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“Shiver me timbers! We be stranded at the bottom of the sea! Our unsinkable vessel, be sunk!”

Unsinkable is the third episode of the fourteenth season of Ninjago and the 167th episode overall. It aired on April 11, 2021, paired up with "Five Thousand Fathoms Down". It released in the US on November 19, 2021, alongside The Island and the rest of the episodes of Seabound.


The ninja embark on a mission to uncover the source of a mysterious power signal that is disrupting marine life, and Nya’s powers.[1]

Extended: Nya, Jay, Zane, Pixal and Lloyd board a new submarine - the Hydro Bounty - and set off to find the source of the energy signal disrupting Nya's powers. When chores are mysteriously completed, the ninjas discover that they have a stowaway - Maya, and as they near the Tartarus Trench - the source of the energy pulse - the sub is attacked and sinks to the bottom of the ocean, now powerless and trapped.[2]


At the docks, P.I.X.A.L. asks Zane to push a button, which reveals the Hydro Bounty to the ninja. P.I.X.A.L takes pride in her build and calls the sub "unsinkable," in which Cole remarks that something bad always happens when a ship is called unsinkable. Everyone gives a weird look at Cole and he tells them to forget it. Lloyd, Kai and Nya hope on the sub and Lloyd congratulates P.I.X.A.L and tell her it's what they need.

Nya asks how they know if the pulse is truly causing Nya's power to go haywire, in response Zane says he is 97% percent positive, Nya is scared she could hurts the others and wants to stay back but Jay assured her that it’s why they need her to go the most. Wu butts in and says that it’s still a good idea if Nya wants to stay back, with Maya, Nya says that it isn’t needed and rushes to grab her bags.

Nya is talking to Maya about the adventure she is going to. Maya says that it might be dangerous and Ray is upset that he'll have no one to play Prime Empire with but Kai says that he'll stay because Wu wants to see the history of Fire users and that Cole will stay to help protect Ninjago if anything should happen.

Maya worries about Nya and Nya tells her that her life is full of missions and tells her that she fixes problems by getting involved. Nya, Lloyd, Jay, Zane and P.I.X.A.L. walk to the Hydro Bounty but Jay accidentally shoots his blaster and apologizes. They get settled in and Zane starts speaking like a pirate. The Hydro Bounty team start moving further into the Endless Sea. P.I.X.A.L detects movement in the ship but quickly brushed it off as a faulty sensor.

In the kitchen, Jay eats food and remarks on how good it is. Seeing that Nya is upset he goes and talks to her. Jay assures Nya that they'll find out what is bothering Nya's powers and will find a solution. Jay starts to go wash the dishes but they are all clean to his surprise.

Lloyd walks in to the bedroom to find that his bed is made perfectly and a candy on it. He eats it and remarks how great it is, but questions how it got there. Nya walks to the laundry room to find her clothes are already washed. Nya confronts Zane about the chores being done, along with Lloyd. Jay shows up about his chores being done too and explains that the only explanation is a ghost, while Nya believes it's a stowaway. The stowaway is seen running and the ninja give chase only to find a dead end, giving Jay more proof it’s a ghost. But then Nya believes that the culprit might be a ninja, and finds Maya hiding above them. Jay, still hanging on to his ghost theory thinks Maya is the ghost but Nya tells him it’s her mom who doesn't believe in her.

Maya says that she just wants to help Nya but she refuses and wants Maya to be put back home. But Zane says they are too far to turn back now. Maya tells Nya that she is going have to deal with it and tells the others that she'll make muffins. P.I.X.A.L tells everyone to get to the front of the ship. As they get to the Tartarus Trench, P.I.X.A.L greets Maya and Maya tells Jay that she'll teach him how to bleach underwear. The Hydro Bounty team come across sunken ships and then missiles hit the Hydro Bounty and the ninja return fire but miss the target ending in more shots fired to the ship, causing it to lose power and land on a ledge. Lloyd checks on everyone to see if anyone is harmed to which, no one is harmed. P.I.X.A.L tells the rest that the Hydro Bounty is extremely damaged and Zane fears that the "unsinkable" vessel has been sunk.









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  • Narrator: P.I.X.A.L.
    • In the Polish version of the episode, the narrator is Maya instead of P.I.X.A.L.
    • In the Japanese version of the episode, the narrator is Zane instead of P.I.X.A.L.
  • The title of the episode is very similar to the title of The Island's first episode, "Uncharted," as both are one-word adjectives beginning with the prefix -'un'.
  • Lloyd is revealed to like mint flavored candy. This hearkens back all the way to his debut episode, "Rise of the Snakes," when he was obsessed with candy as a child.

Cultural references

  • Jay believing that the submarine being haunted by a ghost butler named "Ducklesworth" is a reference the ghost butler Duckworth from the 2017 version of Ducktales.[3]
    • Tommy Andreasen previously drew a picture of ghost butler Ducklesworth and posted it on Twitter.[4]
  • Cole references the Titanic when he says that something unsinkable will usually end up sinking.
    • This could be a reference to J.B. Priestley's 'An Inspector Calls', when Mr. Birling describes the Titanic as being "unsinkable... absolutely unsinkable".
  • The scene when the ninja go to the Hydro Bounty in slow motion is similar to the scene from LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers when Clutch and his team go to their spaceship.


  • This is the second time a ninja stays behind, in this case, Kai and Cole. The first was Zane in "Level Thirteen."
  • The Hydro Bounty makes its debut in this episode and becomes the second vehicle based on the Destiny's Bounty, but adapted to a specific environment. The first was the Land Bounty.
  • P.I.X.A.L. says she's been tinkering with the Hydro Bounty over the past several years. Tommy Andreasen confirmed she began working on it after she regained a body in The Hands of Time.[5]
  • Zane, who has downloaded thousands of books and movies with sailors and pirates and speaks almost the entire episode with a pirate accent, refers to "Ninjago Confidential," where he downloaded thousands of books and movies about detectives and spoke with a detective accent.
    • This is the second episode where Zane speaks with a pirate accent, the first time in "Peak-a-Boo."
  • This is the first episode where the ninja (except for Kai and Cole) are wearing their Scuba suits.
  • Maya, who tells Jay that she will teach him how to bleach his boxer shorts, refers to a repeated joke about Jay's underwear in Legacy of the Green Ninja, Sons of Garmadon and March of the Oni.
  • The soundtrack when the ninja are walking to the Hydro Bounty is reused from Cole fighting Yang's students in "Day of the Departed."


  • When the Hydro Bounty was attacked, P.I.X.A.L.'s shoulder pads are missing in multiple frames.
  • At the end of the episode, when P.IX.A.L. says that all the Hydro Bounty's systems are down, there are still lights turned on, indicating there is power left in the vessel.
    • Although technically, the lights are considered life support.
  • One piece of sushi is left on the dish, however, before Jay finished it, when Maya has cleaned it, the sushi disappears. However, it might appear that Maya had ate the sushi before Jay gets it.



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