Master Wu, don't. I'm sorry I was angry. We all make mistakes. But giving yourself over to Aspheera would be another one. She can't be trusted. She'll still be dangerous and on the loose and—besides all that, we're family. We stick together. No matter what.”
"Under Siege"
Season 11, Episode 12
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 12
Air date July 27, 2019 (US)
August 26, 2019 (Australia)
September 13, 2019 (Canada)
Written by Kevin Burke
Chris Wyatt
Directed by Shane Poettcker
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"Never Trust a Human"
"The Explorers Club"

Under Siege is the twelfth episode of the eleventh season, and the 110th episode overall of LEGO Ninjago. It aired on July 27, 2019 in the United States, on August 26, 2019 in Australia, and on September 13, 2019 in Canada. It was paired up with "Never Trust a Human."


Having learned Master Wu is the "Treacherous One," the ninja find themselves under siege at the Monastery, trying to protect Wu from the wrath of Aspheera.

Extended: Aspheera lays siege to the Monastery with her army of Pyro Vipers and her enormous serpent. While they attack the doors, Jay, Cole and Kai find themselves trapped inside with Wu and Pixal. Pixal reveals that the monastery is not without defenses and activates a weapons system that momentarily slows down Aspheera's army. While they are engaged in a siege, Lloyd, Nya and Zane rush to the hospital in search of Clutch Powers, whom they hope will be able to reveal the location of the second Scroll of Fiorbidden Spinjitzu. Clutch, in typical fashion, refuses to accompany them but reveals the scroll's location: at the Explorer's Club. As Lloyd, Nya and Zane race off to find it, Kai blames Wu for his loss of powers. Aspheera manages to finally breach the Monastery walls, forcing the ninja to retreat down into the hangar bay far below the monastery, where Wu offers to turn himself over to Aspheera in the hopes of saving the others. Kai, however, refuses to consider this and the two agree to put the past behind them and face Aspheera together, as a family.


Having told the story to Cole, Jay, Kai, and P.I.X.A.L., Wu received backlash from the Ninja, and Wu takes the blame for it, but before Wu could come up with excuses, they hear an explosion and head outside. When they went out, they caught sight of Aspheera's army approaching the Monastery of Spinjitzu and the Fire Fang spewing fireballs at the Ninja. After ducking from one of the fireballs, Cole asks about the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu's location, and using logic, P.I.X.A.L. thought the second scroll would be with an archeologist, so he contacts Lloyd, Zane, and Nya to find Clutch Powers.

Back in Ninjago City, the Lloyd, Zane, and Nya are on the ShuriCopter trying to find Aspheera, but Cole informs the trio Aspheera is attacking their temple and Wu being the "Treacherous Deceiver." In addition, Cole tells them to find Clutch Powers, believing he knows where the second scroll is.

Meanwhile, the Pyro Vipers were trying to destroy the temple doors, so P.I.X.A.L. initiated the defensive weapons such as water guns and rubber shurikens. Nevertheless, Aspheera used her staff to get rid of the weapons and Fire Fang destroyed the doors. The Ninja, P.I.X.A.L., and Wu ran inside into the Hanger Bay to take shelter. They thought they could escape using the vehicle bay doors, but they were surrounded. After realizing they were enclosed, Kai continued to blame Wu for their troubles, and Cole explained to Wu that Kai lost his elemental power to Aspheera and feels useless to the team. On the other hand, Jay asked P.I.X.A.L. if she had any backup plan, and she pulls out an unfinished Titan Mech, so Kai, Jay, and P.I.X.A.L. began to work on it. As Kai has to use a blow torch since he can't use his powers at the moment, Wu immediately feels guilt that his student his paying the price for his mistake.

At the Ninjago City Hospital, Clutch Powers, who nursing a broken leg, was working on a memoir before being interrupted by Lloyd, Zane, and Nya as they asked the professor about the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Powers tells the Ninja that the second scroll is located at the Explorers Club, but he refuses to come with the Ninja because he doesn't want to leave the hospital. Due to this, Nya tired to pull Clutch Powers from his bed, but he calls the hospital staff and they escort the Ninja out.

Inside the temple, the Pyro Vipers were ransacking the place in order to find Wu, but they had no success, and one was attacked by Wu's Chicken. While Char was complaining about their failures, Aspheera ejected fire at Char, but he dodges, hitting the dartboard instead and revealing the elevator to the Underground Base. Once Aspheera noticed, Char presses the button for them to get inside the elevator, but the elevator wouldn't open due to Aspheera accidentally eradicating the button.

Back inside their base, the Ninja were notified that someone was trying to use the elevator which placed the Ninja in a desperate situation to fight Aspheera's army; however, Wu believed he should face Aspheera alone in order to pay his own mistakes. Despite being so harsh the first time, Kai apologizes to Wu and the Ninja promised they will face Aspheera together.



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  • The extended version of synopsis misspelled the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, as the 'Scroll of FiorbiddenSpinjitzu.'




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