“We've been working together for weeks. You gotta tell me who you are.”
“You will know all. . . when the time is right.”
The Mechanic and Unagami, about the latter's identity

Emperor Unagami is the mysterious ruler of Prime Empire and the leader of his army. Sometime after the Liberation of the Never-Realm, Unagami associated with the Mechanic for unknown intentions.


Early Life

At an unknown point in time, Unagami became the ruler of Prime Empire. Sometime after the Liberation of the Never-Realm, he associated with the Mechanic.

Prime Empire Original Shorts


Following the success of The Mechanic's robbery, Unagami, speaking to The Mechanic through a monitor, told his associate that the use of the upgraded noodle truck in the robbery was merely a test for a much bigger plan. He also assured The Mechanic that he would reveal his identity when the time is right. The criminal then asked Unagami for help on another project, though he did not reply and the monitor simply shut off.

Later on, The Mechanic returned to the monitor, angrily striking it and attracting Unagami's attention. The Mechanic told him that he wanted to feel, and in response, Unagami printed plans for a mechanical arm, allowing the criminal to feel objects he touched. Once again, The Mechanic questioned the villain's identity, to which he revealed his name.



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LEGO Ninjago

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire


  • He uses a recolored shoulder pad of Mr. E's.
  • He is the fourth Emperor character to appear in the series, having been proceeded by:
  • The printing on his headpiece is similar to Zane, P.I.X.A.L., and Jay's pre-season 8. With him having a two-sided face with one side being normal and the other side having red on it like P.I.X.A.L.
    • While he has the lining through his jawline and cheeks like Zane's and a notch on his left eyebrow like Jay's before Season 8 on the normal side, he has Zane's mouth on his angered expression.
  • His name means sea or ocean in Japanese.
  • He has the Empire Dragon. This makes him the second emperor with a dragon, the first is Zane, who had Boreal.
    • He is also the third villain who has a dragon. The first was Morro with the Morro Dragon and second was Zane with Boreal.
    • He also uses the Empire Dragon to take his anger out on his enemies.
  • He uses the same hairpiece as Okino.
  • His minifigure does not have legs and has a slope piece being used as a dress or robe instead.
    • This makes him the first Ninjago character to have the 2018 slope piece.
  • He is the only Season 12 villain without a Health Board.
  • According to a Ninjago Season 12 activity book, it was revealed that Unagami is the creator of the Prime Empire video game and that The Mechanic and the other Kryptarium Prison inmates are helping him.
    • If this is true, his real identity might be Milton Dyer.
  • He is the second main villain to associate with the Mechanic, the first being Chen.
  • He is the third villain to be the main antagonist in more than one Ninjago installment. With him being the main antagonist of the Prime Empire Original Shorts and Season 12.




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