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Not to be confused with Garmatron or the Golden Master's Mech, both also known as the "Ultimate Weapon."
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This article is about a subject that is canon to the storyline of Warner Bros' The LEGO Movie franchise.

“In the wrong hands, the Ultimate Weapon could spell doom for Ninjago!”

The Ultimate Weapon was a large laser-pointer. When used, it will summon Meowthra to destroy whatever it was pointing at. It was used by Lord Garmadon to destroy all of the Secret Ninja Force's mechs after stealing it from a panicked Lloyd. However, it was dropped and smashed.


At some point, Master Wu came to acquire the weapon, storing it in his dojo on the Destiny's Bounty.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

While discussing with Lloyd on how weapons alone will not solve his problems, Master Wu proceeds to reveal he has all kinds of weapons, one of them being the Ultimate Weapon. Lloyd asks Wu why he hasn't used it to defeat Garmadon, with the elder master telling him that in the wrong hands, it could bring doom to all of Ninjago. Lloyd suggests he uses it, but Wu tells him that currently, Lloyd's hands are the wrong hands.

The next day, when Garmadon arrives with his Garma Mecha Man, Lloyd attempts to use his Green Ninja Mech Dragon to destroy Garmadon's mech, but to no avail. Garmadon then uses his mech to throw Lloyd and his mech towards the docks, where it lands near the Destiny's Bounty. Lloyd then gets an idea and sneaks aboard and steals the Ultimate Weapon while Wu is fighting some of the Shark Army that has boarded.

After acquiring the Ultimate Weapon, Lloyd uses his mech to fly to Garmadon and his mech, who has now climbed to the top of the tallest building in the city. Lloyd pulls out the Ultimate Weapon, ordering Garmadon to stand down, much to Garmadon's surprise. Lloyd then has Garmadon dispose of all of his ammunition for his mech. After doing so, Garmadon notices how nervous Lloyd is and begins slowly walking towards him with his mech. Lloyd then threatens him again with the Ultimate Weapon and, after a brief moment, fires it at Garmadon's mech, releasing a red beam of light, much to the surprise of Lloyd and Garmadon after a few seconds of nothing happening. While trying to turn it off, he aims the weapon down to the city below, causing a loud noise to begin to approach the city, with Garmadon asking Lloyd what he has done.

Meowthra then appears, but the citizens of Ninjago awe over the cat, until Meowthra then destroys a nearby building, causing mass panic. As Lloyd desperately tries to turn off the Ultimate Weapon, Garmadon then takes advantage of the situation and orders his generals to subdue him. While Lloyd is distracted in trying to fend off the generals, Garmadon snags the Ultimate Weapon from Lloyd as his generals tackle him down. Triumphant with the Ultimate Weapon, Garmadon thanks Lloyd for "warming it up" for him before using it to order Meowthra to take down all of the other Ninja's mechs, must to Lloyd's sorrow. Garmadon then has his mech kick down Lloyd's dragon mech off the building, destroying it. As Garmadon celebrates his victory, Lloyd, in a fit of rage, reveals his identity to his father, much to his and his general's surprise. As Lloyd tells his father that he ruined his life, Garmadon tells him that he couldn't have ruined it considering he wasn't there, to begin with. Enraged, Lloyd pushes aside his two captors before kicking the Ultimate Weapon out of Garmadon's hands, causing it to fly up into the air and fall off the side of the building, causing it to smash into the ground far below, destroying it. description

Concealed in an ancient temple almost unreachable by humans, The Ultimate Ultimate Weapon is seen by the Secret Ninja Force as their only hope to save NINJAGO City. But just what is it?[link unavailable]





  • The Ultimate Weapon is erroneously referred to as the "Ultimate Ultimate Weapon" at's museum of The LEGO Ninjago Movie.[1]
    • The description is misleading as well.




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