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“My mother was part of an expedition to try and map an unknown island off the southern coast and she's missing. We're going after them. You're the only one who knows what's out there and we could really use your help.”

Uncharted is the first episode of The Island and the 161st episode overall of Ninjago. It aired on March 7, 2021, paired up with "The Keepers of the Amulet." It released in the US on November 19, 2021, alongside the rest of the episodes of The Island and Seabound.


An expedition led by Misako, Master Wu and Clutch Powers goes missing while exploring an uncharted island and the ninja must pick up their trail.[citation needed]

Extended: When the Ninja learn that Master Wu, Misako, and Clutch powers have gone missing on an expedition to an uncharted island, they launch a rescue mission. Recruiting Twitchy Tim, the only person to ever return from this mysterious island, the ninja must brave the dangerous storm belt to reach its shore.[1]


Misako, Clutch Powers, Dwayne, and Wu are on an expedition in the jungle, accompanied by Clutch's interns, who are carrying his tanning bed. As they make their way through the brush, they encounter a living statue, one which conjures lightning and attacks them.

Back at the monastery, Cecil Putnam, manager of the Explorer's Club arrives with the unfortunate news that Misako's membership has been cancelled, effective immediately, on the grounds that she is presumed lost at sea. The ninja are concerned with Misako, who is revealed to have been on an expedition along with Wu and Clutch Powers attempting to navigate the storm belt off the coast of southern Ninjago. She was attempting to prove her theory of an uncharted island, but has not made contact with the club for several weeks, and is now considered by them to be lost.

Later, P.I.X.A.L. explains that the storm belt is an area off the southern coast plagued by storms, where numerous ships are known to have gone missing. Zane says that to his knowledge, there is only one person to have emerged from the storm belt, a man named Timothy Batterson. He was part of a balloon tour that was blown off course, and eventually crashed on this uncharted island. Lloyd orders the team to find out where this Timothy Batterson is, and to pack for the trip.

The team arrives at Batterson's shop, and are greeted by the man, who wears unkempt clothes tattered from an apparently treacherous journey. Batterson introduces himself as "Twitchy Tim," and offers the ninja fuel for their ship. Lloyd questions Tim about the island, but Tim is unwilling to help. He goes into a frenzy, twitching every few moments, yelling about monsters and storms that make the island extremely dangerous. Tim reveals that he was struck by lightning 12 times there. He twitches again (giving off electricity) and asks the ninja once again what type of fuel they would prefer. Lloyd tries to steer the conversation back to the island, and discusses that they are desperate for help, as Tim is the only person who can help them navigate. Tim denies their request again, and after a series of twitches, once again asks them what their preferred fuel is. He eventually comes around, and boards the ship.

The team, along with Twitchy Tim, make their way to southern Ninjago, and enter the storm belt. Their radar is unable to see past the fog, to which Twitchy warns them that the island does not want them to find her.

Tim tells them the story of how he became stranded, and reveals that he spent days afloat in his air balloon in the fog, when he was apparently knocked out, and woke up on the blue sanded shores of the uncharted island.

The bounty continues through the storm, and P.I.X.A.L warns them that there is a sharp rise in electrostatic levels, meaning it would be unwise to continue through the storm on the bounty. She deploys catamarans for the ninja to board, and they make their way through the waves this way. Each of the ninja board the ships, and maneuver through a bank of sharp stones, which Zane notes attract the strange purple lightning that surrounds them. While manoeuvring through the stones however, Kai's catamaran suffers a glitch that is preventing the pontoons from joining together as it heads for a gap between two stones, Zane jumps off his windsurfer, onto one side, and has Jay and Cole assist him to tilt the catamaran, successfully managing to do so, but loses the sail in the process.

They finally reach the blue sanded shores of the island, and P.I.X.A.L. deploys jungle choppers to the ninja's location so they can more easily navigate. Three sets of bikes arrive, and the ninja take off. Further down the beach they find Misako and Wu's settlement, which is now abandoned. Zane points out a rock formation nearby that spells out "help," and they come to the conclusion that this was left here in case anyone came after them. They make it their mission to find them, and take the choppers further into the jungle. Twitchy warns them of monsters that look like statues, but the ninja are prepared, and take off.












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  • Narrator: Wu
  • As of July 2020, the opening shot of this episode is seemingly the "most beautiful render" Tommy Andreasen has ever seen in the show.[2]
  • The headline on the newspaper with Ronin on it reads "Fugidove Finallt Captured."
    • The second word is a misspelling of "Finally."
    • The rest of the newspaper is the "dummy text" used to fill up papers, the "Lorem Ipsum Dolor" passage.
  • The stone inscription HELP in Ninjargon refers to similar inscriptions from shipwreckers from various media.
  • It is the only episode of The Island to not have the words "the" and "of" in the title.

Cultural references

  • The title of the episode is identical to the title of the film from 2022, Uncharted.
  • The Bounty moving from one location to another in a straight line as marked by a map is a reference to the Indiana Jones franchise.


  • It is revealed that it has been a month since the events of Prime Empire.
    • The ending of the previous season's finale hinted that the ninja and Wu would immediately go on another adventure, but Tommy Andreasen implied this referred to events seen in this episode.[3] This is somewhat of an error, because while Wu did go to the island intentionally, the ninja had not planned to travel there until part-way through this episode.
  • Ronin, Fugi-Dove, the henchmen, Kryptarium inmates, and an unknown chicken make cameo appearances throughout the episode.
  • Ninjago Park appears for the first time since The Hands of Time, although only in the picture in Ninjago City News.
  • The police's promising Ronin to clear his name in return for helping them is similar to the story in School for Crooks. However, this episode describes Ronin as simply rounding up criminals, while he was helping reform criminals in the story.
  • This is the first time the inside of the Destiny's Bounty is shown, which debuted in the previous season.
  • This marks the first appearance of Twitchy Tim in the series.


  • Dwayne's mouth doesn't move when he chops the leaves that cover the Stone Guardians.
  • The newspaper headline with Ronin on it misspells "Finally" as "Finallt."
  • In P.I.X.A.L.'s last shot inside the Monastery of Spinjitzu, her armor is missing.
  • Twitchy Tim says "Leaded or unleaded" three times, but Jay claims he said it twice. It is likely he meant twice before the third time.
  • Though Zane had to go below deck in "On a Wish and a Prayer" because the lightning was attracted to him, he pilots a windsurfer in an open ocean in this episode.
  • When the Destiny's Bounty is shown from a distance, Nya, who should steer the ship, is not visible.[4]
  • Cole grunts in Kai's voice when he lands back onto the catamaran after passing through the stones.



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