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Όχι εγώ, αλλά ο Χριστός μέσα μου

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Welcome to my side of Ninjago! My name is Ember. I see you have come to my page! I am an artist and an author and hope to be publishing my first book soon (like within the next two years)! I love coding! I am a bit of a foreign language geek and know bits of Spanish, Chinese, ASL, Norwegian, Russian, Japanese, Hebrew, and a little Latin. I love natural sciences (specifically biology and paleontology). I'm planning on either becoming a paleontologist or a voice actor. I'm also a discussions mod on this wiki so, if you need help with anything, just message me on my talk page.

For those who must ask, yes, I am a Christian. And I'm proud of it. I am also a Young Earth Creationist If you have questions about what I believe or my faith, feel completely free to ask me! I will answer any question to the best of my abilities.

Avocados are not vegetables!!!!



Favorite Character: Zane Favorite Ship: Pixane followed by Jaya Favorite Season: Season 9 Favorite Episode: *thinks hard* ummm... Probably Awakenings Favorite Whip: The Miracle Whip Favorite Villain: Kalmaar Favorite Vehicle: Destiny's Bounty or the Shuricopter

Doubt sees a mountain, No way around, Faith sees a victory, No doubt about it. Fear sees a ceiling, Hope sees the stars. Love be the light inside of our hearts.

-Colton Dixon (Limitless)
  • I am apart of three fandoms (all of which have dragons to some degree): HTTYD (my main), Wingfeather Saga, and Ninjago.
  • This is actually my alternate account. My main (LightFury271) is glitching horribly.
  • I like salt and watermelons. Together. They're a wonderful mix. You should try them!
  • I'm a Christian and proud of it. Jesus is my Savior and my King.
  • I like to write and I'm currently working on a fantasy story called Sparkholders, which I hope to someday publish!
  • I quote. A lot. Even from movies I hate or have never watched.
  • I have been banned from the salt jar before.

What if all this could make you braver, stronger,

Walking through the fire, flying even higher,

Like a fighter, you rise up,

If you never give in you won't find a limit!
Matthew Parker (Braver)

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