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“Don't ever let her hear you say that. If she hears you call her crazy, she'll go crazy.”
— A Sons of Garmadon member to Mohawk, about Ultra Violet, "The Jade Princess"

Ultra Violet is one of the former generals of the Sons of Garmadon. She is a thrill-seeking member of the Sons of Garmadon, with the personality of a viper, and an even worse temperament. She drives a small bike called the Stone Booster Bike. She used the Oni Mask of Hatred during missions. However, the Mask was later cracked, rendering it unusable. She served Lord Garmadon when he ruled Ninjago City, and Ultra Violet worked in Ultra Hunt, rewarding citizens for capturing allies and members of the Resistance.

After the ninja returned and Garmadon was defeated, Ultra Violet and her comrades were arrested and sent to Kryptarium Prison for their crimes.

After at least one attempt to escape from the Kryptarium Prison, she finally managed to escape when Unagami released all Kryptarium inmates. She later joined the criminal organization called the Red Crows.


Prior to Sons of Garmadon

At some point during her life, she jumped off a building, only because she didn't want to take the stairs. At another point, she dragged a man from her bike for two miles as punishment for looking at her the wrong way.[2]

Sons of Garmadon

Ultra Violet on her Stone Booster Bike.

The Jade Princess

While in a theater, two Sons of Garmadon told Ultra Violet Mr. E needed her for a fight.

When the Royal Palace exploded, the Sons of Garmadon attacked, but Zane froze Ultra Violet with his Ice. After she thawed, she chased Lloyd and Harumi to the Destiny's Bounty, now with the mask in possession.

The Oni and the Dragon

Ultra Violet entered Laughy's and ordered the two Karaoke singers to be thrown out. Later, when Cole's disguise falls off, Ultra Violet tied Cole up.

Snake Jaguar

Ultra Violet, along with Mr. E and several Sons of Garmadon bikers, bring Zane (undercover as "Snake Jaguar") to their base, hidden within the Ninjago metro system. There, she witnesses Killow introduce himself to Zane, and inform him of how if he wants to become a Sons of Garmadon, he must prove himself in a race. When the group was chanting about the "teeth," Zane was able to quickly scan Ultra Violet. When Ultra Violet reveals that Zane doesn't have a bike, Killow decides to let Zane borrow Ultra Violet's Stone Booster Bike, much to her annoyance. However, Killow asserts her that the Quiet One wants her at the base.

Sometime later, Ultra Violet runs to where Cole is being held, saying she wants a word with him. As the guard leaves, Ultra Violet reveals herself as Zane, revealing that Zane is able to disguise himself as her. When the real Ultra Violet comes to Cole's cell, he claims he is insane, with Ultra Violet saying that makes them both.

Ultra Violet then starts the bike race for Snake Jaguar's initiation. After they leave, she gets a call from an unknown caller, who informs her that Snake Jaguar is a spy. She then quickly informs Killow of Snake Jaguar.

Ultra Violet and Mr. E with the Snake Jaguar.

After Cole breaks free of his cell and finds Toddler Wu, Ultra Violet confronts him. When Cole asks why the Baby is the key in locating the Oni Mask of Hatred, she tells him that he really has no clue before attacking him. In their struggle for the Baby, Ultra Violet tells Cole that Lord Garmadon will not be stopped, but Cole tells her that Garmadon sacrificed himself to save Ninjago, saying he was a good man. Ultra Violet tells him that he won't be anymore, before kicking Cole backward out of the cell. Saying that Lord Garmadon will destroy them all, she charges towards Cole, only to get knocked out after Cole locks her in the cell.

The Quiet One

The Sons of Garmadon noted that the Bounty crashed and went to ambush them.

Game of Masks

While Ultra Violet was guarding the ninja, Killow called her over. They cheer when they see Harumi with the Hatred Mask, but they have a standoff with the ninja.

Crabby attacked them, and the Sons of Garmadon stole the Bounty. Lloyd followed them but was easily captured by Killow.

Dread on Arrival

She and Killow escorted Lloyd to the Temple of Resurrection, where Harumi revealed her plans to bring Garmadon there. Ultra Violet mocked Lloyd for being used and scorned by Harumi before she locked him in a cage along with his mother, which hung above piranha-infested water. When the police arrived, Ultra Violet took part in terrorizing them, utilizing the Oni Mask of Hatred to her advantage.

Ultra Violet with the Oni Mask of Hatred

Later, she brought the Oni Mask of Hatred to the Temple of Resurrection, where she watched as Harumi proceeded to open the Departed Realm. However, the ninja arrive, forcing the Sons of Garmadon into battle. However, they are defeated by the ninja and could only watch as the ninja stopped Harumi from completely resurrecting Lord Garmadon. She was then arrested by the Ninjago police force and sent to Kryptarium Prison for her crimes.

True Potential

After Harumi frees the Sons of Garmadon, Ultra Violet brought out Warden Noble, who claimed he wanted to make a deal. However, they state that they will take over Kryptarium, throwing him out of the prison.

She watches Lloyd fight Garmadon with Harumi and the other generals.

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

Ultra Violet came with Lord Garmadon and the other generals to a village to witness him create the Colossus. She, later along with Killow, pursued the fleeing Destiny's Bounty, prior to its destruction at the hands of the Colossus.



Ultra Violet hosting her "show."

Ultra Violet now has her own "TV show" called Ultra Hunt, which arrests civilians who conspire against the Sons of Garmadon. So far, they have arrested Ronin, the Commissioner, and countless civilians of Ninjago.

Iron & Stone

Ultra Violet, along with Harumi and the other generals, were brought before Garmadon to explain why they failed to capture Lloyd. When Mr. E stepped forward, Garmadon kills him as a warning, towards which Ultra Violet had an angry expression, while Killow placed a hand on her shoulder. After Mr. E’s death, Ultra Violet was given the Mask of Vengeance.

Radio Free Ninjago

Ultra Violet appeared hosting her show Ultra Hunt when she offered a huge sum of money to the person who delivers the Postman to Sons of Garmadon custody. She was later irritated when the latter evaded capture and wondered how nobody had caught him.

However, her show was put offline when she and her Sons of Garmadon guards were tied up by The Resistance, who then used her camera equipment to allow Lloyd to deliver a message to the people of Ninjago.

How to Build a Dragon

Ultra Violet, along with Killow and Harumi, report back to Garmadon, who scolds Harumi for failure. She accuses Harumi of being at fault that The Resistance got their message out, and then becomes humbled when Garmadon shouts "Enough!". Ultra Violet watches in shock as Garmadon lifts Harumi into the air, preparing to give her the same fate as Mr. E until Harumi tells him she knows where The Resistance has their base. Garmadon then drops her as Ultra Violet and Killow watch on.

She later drives with other Sons of Garmadon members to ambush The Resistance in their base.

The Gilded Path

Ultra Violet vs. Misako

Ultra Violet helped ambush the Garbage Depot.

Two Lies, One Truth

Killow and Ultra Violet informed Harumi Garmadon is missing. Harumi told them to keep looking for the Green Ninja while she looks for Garmadon.

The Weakest Link

"Harumi" brought in a "captured" Skylor and told the Sons of Garmadon she is an Elemental Master. Ultra Violet told Garmadon she has the ability to copy Elemental Powers and became suspicious. They were interrupted when another Harumi enters.

Saving Faith

Ultra Violet is sent flying away by Skylor taking control of the Colossus.

Lessons for a Master

Her final fight with Nya

Ultra Violet is on a payphone contacting her allies to pick her up after she was sent flying. As she looks around to find out her location, she spots Lloyd's group and hangs up the phone to get revenge for her humiliation.

She fights Nya, who puts up a good fight against her, and Ultra Violet even praises her for it, before moving to finish her. Nya prevents this by sending a rush of water. This is not enough to stop her, and she traps Nya under a car. Ultra Violet nearly finishes her, but the others return and hit Violet with the wagon. This causes her to be sent through a wall, breaking her mask as well.

Ultra Violet tumbles after her enemies while dazed. Meanwhile, Nya wondered if she ever stays down, until Ultra Violet collapses.

Ultra Violet and The Sons Of Garmadon are sent to the Kryptarium Prison.

Green Destiny

She remained unconscious on the road, as her arriving comrades in cornering Lloyd's group. She regains consciousness and is shocked when she spots a portal being opened in the sky and Dragons flying out and the riders turn out to be Wu and the rest of the ninja, who were still alive and come down to save their friends.

Seeing that the ninja have an advantage, Violet tries to flee the area but she is frozen in place by Zane's Ice Dragon before she could get far.

In the end, the Colossus is destroyed and Violet along with the rest of the Sons of Garmadon are arrested for their actions. As she is loaded into the van, the Police Commissioner personally taunts her about her predicament, in revenge for her having him locked away.

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

The Weekend Drill (flashback)

While fighting the Giant Stone Warrior, Cole inadvertently knocked him into Ultra Violet and Killow's cell, the latter coming out, supported by the other prisoners, and teamed up with the Giant Stone Warrior, only to get knocked back into his cell.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Ultra Violet and the Mechanic during their escape.

The Absolute Worst

She and The Mechanic are able to escape Kryptarium Prison and briefly talk about who's the worst ninja until a mysterious prisoner Fugi-Dove interrupts them saying Jay is the worst.

She tells them that during a battle when she had Lloyd and Nya surrounded, Zane distracts her by shooting rockets at her. Fugi-Dove interrupts to call the story false, as he heard that a dragon froze her rather than Zane. Embarrassed, Violet tells him that was a lie and continues the story. She states she dodged the blows and scrambles up a building to fight Zane. A duel ensues until Zane transforms himself into an upgraded machine that freezes her.

Eventually, they escape the sewer and onto dry land, but not until they are recaptured by P.I.X.A.L. and set back to Kryptarium.

Ultra Violet and other Kryptarium inmates

Prime Empire

Level Thirteen

Ultra Violet was able to escape Kryptarium Prison and joined Soto, The Mechanic, and a couple of prisoners to invade Borg Tower and retrieve the original arcade cabinet. When they finally make it upstairs, Ultra Violet fought Lloyd before being tied up by him and Nya. Lloyd, Nya, Cole, and Kai eventually make it inside Prime Empire with The Mechanic trying to use the arcade cabinet so he could get the Prime Empire motherboard, but he couldn't as Zane took it with them before he, Cyrus Borg, and P.I.X.A.L. left.

During or after Prime Empire

After the departure of Zane, P.I.X.A.L. and Cyrus Borg from Borg Tower, Ultra Violet, like the other Kryptarium inmates, disconnected from the Mechanic. After some time, despite Ronin's search, no one found her, although most of the escaped prisoners had already been caught. However, the Sons of Garmadon, including Ultra Violet, became a different organization, the Red Crows.

Ultra Violet looking at Two Moon Village


Issue 1

After learning about Garmadon's resurface, Ultra Violet traveled to the Red Crows' lair. When she arrived, Ultra Violet told Lord Mogra that Garmadon had returned, what Mogra had asked her if she was still loyal to him, as she had once been one of his generals. When she told him no, Mogra replied that even though the ride of the Sons of Garmadon was over, the Red Crows shall fly forever.

Issue 2

Prior to Crystalized

Ultra Violet was eventually arrested and brought back to Kryptarium Prison.


Ninjago City vs. Ninja

Kryptarium Prison Blues


She is very volatile as shown when she attacked members of the Sons of Garmadon for attempting to approach her.

She is insane by her own admission, as when Cole disguised his communication with Zane while he was being held captive by saying he was "insane", Ultra Violet chuckled and said, "you and me both". She is known to giggle at random times for no reason and generally talks to her foes in a playful way.

She is quite sadistic as she took pleasure in Lloyd's suffering after Harumi broke his heart, even laughing at him and his mother being hung-over piranha-infested water.

She showed some signs of grief as she frowned when Garmadon killed Mr. E and even insulted Harumi, who she used to show respect to. However, she was seen with a worried look when Garmadon choked Harumi.

Violet has been shown giving praise, as she complimented Nya for lasting long against her in their fight.

Despite her usual confidence, she does show signs of fear as she got scared when Garmadon threatened her with death and when the ninja returned with dragons to aid them in defeating her and her forces.

After being defeated, Violet was seen with a sullen look on her face as she was taken away.

She also displays a large amount of pride, as she covered up her defeat by Zane's dragon with her own version of the Rise of Ninjago and called the true version of the event a lie.


It is unknown what her real skin color is, because her whole (mostly bald) head is covered in permanent makeup, which is grey in the back, and gives her facial area a white skull-resembling pattern. The back of her head is shaved, and the top is put into a ponytail. There are scars running through her eyebrows, and one on her cheek. She wears a purple bandana with a pattern on it over a purple leather vest sharing the same pattern, with a UV patch, and a patch with 96 on it. She wears dark jeans with zippers on the sides. In her anime state, she instead wears a plain purple tank top. Her ears are pierced with silver hoop earrings.




Offical Description description

Ultra Violet is a thrill-seeking member of the Sons of Garmadon with all the personality of a viper and an even worse temperament. Nothing seems to faze her, and despite the fact that she is often heard giggling to herself, the only one who seems to “get the joke” is Ultra Violet.[3]

Visual Dictionary New Edition

Ultra Violet is a biker with a wicked sense of humour-although sometimes she is the only one who understands her jokes! She is second-in-command to Mr. E.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 15: Crystalized


Ninjago Magazine


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  • According to two members of the Sons of Garmadon in "The Jade Princess," she has executed insane actions in her life, such as jumping from a ten-story building instead of taking the stairs.
    • In her anime-style fantasy in "The Absolute Worst," she also ran up a building. It is unknown if she could do that in reality or not.
  • Her name is based on the word "ultraviolet," having a wavelength shorter than that of the violet end of the visible spectrum but longer than that of X-rays.
  • Although in the sets, she is shown wearing the Oni Mask of Hatred, in the show she only wears it during the police's attack in "Dread on Arrival." It's instead Harumi who has used the mask the most in the show.
  • Ultra Violet and Garmadon are the only members of the Sons of Garmadon to appear in all of Season 9's episodes.
  • She seems to respect Harumi greatly; when she found out it was her on the other end of the phone in "Snake Jaguar," her tone of voice changed drastically, and in "Game of Masks," she urged Harumi to get to safety.
    • However, she no longer respects her as shown in "How to Build a Dragon" as she blamed her for the Resistance's infiltration. Although after that incident she seems to somewhat respect Harumi when she obeyed her in "The Gilded Path," and when Harumi entrusted her with the Mask of Hatred in "Saving Faith," it indicates that Harumi still trusts her.
    • Apparently, when Mystake was disguised as Harumi, it is shown that Ultra Violet has some sort of a rivalry with Harumi for Garmadon's favoritism.
  • She uses the same hairpiece as Nadakhan, Daddy No Legs, Richie, Murt, Moe, and PoulErik.
  • Ultra Violet is seen wearing the Oni Mask of Vengeance in the intro for Season 9. However, she was never shown wearing the Oni Mask of Vengeance in Season 9.
    • While wearing the mask, she does not appear to have four arms, like Mr. E.
  • In the 2D animation in "The Absolute Worst", it was shown that her eye color is purple. However, it's unknown if it's actually true or not, as she made up some of the parts when she was telling her battle with Zane to the Mechanic and Fugi-Dove.
  • She is one of the three generals of the Sons of Garmadon along with Mr. E and Killow.
    • As of "Iron & Stone," she and Killow are the only two generals left.
  • In the show, Ultra Violet has a decorated purple bandana, whereas in the sets, her bandana is just a plain purple bandana.
    • Nevertheless, Ultra Violet has the same bandana in the sets as in the show, but only printed on her torso. That means she has two bandanas in the sets.
  • She appears to have some form of enhanced strength, being able to rip a pole out of the ground.
  • She is the only female general in the Sons of Garmadon.
  • According to her, the absolute worst ninja is Zane, although at the end of the episode "The Absolute Worst", together with the Mechanic and Fugi-Dove, she agrees that Samurai X is the worst.
  • It is possible that she is a fan of Lou and The Royal Blacksmiths, as she was seen with a poster of Lou in her cell in "The Absolute Worst." However, it is also possible that she just needed to cover up a hole.[4]
  • She is the second character to have gray skin, the first being Shade and the third being Killow.
    • When asked why Ultra Violet and Killow have gray skin, Tommy Andreasen said, "The designers thought that would look neat. No canon reason."[5]
  • According to the Character Encyclopedia New Edition, Ultra Violet likes to put her hair into pigtails when it is not in a high ponytail.
    • According to this book, Ultra Violet's facial tattoos would make her unmistakable in a police line-up.
  • According to the concept art, she was originally called Dare Girl.



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