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“I faced my fear. When I realized it wasn't something in front of me that held me back, but something inside me, I found a deeper power. A dragon power.”
— Zane to the Elemental Masters, "The Day of the Dragon"

The Titanium Dragon is Zane's Elemental Dragon that was unlocked after he accepted the truth that he was no longer the White Ninja, but the Titanium Ninja.


Tournament of Elements


The Titanium Dragon was discovered by Zane after he fell into a large snowy cavern. The dragon emerged from the shadows and aggressively approached Zane, roaring at him. However, the Ninja of Ice realized that the dragon was chained, and woke up to discover it was only a dream.

Spy for a Spy

In another dream, the dragon was sound asleep, and Zane seized his chance to escape from the snowy cavern. Unfortunately, he slipped and fell at the last second, and thus woke up the creature. It gave a roar of fury which woke the Nindroid, finding himself being unchained by his rescuer, Cole.

The Day of the Dragon

This time, the dragon appeared while Zane was wide awake while stranded in a cavern similar to his previous dreams. Traumatized by its presence, he found himself unable to fend for himself until P.I.X.A.L. reassured him of the real reality, as well as the real source of his fears. Zane learned that the dragon was symbolic of his inner fears and doubts, and once he was able to overcome those fears, he gained the ability to conjure it.

Zane later showed his friends his new ability stating to Lloyd, who, after witnessing Chen leave and saying he was the only one with a dragon, stated that he was the only one with a dragon. Zane stated that that was not true anymore, and told his friends that he faced his fears and was able to confront them to summon his dragon. Zane's words would be supported by Kai, who summoned his Dragon and told the other Masters they could do the same. The motivation caused all the Masters to do so as well and they flew after Chen's army to save Ninjago.

The Greatest Fear of All

Zane and Dareth rode the Titanium Dragon back to Ninjago City, then to the Samurai X Cave and Kryptarium Prison. It was later used to chase down an Anacondrai truck though, upon realizing it was empty, Zane became afraid and lost control of the Titanium Dragon.


Winds of Change

Zane used his Elemental Dragon to help the ninja capture a Fangfish that had been terrorizing a coastal village. He later used it to ride back to Wu's new tea shop, Steep Wisdom. While the ninja were showing off their powers while advertising the shop, Zane used his dragon to create a large ice sculpture of a teapot. Unfortunately, when Morro took control of Lloyd, the ninja lost their elemental abilities and their dragons. As a result of the Titanium Dragon disappearing in midair, Zane plummeted to the ground.



When the ninja left to see what Clouse is up to, the ninja rode on their Elemental Dragons. They decided to take a quick detour to the hospital to visit Lil' Nelson.

Public Enemy Number One

Zane rode on his Dragon to the Mountains of Impossible Height to hide from the police.

After they agreed to split up in pairs to look for Nadakhan, Zane rode his Dragon with Lloyd to the Ancient Library of Domu.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Wasted True Potential

Zane mentions the dragon as an example to a skeptical Jay of how his visions usually come true. Jay acknowledged Zane's claims but believed his recent vision wouldn't come true and told him to move past it, though it later did come true. description

The Titanium Dragon is Zane’s Elemental Dragon. Zane discovered his Elemental Dragon during his captivity on Chen’s Island. He first saw the beast in a dream. Zane eventually realized that the dragon represented his fears and doubts, and once he was able to overcome these, it became possible to summon the dragon. Like Zane’s former beast, the Titanium Dragon has the power of ice. Different to his initial dragon, the Titanium Dragon is not, in fact, a physical beast, but a manifestation of Zane’s courage and ability to triumph over doubt.[1]



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Ninjago: Decoded

Video games


  • The Titanium Dragon was the first Elemental Dragon to be seen, other than the Golden Dragon.
  • It's Zane's second dragon, the first being Shard.
  • "Wasted True Potential" marks the first time the Titanium Dragon's name is mentioned in the show. It was previously referred to as the "Ice Dragon" by Zane in "The Day of the Dragon."
  • The Titanium Dragon is the second Elemental Dragon that appears in a set, the first one being the Golden Dragon and the third one being Master Wu's dragon.
  •'s Ninjago page identified the Titanium Dragon visions as a manifestation of Zane's fear of death, with his ability to manifest and control it coming after he had faced those fears.
  • It appears to be wearing a flexible, silver suit of armor covering its torso. This may be due to its new connection to Zane's titanium-shelled form, while the rest of its ice-body originates from Zane's abilities.
  • The dragon is pictured in the middle of a detailed, circular symbol at the end of The Search for Zane.


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