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Greetings, LEGO Ninjago Fans. My favorite quotes, characters, and sets owned are in the next categories. My top two favorite ninja (or “ninjas”; I’m not sure how you spell it) are Jay and Zane. I, however, cannot pick between them. It's like deciding who’s your most-like parents in front of Mom and Dad. Ugh. Anyways, I hope you fellow Ninjago Lovers enjoy this wikia.

My username is AwfulFatso, but you can call me Fatso. I live in Moore, OK. land of the…something. I am a male. I really like rainbows: slippers, blanket, pillow, you name it as long as it has the colors of the rainbow. My favorite animal is, the most historical animal ever, the Pegacorns—pegasus and unicorns! Like most boys, I enjoy video-games. And like five year olds, I’m scared of cooties. I think I have covered everything.

Favorite Quotes

“Wait for me!”Jay

“Oh, great, now they come in fun sizes.” — Jay

“What did we talk about?” (Jay: “Oh, right. Boundaries.”)Nya

“I’m a ninja, and you are wearing makeup.”Lloyd

“Instead of an ‘fire-escape,’ how about an ‘ice-escape’?” (Jay: “Ha-ha, good one Zane.”)Zane

“Ooh, I love this song.” (Kai: “Turn it off. They might know we’re here.”) “Buzz-kill.” — Jay

“You forgot your hair!”Kai

“It’s ‘ice’ to see you.” (Cole: “I swore I’ve heard that before.”) — Zane

Favorite Characters

Sets Owned

Stone Army Season

Rebooted Season

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