales Jr..[46]

Season 3: Rebooted

  • The ninja and the others visit Borg Tower in the recently new and renovated city.
  • Nya takes the perfect match compatibility and finds out Cole is designated as her perfect match, thus straining the friendship between Cole and Jay.
  • Cyrus Borg gives the ninja the Techno Blades and all of New Ninjago City's tech becomes hacked by the Digital Overlord.
  • The Digital Overlord virus begins to take over New Ninjago City.
  • The Overlord converts Cyrus into a cyborg, possesses him, and creates the Nindroids.
  • Cole develops feelings for Nya.
  • P.I.X.A.L. is freed from the Overlord's control and becomes the ninjas' ally.
  • The ninja destroy Ninjago's main power station, knocking out the power and deactivating most of the tech in Ninjago. P.I.X.A.L. is deactivated as a result, but Zane sacrifices half of his power source to save her.
  • Cyrus is rescued in his tower, but Pythor rescues the Overlord's hard drive and moves it to his underground lair.
  • Master Wu becomes Techno Wu.
  • With Ed and Edna's help, P.I.X.A.L. is reactivated; However, Pythor and Techno Wu use Electro Cobrai to reactivate the Nindroids, though eventually, they escape.
  • To investigate Pythor's white scale, the ninja find the Serpentine in the Stone Army Vault. Acidicus tells them about the Curse of the Golden Master, only for Nindroids to attack.
  • Pythor attacks Garmadon and Lloyd at Hiroshi's Labryinth, revealing himself and leaving Garmadon to die in the Endless Sea.
  • The Overlord begins draining Lloyd's Golden Power.
  • The ninja go to the Digiverse and defeated the Digital Overlord, with Pythor and the Nindroids, along with a captured Cyrus Borg, escaping. The Mech Dragon crashes, but Lloyd escapes in time. Wu is freed from the Overlord's control.
  • The Overlord, having drained enough power to become physical, is rescued from the Mech Dragon's wreckage by Pythor, and hides in the Anacondrai's stomach in order to conceal his weakened form.
  • Lloyd decides to halt the Overlord's plan by splitting the Golden Power apart, forcing the Overlord to use his other plan, Codename: Arcturus.
  • The ninja track Pythor to Ouroboros, where a rocket is being built, and board it in time.
  • The Nindroids are sent to space to retrieve the remains of the Golden Weapons, the ninja acting as stowaways. Pythor and Cyrus recapture Borg Tower in anticipation of Cryptor's return with the Golden Weapons.
  • Cryptor retrieves the Golden Weapons and escapes, arriving back at Borg Tower. The Overlord, using a machine, recreates his physical form and gets to work forging the Golden Armor so he can become the Golden Master prophesized by the Serpentine.
  • The ninja build a miniature rocket out of the remains of the Nindroids' space ship and return to Ninjago.
  • After regrouping with their allies, they confront the Overlord, the latter now reborn as the Golden Master and having used his powers to convert New Ninjago City into a massive fortress.
  • Cyrus is freed from the Overlord's control and escapes to the Temple of Fortitude, giving the ninja a shrinking pill to stop the Overlord and Stone Warrior armors to protect them.
  • Nya tricks Mindroid into attacking Cryptor.
  • Pythor saves the Overlord by swallowing the shrinking pill and is shrunken, before being chased off by the Falcon.
  • Zane sacrifices himself to defeat the Golden Master by absorbing the Golden Armor and unleashing a blast of Elemental Power, the explosion destroying his body and destroying the Overlord and the Nindroids. The Overlord survived, yet his spirit is dormant. The Golden Armor is left behind, and the ninja grieve Zane's death at his funeral.
  • Zane survives by implanting his consciousness into Borg Tower, and P.I.X.A.L. sees Zane in Borg Tower's screens.

Separate Paths

  • The ninja are divided, and Lloyd is the only ninja remaining after Zane's sacrifice, knowing that "Ninja never quit.".
  • Cyrus Borg locks up the Golden Armor in a hidden location.
  • Mezmo hosts Slither Pit matches underneath Ninjago, which Kai regularly attends.
  • Jay becomes a gameshow host.
  • Cole becomes a lumberjack.
  • All the future tech from the past season is removed and Ninjago City reverts back to its modern self after the events of the Digital Virus.
  • Zane rebuilds himself as the Titanium Ninja. He and P.I.X.A.L. are captured by Ronin and sold to Master Chen,[69] who steals Zane's ice powers with his staff and scraps P.I.X.A.L..

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

  • The ninja meet at Chen's Noodle House, meet their new foes, and find out that Zane is still alive.
  • The ninja join the tournament.
  • Kai meets Skylor and develops a crush for her.
  • Karlof is eliminated from the tournament.
  • Bolobo, Gravis, and Ash are eliminated from the tournament.
  • Cole gets eliminated from the tournament, though his friendship with Jay is restored.
  • Zane decides to place P.I.X.A.L.'s data chip into his own database.
  • Zane is knocked unconscious by Clouse and Chen's assistants.
  • Cole finds and frees Zane.
  • Jacob is eliminated from the tournament.
  • Chamille is eliminated from the tournament.
  • Tox is eliminated from the tournament.
  • The ninja are able to ally themselves with the Elemental Masters.
  • Kai finds out that Skylor is Chen's daughter, which strains their friendship.
  • The remaining Elemental Masters, except Lloyd, are captured.
  • Chen tries to ally with Kai, who leads Lloyd into a trap.
  • Lloyd is captured and loses his power.
  • The Elemental Masters escape and kill the Anacondrai serpent.
  • The ninja re-unite and capture several of the Anacondrai warriors except for Chen, Clouse, Zugu, Eyezor, Kapau, and Chope; the escaped villains having also captured Skylor.
  • Skylor escapes but is recaptured alongside Kai so her powers can be used to power the spell. Clouse and Garmadon clash, and the former opens a portal to the Cursed Realm, only to be thrown inside.
  • The spell activates and Skylor, Garmadon, Chen, and the Anacondrai warriors become Anacondrai. The warriors escape and flee the island, heading to Ninjago.
  • The Elemental Masters overcome their fears and summon Elemental Dragons, arriving back at Ninjago.
  • The spell's effects begin to wear off, and to render it permanent, Chen seeks out Pythor's essence; likewise, hoping to find a weakness of the Anacondrai, the ninja confront a shrunken Pythor within Kryptarium prison.
  • Kapau'rai and Chop'rai break in, allowing the rest of the warriors to come in and kidnap Pythor, who reveals the truth of Chen's involvement in the Serpentine Wars.
  • Pythor's sweat is used to render the transformation permanent, and Chen declares the Second Serpentine War and takes over most of Ninjago.
  • The ninja rally several allies and fight the warriors at the Corridor of Elders.
  • Pythor brings the Book of Spells and Garmadon is sent to the Cursed Realm to free the Anacondrai Generals, defeating Chen and rest of the warriors, and restoring Skylor back into human form. However, Wu's former pupil, Morro, escapes.

Post-Second Serpentine War

Season 5: Possession

  • An exhibit about the ninja is opened at the Ninjago Museum of History.
  • Wu attempts to retire from being a master and opens his own tea shop alongside Misako.
  • Lloyd goes to the museum and Morro possesses him.
  • Kai faces Morro to try and get to Lloyd. Kai hears Lloyd trying to fight Morro's possession.
  • Morro and Wu fight for the staff. Kai gets close to stopping Morro, but fails, and Morro gets the Staff of the First Spinjitzu Master, but not before Wu learns of the symbols engraved in its side.
  • The ninja go to Stiix.
  • The Ninja and Morro try to get the Scroll of Airjitzu from Ronin.
  • Morro gets the Scroll and learns Airjitzu, and Ronin becomes an ally of the ninja.
  • The ninja enter Master Yang's Temple looking for another scroll, and in the process, Cole doesn't escape in time and becomes a ghost.
  • The ninja learn Airjitzu.
  • The ninja enter the Cloud Kingdom, only to be ambushed by the Ghosts.
  • Morro gets the Sword of Sanctuary, only for Kai to steal it back.
  • Ronin steals the Sword and brings it to Morro to free his cursed soul from Soul Archer's debt, only to be swindled.
  • The Caves of Despair is destroyed due to a chain reaction.
  • The ninja and Morro look for the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master.
  • The ninja see their future, while Cole simply sees nothing.
  • The ninja and Morro find the Tomb, and Morro gets the Realm Crystal.
  • Morro opens the Cursed Realm to free The Preeminent.
  • The Preeminent drags Lloyd into the Cursed Realm.
  • Lloyd finds his father in the Cursed Realm, and with his encouragement escapes and fights with Morro over the Realm Crystal, traveling through multiple realms in the process.
  • Nya unlocks her True Potential and defeats the Preeminent. This results in the deaths of the Anacondrai warriors, the Ghost Warriors, and Garmadon, though Clouse maganes to escape.[71] The Preeminent attempts to drag Morro to his death, and Morro and Wu reconcile their pasts before Morro hands him the Realm Crystal and dissipates in the Endless Sea.
  • The ninja bring back Lloyd from the realm Morro left him in, with Lloyd ready to train to become a master.
  • The Cursed Realm's destruction causes the collapse of its sister realm, Djinjago.[3]

Season 6: Skybound

  • The ninja deal with their newfound fame and hide on a rooftop while attempting to escape news helicopters.
  • Cliff Gordon dies.[72]

The following events occur in an alternate timeline, due to Jay's final wish erasing the timeline.

  • At some point after the alternate timeline begins Jay makes his first wish, which is to become rich.
  • Nya refuses to take Jay's hand, exposing them.
  • Clouse, now a ghost, returns to Stiix and frees Nadakhan, a Djinn who is trapped in the Teapot of Tyrahn.
  • Nadakhan traps Clouse and Wu in the Teapot of Tyrahn.
  • The ninja are framed by Nadakhan and are incarcerated in Kryptarium Prison thanks to the efforts of Ronin and the Police Commissioner.
  • Nadakhan traps Misako in the Teapot of Tyrahn and successfully retrieves the Realm Crystal from Hiroshi's Labyrinth.
  • Nadakhan brings his crew back to Ninjago.
  • Nadakhan visits Djinjago and learns of its collapse as a result of the ninjas' actions, and gets the Djinn Blade from his father.
  • Nadakhan and his crew return to Ninjago, swearing vengeance.
  • The ninja escape Kryptarium Prison with the help of Captain Soto, who reveals how to defeat a Djinn through the use of a Tiger Widow's venom.
  • The ninja infiltrate the Police headquarters and learn the whereabouts of Nadakhan's ship, Misfortune's Keep.
  • The Misfortune's Keep is converted into an airship and escapes before Cole and Lloyd can find it.
  • Nadakhan confronts Jay alone and gets him to wish to become rich.
  • As a result of Jay's wish, Jay learns the truth of his parentage, inheriting massive wealth due to his father's death.
  • To lure out the ninja, the Sky Pirates attack New Ninjago City. As a result of the ninjas' heroic actions, the Police Commissioner gives them a pardon.
  • The ninja find the map to the Tiger Widow venom on Nadakhan's ship.
  • The Realm Crystal is accidentally destroyed by Flintlocke.
  • Kai is trapped in the Djinn Blade.
  • Nadakhan uses the Djinn Blade to slowly reconstruct Djinjago.
  • Zane is trapped in the Djinn Blade.
  • The ninja grab the Tiger Widow venom. However, Jay is captured by Nadakhan.
  • Jay learns of Nadakhan's plan to marry Nya on the newly-remade Djinjago, giving him infinite wishes.
  • The ninja manage to free Jay.
  • Cole and Lloyd are trapped in the Djinn Blade.
  • Flintlocke realizes Nadakhan's true intentions and attempts to mutiny but fails and is demoted.
  • Jay and Nya return to the lighthouse and meet Echo Zane.
  • Nya is captured by Nadakhan.
  • Jay gets the help of Skylor, Echo Zane, Ronin, Dareth, and Soto to free Nya.
  • The ninja are freed from the Djinn Blade.
  • Nadakhan marries Nya and gets infinite wishes, before betraying several of the Sky Pirates.
  • Dogshank and Flintlocke help the ninja fight Nadakhan.
  • Nadakhan and Nya are hit with the Tiger Widow venom thanks to Flintlocke.
  • Nadakhan's magic begins to disappear, causing Djinjago to collapse on Ninjago below.
  • To save Nya's life, Jay wishes that she had taken his hand and that Clouse never found the Teapot of Tyrahn.
  • Weakened by the Tiger Widow venom, Nadakhan complies perfectly with Jay's wish with the end of the timeline ending, muttering "Your wish... is yours to keep." and undoes the events of the season, leaving nearly everyone, except for Jay and Nya, with no memory of what happened.

End of alternate timeline

  • Back on the rooftop, Jay and Nya reconcile and their kiss is broadcast across Ninjago by Dareth.
  • Clouse, with no memories of what happened, attempts to retrieve the Teapot of Tyrahn but is driven off by the citizens of Stiix, leaving the Teapot lost forever.

The Realm of Shadows

  • Wu sends some travelers off to send Kai and Nya a message.
  • While Kai and Nya are training, some visitors arrive with a teapot and a dragon egg. The teapot held a message inside of it that told the two ninja to raise the dragon egg, and that it was important to the balance. At the same moment, Kai dropped the dragon egg and it broke, unleashing the young dragon, Bandit.
  • Meanwhile, Clouse is in a temple in the Toxic Bogs, planning to use his newly recruited Shadow Minions to capture Bandit, and perform a ceremony that will turn him into a Shadow Dragon.
  • Kai and Nya go to the Destiny's Bounty to tell the others the news, while the travelers tag along. Zane remarks that Bandit appears to be a rare YinYang Dragon, that depending on how it's raised, will either become a Shadow Dragon or a Light Dragon.
  • Not too long after, the Shadow Minions attack Destiny's Bounty and capture Bandit. The Bounty soon crash lands in the Toxic Bogs. Once the ship crash landed, Kai and Nya went to the temple where Clouse was performing the ceremony.
  • Clouse finishes the ceremony, turning Bandit into a Shadow Dragon, but with the encouragement of Kai and Nya, and the travelers, Bandit transforms into a Light Dragon. The temple soon collapses, and Clouse pledged to one day meet the ninja again. Bandit soon flies away to its destiny beyond.

Dark Island Trilogy

Day of the Departed

  • The ninja test out their new machines before going to the museum where they see an exhibition of old enemies.
  • Cole is upset about being a ghost and is suddenly forgotten by his friends.
  • Cole goes to the Temple of Airjitzu to get revenge on Yang for turning him into a ghost.
  • Yang tricks Cole into using the Yin Blade to open a rift to the Departed Realm during the Yin-Yang Eclipse.
  • Yang's students detain Cole while he reveals his plan of returning to Ninjago during the eclipse.
  • Yang releases the souls of Chen, Morro, Samukai, Cryptor, and Kozu who inhabit their mannequins at the museum.
  • Yang tells them that they can stay in Ninjago if they destroy the Ninja.
  • Pythor joins the villains who each pick their target (Chen chooses Kai and Nya, Morro chooses Wu, Pythor chooses Lloyd, Cryptor chooses Zane, Samukai chooses Jay, and Kozu picks Dareth.
  • The ninja are scattered across several areas of Ninjago and are attacked by their old foes.
  • Morro visits Wu and instead of battling him, he warns him of Yang's plans.
  • The ninja and Dareth manage to defeat their enemies sending back to the Departed Realm while Pythor escapes.
  • Wu and a redeemed Morro tell the ninja of Yang's plans and how he made them forget Cole.
  • The ninja rush to the Temple of Airjitzu as Morro returns to the Departed Realm at peace.
  • Cole escapes Yang's henchmen and battles his way to stop him.
  • Yang tries to demoralize Cole by mentioning his friends forgot him until he hears them call him. Rejuvenated, Cole attacks and overpowers Yang which releases his students from his mind control spell.
  • Yang's former students escape, turning them back into humans.
  • Yang reveals he cursed himself in order not to be forgotten as Cole relates to this.
  • Cole states Yang would of been forever remembered because he created Airjitzu.
  • Cole tries to take Yang with him through the rift but Yang explains how the curse works if one ghost remains.
  • Yang then sends Cole through the rift turning him into a human again, with only a green scar.
  • The ninja make the restored Temple of Airjitzu their new base and celebrate the Day of the Departed.

Season 7: The Hands of Time

  • Acronix returns after 40 years of being lost in Time to take his revenge on Wu for putting him there. When the Forward Time Blade arrives, Acronix accelerates Wu's aging and defeats the ninja with ease.
  • Acronix reunites with Dr. Saunders who reveals his identity of Krux as they embrace and plot their revenge.
  • Wu informs the ninja about the Time Twins.
  • Zane protects Cyrus Borg but is taken down while Borg is kidnapped by the Time Twins and forced to make a weapon for them.
  • Various people and metal are stolen by the Vermillion to use for building armor and weapons.
  • Kai investigates his parents' disappearance and discovers Dr. Saunders, who he finds out is Krux, was behind it. Krux tells Kai that his parents were a pair of traitors who aided him and his brother in many ways.
  • The last three Time Blades appear one after another.
  • A mysterious person donning the Samurai X suit appears and assists the Ninja.
  • Kai and Nya reunite with their parents and learn why they disappeared.
  • Kai, Nya, Master Wu, Acronix and Krux travel in time, 40 years before, after the defeat of the Serpentine.
  • Master Wu sacrifices himself and together with Acronix and Krux, they are lost in time.
  • After the loss of Master Wu, the ninja need a master and Jay names Lloyd as "Master Lloyd". Kai disagrees and names him "Temporary Master Lloyd". Master Lloyd vows that they will find Wu.
  • The Reversal Time Blade is brought back to the Boiling Sea for safekeeping.[73]

After The Hands of Time

  • Lloyd goes through puberty and his voice becomes deeper.
  • Zane gains a holographic cloak ability.
  • Lloyd gets his green eyes, due to a power increase in him.
  • With Master Wu gone, Lloyd stuck posters to see if anyone had seen him.[74]
  • Master Wu had gotten out the vortex only to be de-aged into a baby.[75] He was eventually found by Misako only to be kidnapped by Harumi.[76]

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

  • One year after Wu's disappearance, the ninja are still searching for him while at the same time, protecting Ninjago.
  • Lloyd fails to stop the rising criminal syndicate, the Sons of Garmadon, from stealing the Mask of Vengeance from Borg Tower.
  • Lloyd calls the ninja back to Ninjago City‚ and they are debriefed by Hutchins that they must protect the Oni Masks and the Royal Family.
  • The ninja are introduced to the Royal Family. Lloyd becomes smitten with Princess Harumi.
  • As the ninja guard the Mask of Deception, the Sons of Garmadon attack the Royal Palace, leading to the deaths of the Emperor, Empress, and Hutchins, forcing the ninja to take in Harumi.
  • While an interrogation with a Son of Garmadon goes awry, Lloyd and Jay learn the story of the Oni and the Dragon, which reveals the truth about the First Spinjitzu Master and some of Ninjago's greatest evils.
  • Cole and Zane attempt to infiltrate the Sons of Garmadon as Rocky Dangerbuff (Cole) and Snake Jaguar (Zane). Zane successfully falls in with the group and is taken to the "big man."
  • Zane (as Snake Jaguar) takes part in an initiation race to become a Son of Garmadon but is revealed as a spy and attacked by the gang leading to a battle with fellow Nindroid, Mr. E, leaving him within an inch of his life.
  • Cole, who has been captured by the Sons of Garmadon, rescues a baby who they call the "key to the third mask."
  • The ninja recover Zane and flee with the baby, hiding within a storm known as Dead Man's Squall in order to keep the baby safe.
  • The ninja find a map wrapped around the baby revealing the Mask of Hatred to be located within Primeval's Eye.
  • A trap left by Mr. E with Zane, gives the Quiet One control of the Bounty's computer, sicking Samurai on the Ninja, with the mysterious vigilante's identity revealed to be P.I.X.A.L.
  • Lloyd and Harumi, separated from the others, traverse Primeval's Eye and after a series of chaotic events, reach the Oni Temple.
  • The ninja learn the baby is Wu because of his fondness for tea. The realize was turned this way by the Reversal Blade.
  • A message Zane recorded is traced back to the Quiet One, who is revealed as Princess Harumi.
  • The Sons of Garmadon capture the ninja and Toddler Wu on the Destiny's Bounty.
  • Lloyd and Harumi enter the Oni Temple to retrieve the Mask of Hatred, where Lloyd discovers that Harumi is the Quiet One, and the baby is Wu. Harumi escapes with the Mask of Hatred.
  • The Sons of Garmadon capture Lloyd and steal the Destiny's Bounty to return to the Royal Palace.
  • The ninja and Toddler Wu return to Ninjago with the help of Crabby and enlist the help of the Police Commissioner and his police force.
  • Harumi reveals that she captured Misako after she found Wu.
  • Harumi attempts to revive Garmadon, but supposedly fails. She and the Sons of Garmadon are arrested and sent to Kryptarium Prison.
  • Garmadon is successfully revived, and breaks Harumi out of the police station.
  • Misako and Wu seek refuge in Dareth's apartment for the time being.
  • Garmadon and Harumi capture Kryptarium Prison and use it as their base.
  • Lloyd abandons the ninja on the Destiny's Bounty and travels to Kryptarium Prison to confront his father. Garmadon beats Lloyd to near-death and proceeds to Ninjago City with the Sons of Garmadon.
  • The Sons of Garmadon threaten a nearby village, whose inhabitants surrender when Garmadon begins to construct his Colossus.
  • Lloyd is found in his near-dead state by the ninja and is taken to Mistaké's Tea Shop, where he is revived. Mistaké gives Jay some Traveler's Tea for use in a time of need.
  • Garmadon and the Sons of Garmadon attack Ninjago City with the Colossus, while the ninja (minus Lloyd and Nya) and Samurai X attempt to fight it off.
  • Lloyd wakes up with black eyes and finds that he has no powers. Nya takes him to Dareth's apartment to reach Wu before Garmadon does.
  • In attempt to hide from Garmadon, Misako and Wu try to leave Dareth's apartment, but they find Garmadon in the halls. Nya and Misako fight Garmadon while Lloyd escapes with Wu.
  • Harumi tries to prevent Lloyd from escaping with Wu, but he manages to get Wu to the Ninja.
  • As the Destiny's Bounty is being crushed by the Colossus, Jay activates the Traveler's Tea, and transports himself, Cole, Kai, Zane, and Toddler Wu to the Realm of Oni and Dragons.
  • Lloyd vows to defeat Harumi and escapes with Nya, Misako, and Samurai X.
  • Garmadon is free to take over Ninjago and becomes Emperor Garmadon.
  • The ninja (in a battle damaged state) and Toddler Wu wake up in the Realm of Oni and Dragons.

Season 9: Hunted

  • One week after the Ninjas' assumed deaths, Lloyd and Nya created The Resistance, which consisted of several Elemental Masters.
  • Cole and Kid Wu find Stormbringer and Stormbringer's baby.
  • The stranded ninja (other than Cole and Kid Wu) are captured by the Dragon Hunters.
  • Skylor, Karlof, Shade, Mr. Pale, Tox, and Neuro join The Resistance.
  • The Resistance goes to their secret base.
  • Garmadon destroys Mr. E for failing to capture Lloyd.
  • Mistaké reveals that Cole, Kai, Jay, Zane, and Wu are in the Realm of Oni and Dragons.
  • The Resistance briefly take control of the airwaves.
  • Garmadon nearly kills Harumi.
  • Iron Baron orders the Dragon Hunters to hunt the Ninja.
  • The ninja see the Firstbourne for the first time.
  • Wu dreams about fishing with his brother, Garmadon, and his father, the First Spinjitzu Master.
  • Upon waking up, Wu has aged up into a teenager.
  • Heavy Metal reveals herself to be Faith and joins the Stranded ninja.
  • Mistaké turns into a rat.
  • Jet Jack wants to get revenge on Faith.
  • Mistaké reveals that she is an Oni and that The First Spinjitzu Master's family lives so long because of their Oni blood.
  • The Stranded ninja venture into "Oni Land."
  • Harumi asks that Garmadon takes her as his child instead of Lloyd and Garmadon takes Harumi as his "daughter."
  • The Stranded ninja enter the ruins of the "Oni Temple" but there are no Oni. Faith is enraged at how Iron Baron lied to her and the rest of the Dragon Hunters.
  • The Stranded ninja find the map to the Dragon Armor in the "Oni Temple."
  • Lloyd captures Harumi.
  • Faith trains the Stranded ninja at using the grapple guns.
  • Mistaké uses her Oni powers to shape shift to look like Harumi and "captures" Skylor. She tries to get Skylor near enough to Garmadon to steal his power, but fails when the real Harumi comes and reveals who is truly Harumi.
  • Mistaké transforms into her true Oni form. Mistaké tricks Garmadon into letting Skylor touch him. Skylor escapes Garmadon, but Harumi, their generals and Garmadon kill Mistaké.
  • The Stranded ninja are captured by the Dragon Hunters again.
  • Wu regains all his memories, causing him to age further, grow a mustache, a goatee and even his signature straw hat falls on his head. Wu escapes and attacks the Dragon Hunters, but Iron Baron forces him to find the Dragon Armor for him.
  • Faith reveals Iron Baron's secrets and lies.
  • Skylor temporarily manages to control the Colossus, but Garmadon uses his powers to hurt her and takes control of the Colossus. Before he manages to do that, Skylor destroys the Oni Mask of Deception through the Colossus.
  • Harumi dies in a building collapse to save a child, after remembering her biological parents' deaths to save her and realizing the wrongness of her ways, and gets sent to the Departed Realm.
  • The Dragon Hunters decide to ally with the Stranded ninja instead of Iron Baron.
  • Wu finds the Dragon Armor.
  • The Firstbourne encases Iron Baron in a pile of molten lava and lets Wu obtain the Dragon Armor.
  • The Oni Mask of Hatred is destroyed, leaving only the Oni Mask of Vengeance intact.
  • Wu rides the Firstbourne while the ninja ride their respective dragons to return to Ninjago.
  • Faith chooses to stay back and she leads the Dragon Hunters.
  • The ninja make their return to Ninjago, and plan to fight Garmadon and his forces.
  • Lloyd and a younger Wu fight Lord Garmadon on the desecrated roof of Borg Tower.
  • The ninja battle the Colossus with their new Dragons, using Vengestone chains to try and incapacitate it.
  • Lloyd faces off against his father alone, using what Garmadon taught him (the Art of the Silent Fist) to "fight without fighting."
  • The ninja and their allies manage to incapacitate the Colossus, which falls.
  • Garmadon loses his Elemental Power, as he is not fueled by Lloyd's fight, and Lloyd regains his power.
  • The Colossus crumbles apart, and Garmadon warns Lloyd of a coming darkness. Garmadon is arrested.
  • After the battle, Wu quickly ages back to his old, normal self.
  • The ninja celebrate their victory, while Lloyd dreads the "coming darkness" his father spoke of, speculating with Wu that it may be the legendary Oni.

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

  • Cole, P.I.X.A.L., and Zane attend a ceremony at the Ninjago Harbor, where a rebuilt Bounty is presented to them.
  • Jay practices a proposal to Nya with Kai.
  • Faith and the Firstbourne arrive in Ninjago, warning the ninja of the Oni invasion.
  • The Oni come out of the Realm Crystal and start to turn citizens to stone. The ninja attempt to fight them but are unable to. Instead, they evacuate citizens.
  • Lloyd frees Garmadon to stop the Oni.
  • Garmadon regains his powers by creating a small conflict with the ninja.
  • Garmadon and Lloyd skydive into an Oni-infested Ninjago City. They meet The Omega, the leader of the Oni.
  • The Realm Crystal is destroyed by Lloyd with Sword of Sanctuary.
  • The Golden Armor is used by Lloyd and Garmadon to stop the Oni for some time.
  • The ninja attend a distress call at the NGTV building. P.I.X.A.L. stays behind to save Garmadon and Lloyd.
  • The ninja successfully evacuate the NGTV reporters, including Gayle Gossip and Vinny.
  • Cole falls into the darkness as the ninja escape.
  • Pixal successfully rescues Garmadon and Lloyd and brings them to the Bounty.
  • Nya and Kai decide to forge the Golden Armor in the monastery and thus return them to their original form (Golden Weapons).
  • The ninja return to the Monastery of Spinjitzu, where Kai forges the Golden Armor into the four original Golden Weapons.
  • The Oni begin to march on the monastery.
  • Cole wakes up and uses his remote to summon the Earth Driller. He uses its drill feature to escape.
  • The Ninja, aided by Wu, Garmadon, and Faith, fight the Oni.
  • Garmadon transforms into his true Oni form and fights the Omega. He is defeated.
  • Cole arrives at the fight with the Earth Driller.
  • Vastly outnumbered, the ninja retreat to the monastery.
  • Lloyd comes up with the idea to use the Tornado of Creation. All six ninja, Wu, and Garmadon come together to form the tornado, which wipes out all of the Oni.
  • Lloyd, on the verge of death, travels to the Grasslands, where he meets the First Spinjitzu Master and the Golden Dragon. The First Spinjitzu Master thanks Lloyd for his efforts and offers to take Lloyd to the Departed Realm or send him back to Ninjago. Lloyd decides to return to Ninjago.
  • Garmadon leaves the monastery, and Wu bids him farewell.
  • The cloud of darkness vanishes from Ninjago, the First Realm, and presumably other Oni-infested realms. The people who were turned to stone, including Cyrus Borg, return to normal.
  • The ninja celebrate the defeat of the Oni by adding a new mural to the monastery.

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

  • P.I.X.A.L. works on building the Hangar Bay for six months, with the ninja not noticing due to being lazy while all the progress was done.[77]
  • Zane has a vision about the Pyro Vipers and Blizzard Samurai and warns Jay about it. However, Zane dusts it off and takes it as a simple nightmare.
  • The ninja fight Wu to prove him that they haven't gone soft but failed.
  • The ninja look for a quest.
  • The ninja go to the NGTV channel and realize that the pyramid is unexplored. So, they travel to the Desert of Doom to explore the pyramid with Clutch Powers.
  • Aspheera was freed from her tomb and stole Kai's fire.
  • Aspheera attacks Ninjago City.
  • Nelson delivers newspapers with Antonia and Clutch Powers tells them that the ninja are trapped in the pyramid.
  • Lil' Nelson and Antonia drive to the monastery as quickly as they can, managing to narrowly escape from the Pyro Vipers.
  • Lil' Nelson tells Wu what happened to the Ninja.
  • The ninja escape the pyramid and P.I.X.A.L. saves them from the Pyramid's destruction.
  • The NGTV news broadcasts the Pyro Vipers attack on Ninjago City. The ninja decide to check it out for themselves, as Clutch Powers, a retired explorer, refuses to explore it.
  • Aspheera searches for the "Treacherous Deceiver" and goes to the Ninjago Museum of History to find one of the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu.
  • The ninja return to Ninjago City.
  • Aspheera resurrects Char and Pyro Vipers and steals the first Forbidden Scroll.
  • Kai, Jay, and Cole meet Skales and Acidicus to learn about the origins about Aspheera and the Treacherous Deceiver and suspect that the Deceiver is Garmadon, only to find out that the Deceiver is Wu.
  • Wu tells Kai, Jay, Cole, and P.I.X.A.L. about how he met Aspheera.
  • The Pyro Vipers attacks the Monastery of Spinjitzu and the ninja found themselves under siege in the Hangar Bay.
  • Lloyd, Zane, and Nya steals the second Forbidden Scroll from the Explorers Club.
  • The ninja used Forbidden Spinjitzu.
  • Zane defeats the Pyro Vipers, but not before he was banished to the past of the Never-Realm by Aspheera when he saved Wu from the hit of magic.
  • The ninja travel to the Never-Realm.
  • The ninja meet Sorla and the Ice Fishers in the Great Lake.
  • The Blizzard Samurai attack Great Lake and destroy the Hearth Fire.
  • Kai concentrates and relights the Hearth Fire, regaining some of his power, and the Ice Fishers cheer and call him "Fire Maker".
  • Lloyd leaves the Great Lake to look for the Titan Mech.
  • Lloyd meets Akita, and nicknames her "Red".
  • Akita saves Lloyd from the Blizzard Samurai.
  • Ultra Violet, the Mechanic, and Fugi-Dove escape from Kryptarium Prison but were captured by P.I.X.A.L. and were returned to the prison.
  • Lloyd repairs and claims the Titan Mech and faces an Ice bird.
  • Cole climbs a mountain to get the petals from the Traveler's Tree.
  • Krag saves Cole from a fall. Cole thought Krag was attacking him, although all Krag wanted to do was to protect him from the falling bridge.
  • Cole befriends Krag and gets the petals.
  • Jay and Nya meet Krag.
  • Boreal freezes the Ice Fishers.
  • Lloyd learns that Zane is the Ice Emperor and that to the latter, decades had passed in the Never-Realm as opposed to a short time in Ninjago.
  • Lloyd is sent to the dungeon where he meets Akita's brother, Kataru.
  • Grimfax helps Lloyd and Kataru out in order to reclaim his throne, and return Zane back to normal.
  • Boreal attacks the ninja and Krag.
  • Nya uses her ice abilities to temporarily decomission Boreal before Kai disintegrates the dragon by regaining the full extent of his power.
  • Lloyd gets defeated by Zane during the Liberation of the Never-Realm and Vex attempts to finish him off.
  • Vex inadvertently prompts Zane to regain memories, allowing the latter to free the Never-Realm from its eternal winter and peace is restored to the Never-Realm. All went well, and Vex the Formless was banished.
  • Akita kisses Lloyd.
  • The ninja return to Ninjago, safe and sound.

Season 12: Prime Empire

  • At some point, Unagami, the A.I. of the abandoned Prime Empire video game, becomes associated with the Mechanic and his henchmen for his plan to create a portal that will allow him to enter the real world.
  • Weeks later,[78] the ninja thwart the Mechanic's heist while Jay discovers the motherboard the thugs were searching for and triggers the Prime Empire arcade cabinet, unknowingly unleashing an energy wave that turns the city's arcade games into Prime Empire. While the others aren't looking, Jay walks into the cabinet and is transported into Prime Empire.
  • Jay befriends Scott.
  • Hundreds of gamers around Ninjago City play Prime Empire, lots of them reaching Level 13, and all get transported into the game.
  • The ninja go searching for the whereabouts of Milton Dyer.
  • The ninja decide that Milton Dyer must be Unagami.
  • Prisoners in Kryptarium prison are released by Unagami.
  • The ninja go to Cyrus Borg, who helps them get into the game while they are attacked by prisoners.
  • The ninja enter Prime Empire.
  • The ninja fail to defeat multiple Red Visors.
  • Kai recklessly loses two of his lives after thinking that he can respawn anytime.
  • The ninja meet the League of Jay and Scott.
  • Kai loses another life before being told by Scott that the players in Prime Empire only get four lives.
  • Scott takes the ninja to a hidden chamber to find Jay.
  • Okino help pass the people through Terra Karana, although he failed and all his masters turned into energy cubes.
  • Okino meets the Successful Samurai and attempts to be more positive towards his job.
  • Okino fails another master and almost gives up again.
  • The ninja come to Terra Karana, where Okino takes them through the Forest of Discontent, where they encounter multiple Whack Rats.
  • The ninja capture a Whack Rat who tells them of a Glitch that they can use to skip the rest of the Forest of Discontent.
  • The ninja enter the Glitch.
  • The ninja encounter an ambush of Red Visors.
  • The ninja lose multiple lives by getting shot by the Red Visors.
  • Okino saves the ninja before any of them lose all of their lives.
  • The ninja and Okino exit the Glitch.
  • Okino realises that Prime Empire is a game.
  • Okino leads the ninja to the Cliffs of Hysteria, where they meet Shifty.
  • The ninja buy rope and grappling hooks with Credits.
  • The ninja and Okino are chased up the Cliffs of Hysteria by Red Visors.
  • The ninja learn from a Red Visor that Unagami is building the machine to enter Ninjago.
  • Okino helps the ninja get through the Maze of the Red Dragon, even though he is confronted by Unagami.
  • The ninja start fighting the Red Dragon.
  • Unagami tells Okino not to help the ninja defeat the Red Dragon.
  • Okino decides to help the Ninja.
  • The ninja begin defeating the Red Dragon.
  • Jay fully defeats the Red Dragon with the Purple Key-Tana and gets an amulet that allows him to call upon the Blue Dragon for help in one future battle.
  • Unagami tells Okino that he will not be allowed to enter Ninjago because he helped the Ninja.
  • Okino becomes the Rōnin of Terra Karana.
  • Zane, P.I.X.A.L and Wu located Mrs. Dyer (Milton's mother).
  • Zane, P.I.X.A.L and Wu interrogate her for answers about where Milton is.
  • The ninja return Terra Technica.
  • The ninja attempt to enter the Speedway Five-Billion.
  • The ninja discover that they need more credits to be able to enter the race.
  • The ninja are ambushed by Red Visors and defeat them easily.
  • Then, Jay and Nya enter a dance competition to win 500 credits to be able to enter the race.
  • Jay and Nya win the dance competition and the ninja enter the race.
  • The ninja find Scott and begin to fix vehicles for the race.
  • Lloyd finds Racer Seven and tries to convince her that Prime Empire is a game, but she tells Lloyd she can't win. Lloyd realizes she is an A.I. and Milton Dyer programmed her to lose.
  • Racer Seven realizes that Prime Empire is a game.
  • Racer Seven decides to join the ninja in the Speedway Five-Billion.
  • Unagami and the Red Visors discover Scott's garage.
  • The Red Visors begin attacking the garage.
  • Scott decides to distract the Red Visors to allow the ninja and Racer Seven to escape and get to the race.
  • Scott dies and is cubed.
  • Unagami sends 5 Red Visors in vehicles after the ninja and Racer Seven.
  • The Speedway Five-Billion begins.
  • The ninja and Racer Seven make it to the race late, pursued by Red Visors.
  • The ninja and Racer Seven begin taking out other racers and avoiding the Red Visors.
  • Jay is surrounded by Red Visors.
  • Kai and Cole sacrifice their last lives and get cubed to save Jay by snagging all remaining Red Visors and crashing them into an explosion.
  • Racer Seven wins the Speedway Five-Billion, overcoming her programming.
  • Lloyd, Jay and Nya obtain the Yellow Key-Tana.
  • Racer Seven goes off on her own path.
  • Lloyd, Jay and Nya travel to Terra Domina to retrieve the final Key-Tana.
  • Nya, Jay and Lloyd each lose a life by failing the platforming challenges in Terra Domina.
  • Lloyd is forced to fight the Boss; Avatar Harumi. He obtains the Orange Key-Tana and loses his last life in the process.
  • Jay and Nya travel to the Temple of Madness.
  • Zane begins acting like a detective in order to find Milton Dyer.
  • Zane and P.I.X.A.L. travel to Laughy's Karaoke Bar to find Tony.
  • Zane and P.I.X.A.L. gets into a fight with the people inside Laughy's.
  • Zane and P.I.X.A.L. go to Buddy's Pizza in search of Milton Dyer.
  • The Mechanic and his henchmen ambushes Zane and P.I.X.A.L at the Buddy's Pizza.
  • P.I.X.A.L. wakes up to realises that Zane and the Mechanic are gone.
  • P.I.X.A.L. finds Milton Dyer who reveals that Unagami is the game.
  • Wu is captured by The Mechanic's henchmen.
  • The Mechanic completes the Manifestation Gate.
  • Jay and Nya make their way to the Temple of Madness.
  • Jay and Nya defeat the challenges of Sushimi's sushi restaurant.
  • Jay and Nya insert the Key-Tanas into their respective ports.
  • Nya sacrifices herself to save Jay, and coincedentally, that was the last cube that was required for them to make a portal to enter Ninjago..
  • Jay completes the game.
  • Jay fails to defeat Unagami and Unagami exits the game into Ninjago.
  • Jay summons the Blue Dragon to help him defeat multiple Red Visors and exit Prime Empire.
  • Unagami's army enters Ninjago.
  • Jay enters Ninjago and saves Zane from being destroyed by the Manifestation Gate.
  • Jay leads Unagami to the top of Borg Tower.
  • Jay tells Unagami about his birth parents abandoning him and him not knowing why.
  • Zane, P.I.X.A.L., Wu and Milton Dyer get to the top of Borg Tower.
  • Milton Dyer and Unagami reconnect and Unagami agrees to release everyone who was inside Prime Empire.
  • Kai, Cole, Lloyd, Nya, and Scott return to Ninjago along with everyone else who were trapped within the game.

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

  • Cole plays Prime Empire and invites Lloyd for a round before the ninja and Wu recieved a letter, saying that are invited to Shintaro by King Vangelis.
  • Cole meets Gleck but gets captured by the Skull Sorcerer after discovering the Dungeons of Shintaro.
  • The ninja went off to the Dungeons of Shintaro to rescue Cole.
  • The Skull Sorcerer captures the Ninja.
  • The ninja free the Geckles, Munce, and themselves from the Skull Sorcerer but get separated.
  • Lloyd, Jay, and Nya meet Queen Murtessa.
  • Murtessa and Nya fight for Jay.
  • Nya wins her battle with Murtessa and becomes the Munce's new queen.
  • Kai and Zane gets accused of being Awakened Warriors by the Geckles and gets taken to Chancellor Gulch.
  • Gulch sends Kai and Zane to a Trial-By-Mino.
  • Zane tames a Mino and Kai becomes the Geckles' new chancellor.
  • Vania and Chompy rescues Cole from Giant Spiders and warns Wu and Vangelis about the Skull Sorcerer.
  • Vangelis reveals that he's the Skull Sorcerer.
  • Cole, Vania, and Wu get sent to Rock-Bottom and meet the Lowly.
  • Cole forms an alliance with the Lowly, Vania and Wu, and together they climb up, using Cole's new Elemental Earth energy.
  • Vangelis ressurects Grief-Bringer.
  • Kai and Nya meet as leaders of the Geckles and Munce.
  • Cole attempts the Spinjitzu Burst in the Heart of the Mountain, but fails.
  • The Skull Sorcerer decieves the ninja and the two tribes and captures them.
  • The Upply make it to the surface and meet Hailmar in the Throne room.
  • Hailmar and Vania battle while Cole and the Upply sneak into the mines.
  • Plundar frees the ninja while Korgran and Fungus free the two tribes.
  • The Battle for Shintaro begins.
  • Cole battles the Skull Sorcerer, but fails due to the lie about the Blades of Deliverance.
  • Cole remembers his promise to Lilly and defeats the Skull Sorcerer, after Vania and Hailmar come to help.
  • Vania becomes Queen of Shintaro.
  • The ninja and Wu bid farewell to Shintaro, and go wherever the wind takes them.

The Island


Time skips

The following time spans are based on creator statements and are not officially set in stone or defined. Note that the ninja are confirmed to be teenagers throughout the show's run, and that the passage of time in the show is kept mostly vague. If not outright stated, it is heavily implied they will always be non-specifically aged late-teens, younger than 20.[88][89][90][91]

Continuity errors

  • In Cole's flashback in "The Jade Princess," Cole says his father is never home, leaving all the chores for him. This contradicts what Cole said in "The Royal Blacksmiths," which was that he ran away from home and had kept in contact with his father through letters.
  • In Zane's flashback in "Snake Jaguar", Master Wu is already in his usual appearance instead of his young design. This contradicts how Garmadon's banishment to the Underworld and Dr. Julien's death take place within a close timespan,[99] seeing as Dr. Julien's hair is a darker gray in this episode, while it was white and he was much older when Samukai revived him as seen in "The Last Voyage".
    • When asked about this, Tommy Andreasen stated "These answers have yet to be given"[100] and will be revealed "Only if it relevant for the storyline."[101]
  • The LEGO Life app states that Lilly defeated Grief-Bringer fifteen years ago,[102] but Cole is implied to be at least sixteen from Jay's statement that the ninja are "grown-up teenagers."[4] This is a contradiction because Lilly would have lost her powers when Cole was born, and it is implied Lilly defeated Grief-Bringer when she still had her powers.
    • In the TV series, Cole is older than Lloyd, who was born before Garmadon was banished to the Underworld. However, in a canon magazine issue,[103] Cole's birth is placed after Garmadon's banishment, which would make Cole younger than Lloyd. Additionally, the comic shows Wu with his young appearance after the point in time when Dr. Julien was captured, even though Wu appeared as an old man when he was shown in "Snake Jaguar" to have met Dr. Julien before Dr. Julien's imprisonment.
  • Despite the fact that Krux disguised himself as Dr. Saunders long before the events of the series, in Legacy of the Green Ninja, another curator is shown.
    • According to Tommy Andreasen, this curator is "just a guy," implying there was simply more than one curator working at the museum at that point.[104]
  • The part about the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu in The Book of Spinjitzu differs from what is shown in the show, because according to the book, Wu and Garmadon were looking for a cookbook when they found the scroll and Garmadon wanted to use it because it "called" him. Eventually, they found the scroll and revealed its secrets.
    • The same book also shows that Wu and Garmadon learned Spinjitzu as young adults, although they knew it as children in the show.
      • Tommy Andreasen explained that because Wu and Garmadon are thousands of years old, "‘teens’ and ‘kids’ are quite abstract when it comes to them."[105]


  • Tommy Andreasen offered "WRK" as label for the timeline, meaning "Wu Recruits Kai," referrring to the first scene in the series.[106]
  • Many of the series' main events were commenced by the events of the first season.
    • Lloyd released the Serpentine, who decided to released the Great Devourer, was finally defeated by Lord Garmadon with the Golden Weapons. Harumi also started hating the Ninja, which will come into play a lot later.
    • The Great Devourer's death in season one caused the Stone Army to awaken in Season 2, which also led to the Overlord's final battle with Lloyd and later Zane.
    • The Overlord's defeat left him vanquished and vengeful, and in the third season, he fought the ninja. Zane seemingly died when he destroyed the Golden Master.
    • Morro possessed Lloyd in season five and went on a quest to unleash the Preeminent, the physical manifestation of the Cursed Realm. Nya drowned the Preeminent, destroying the realm and killing its prisoners (including Garmadon).
    • Djinjago, the sister realm of the Cursed Realm, collapses due to the latter's destruction. Nadakhan seeks vengeance against the ninja, and though he succeeds, Jay uses his last wish to bring everything back to normal.
    • The events of season seven didn't directly correlate to the previous seasons' events—rather, they were in response to events from long before the pilot episodes.
    • Harumi, who was orphaned after the Great Devourer's rampage in season one, seeks to resurrect Lord Garmadon, who died in "Curseworld, Part II". This goal is ultimately fulfilled, and the original ninja and Wu wind up in the Realm of Oni and Dragons.
    • The ninja try to escape the Realm of Oni and Dragons in Season 9, while Wu ages back to his normal self after season seven's events. The Resistance holds up against Lord Garmadon's rule. Garmadon is defeated but warns of coming darkness.
  • Due to time travel, the ninja have been involved in multiple events that transpired before they were born.
    • Kai and Nya fought the Time Twins after they went back in time to attempt to destroy the past Elemental Masters after their initial defeat.
    • Zane was sent into the Never-Realm's past, where he reigned as the Ice Emperor for decades.
  • In "Grave Danger," the ninja see visions decades in the future, where Jay has an eyepatch and ends up with Nya. Jay, Kai, and Zane have robes that are similar to Wu's battle uniform, possibly indicating they have become teachers themselves. Despite the ninja's changes in appearance since then, this is still set to happen in the future.[107]
  • There are several names describing long periods, such as the First Age, which was during the reign of Pyro Vipers in the Serpentine Valley and took place about a thousand years ago, or Era of the Stone Warrior, which was during the reign of Nadakhan in the sea two hundred years ago.
    • It is currently unknown why this period is called the Era of the Stone Warrior, as the Stone Army was defeated thousands of years ago and was not discovered until Legacy of the Green Ninja.


Main events


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