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Trading Card Game is a card game that was launched in 2016. There are currently cards from Skybound to The Island.



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  • It is unknown why they are not available in the United States.
  • There are several ways to get them: There is the normal pack which contains five cards; the starter pack, a mega card (which is a bigger type of card), a limited golden card and the collector's bind; there is the multipack which contains five packs and a limited golden card; a metal box which contains five packs; a bigger metal box which contains nine cards; a blister pack, which contains a limited golden card and five packs;and the actual box from stores, which contains 50 packs. The last one has a smaller variant, which contains fifteen packs.
  • In every year's first half, a new series comes out.
  • The second part of Series 5, called Next Level, came out in August, 2020.
  • One card, called "Team Clouse", depicts Flintlocke and Bucko standing behind Clouse. This may be a reference to the Dark Island Trilogy, where Clouse commands a team of Sky Pirates.

Types of cards

  • Character cards: The cards of all characters from the current wave.
    • Hero cards: Cards of the Ninja and their allies.
    • Villain cards: Cards of the enemies.
  • Black Cards: Released in the 2018 wave, these cards are made for the Season 8 villains. They look like the character cards, except that they are black at the frames.
  • Level up cards: Leveled up versions of character cards.
  • Neon cards: Normal character cards with neon background.
  • Duel cards (series 5): Consists of two cards, one is for a ninja, and the other is for an enemy.
  • Dragon cards (series 4): Consists of two cards, one is for a dragon, and the other one is for a ninja.
  • Vehicle cards: Cards for the vehicles of the current wave. They contain the wave's spinner/flyer sets as vehicles.
  • Trap cards: Powerful cards for the card game.
  • Event cards: They work like the trap cards, but are not as powerful as they are.
  • Puzzle cards: They consist of nine cards, and they usually make a poster for the current wave. There are usually more than nine cards in one wave, because there are more seasons in a wave.
  • Limited cards: Normal character cards, just more powerful, and more rare.
  • Mega cards: Bigger than normal cards, don't fit in the collector's binder.
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