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Not to be confused with the episode.
“If the Mino crushes you quickly, you are guilty. If it crushes you slowly, you're innocent.”

Trial-By-Mino is a test used by the Geckles to determine if the outsiders they met are guilty or not.


Trial By Mino

Kai and Zane are swarmed in by the Geckles who bring the ninja to Gulch. Groko, Garpo, and Ginkle claimed that the ninja are part of the Re-Awakened, but the ninja claimed that they do not look like the skeletons. Unable to reach a decision, Gulch decided in a Trial-By-Mino. The ninja were confused, but they fall into the Mino Pit.

The Mino was released and attacked the ninja. While fighting the beast, Zane realized the Mino had Vengestone attached to its body. Zane was able to get on top of the Mino and remove the armor. After the armor was removed, the Mino started to be friendly with the ninja and the Geckles realized the ninja were innocent.


  • Like the Trial By Sphinx, the name of the trial is a reference to the phrase "trial by fire," which means a test of one's abilities to perform well under pressure.

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