“Hey.Would you look at that, you guys are inspirational.”
— Lloyd

Hello, Shamrock here. I am a fan of Ninjago, with my favorite character being Lloyd. I have this profile mainly just to edit pages that need it, and to contribute to forums occasionally. If anyone is wondering, I made my profile picture myself by editing Lloyd's zukin suit picture (click the image below, because the details don't show up very well when it's that small), and the picture to the left and the picture to the left as well, and I would be happy to make one for anyone else. Leave a message on my talk page if you are interested/

Lloyd Energy Reverse-0.jpg

I share a Wattpad account that has my book "My Lego Life" (you know you want to click it). It has a bunch of Ninjago thoughts, theories, and conspiracies that I wouldn't generally be able to post on here.

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