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These are the relationships of the mysterious ruler of Prime Empire, Unagami.


The Mechanic

“We've been working together for weeks. You gotta tell me who you are.”
“You will know all. . . when the time is right.”
— The Mechanic and Unagami
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The Mechanic and Unagami have secretly been working together. After robbing a bank, the Mechanic reported to Unagami that the heist had been successful. He asked Unagami who he was, but Unagami kept it a secret. The Mechanic asked Unagami if he would help him with another project, only to find his partner shut himself off. The Mechanic later requested for a new arm that he could feel with. Unagami then printed blueprints for a new cybernetic arm. After the Mechanic finished building the arm, he asked who Unagami was and the latter revealed his name.

Character Relationships


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