"I'm not a ninja anymore. I'm a ghost."
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"All of my training was not to become the Green Ninja, but to protect him." -Kai ZX

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"We Answered the call, and we saved Imagination!"



How Awesome are you?


Who is your Best friend on the Wiki?

Legodude101 That Guy is Awesome!

What Is your Favorite Ninja?

Kai ZX Zane ZX or Lloyd!

Who is Your Favorite Ninjago enemy?

Lord Garmadon Or Pythor

What is your Favorite snake?

Pythor or Fangtom

What is your Favorite Snake Tribe?

Fangpyre or Venomari.


Hello! I'm Casey113. I played Lego Universe as a Beta Tester and Founder.

I LOVE Ninjago. I have almost every set. I love all the characters, but my favorites are Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Pythor, Fangtom, and Lord Garmadon! Ninjago is the best Lego themes ever in my opinion. My favorite episodes are all of the episodes but I like Day of the Great Devouer, The Green Ninja, Tick tock and All of Nothing the most! If you want to ask me a question or just say hi, go ahead.

My best friend Legodude101 showed me this wiki and this is a awesome wiki! I can't wait to help make this Wiki amazing!

Some of my good friends here on the Wikia Included:

Role play Story:

One day in Ninjago, Sensei Wu was looking for Four Warriors to protect the Four Weapons of Spinjitzu. Sensei Wu found a warrior named Zen. The Fire inside him burned with power. Sensei Wu trained him the art of Spinjitzu but Zen could not unlock the key to Spinjitzu. Sensei told him he was not ready for the Weapons of Spinjitzu, but one day he would unlock his Spinjitzu. Sensei Left to find the Four Young Master's of Spinjitzu. Zen began to fight off evil in Ninjago. The Skullin were no match for h


im. One day, he heard that Lloyd Garmadon had opened the Tomb of the Ancient Serpentine. Zen thought this was only a myth...

Now the Serpentine are released.....

One day, he was ambushed by the Serpentine. Pythor was leading them. Zen fought them but the serpentine were strong. Just then, a warrior came. The Spinjitzu master known as Legodude helped Zen fight the Serpentine. The Serpentine were too strong though. Legodude and Zen escaped and became friends and Zen joined forces with Legodude, Blaynii, and Vector E. the last of a Vector Bots. Together, now knowing Spinjitzu and with there Dragons Blaze, Breeze, and Shock they must defeat the Serpentine And protect Ninjago with the help of the Four Spinjitzu Masters....

The Four Ninjago Defenders are Ready....

This Story has Just Begun....

Sets i Plan on getting:

These are Some new sets im getting soon!

Sets im getting soon:


"Im Back Ninjago!!!" -Lord Garmadon


"NINJA-GO!!" -Ninja's

"I am Lloyd Garmadon son of Lord Garmadon and future dark ruler!" -Lloyd

"All of my training was not to become the Green Ninja, but to protect him." -Kai ZX

"Don't forget, We're Ninja." -Kai


Some Cool Photos Of Ninjago!

File:180px-Chokun 2.jpg

Chokun my Favorite non General Snake!

Me in LU Around my Awesome Friends!


LEGO Ninjago Rise of the Snakes Trailer

Awesome Ninjago Trailer!


Fangtom is Awesome!

I want this Lord Garmadon He is Awesome with his Four arms!

Green Ninja or Lloyd is Awesome!

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