"I'm not a ninja anymore. I'm a ghost."
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"Your an EPIC dude that fears nothing and better than that! a GREAT FRIEND! You are very nice. PURE AWESOMENESS!" -Thornu

"You're an academician that clarifies your answers using your awe-inspiring powers of awesome-ness" -Prototron

"You are good friend and cool user.You are helpful and useful for this wiki!!" -LegendaryNinja

"Legodude101 is a great friend, someone you always hopes will come on the chat when you are on, you are a epic pie person (that is a hard comment to get), and he helped this wiki is so many ways it would take up this whole page! Anyways you are awesome and a great friend." - Brianna113

"Legodude is an excellent user and a great friend. One of the great things about him: He is epic." - Makuta Tarkairadan

"You are a helpful user, You and I both have Ninjago villains as our avatars, you don't eat Condensed Evil, you have Condensed awesomeness" -Ermac27

Welcome to my User page!


, I'm Legodude101, TFOL.

Im a big fan of Ninjago (I watched both Seasons of the Show and im still watching them as they come!), and I own many of its sets from its many great releases. My favorite character is Lord Garmadon! I really love the relationship between Lloyd and Lord Garmadon, as well as Garmadon's weakness for his son. My favorite of the 4 Ninja's vehicles is Jays Storm Fighter. In my Opinion, Ninjago is one of LEGO' great themes, and I expect it to last some time.

I've really been liking where the new Ninjago story is going. With lots of new twists and turns. I except the new minfigures for 2013 to be the best of the batch!

"Nobody goes anywhere, until you deal with ME!" -Cole under Skale's control.


"Hello brother, what took you so long?" -Lord Garmadon

"Evil never sleeps"- Lord Garmadon

"The Green Ninja is here to save the day!" - Lloyd Garmadon

"Bow to your master! BOW TO YOUR MASTER SERPENTINE!" - Pythor'

"But tomorrow is a new day Ninja, Mark my words, I will find new ways to finish you!" -Lord Garmadon

"Not again! Not again!" -Lord Garmadon


......If your a bad boy, youll go Over the side too >:D........

Current amount of edits:



PremonititionGif.gifNew Lloyd.gifGarmadon's moves.gifNinjago-Kids.gif

My Roleplay Story

Sometimes on chat, this wiki gets into a Roleplay! This is my story:

I am Legodude, Master of Lightning Spinjitsu, and have also unlocked my True Potential. My father was Samurai Z, famous warrior, until I was abandoned, and adopted by Sensei Wu. I lived with Sensei and Garmadon, until the day Garmadon was bannished. I was scared, I couldnt live here, I felt cursed. So I went to find my Father in battle with the Serpentine. That is when I met Vector E. Cramp, Tarkairadan and Prototron. They saved me before the Samurai army was taken over my Serpentine, and all of the Samurai were gone. Now with my father dead, I take all of his Will. Including his Monastery and everything in it. He also had an Airship much like the Destiny's Bounty, but more of a Warship then a HQ. Now, I am in charge of keeping Peace in Ninjago, and with my Team, we will do what we can to make things right!


I also really, really like to play as Lord Garmadon >:)


Fire: 100
Ice: 100
Lightning: 100
Earth: 100

Collection achievemeants:

  • Own a 2011 Spinner
  • Own a 2012 Spinner
  • All Ninjas in their regular uniforms
  • All Ninjas in their ZX suits
  • All Fangpyre vehicles
  • Get Krazi's Jester hat (Lulz)
  • Get all Kendo Ninjas
  • Get all Golden Weapons
  • Get all Snake Staffs
  • Get all Fangblades
  • Get all Ninjas Golden weapon vehicles
  • Get the Desintys Bounty
  • Get all the Fangpyre members
  • Get all the Hypnobrai members
  • Get an NRG Ninja
  • Get at least one member of each Serpentine tribe
  • Get the entire 2012 Ninja team
  • Get ALL Fangpyre vehicles (A big one)
  • Get all Christmas/2012 Ninjago sets (Excluding spinners)
  • Get all Serpentine Scouts
  • Get Pythor P. Chumsworth
  • Get a Green Ninja/ Lloyd ZX figure
  • Get all Serpentine Warriors
  • Get all Hypnobrai character cards
  • Get all Serpentine Soilders
  • Get all viper varriants
  • Collect the entire Serpentine army (Including Great Devourer)
  • Get all the Serpentine Generals
  • (My biggest one yet) Collect EVERY SINGLE Ninjago set released in 2012
  • Collect all Constirtai Character cards

Favorites list:

Favorite Ninjago Character: Lord Garmadon

Favorite Heroes: Jay and Lloyd

Favorite Vllian: Lord Garmadon, Stone Army, Overlord

Favorite weapon: Mega Weapon

Favorite Serpentine: Mezmo

Favorite Serpentine tribe: Hypnobrai

Favorite Serpentine Vehicle: Wrecking ball

Favorite Ninja-vehicle: Samurai Mech, Desintys Bounty, Jays Storm fighter and the Ultra Sonic Raider.

Favorite episode: Every episode starting from Tick Tock

Ninjago sets I own and Plan to get:

Sets from 2011:

  • Spinjitsu Dojo
  • Skull Motorbike
  • Ninja Ambush
  • Ninja Training Outpost
  • Earth Dragon Defence
  • Ice dragon Attack
  • Mountain Shrine

2012 Sets

  • Venomari Shrine
  • Rattle copter
  • Kai's Blade Cycle
  • Jay's Strom Fighter
  • Cole's Tread Assault
  • Fangpyre Truck Ambush
  • Fangpyre Mech
  • Destiny's Bounty
  • NRG Jay Spinner pack
  • Zane ZX Booster pack
  • Spitta Spinner pack
  • Mezmo booster pack
  • Lash'a bite cycle
  • Samurai Mech
  • Rattla Card Shrine
  • Ultra Sonic Raider
  • Jay ZX Booster pack
  • Fangpyre Wrecking Ball
  • Training set
  • Fangdam spinner
  • Lizaru Booster pack
  • Lloyd ZX Spinner
  • Slithraa Spinner
  • Weapon pack
  • Bytar Booster pack
  • Epic Dragon Battle

Upcoming purchases

  • Kai's Fire Robot
  • Samurai Bike
  • Cole's Power Drill
  • Golden Dragon
  • Garmatron
  • Temple of Light

Mwahahaha! Wait, this isnt here. You didnt see ANYTHING....

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