The Treble Makers was a singing group consisting of Serpentine, who entered a talent show in an attempt to retrieve the third Sliver Fangblade, contained in the Blade Cup Trophy. Attempting to win the contest, the group of Serpentine disguised as poorly dressed contestants, naming their group the "Treble Makers," and entered singing a song called My Poison Lies Over the Ocean:

My poison lies over the ocean

My poison lies over the sea

My poison lies over the ocean

So bring back my poison to me!

After completing the song, the judges (Pythor and two Ninjago citizens) in total gave the Treble Makers a solid twenty-eight, due to the Anacondrai forcing the two other judges to flip their cards (sixes) around to nines, while Pythor had already planned to give them a perfect ten. In spite of being ranked the highest, the Ninja went on top as a perfect thirty, subsequently after their excellent performance, complemented when Cole had performed the Triple Tiger Sashay.



The Royal Blacksmiths

After discovering that the Blade Cup contained the Constrictai Fangblade, Pythor ordered Lasha, Snappa, Mezmo, and Chokun to enter the annual Talent Show in Ninjago City. The Serpentine disguised themselves with wigs and sunglasses before entering themselves as the "Treble Makers." For their performance, they sang a song called "My Poison Lies Over The Ocean," which failed to impress anyone apart from their fellow Serpentine and the two Skulkin Generals in the audience.

At the end of the performance, Pythor (disguised as a judge) gave the Treble Makers a perfect ten, while the other judges each gave it a six. However, Pythor intimidated the other two judges into flipping their score cards around, resulting in a nearly perfect score of twenty-eight. Despite this, the Treble Makers would lose the competition to the Ninja, who were entered as the group Spin Harmony, forcing the Serpentine to steal the Blade Cup instead.


  • Their stage name is a pun on the music term "treble" and the phrase "trouble makers."
  • The song used in the Treble Makers' performance was a homage to the famous Scottish folk song, "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean."
  • It is unclear whether the other Serpentine were actually enjoying the song, or just cheering the Treble Makers on in their quest to claim the Fangblade. If the former is the case, it may be an indication that the Serpentine have some form of music in their culture.
  • Snike said he liked singing in "The Royal Blacksmiths," but wasn't seen with the Treble Makers.
  • The costume Lasha wears in the Treble Makers' act bears a resemblance to Slash, the lead guitarist of the band Guns N' Roses.




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