“Only the most difficult dance move ever created.”
“It's true. Many professionals have dare tried, but it's never been successfully completed.”
Cole and Lou

The Triple Tiger Sashay is a dancing technique that was passed down to Lou, Cole's father. To perform it, the user is faced with three opponents, and jumps onto each one as though using their heads as individual steps. Once landing on the ground again, the user must do a tiger claw and growl. Cole was forced to try and perform it when he was only seven years old. When he failed, he let down his quartet and ran away from home.


The Royal Blacksmiths

Being trained by Lou to become a singer for the talent show, Cole was reminded how he had failed at performing the Triple Tiger Sashay when he was seven.

Later, when the Ninja were performing for the show, they were encountered by several Serpentine. Cole unexpectedly did the Triple Tiger Sashay, making them the winner.

All of Nothing

While fighting the Serpentine, Cole managed to take them down by using the Triple Tiger Sashay.

Return of the Overlord

Cole attempts to use the Triple Tiger Sashay on a Dark Matter-corrupted Nya, but she stops him before he can do so.

The Oni and the Dragon

When the Sons of Garmadon start booing at his singing, Cole attempts a Triple Tiger Sashay, but ends up slipping.


  • On screen, the Triple Tiger Sashay was performed four times by Cole, who failed to do so before and recently failed to perform it again.
  • Among the other Ninja, Cole is the only one who can perform it.
  • It is a very effective fighting technique, as seen in "All of Nothing."
  • Cole mentioned it was one of his favorite moves in "Ninjago: Decoded."
  • According to Lou, no one has ever successful done the Triple Tiger Sashay prior to Cole.


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