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This article is about a subject that is relevant to the storyline of both the Ninjago TV series and the LEGO Movie franchise. Information may be more directed toward one continuity than the other.

This article is specific to ninja outfits. For casual uniforms and other outfits worn by the ninja, as well as non-physical variations of the suits listed on this page, see here.
“To best practice Spinjitzu, a ninja's typical clothing, or gi, should be simple, functional, and allow maximum movement.”

In LEGO's Ninjago theme, the ninja and their masters wear a variety of outfits or gi, denoting various forms and ranks they take over the course of the story. These types mean various things to the consumer, although these changes in appearance are not particularly important, save in the actual spinner game, where they have different levels of Spinjitzu Power or SP.

Additionally, the First Spinjitzu Master, Dareth, Darkley's students, Skylor, Gravis, Morro, Master Yang and his pupils, Nelson, Scott, Lilly, and various other characters wore similar outfits and gi at various points.

On the official Ninjago website, the Wu-Cru missions required the user to pick a character, and as the user completed "Level Up" missions, progress through the various gi. This provided official images for several non-canon, previously unseen suits for Lloyd and Nya, as well as a sensei variant for all of the ninja.

Black gi (2011, 2022)

These were the original ninja outfits, worn by Jay, Cole, and Zane in "Way of the Ninja" and the beginning of "The Golden Weapon". They are all black and do not appear in set form. These suits are recolored versions of the ninja's individual trainee suits without the ropes and emblems.

In Season 15: Crystalized, Lloyd, Jay, Kai, Zane and Cole wear black suits based on Cole's Armor suit (without the belt buckle) with black Legacy masks.

None of these suits appear in minfigure form

Trainee gi (2011-2012)

“When Zane becomes Master Wu's ninja recruit, he is an orphan with no memories of his past. Polite and respectful, Zane is proud to wear the white robes of the Ice Ninja.”

The standard, "trainee"[1] ninja outfit features a simple gi, with the color of the gi corresponding with the wearer's element. There are three ropes being used as a belt, with the fastener bearing the symbol of the wearer's element as well. The outfit also includes a mask that covers the entire head, with a small slit for the eyes. The ropes continue onto the back in the TV series but not in minifigure form.

In the series, the masks appear to be attached to the gi-like hoods, as the ninja are seen pulling them up from behind when going on a mission.

In the series, the proportions of Kai, Jay, and Zane's suits are somewhat warped. The torso designs appear to be shrunken more into the middle, while the belts appear to be enlarged. The proportions of Cole's outfit are more accurate to his minifigure's.

Several other color variations on the basic ninja uniform appeared in the show, including a variant of the Green Ninja suit (essentially the ZX suit without the shoulder armor and different headpiece), Zane's pink gi from "Can of Worms," and the "Brown Ninja" outfit (and occasional hood) worn by Dareth. In the first pilot episode, Cole, Jay, and Zane were also seen wearing pure black versions of the basic outfit, when they unknowingly acted as Kai's final test to become a ninja; afterward, Master Wu gave all four of them their standard outfits. The ninja wore these suits from "The Golden Weapon" to "The Snake King" and Kai donned his again in "The Invitation" and "Only One Can Remain."

Nya and Lloyd appeared in Training robes in the 2016 Wu-Cru game and Lloyd is pictured in this suit in The Book of Spinjitzu, but they were never released as Minifigures nor appeared in the show, as they were not ninja at the time (though Lloyd's could technically be created using his Honor robe and a green hood from LEGO's original Ninja theme).

In the Ninjago Spinners game, the basic ninja have 1000 SP: 400 SP in their dominant element, and 300 SP in two other elements. According to some prototype Spinner boxes, a working title for these suits was "Cobrai."[2]


Dragon eXtreme gi (2011-2012)

“Cole likes people to think he is fearless, but there is one thing he can't hide: his fear of dragons! It's no mean feat for Cole to his Elemental Dragon and achieve DX (Dragon eXtreme) status.”

In their DX (Dragon eXtreme)[3] form, the ninja's suits have images of their respective Dragons on it. The dragons are positioned on the right side of the suits—their heads and front claws visible on the shirts and their tails coiling around the front of the pants—and each is breathing their elemental breath (Cole's Earth Dragon breathes Earth; Zane's Ice Dragon breathes Ice; Jay's Lightning Dragon breathes Lightning, and Kai's Fire Dragon breathes Fire). Their elemental symbols are now present on the backs of their suits, along with their individual name. Their Spinners are gold, with smaller details in the color of their elements. In order to achieve this rank, they must completely tame and understand their Elemental Dragons.

In the series, the ninja gain these uniforms in "Weapons of Destiny" when they ally with the Elemental Dragons in order to retrieve the Golden Weapons from the Underworld. After that adventure, they only wear these suits when they ride their dragons, therefore they don't wear them after "Snakebit," though Cole donned his again in "The Invitation" and "Only One Can Remain."

Lloyd's DX suit was not seen in the show and only available in minifigure form with a promotional product. Unlike the other ninja, his suit has two shoulder pads, and a head mask similar to his ZX variant (with the three-pronged headpiece left unprinted). Nya appeared in DX robes in the 2016 Wu-Cru game, but was never released as a minifigure nor appeared in the show, as she was not a ninja at the time.

In the Ninjago Spinners game, DX ninja have 1100 SP: 500 SP in their dominant element, 300 SP in a secondary element, 200 SP in a tertiary element, and 100 SP in the final element.


Kendo armor (2011-2012)

“Cole is always focused during ninja training and puts in hours of practice. When he trains in the ancient fighting style of kendo, Cole wears protective head and chest amour over his original ninja suit.”

The Kendo ninja wear their training gi under heavy gray armor similar to that of Samurai X. Instead of cloth masks, they wear helmets similar to those used in fencing, with a grate-like mask that protects their faces.

In the series, Kendo gear is used during the ninja's training exercises. The ninja also wear color-coded bandanas under their helmets, and their armor is slightly more detailed and darker in color. The ninja all only use the Kendo Armor in the series in "Rise of the Snakes," during a competition to determine which of them would become the Green Ninja. Jay used his Kendo Armor in "The Snake King" and he threw his Kendo Armor at the Great Devourer in "The Rise of the Great Devourer" so it is unknown if it was destroyed. It is unknown if the ninja still have their Kendo Armors but they probably have.

Nya and Lloyd appeared in Kendo Armor in the 2016 Wu-Cru game, but were never released as minifigures nor appeared in the show, as they were not ninja at the time. However, they have the same torsos as their Honor robe minifigures.

In the Ninjago Spinners game, Kendo ninja have 1000 SP: 300 SP in two elements, and 200 SP in the other two elements.


Zen eXtreme armor (2012)

“Whoa! They've got, like, armor.”
— Jay, "The Snake King"

The ZX (Zen eXtreme)[3] ninja wear gi and cloth masks that are similar to their original outfits, but with the addition of armor on various parts of their body. The armor design varies between ninja, but all have a three-pronged "crowns" on the foreheads of their masks and rugged armor plates on their shoulders. The back of the suit features a holder for katanas, but the ninja keep their Golden Weapons there in the show. In the TV series, the ninja often wear the back armor without shoulder pads. The dominant color of the armor varies between ninja; Kai and Zane have golden armor, while Cole and Jay have silver armor. Lloyd has a silver "crown" like Cole and Jay's ZX suits, but his shoulder pads are dark gray. Kai wore his without his crown in "Darkness Shall Rise". Jay's right arm is fully armored, possibly to protect it when he swings his Nunchucks of Lightning.

Some sets feature ZX ninja without the shoulder armor, usually so they can fit in a vehicle or due to being in a smaller set (such as a polybag). In the sets, the armored side of Jay's armor is light gray instead of silver due to the relative infrequency of metallic minifigure part coloring at the time.

In the series, the main four ninja gain their ZX armor in a package from the Mailman, delivered in "The Snake King," while Lloyd's ZX suit appears in stages throughout the series. It is seen as a regular ninja outfit (lacking the armor on the mask and shoulders) when Kai wore it in "The Green Ninja." By the time Lloyd donned it in "All of Nothing," the headpiece was present, while the shoulder armor appeared after Lloyd was aged into a teenager in "Child's Play." Before growing older, Lloyd's sleeves were slightly rolled up around his wrists and his pants wrinkled around his heels, indicating the suit was too large for him. Lloyd's ZX minifigure has gunmetal gray shoulder pads, while in the show they are the same silver as Jay's and Cole's. Young Morro in "Ghost Story" wore a more faded and slightly differently colored version of Lloyd's Green Ninja suit, with a black dragon in a golden circle design on his back instead of Lloyd's ouroboros symbol.

The suits were transformed into their elemental robes in "Island of Darkness," though Jay donned his ZX suit again in "The Invitation" and "Only One Can Remain."

Nya appeared in ZX robes in the 2016 Wu-Cru game, but was never released as a minifigure nor appeared in the show, as she was not a ninja at the time. The design is similar to that of her first Samurai X outfit, but with ZX masks and shoulder pads.

In the Ninjago Spinners game, ZX ninja have 1100 SP. Their SP distribution is similar to their Kendo forms, but with an extra 100 SP in their dominant element. The only exception is Lloyd ZX, who has an even 300 SP in all four elements (for a total of 1200 SP).

Armorless ZX Gi

NRG (2012, 2021)

“You might have reached peak physical condition, but you've yet to reach your inner potential. In each and every one of us, there are obstacles that hold us back. Only when you conquer that fear will your heart be free. Only then will you reach your True Potential.”
— Master Wu, "Tick Tock"

The NRG (eNeRGy) ninja represent the ninja when they unlock their True Potential and convert their dominant element into energy. The main suit consists of a mask similar to the ZX ninja but the triangular piece on the top is decorated with elemental energy. The suit is dominated by an elaborate design resembling an explosion of the character's primary element, with their elemental symbol at the center of the explosion, on the left side of the chest.

In the series, NRG ninja appear as their ZX forms (including shoulder pads and suit details), but glowing with light and being see-through and made of or surrounded by their respective element (Kai becomes surrounded by a sphere of fire, Jay becomes an electrical being, Zane becomes enveloped by a pillar of light, and Cole becomes surrounded by orbiting rocks).

Nya and Lloyd appeared in NRG forms in the 2016 Wu-Cru game but were never released as Minifigures nor did they appear in the show, as they were not ninja at the time. The minifigure variant of Nya after merging with the Endless Sea in "Nyad" is labelled as NRG Nya on the set boxes, making it the first NRG minifigure to release after 2012.

In the Ninjago Spinners game, they have 900 SP; 500 SP in their dominant element, and 400 SP in a secondary element.

These suits do not appear in the TV series, as in the show, when the ninja unlocked their true potential, they wore powered up versions of their ZX suits.

This is the first energy ninja suit.


Elemental kimonos (2012-2013)

“Cole receives these black-and-silver robes when Lloyd Garmadon is revealed to be the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master.”

The elemental robes (also known to as the Elemental kimono or Kimono ninja,[1]) were gained by the ninja in "Island of Darkness" when they arrived at the Temple of Light after Lloyd struck the Instrument of Peace and they received their enhanced powers. Upon gaining these suits, the ninja obtained new elemental weapons with similar powers to their Golden Weapons. The suits retain the hoods and shoulder pads of the ZX suits, but the gi is mostly black, with their corresponding colors used for details. These suits introduce a few elements that would be used in later variants; specifically, the new symbols appearing on the sashes at the top of each ninja's torso design, as well as Cole's "primary color" being gray because the suit itself is black for everyone.

Additionally, Lloyd's new suit changes his headpiece and shoulder pads from silver and gray to gold. Later, during the Final Battle against the Overlord in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master," Lloyd's entire suit becomes golden-colored after he unlocks his full power as the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master.

Despite shoulder pads appearing with these suits on every ninja in the TV series, only Lloyd's physical minifigure has them in his Elemental form. For Kai and Jay, this can be explained by their vehicle setups inhibiting them from wearing the armor. Lloyd's golden form is also slightly different from the series' interpretation; the gold is darker and more metallic-looking, a few details (such as the characters on the kimono and the sash on his waist) remain green, and Lloyd's face becomes the same shade of gold as his outfit (unlike the show, where it remained yellow), making it appear somewhat similar to an NRG ninja.

Nya appeared in Elemental robes in the 2016 Wu-Cru game but was never released as a Minifigure nor did she appear in the show, as she was not a ninja at the time.


Techno robes (2014-2015)

“I've also given you new outfits to help block the facial recognition software.”
— Cyrus Borg, "The Surge"

Known as the Techno[3] robes, the ninja received these advanced outfits from Borg Industries in Rebooted, along with their Techno Blades. The outfits appear as kimono-like robes in their respective ninja's color, with brown and gold highlights and a small medallion near the waist. Unlike previous outfits, the Techno robes lack a hood, instead of having color-coded bandanas that cover the lower half of the face. As such, these are the first ninja Minifigures to have hair pieces based on the characters' hairstyles in the series. Also, in the series, the ninja, with the exception of Lloyd, lack black gloves much of the time. As with the Elemental robes, Lloyd is the only Techno ninja whose outfit includes shoulder pads, though in this case this is the case in the show as well. Nya wears an outfit similar to these in the graphic novel Night of the Nindroids.

Zane has a second Techno variant that appears to be battle-damaged. The physical minifigure is inspired by his appearance following his first encounter with the Nindroid army in "The Art of the Silent Fist" (though the damaged face design was originally seen in "Day of the Great Devourer" in Season 1), with his power source exposed.

Alternate Techno GI Varients (non-canon)

Golden Techno robes (2014, 2017, 2020)

“While in the Digiverse, all the ninja can access the power of the Gold Ninja. Kai struggles to overcome his fear, but when he does he is embraced by the Golden Power!”

In the Season 3 episode, "Enter the Digiverse," Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole gain golden versions of their Techno suits in the Digiverse, as they are channeling Lloyd's power. Kai and Zane's physical variants differ slightly from their on-screen counterparts. Kai has a ZX mask, shoulder pads, a red belt instead of gold, and added detail on the legs. Zane was released under the Ninjago: Legacy banner, so he has his post-season 8 head print and has the Legacy hood in gold.

Jay and Cole are yet to have physical Minifigures released in this variant.


Stone Warrior armor (2014-2016)

“If the Overlord's Stone Warriors used this against the First Spinjitzu Master, I see no reason why we can't use it against those exact same powers.”

The Stone Warrior armor,[3] also known as Stone Armor,[4] were used by the ninja in "The Titanium Ninja" to go against the Golden Master, though design appeared on Lloyd starting in "Codename: Arcturus" after he dispersed Golden Power power back to the other four ninja. They were sourced from the armor of the Stone Warriors (worn over the ninja's Techno robes) from when they served the Overlord in the fight against the First Spinjitzu Master. The armor makes the wearer immune to Golden Power.

They are the first suits in the show since the ninja's DX suits to be based on only two colors (gray/silver and the color respective to each ninja), except for Zane's. The suits have each ninja's respective animal symbol as a medallion in the middle center of their torsos but are otherwise identical to one another. The design that Zane wears has light blue, jagged lines on it, as well as some gold highlights. Zane's variant also has his elemental symbol, instead of his standard animal one, as a medallion on his lower torso.

Having been released in promotional sets, Kai, Jay, and Cole's Minifigures include added leg printing not present in the show.

Nya appeared in Stone Armor in the 2016 Wu-Cru game, but was never released as a minifigure nor appeared in the show, as she was not a ninja at the time. The design is similar to that of her Techno Samurai X outfit, but with a ZX mask.

Alternate Stone Warrior Gi Variants (non-canon)

Tournament robes (2015)

“During the Tournament of Elements, Cole wore robes given to him by the organizer, Master Chen. The short sleeves allowed Cole's arms to move more freely.”

In Season 4, the ninja received their tournament robes[3] from Chen when they competed at the Tournament of Elements.

These color-coded gi have padded chest plates and a black strap running from the left shoulder to the right hip. On the strap is all four of the Tournament ninja's symbols, with only that ninja's symbol appearing on a gold badge on the right shoulder. They appear lighter than previous uniforms, exposing the arms and collars of the wearers. The hairpieces and bandanas are identical to the Techno Robe versions of the ninja.

It is the first suit to not be worn by all of the active ninja in the TV series. Zane never received his suit, relegating it to appearing only in an accessory set, in which he appears severely battle damaged and has a full, unprinted ZX hood instead of the half-mask the rest wear.


Jungle robes (2015)

“When Jay and the ninja were invited to Master Chen's island, their host gave them special robes. They helped them survive the jungle - and defeat dastardly Chen!”

The jungle robes,[3] (also known as Spellbound in the Wu-Cru game, after their debut episode) are a step back to the older ninja uniforms, being full-body gi with a number of belts and pouches over the chest. They are the first uniforms since the Elemental Robes to have hoods, which each bear a Japanese character on the forehead. Kai and Lloyd's variants were released with katana sheathes.

It is presumed that Kai, Jay, and Lloyd obtained their Jungle outfits from Chen sometime before between "Spy for a Spy" and "Spellbound," as the latter was their first appearance, but no background was given. Zane had his outfit since "The Invitation," while Cole received his in "The Forgotten Element" upon getting his powers back.

This uniform is worn by Kai, Cole, Jay, and Lloyd. Zane wears a modified version in his Titanium form, with metallic elements and shoulder pads resembling his ZX form's outfit. It is a unique suit for Zane, as it is predominantly silver with white highlights. Skylor also wears this outfit, despite not being an official member of the team. Hers features fewer belts and more rounded elements to it, and she wears a brown quiver.

Nya appeared in Jungle robes in the 2016 Wu-Cru game but was never released as a Minifigure nor did she appear in the show, as she was not a ninja at the time.

Alternate Jungle Gi Variants (non-canon)

Deepstone armor (2015-2016)

“Zane wears these robes given to him by Master Wu - while battling ghost warriors in the city of Stiix. The shoulder armor is made from Deepstone, which is harmful to ghosts.”

These outfits are a similar type of robe to the Elemental Robes, with each ninja wearing a mostly black gi with shoulder pads, and highlights in tone with their elemental color. Their underclothes are colored with their secondary color. These are the last suit types to have small weapons, like knives and shurikens, worked into the design. Their inclusion was deliberately ceased, as they caused confusion during the show, when the ninja were behaving as though they were unarmed, despite these small weapons appearing on their person.[5]

In the series, this uniform was purchased by Wu some time between "The Corridor of Elders" and "Winds of Change." Lloyd wore his before and after his possession by Morro, while the other ninja wore theirs throughout the whole Ghost Warrior crisis. Before encountering Morro in "Winds of Change", the ninja wore Steep Wisdom uniforms over these suits to advertise their new tea shop. In the first half of the season, the ninja had the circular back armor first seen on their ZX suits, this time with the armor in metallic versions of their colors (green for Lloyd, red for Kai, etc.). In "Peak-a-Boo," the ninja added Deepstone shoulder pads to the gi. Cole, however, never wore them, due to being turned into a ghost.

This was the first ninja outfit to be worn by Nya. It is unknown if her suit was actually made of Deepstone, but her version of this robe includes gold shoulder pads and a predominantly maroon gi with some light blue details.

Armorless Deepstone Gi


Airjitzu (2015-2016)

“To master the powers of Airjitzu, we must uplift, not put each other down, Ronin.”
Wu to Ronin in "Peak-a-Boo

The Airjitzu ninja are very similar to the NRG variant, although it represents when the ninja unlock Airjitzu. The main suit consists of a mask similar to the ZX ninja but lacking decoration. Most variants are predominantly black with elemental decoration on their torsos and legs. Nya's Airjitzu suit is the only one to not be mainly black, with maroon as the primary color instead. Her torso print also resembles a phoenix, referencing her animal symbol. The arms and heads of each variant are colored with their primary colors. Each head print is decorated with their respective elements.

The original four ninja have this variant in the Airjitzu Flyers sets, while Lloyd and Nya were released a year later in 70590 Airjitzu Battle Grounds.

These suits do not appear in the TV series.

This is the second energy ninja suit.


Future robes (2015-2021)

“I look older, but our attire is different.”

In the Season 5 episode, "Grave Danger," the ninja saw reflections of their future selves in the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, which gave a brief look at new suits.

For Kai and Jay, the suit consists of a white top part with two sashes of the ninja's signature color combining into a cloth covering the front of the legs, which are black, while a belt of the ninja's color is tied around the waist. Zane's version is primarily titanium like his Jungle variant, while Nya's resembles her Deepstone suit with a darker silver armored design on her torso more akin to her past Samurai X uniforms. Kai, Jay, and Zane have buckles on the sides of their legs, similarly to the Elemental/Kimono robes.

Cole and Lloyd do not appear in these suits, as Lloyd was possessed by Morro at the time and was not with the ninja, while Cole's reflection didn't appear due to his ghost status giving his future self the ability to turn invisible.[6]

Wu also wears a suit of a similar design (referred to as "Battle Wu"[7] and "Destiny Wu"[4]) in the last few episodes of Season 5, starting with Grave Danger, implying the ninja may become masters in the future. Chapter 1 of Way of the Departed confirmed they are "the robes of a sensei."

So far only Wu, Jay, and Nya have physically appeared in these uniforms, with Jay and Nya's variants being released outside of the normal line of sets. It's unknown if the Kai and Zane will have their variants released.

Jay and Nya's physical variants differ slightly from the show versions. Jay has a detailed gray dot pattern on the arms and side of the torso, along with additional arm printing not present in the show. Nya has shoulder pads, her post-movie face, and shorter hair, the latter being because the longer version seen in her reflection does not physically exist.

These outfits appeared in the original ending idea for "Lost in Time," which would have ended forty years in the future.[8]


Airjitzu suits (2016)

“Lloyd dons new robes to study a tornado-themed martial art technique known as Airjitzu.”

The Airjitzu suits[6] (also called Destiny robes[4]) debuted in Skybound. These new ninja outfits are similar to the Deepstone outfits (reusing the leg pieces and masks), but add an Airjitzu symbol on the torso and a new armor piece that holds katanas. The Airjitzu symbol is similar to the side view version of the regular animal symbols. Unlike other suits, these were "earned" by each ninja when they mastered Airjitzu (which excluded Nya until "The Last Resort").

They also introduce new styles of the ninja's elemental symbols (along with the traditional symbols on the backs of each torso), incorporated into the Airjitzu tornado and individual animal depictions on the torso. The animal images have never been used before, and similarly to the dragon symbols, are not explained in the TV series. They also share similar colors with each ninja's previous dragon symbol, and details pertaining to their elements. This version is also the first time Nya is wearing the same style of ninja outfit (including color scheme) as the rest of the ninja. The symbols on the back are placed within a pair of wings. While most of the ninja have their Japanese symbols here, Nya peculiarly has her "Samurai X" logo in that spot.

A variety of different versions appeared within the Skybound range. Lloyd has two other variants of this suit, one with full black armor similar to the Kendo suits with a gold ring in the center, and the other being his replaced hood with the same neck-hood as the Techno and Tournament variants. Neither of these appeared in the TV series, and a version of Lloyd with both his hood and armor, as seen in the TV series, does not appear in any sets. Jay also has a variant that lacks his hood and sports an eyepatch. Cole has three versions, one with his human skin and hood, one in his ghost form with his hood, and one in his ghost form with a half-mask.

Alternate Destiny Gi Variants (non-canon)

Honor robes (2016)

“Kai wears these robes when he thinks about his past on the Day of the Departed. They are a mix of his Original Ninja, ZX, and Deepstone outfits.”

Used in "Day of the Departed" as well as The Realm of Shadows and the Dark Island Trilogy , the Honor robes[4] are an amalgamation of the ninja's ZX, Original, and Skybound outfits. They also bring back the old style of the ninja's elemental animal symbols. Their hoods are the same piece as the previous two suits, but they add a secondary color instead of the solid black on the ninja's hoods, bar Nya's, which is identical to her Deepstone variant.

Cole has a second Honor variant released in the Day of the Departed line. This variant was called "RX" in the sets. It has extra orange, magma-like details around the animal emblem, translucent black arms with magma details, and orange hands. The minifigure lacked the armor the other Honor minfigures have. It represents Cole's Earth Punch, more specifically the moment he unlocked the power in his fight with Master Yang. He is the only one with the RX robe.

Alternate Honor Gi Variants (non-canon)

Fusion armor (2017-2018)

“While fighting Krux and Acronix, also known as the Hands of Time, Cole had to protect himself with these armoured Fusion robes and armour.”

Introduced in The Hands of Time, the Fusion robes and armor[4] (also referred to as Swamp Gear[9]) variants look similar to the Deepstone and Day of the Departed outfits, reusing the former's armor pieces and the latter's hood (except for Nya). Despite including elements from the previously mentioned suits, these suits have a completely new design for the torso and legs, They are all predominantly colored with the ninja's secondary colors with highlights in their primary colors. They also all have black arms.

Kai and Nya's suits have similar, yet mirrored designs, with the straps going over the armor. This is also the first suit of Nya's to be predominantly gunmetal gray.

Kai and Nya have new faces, with each including an alternate face on which their eyes are enhanced with their elemental power. The other ninja besides Zane (since his eyes are already a different color) received similar alternate eye designs in their Wu-Cru game variants, but they did not have these in minifigure form. None of these were present in the show.

These suits were also used in the "Meet the Ninja" videos, "Happy Birthday to You!," Ninjago: Decoded (albeit through archive footage), and Master of the 4th Dimension. Lloyd's suit appears as a cameo in The LEGO Ninjago Movie. [10]

Alternate Fusion Gi Variants (non-canon)

Secret Ninja Force gi (2017-2018)

In The LEGO Ninjago Movie, which takes place in a different continuity than the show, the ninja have new suits that have a new two-piece hood and brand new designs on them. The new hood is similar to the Deepstone and Skybound suits, with the hood being mainly black and that the secondary colors are based on the ninja's elements. Zane's hood, however, does not have any black coloring, but instead is full white. Meanwhile, Jay has dark blue as a secondary color. Other notable variations are present between the individual suits: Nya has a waist cape, while Cole's suit does not have sleeves. Nya wears the half mask instead of a full head mask in a poster for the film and briefly in movie but not in the sets. A character called the Fuchsia Ninja wears this outfit in the colors pink and black as the secondary color, though he doesn't have a physical Minifigure.

Alternate Ninja Force Gi Variants (non-canon)

Kendo armor (2017)

Kai and Lloyd's movie counterparts also have Kendo variants of their Ninja Force gi, wearing Kendo helmets and body armor instead of ninja hoods, much like the Kendo armor from 2012. The armor and helmets are black. Kai's helmet has gold and red highlights, while Lloyd's helmet simply has gold highlights. Neither Kai nor Lloyd wear Kendo armor in the movie.


Ceremonial robes/Spinjitzu Training (2017-2018)

Each ninja had a Ceremonial robe,[11] also referred as Spinjitzu Training,[12] that appeared in many promotional sets for the movie. Each suit is identical to each other, with the only difference being that any extra accessories their Secret Ninja Force featured carried over (Kai's armor, Zane's quiver, etc.). The robes are white with black and gold trimmings. There is a Wu-Cru logo on the left side of the torso and the word "Ninja" in Ninjargon on the left leg. These suits are also unique in that they have no headgear of any kind, as instead, each Minifigure includes the ninja's respective hairpieces.

Despite their many physical appearances, they were not seen in the movie or TV series. This is the only suit to be released in sets for both the movie and TV series, as most were released in movie sets but Zane, Lloyd and Nya's variants were released in some Sons of Garmadon promotional sets. Lil’ Nelson features a variant in 70657 Ninjago City Docks.


Resistance robes (2018)

“The dark details in Lloyd's robes reflect the seriousness with which he regards his new responsibilities, as he becomes "Master Lloyd".”

In the eighth season of the TV series, as well as the end of the ninth season finale, the ninja have Resistance robes[4] similar to the Ninja Force suits, reusing the two-piece ninja hood but now in reverse color (except for Cole and, to an extent, Zane). Each ninja has the armor piece from the Skybound suits in gunmetal gray. Zane is the only exception, as most instances of his Minifigure have a quiver instead. Many of the unique elements from the Ninja Force suits carry over to these suits, Nya's having a skirt and Zane's robes having a more angular design are some examples. As well as that, each Resistance suit also sports the Secret Ninja Force logo on the back of the torso and the name of the respective element in Ninjargon on the front, except for Jay and Lloyd, who's suits read "Spark" and "Ninja" respectively.

Despite including elements from the previously mentioned suits, these have brand new designs on them, with Jay having more armor and Cole having more orange highlights. Much like the Fusion suit, Kai and Nya have similar designs on their robes.

For more information on the character design changes, see here.

Alternate Resistance Gi Variants (non-canon)

Black Training gi (2018-2019)

The Black Training[citation needed] outfits are kimonos that the ninja wear as a training outfit. They have gold details and the Wu-Cru logo emblazoned on the front. The back of the gi has a dragon and "Ninja" written in Ninjargon. The ninja who appear in Kendo Pods in these suits also include golden shoulder armor and a black Kendo helmet with details in each ninja's respective color.

Kai and Zane are yet to have physical variants released.

These suits are yet to appear in the TV series, though in all of the First Spinjitzu Master's appearances from Season 9 onwards, he wears a kimono similar to this variant.


Spinjitzu Masters gi (2018)

“Jay is a talented warrior. In fact, he is the first to master the art of Spinjitzu. When he achieves the rank of Spinjitzu Master, Jay receives robes that crackle with elemental lightning power!”

The Spinjitzu Masters outfits are very similar to the Airjitzu suits, although they represent when the ninja are doing Spinjitzu. The masks of these suits consist of the top half of their The LEGO Ninjago Movie mask, and the bottom half of their SoG mask (with the exception of Cole and Zane, who reuse their movie masks entirely). Their torso seems to be the Black Training gi but enhanced by their elemental power (with the exception of Cole and Zane, where it seems to be their Sons of Garmadon suits). They all have colored hands that match their element, and black sleeves (except for Cole). They all share the same legs, which are the same legs on the new training gi. The torso is the only element that is new for these suits

These suits do not appear in the TV series.

This is the third energy ninja suit.

Lloyd is in this suit on the cover of The Book of Spinjitzu, which was published five months before the set with this suit. However, the mask shape is different, more resembling the one introduced with the Deepstone robes.


Hunted robes (2018)

“When the Sons of Garmadon biker gang try to enforce Lord Garmadon's rule in Ninjago City, Nya and Lloyd lead a resistance force to fight the tyranny. The blue on Nya's robes symbolizes her status that she's the Water Ninja.”

In Season 9: Hunted, the ninja continue to use their The LEGO Ninjago Movie and SoG faces for heads and a mask that consists of the top half of their SoG mask and a black bottom half (Cole is the exception, as his mask remains the same because both halves are mostly black). Despite this, the masks were only used in two episodes. Lloyd used his in "Radio Free Ninjago" and "Green Destiny", while the original four ninja only use theirs in "Green Destiny". Nya does not use hers at all. Dareth uses a similar looking hood during "Green Destiny" in brown.

Zane, Cole, Kai, and Jay's suits consist of their torn SoG suits with added armor elements (excluding Cole, whose outfit does not recieve any additional material following the conclusion to Sons of Garmadon). Jay's belt has changed from gray to blue. Lloyd and Nya's suits are brand new, with the Wu-Cru symbol emblazoned on both of them.

Skylor's suit is unique and different from the ninja's. She uses yellow-orange along with red and gun-metal as the main color. On the right side of her chest, she has a metal protector that is similar to Kai's. She has a red belt and unprinted yellow-orange legs. Although she has shoulder pads in the sets, they are missing in the show.

Alternate Hunted Gi Variants (non-canon)

Dragon Masters gi (2018)

The Dragon Masters suits are very similar to the SoG suits, by reusing the latter's hood. Wu also has a minifigure in this variant, making this the first time the ninja's master has the same gi as the ninja. The torso has some new details that resemble a pilot outfit. The arms of Kai, Cole, and Zane are in their respective secondary colors. The same dragon logo is emblazoned on the back of their suits. Each ninja's suit shares the same leg print (bar Wu).

Lloyd and Nya don't have Dragon Masters suits, possibly due to the fact that they were never marooned in the Realm of Oni and Dragons.

These suits do not appear in the TV series.


Legacy robes (dragon) (2019-2021)

The ninja's gi in the Legacy (seasons 1 and 2) sets and Season 10 are less complex than some of the previous ones. They have new mask molds similar to the Honor and 2011 masks. Each of the ninja's masks is made of their base color and a band of their secondary color over the top part. They are also far bulkier and restrict movement in Minifigure form. Several old design elements have returned, including Nya's gi having an azure and maroon color scheme for the first time since Day of the Departed and Cole's gi having sleeves for the first time since The Hands of Time. Lloyd also has a Golden Ninja variant in "Green and Gold", though, like his original Golden Ninja variant, his face remains yellow in the show. In "The News Never Sleeps!," Nelson has a hood based on the Legacy hood.

On their torso, the designs have golden dragon emblems, similar to the DX suits. The back of each variant also features the Japanese characters the ninja suits sported on nearly every variant until the Fusion suits. In 2020, a golden armor piece, recolored from the Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu suits, began appearing on variants. Nya and Lloyd's ninja suits are yet to be released with this armor piece. 71741 Ninjago City Gardens includes a young variant of Lloyd, featuring short green legs, his younger face print and his bowl cut hairpiece.

On Scott's torso and Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu Wu's back are the same dragon designs as the ninja have on these suits.

Armored Legacy Gi

Armor robes (2019-2022)

“To travel across the Desert of Doom, Nya wears thin robes and head scarf to protect her face from the sand.”

The Armor robes[4][13] are very simplistic compared to the suits they've worn prior. Each ninja's mask reuses their Legacy hood (except for Cole and Nya), but on the bandana is a Ninjargon symbol that corresponds with the first letter of the ninja's name. They each have a new armor piece similar to the Skybound armor, but on the right shoulder instead of the left, and the sword holders on the back can only hold one sword instead of two. Lloyd is the only Ninja without gloves.

The format for the suits are a plain ninja Gi of their base color, with armor and belt elements similar to that of the Hunted suits. The torso and arms remain the Ninja base color, as well as the legs except for Jay, who sports dark blue legs. The shoulder armor appears not to be attached to anything, as Cole is shown to put his on after attaching it to his bed pillar in "The Traveler's Tree."

Unlike most suits, this gi appears beyond the season it was introduced in, appearing as the standard ninja gi in Season 12, Season 13, The Island, Season 14 and Season 15 before they received specialized suits, and this will continue in the following stories.[14]

Armor Gi with no shoulder pad
Alternate Armor gi variants (non-canon)

Forbidden Spinjitzu (2019)

“Simply touching the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu can grant new and surprising powers. When the ninja make use of one of the scrolls, their Spinjitzu energy levels soar until they look they're on fire! Nya's good burns a watery blue when she unleashes her extreme new abilities.”

The Forbidden Spinjitzu (abbreviated FS) ninja are nearly identical to the Armor suits, the only difference being their hoods possess a powered-up element and they do not come with their usual gunmetal gray armor.

Kai and Nya's Forbidden Spinjitzu suits do not appear in the TV series, though Kai does appear in this form, presumably as an error.

This is the fourth energy ninja suit.

These suits are inaccurate to the TV series, as in the show the ninja still have their armor, and their headband with their respective symbols on their hoods is still visible. The minfigures also reuse the movie faces for the ninja, while in the show, they had glowing eyes


Spinjitzu Slam robes (2019)

The Spinjitzu Slam outfits are very similar to the NRG, Airjitzu, and FS suits, being similar to the former's elemental designs and reusing the latter's hood. It is also similar to the ZX suits, by using some gold and/or silver details on each Ninja. These minifigures also have new double-sided face prints; one side features a "powered-up" face, with respective elemental power in their eyes, and the other features a smirk. Cole and Nya are the only Ninja without Spinjitzu Slam Variants.

These suits do not appear in the TV series, however, the "powered-up" face print resembles the eyes of the ninja when they hold the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu.

This is the fifth energy ninja suit.


Legacy robes (sleeveless) (2020-2021)

The ninja's robes in the Legacy 2 (seasons 3 and 4) sets inherit color-coded bandanas and include a mixture of various elements from their Techno and Tournament gi. They lack sleeves and have writing along the sash, like the latter, but the torso prints closer resemble the former, as they are more unique to each ninja and cover more of their torso.

Nya and Zane are yet to have their variants officially revealed, possibly because they never had Tournament gi.

These suits are yet to appear in the TV series.

There is a spelling mistake on Jay, Cole, and Lloyd's variant, in which instead of saying "Master," in Ninjargon as intended, it actually says "Manter." Kai's variant, released later than the other three, did not have this mistake. Lloyd, Jay and Cole’s variants were later fixed to spell "Master". Kai also has this mistake in the product animation for 71704 Kai Fighter and in a CGI render.


Digi robes (2020, 2022)

Lloyd, Cole, Kai, and Nya follow Jay into the Prime Empire arcade game. They soon learn that Spinjitzu and elemental powers do not work there. Instead, they must build up their in-game stats to increase their strength and speed and earn credits to buy weapons and cool new digi-visor outfits!”

In Season 12, the ninja gain new technological-themed suits after spending some time in Prime Empire. The masks are dual molded with their primary color as the base and white as in the front as a visor of sorts, which displays the first letter of their names in Ninjargon at the center (a similar fashion to their suits from Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu). They all use new white armor piece, and their suits have each ninja's primary color as a base, with white highlights and technological-looking straps with blue energy signals appearing on them. The robe printing appears largely the same on each variant, bar Cole, who has a vest over the robe. Each ninja also has a new face print, with side representing the visor and the other with a smirk, except Kai, who has a unique scared expression. Jay and Lloyd's smirk prints strongly resemble their secondary face prints on their Spinjitzu Slam Minifigures. Jay's left hand is white in the sets but black in the TV series.

Zane does not enter Prime Empire, so his Digi robes do not appear in the TV series or in Minifigure form, instead appearing exclusively in promotional media and trading cards, though it is technically canon.[15] His Digi Robe variant is unique, as the visor and armor elements are silver and the dot printing on the torso carries over onto the arm. Like the rest of the variants, Zane's leg and torso prints are largely similar to the others.

Armorless Digi gi (non-canon)

Avatar outfits (2020)

“Where should we start? Maybe find a way to customize our avatars? We can upgrade our look!”

The ninja have Avatar outfits in Season 12: Prime Empire. Each of these outfits are completely different, and they seem to be based on exaggerated aspects of that ninja's personality or based on a previous outfit that ninja has worn in the past seasons (in the case of Pink Zane and Cole as Rocky Dangerbuff.)

Cole and Nya's Avatar outfits do not appear in the TV series, and they entirely consist of parts from previously existing LEGO sets. The Pink Zane Avatar appears within Prime Empire; however, it is not Zane, but another gamer taking on his appearance.


Hero armor (2020, 2022)

“I do not see the necessity of this armor.”

The ninja wear these suits in Season 13: Master of the Mountain. On closer inspection, the suits appear to be the Secrets Of The Forbidden Spinjitzu outfits with extended knight armor with one oversized shoulder plate and metal plates over their mask other than Lloyd who has a new gi altogether. The armor has a clip at the back to hold their shield. Lloyd, Nya, and Jay have silver armor while Kai, Cole, and Zane wear gold. The rest of their suits resemble their Secrets Of The Forbidden Spinjitzu suits but with added armor and knight-wear elements. Kai, Zane, and Jay's variants have identical leg prints to their Secrets Of The Forbidden Spinjitzu variants. Nya wears a battle skirt; however, unlike her Resistance and Secret Ninja Force variants, the skirt is printed instead of being a separate cloth piece. Nya's right arm is silver in minifigure form, but both are tan in the show.

Wu's suit is unique. As with the ninja, it is his suit from Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, but with added wooden armor and shoulder pads, which are unlike the ninja on both sides. The legs are the same as on the Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu version, although they are slightly different in the show. In some promotional media,[16][17] it is shown with a cape, which, however, does not appear in the show or on the minifigure.

Where each ninja received their Hero suits varies between in the show. Nya, Jay, and Lloyd got theirs from the Munce, Kai and Zane received theirs from the Geckles, and Cole found his in the Heart of the Mountain, which was originally stored in the Stone Mech. The gold armor suits came from the Geckles and the silver armor suits came from the Munce (with the exception of Cole, who was with neither group). The shoulder armor is slightly smaller in the show than it is in the sets. This is the first suit since the elemental kimonos to have different armor colors used on multiple ninja.


Spinjitzu Burst (2020)

The Spinjitzu Burst outfits are very similar to the NRG, FS, and Spinjitzu Slam suits.

Their bodies are fully enveloped by the color that represents each ninja with their eyes shining. Elemental energy appears over their torsos and their legs are the same as the Sleeveless Legacy suit. The Spinjitzu Burst sets include both the Dragon Legacy hood and a conical hat. Nya, Jay, and Zane do not have a Spinjitzu Burst outfit. Kai and Cole's faces have new, grimacing expressions, while Lloyd's is a recoloring of his face that has been used since the movie.

Despite Kai and Lloyd having it in the set, they haven't done the Spinjitzu Burst in the show.

Cole's suit is also inaccurate, as in the show, he remained in his hero suit while doing the Spinjitzu Burst, the only difference being he had glowing eyes

This is the sixth energy ninja suit.


Legacy robes (Deepstone) (2021)

The Legacy (Deepstone) suits are the Legacy suits for sets based on Possession. They use the shoulder pad from the Armor suits and the Legacy (dragon) hoods with the primary color as the base and a black headband. The leg and torso printing is very similar to the original Deepstone suits.

Zane is the only ninja with this suit.


Epic Battle robes (2021)

The ninja in the Epic Battles sets wear unique suits. They all lack sleeves, are predominantly white (save for Cole’s) and have V.S. in Ninjago alphabet on them. The printing varies strongly between each suit, featuring highlights of each respective ninja’s colors and elements. The gloves are also colored specifically to each ninja. Zane’s leans into a more robotic armor look. Michael Knap sees Zane's design in this set as "a different suit/skin. I imagine he have a variety of different ones he can chose form depending on the situation."[18] Cole and Jay have very similar suits because they both wear a loose kimono that resembles a bathrobe. Both also have a symbol on the chest, a belt in the same place and bandages on the knees. The main difference is that while Jay's suit is white with blue stripes, Cole's suit is black. Jay also has a slightly exposed chest, while Cole has his chest covered with dirty bandages, which is interesting because Cole usually has a exposed chest, such as in a noodle factory. Kai's suit is unique because it has red pants and a pure white tank top on which the muscles shine. Although the suits have not yet appeared in the show, this may mean that the ninja are back in shape after Season 11.

They use the half-masks, leaving their hair exposed. Kai’s figure is unique, in that he uses the hair/headband piece, while the others use their respective hair piece.

Lloyd and Nya have not been released with these suits.


Golden Legacy robes (2021)

“This new gi is chafing me.”

The Golden Legacy suits are to be released in as bonus exclusive minifigures in the 2021 Legacy sets to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the series. They are predominantly gold, with a robe print that is specific to the respective ninja, though they all have the same partially-open gi design and the same belt designs. The headwear and armor varies between each ninja, with each of these variants taking inspiration from the seasons in which they were mascot characters. All minifigures have the same leg printing with a bronze belt and shoes, which also have Legacy minifigures. Kai wears the Legacy 1/Armor hood and the Armor shoulder pad, Cole wears the Hero hood and armor. Jay has Digi armor and headwear and Lloyd has ZX armor and the Island hair/headband element. Zane uses the forbidden spinjitzu hood and the season 11 armor, while Nya uses the ZX armor with hair from her NRG variant from Season 14, and the mask piece from the Island variant. Wu's is unique, being completely gold, including the head and beard. All ninja have the first letter of their name in Ninjargon on their belts and Wu has a shuriken symbol on his belt. Each minifigure has a small brick-built stand.

Nya's and Kai's variants appear in "Gold Rush," while Zane's and Jay's appear in "Sweatin' to the Goldies." However, neither of the latter have armor, and Zane wears a Legacy 1/Armor mask instead of an FS mask, because Forbidden Spinjitzu is not involved in the short. In addition, Jay and Zane have arm printing in the short that does not appear in minifigure form. In pictures from activity books (or at least The Golden Ninja), Nya has a version of her normal post-movie hair with a headband instead of the new 2021 hair/headband combination.


Island robes (2021)

“What exactly awaits our heroes in their new adventure on the island is still a mystery! But with cool equipment, they are ready for anything. Their new suits can hold everything they need!”

The Island suits are the gi the ninja wore in The Island. They are predominantly based in the ninja's respective colors, with Kai, Jay and Lloyd's opting for a darker shade, the half masks first featured on the Techno suits and the S11 armor. Kai, Jay and Lloyd's figures have a unique hair/headband piece, while Cole's reuses his hair/headband piece from The LEGO Ninjago Movie sets. Zane and Nya have their standard hairpiece, with Zane's hairpiece recolored metallic grey.

Lloyd's minifigure has a unique face print, depicting gold 'war paint' on his cheeks and new facial expression.

While riding the Jungle Choppers during "Uncharted" and "The Keepers of the Amulet," the ninja wore their Armor masks with these suits.

Island Gi with Armor masks
Other Island gi variants (non-canon)

Scuba suits (2021-2022)

“Yes, but I like how it completes my attire.”

In Seabound, the ninja wore wetsuits for underwater travel. They are seen as colored outfits with the ninja's first initial on the middle in a large gold format, with armor and belts covering parts of the suit. The masks are unique, featuring a blue visor and a rebreather. These suits also feature an air-tank.

Lloyd, Jay and Zane wore these suits, from "Unsinkable" to "Master of the Sea", including Nya, who continued on up until "Nyad", and temporarily in "A Painful Promise." Maya also wore a Scuba suit, which comprises solely of the mask and air-tank going over her regular clothes.

Kai and Cole do not have these suits due to not accompanying the others underwater. Their Scuba suits are exclusive to the sets. Cole's scuba suit however does not have his initial in the middle, and is instead on his armor.[19]

In the sets, the air tank is separate from the hood, allowing it to be worn with hair. It also features a section that can hold a sword.

Scuba suits with Island hairpieces (non-canon)

Dojo suits (2021-2022)

These suits appear in Journey to Mastery and Ninjago: Core. They have the ninja's Elemental Power markings on them, Kai and Jay have new secondary colors. Their left sleeves, except for Zane's, are colored with their secondary color. The ninja's first initial is in a border on their suits. They all re-use the Season 11 armour. Cole and Nya reuse their armor masks, albeit without their symbols.

These suits do not appear in the TV series.


Spinjitzu Training (Core)

As part of the Ninjago: Core wave, three spinner sets were released which include unique variants of Jay, Kai and Lloyd. They reuse the FS hood with different colors for each ninja. They resemble the Spinjitzu Slam, as they use the same hood and feature energy burst around each ninja’s eyes. Kai and Lloyd’s forms have their primary colour on the torso and legs, and their secondary colour on their arms and hood. Jay, however, has a dark blue torso and legs and his primary colour for the arms and mask. Their heads are unique among the other variants, as they appear to be transparent. Each ninja’s first initial is emblazoned on their chests.

Nya, Zane and Cole are yet to receive this suit.

These suits do not appear in the TV series.

This is the seventh energy suit.


Fugitive suits (2022)

“These new suits are great, but not exactly the best disguise.”

The ninja wear standard gi in the Crystalized storyline after going on the run from Hounddog McBrag. These suits are near identical between each ninja, featuring robes and belts with an undershirt exposed. Their primary colours are sported on their masks, torsos and legs and their secondary colour on their arms. They also feature the shoulder pads of the Armor suits. They also feature the first letter of their name on their headbands in white. Zane re-uses his Dojo hood while Cole, Kai, and Lloyd re-use their Legacy/Armor hoods (although all of them have a printed symbol on their headbands).

Nya does not receive one of these suits.

Alternate Fugitive gi variants (non-canon)


Golden suits (2022)

The Golden suits appear as an upgrade to the Fugitive Suits, featuring gold armor plates across the robes. Each ninja’s shoulder pad and mask is also gold, with their primary colour across the headband. The headband also features an ‘R’ in Ninjargon.

This is the second time a ninja suit is another ninja suit but armored, the first being the hero suits.

Lloyd does have a variant of this, but in the sets he appears with his golden Oni Mask, while in the show he has a golden Legacy mask similar to the rest of the ninja.

Additionally, this is the first time the Season 11 armor piece in gold has appeared in the show, despite it being introduced 2 years prior for Ninjago: Legacy.

Nya does not receive one of these suits.


Golden Dragon suits (2022)

The Golden Dragon suits are unique forms for the original four ninja. Their torsos feature their primary colors with elemental energy crackling underneath some golden chest armor, which features the respective ninja’s initial on the front. Their heads, arms and legs are translucent. Their headgear is a ninja mask on the bottom and a dragon’s head as the helmet. The armor is new and features space on the back where some dragon wings can be attached similar to the Skull Sorcerer. The heads for Kai and Jay are identical to their Spinjitzu Training (Core) suits.

Lloyd and Nya do not receive these forms.

In the sets these suits have transparent arms to match their element, but in the show they have golden arms.


Master robes

White kimono (2011-2021)

This kimono, which consists of a shirt and pants, is all white. It has a large neckline, which is fastened with two buttons. On the right side is a red lotus symbol, which is the Ninjago symbol for Destiny.[20] which is also on the back. So far, this kimono has been seen on child versions of Wu and Garmadon (seen in "Tick Tock", "The Gilded Path", and "Never Trust a Human") and on Wu from the pilot to Season 4 as well as the intro for Season 5 and the end of "Green Destiny". Wu and Garmadon as children have sand-brown kimono pants, while old Wu has white pants and a black belt. In "Tick Tock", Garmadon's lotus symbol is blue instead of red.

In 2012, the white kimono was redesigned, although it was never used in the show. The neckline extends to the belt and the buttons are in the shape of snakes which can protect him from evil serpentine.[21] There is a small white apron on the legs, which is covered with a gray belt. Instead of a lotus symbol, there is a snake symbol on the back.

Child Kai also has a similar shirt in "A Time of Traitors" and "Pause and Effect", but it is dark red with Kai's symbol on the left. The male Jamanakai villagers and wear similar outfits, as do various generic children characters such as Garmadon's students in "The Art of the Silent Fist," indicating the shirt is a common clothing design in Ninjago.

When the Digital Overlord was purged from the Digiverse in "Enter the Digiverse", Techno Wu reverted to his normal self, which slightly altered his suit. In this design, the belt is more clean-cut and is printed on the torso, the neckline extends to the belt, and there are purple lines running through the torso. The lotus symbol on the front is gone while the one on the back has been turned purple.

This suit was updated for "Day of the Departed" and The Hands of Time, gaining a slightly more detailed symbol and having the belt printed on the torso instead of the legs. The Sacred Flute is printed on Wu's back despite being long gone by the time this suit appeared in the show, as a result of the designers not being briefed on the show's lore well enough.[22]

A non-canon version of Teen Wu was released in the Visual Dictionary New Edition, wearing a suit very similar to his original white kimono.

Master Wu uses a similar but more elaborate kimono in The LEGO Ninjago Movie. This kimono consists of a torso that lacks a lotus symbol and the buttons continue to a physical piece that covers the beige legs with sandals. There is a lotus symbol on the back, just like on the original version. His original design had a redesigned version of this kimono, but the symbol was on the left and had a white skirt instead of white pants. His black belt was printed on his torso.[23]


Black kimono (2011-2020)

“Its symbols act as a protection spell against evil. But ultimately, it serves to remind me of the night that Garmadon was cast into the Underworld.”

Appearing on Wu in "Battle Between Brothers" and in subsequent flashbacks of young Wu, this suit is a black kimono with white sleeves, a white undershirt, and a gray torso lining and belt. On the right side are gold symbols to protect the user from evil, though they may be single-use and no longer have this power after they banished Garmadon to the Underworld.[24] Wu was also seen with a white, color-inverted version of this suit on a former version of the Ninjago website. This version did not appear in the sets or TV series but appeared in the canon stage play, The Realm of Shadows. In the Battle for All of Time painting from Season 7, Wu was depicted in a version of this suit with black sleeves instead of white.

Young Garmadon wore a similar suit but with purple lining instead of gray, red symbols instead of gold, and black sleeves instead of white. In the flashback in "Tick Tock", the First Spinjitzu Master is seen wearing this suit. When Garmadon was purified of evil in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master," he wore a version with white sleeves, purplish-gray lining, and silver symbols. In Rebooted, Garmadon appeared to wear a version with green lining and a light gray vest over the torso. Yang in his living years wore the same version as Wu but with gray symbols. Wu gained an updated version for Ninjago: Legacy which he wore in Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu and March of the Oni. This version is slightly more detailed and has the belt on the left side rather than in the middle, and the symbols now spell "MASTER" in Ninjargon.

The suit only physically appears on the two Wu variants. Wu's original variant is referred to as Sensei Wu DX in LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids despite not being a DX suit.


Temple robes (2015-2017, 2021)

Wu's outfit in most of Possession, as well as in Skybound and Wu's Teas, is referred to as his "Temple"[3] variant. The suit consists of a white kimono with a long tan outer sash or jacket, with gold detailing and the Destiny symbol[20] on each side. In Journey to Mastery, Wu wears a suit that appears to be an updated version of his original Temple robe. In the non-canon web game, Chen's Return, the First Spinjitzu Master wears a robe identical to Wu's original Temple robe but with tan replacing the white arms and legs.

The ninja were all given variants of these suits in the Wu-Cru game. Each of their main colors replaces Wu's white, a darker version of their main color or one of their complementary colors replaces the lighter tan of Wu's sash, and their elemental symbols replace the Destiny symbol.


Miscellaneous/Other characters

The following serves as a gallery for Minifigures and non-physical variants of characters that do not belong to one specific ninja suit design but use elements from one or more designs or wear a ninja mask over another design.


Lloyd's original symbol

  • Since the beginning, the symbols of the four original ninja were elemental animal symbols. Lloyd had the symbol of the ouroboros snake until he obtained his Elemental kimono, which had a symbol more like the others' but resembling a serpent. When he finally became the Golden Ninja, it was changed to his current dragon symbol. The reason given by Tommy Andreasen for this is, "Never trust a snake."[25]
    • These symbols were not featured in the sets in 2018 and 2019, but almost all (with the exception of Nya) reappeared (slightly modified) in 2020. For Zane, it was in the 71708 Gamer's Market, while Lloyd, Cole, Jay, and Kai received theirs in the 2020 Legacy sets with their sleeveless Legacy designs.
    • Unlike the other ninja, whose Stone Armor suits all have animal symbols, Zane's has his elemental symbol instead as well as a slightly different design. This may have been an error, a meaningless detail, or a hint to Zane's greater role in that season and episode.
    • The Skybound outfits feature a sideways glance at the Ninjas' elemental symbols, revealing that they were actually animals: Kai's is a lion, Jay's is an octopus, Zane's is a wolf, Cole's is a gorilla, Nya's is a phoenix, and Lloyd's remains a dragon.
  • The strip of Chinese characters on the Tournament robes and onward are the elemental symbols of the ninja, excluding Zane's. Together they are "平牛羊斗" and translates to "flat cattle sheep fight." These symbols' appearance can be interpreted as hinting at their respective elements: Kai's character symbol resembles a blacksmith's forge, for fire; Cole's is like an earth-moving bucket; Jay's hints an electric Chinese lantern; Lloyd's is a pair of swords, hilts crossed; and Zane's is a collection of icicles.
    • Their symbols also are tied to the ninjas' names as well. With the exception of Kai, Lloyd, and Cole, their symbols actually translate in English to their names. Nya's symbol (牛—cow) is pronounced "niu," Zane's symbol (山—mountain) is pronounced "shan," and Jay's symbol (羊—sheep), although this is more of a stretch, is pronounced yang.
  • Coincidentally, aside from the Zukin robes and until Season 12, all of the ninja gi hoods were used twice in a row, these being training and DX, ZX and Kimono, Techno and Tournament, Deepstone and Destiny, Honor and Fusion, Resistance and Hunted, and lastly Legacy and Armor.
  • The ninjas' movie to Season 9 symbols go as follows:
    • Zane's symbol is a snowflake.
    • Lloyd's is two Ninjargon "L"s overlapping (for Ll-[oyd]).
    • Cole's symbol is the Ninjargon letter for "E" (for earth).
    • Kai's symbol is a Ninjargon "H" (possibly for hot).
    • Jay's symbol is a Ninjargon "T" (possibly for thunder).
    • And Nya's symbol is a Ninjargon "W" (for water).
  • Additionally, there are words spelled across the ninja's belts in their movie to Season 9 designs, though only Cole retains the words in Season 9:
    • Zane has "ice".
    • Lloyd has "ninja".
    • Cole has "earth".
    • Kai has "fire".
    • Jay has "spark".
    • Nya has "water".
  • As of Season 11, their symbols have changed to the Ninjargon letter corresponding with their first initial (Zane's is a Z, Lloyd's is a single L, Cole's is a C, Kai's is a K, Jay's is a J, and Nya's is an N).
  • Kai and Lloyd's ZX suits have the respective colors and symbols of the Hogwarts Houses Slytherin and Gryffindor from the Harry Potter franchise.
    • Since Slytherin and Gryffindor have a deep rivalry dating back centuries, this may hint at the fact that Kai wanted to be the Green Ninja the most out of the original four ninja, a title that Lloyd was destined to have.
  • The ninja have multiple copies of at least some of their suits:
  • A number of the suits are variations or alterations of previous suits.
    • The ZX suits were transformed into the Elemental robes by the Temple of Light's power.
    • The Golden Techno Robes are recolored versions of the normal Techno robes.
    • The Stone Warrior armor suits are armored versions of the Techno robes.
    • The Hunted robes are damaged versions of the Resistance robes, at least for the stranded ninja.
    • The Hero suits are armored versions of the Armor robes.
    • The Golden suits are armored versions of the Fugitive suits
  • Half-masks before Possession disappeared when pulled down. From Possession onward, the masks were kept on the model when pulled down. This can be seen on characters such as Ronin, Nadakhan, and Ultra Violet, and finally with the ninja for the first time with their Island robes.
    • Apart from the ninja, Morro and Ronin, any character with a half-mask has a hairpiece or hat that allows the half-mask to be alternatively placed backward on the character.
  • From her Deepstone to Fusion outfits, Nya changed hoods every season unlike the other ninja, who changed hoods once. In Possession, it was red and blue, in Skybound it was maroon and black, her Honor robe hood is the same as her Deepstone one, and in Hands of Time it was gray and blue.
  • Presumably, the names such as "DX," "ZX," and "RX" are not canon to the show, as Tommy Andreasen had no involvement in coming up with them.[26][27] He explained, "Those names are pretty random, and most important is that they don't require translation because of the box art."[28]
  • The original Character Encyclopedia erroneously refers to Lloyd's Kimono uniform as ZX.
    • This is most likely to avoid spoilers (or because this variant had not yet been named) due to the fact that the Kimono uniforms had not yet been released physically.
  • Jay and Cole occasionally have similar outfits.
    • Cole's and Jay's ZX suits have a silver crown, while Zane's and Kai's ZX suits have gold ones.
    • Cole's and Jay's Techno suits have two horizontal cloths wrapping around, while Kai's and Zane's do not.
  • There have occasionally been errors where characters would appear in suits they either had not yet received or would never fully wear and cases where out-of-universe media (such as opening sequences and posters) would depict a ninja wearing a suit that was never fully worn by the character.
    • Zane appeared in his elemental kimono in the Earth Driller in "Island of Darkness" before the ninja recieved the suits at the Temple of Light.
    • Despite not wearing the Deepstone armor shoulder pads due to being a ghost in Possession, Cole wore them in the intro and during brief animation errors in "Kingdom Come" and "Curseworld, Part II." He was also depicted with the armor on the wanted poster seen in "Public Enemy Number One" and "Misfortune Rising."
    • Lloyd was depicted in the intro and in his CGI image for Possession wearing both his mask and Deepstone armor, even though he never wore both at the same time in the TV series.
    • Nya erroneously appeared wearing her Airjitzu suit on a TV screen in the ninja's fame montage in "Infamous" despite not gaining the suit until "The Last Resort."
    • Kai appears to have a Forbidden Spinjitzu powered mask for a brief moment in "Vengeance is Mine!" when holding the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu despite not having his powers at that point.
    • Kai wore his Hero armor in "Grief-Bringer" before he and Zane received their armor in the episode.
  • As mentioned in the individual sections above, the ninja had several hood designs during the show:
    • In the pilot episodes and the first episodes of Season 1, they had classic hoods from the LEGO Ninja theme. On the back of the hood was a clip to hold a weapon.
    • Since Season 1, they started using a new, redesigned hood with a metal strip on the forehead. In Season 4, they each had a symbol on their forehead instead of a metal strip.
    • Since Season 5, they started using a redesigned version of the previous hood, with two headbands wrapping around the lower and upper sections.
    • Since Season 8, they started using the hood from The LEGO Ninjago Movie. This hood was a bit smaller and sleeker and had a letter on a headband on its forehead. The top and bottom were two separate pieces.
    • Since Season 10, they started using a reasonably larger hood with a long headband wrapped around it.
    • In Season 12, they gained new hoods that were slightly smaller and had digital features. There was a small screen on the forehead that displayed a symbol.
    • In Season 13, they had improved hoods from Season 11. Each hood had metal forehead and mouth protection.
    • In seasons 3, 4, and The Island, they use half masks and their hair pieces. In "The Island", Lloyd, Kai, Cole and Jay have headbands around their heads.
    • In Season 15, they re-use the Legacy mask
  • The designs of the suits in the TV series generally continue onto the sides and neck areas of the ninja's torsos, as well as the back of their legs and the back and sides of their hips, but this is never present on the minifigures due to the limits of minifigure printing.
  • Various designs of the ninja's belts can be seen on two of the pirates and on the disguised Dark Samurai undernearth their white gi.
  • The design of the belt from Nya's Deepstone variant is reused for the other ninja's future robes and for Nya's Jungle variant from the Wu-Cru game.
  • The pronunciation of the word "gi" in the series is inconsistent. Chen pronounces it with a J sound in "The Forgotten Element," while Garmadon pronounces it with a G sound in "Curseworld, Part II".
  • Simon Lucas's is a fan of the Honor robes, as he thought designer Daniel McKenna did a great job working the elements from past gi designs into the suits.[29]
  • The Fuchsia Ninja's gi being a pinkish-purple color is possibly a reference to Zane's suit being pink in Season 1.
  • The ZX variants of the ninja (along with Nya's 2014 Samurai X variant) are featured as unlockable characters in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame
  • The League of Jay all wear different outfits of Jay's.
  • Lloyd is the only ninja whose avatar's hair piece is different from his usual hair before wearing an avatar.
  • For some reason, Kai and Cole have a conical hat with the same color as the rest of their suits (red and black respectively) for their Spinjitzu Burst variants, but Lloyd has a silver hat despite the rest of his suit being green. Before this, the hat had already existed in both black and red, but neither silver nor green.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, it is "Pretty unlikely" that the ninja's designs will change back to how they used to look.[30] He also stated that "I accepted the new designs, adjusted them as much as I could for the show. I have grown to like them."[31]
  • The DX, NRG, Techno, Tournament, Honor and Hunted suits are the only suits not to appear in any of the Ninjago history murals. Because the murals only show the pilot episodes up to Hunted (not counting the new mural painted in "Endings"), the Legacy dragon suits and onward are not included either.
  • Nya is the only ninja to have never worn a sleeveless gi, though all her non-Samurai uniforms before she became a ninja were sleeveless.
  • Though the Legacy 1/Armor masks are dual-molded in the sets and therefore in most of the show, there have been two nonphysical monochromatic versions, these being Nelson's purple mask from "The News Never Sleeps!" and Zane's golden mask from "Sweatin' to the Goldies."
  • Nya's hair does not fit with her Digi armor despite her being mask-less for most of the season. This is because her side bangs come into contact with the shoulder armor.
    • This is probably why in a LEGO Life video featuring minifigure renders of Jay and Nya, Nya wears her Avatar suit while Jay wears his Digi robe without a mask.
  • Despite the Digi robes originating in Prime Empire, they now exist in real life as the ninja were wearing them as they exited the game in "Game Over."
  • The Legacy mask currently exists in gold with 5 different headband colors, all from different suit variants. The dark green headband version is from Lloyd's golden Legacy variant, the white headband version is from Zane's golden Techno variant and his Golden suit with the printed symbol for "R", the red headband version is from Kai's 10-year anniversary golden variant and his golden suit with the same printed symbol for "R", and blue and black headband versions are form Jay and Cole's golden suits respectively with the same printed symbol for "R" that the rest of the ninja have.
  • Lloyd and Nya ninja to have worn the ZX armor in all 4 color variations in the sets and show.
    • Kai did not wear ZX armor in Pearl Dark Gray in the show, but did in a promotional set, and wore ZX armor in silver in the show, but not in the sets
    • Zane did not wear ZX armor in Pearl Dark Gray.
    • Jay and Cole did not wear ZX armor in Pearl Dark Gray or Pearl Gold in the show. However Jay has worn it in Pearl Gold in a foil pack.
  • Legacy Dragon Kai is the most common suit in the sets, appearing in a total of 15 different sets. Of these, 4 sets include golden shoulder armor[32] and 11 sets do not.[33]
  • The armor piece originally used on the Praetorian Guards from LEGO Star Wars was used as an updated version of the ZX armor for Zane's titanium statue in 71741 Ninjago City Gardens.
  • Every Wildbrain suit have a few differences between the sets and show.
    • For the Armor suits, Jay has blue legs in the show but earth blue legs in the sets.
    • For the Digi suits, Jay has a black left hand in the show, but a white left hand in the sets. Lloyd also has black shoes in the show but not in the sets.
    • For the Hero suits, Nya has two brown arms in the show, but one brown and one silver arm in the sets. The armor on all of them is much smaller in the show
    • For the Island suits, Zane is sleeveless in the show, but has one white sleeve in the sets
    • For the Scuba Suits, the goggles and masks are placed in a much lower position in the show than they are in the sets. Also, the air tanks have a more intricate appearance in the sets.
    • For the Fugitive suits, Lloyd has strips of bandages attached to his Gi in the sets which was not present in the show. Zane's Light Gray detailing is also much darker in the show.
    • For the Golden Armor, Lloyd has black hands but golden hands in the sets.
    • For the Golden Dragon Suits, in the show the Ninja have Golden arms, but transparent arms in correlation to their element in the sets.


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