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Transparent Lloyd .gif

Lloyd is not the chosen one, for I did not choose one Lloyd. I chose an army. *dumps bucket of Lloyd minifigures*”
Platy, ages ago

If you need any assistance with discussions, whether it’s a problematic user or something else, please don’t hesitate to let me know! I’m here to help. :)


My profile picture is le epic turtle

Art I Made :)

"Ticking Frame" means it's part of a project I'm working on.

Finished, Rendered Art

It clogs up the recent changes every time I upload something, so I'm not including mostly-finished WIPs, sorry!

Those just consist of:

  • Cole being epic
  • Jay on a dock with merged Nya
  • Wojira
  • The Never-Realm
  • Cole and Vania
  • The Garmadon family in the early days
  • Zane in the minifigure/chibi style I've used a few times
  • Lloyd and Garmadon in the Bounty cabin from Season 10

I'll have those all done at some point, I promise. :')

Oni Lloyd Garmadad :D "More Oni than Man" Never Trust a Snake (II) Never Trust a Snake (I) WHY A MOHAWK Now I’m Golden The Green Ninja Garmadad Hug (Ticking Frame) My profile picture lol The Jade Princess Harumi (Ticking Frame) Ticking Project Thumbnail L l o y d (Ticking Frame) The dragon dude again Corrupted Surrounded BIG BROTHER KAI AAAA I Need You The Final Battle Dragon Lloyd Recolour Possession of Power Island Lloyd The Great Devourer BIG BROTHER KAI HEHEHE Dragon Lloyd They're cousins, your honour~ The Calling Sad bean :( Missing Nya Tox Morro Thingamabob Jay in a Scarf Epic Smithing Skills Master of Energy Master of Lightning Master of Fiyaaaah One with the Sea Seasons Animation Meme Morroooooo The Quiet One I made this for Spanish class, long story- Fedora Lloyd Into the Dark Zane Lloyd Jay Cole Kai Nya That's a lot of characters :0 Llooooooyd
Platypusrocks Oni Lloyd Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Garmadon Art 2.jpg
Platypusrocks Garmadon Art 1.jpg
Platypusrocks Never Trust A Snake 2.jpg
Platypusrocks Never Trust A Snake 1.jpg
Platypusrocks Mohawk Lloyd Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Golden Lloyd Art 2.jpg
Platypusrocks Lloyd Green Ninja Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Lloyd and Garmadon Hug Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Avatar.jpg
Platypusrocks Princess Harumi Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Thumbnail Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Lloyd SOG Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Dragon Lloyd Art 1.jpg
Platypusrocks Lloyd Forbidden Spinjitsu Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Lloyd Art 1.jpg
Platypusrocks Kai and Young Lloyd 2.jpg
Platypusrocks Jay and Nya Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Final Battle Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Dragon Lloyd Art 2.jpg
Platypusrocks Morro Dragon Lloyd Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Island Lloyd Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Great Devourer Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Kai and Lloyd 1.jpg
Platypusrocks Dragon Lloyd Art 3.jpg
Platypusrocks Lloyd and Morro Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Nya Art 1.jpg
Platypusrocks Young Lloyd Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Sad Jay Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Morro 1.jpg
Platypusrocks Scarf Jay Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Kai Curly Katana Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Jay Art 1.jpg
Platypusrocks Animation Meme Thing 2.jpg
Platypusrocks Morro 3.jpg
Platypusrocks Lloyd Sketch Thing.jpg
Platypusrocks Cole and Vania Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Lloyd Art 2.jpg
Platypusrocks Character Art.jpg
Platypusrocks Lloyd Art.jpg
This took over a month to finally finish... Lloyd looks so happy here I feel guilty :') HE HAS EPIC WHITE HAIR I CAN'T BELIEVE IT LOOK HOW COOL HE IS AAAAAAAAAA This isn't the most rendered... a lot of ones for the project aren't On its own it looks like an odd drawing The one gold sleeve was boring so I gave Lloyd a metal arm :) This was super rushed, but I honestly love it! For a DTIYS, and the name is a reference to the song “Fractions” which fits Lloyd SO WELL OMFSM (: The background was both fun and tedious on this one *extremely loud crying noises* Mmmmm yes, this one was fun. I like his eyes :0 Go away from Lloyd, you deceptively beautiful lady Thumbnail for an ambitious project that will probably take me an entire year :') Whoosh What can I say? I like my Dragon Lloyd design. Also looks kinda weird since I did the lines in a weird art app I don't wanna use again- Made for Tabby's art contest :D I honestly hate this one with all of my being, it looks so weird BIG. BROTHER. KAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AHAHAHAHA They are crying because angst *blares the Final Battle soundtrack piece* (I honestly listened to that a ton while making this) Dragon man, dragon man, does whatever a dragon can- What if dragon Lloyd possessed by Morro Anatomy died on everything but his arms, apparently, but hey the shading's still nice XD Snek No I will not stop drawing these two Try Googling "oni lloyd ninjago", you'll get this in the image results XD (Google noticed me, thank you google) They are cousins, change my mind! Name is based off a song I was blaring the whole time I drew this (also this is from right after art block so it's eh) GIVE THE BEAN A HUG I BEG OF YOU I wanna edit a beard onto this >:) My epic green lady (still summer, still art block, the lineart was old) I tried digital shading over pencil shading, this was the result Because. Scarf. From the pilots :P I like the trees in this one I DREW LIGHTNING GUYS I DID IT I CAN DRAW LIGHTNING AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT OMFSM AAAAAA (I am excited XD) Fire dude? The weird style is because art block, I had it all summer :') DANGIT THEY KILLED THE ANGST... oh well THIS WAS FOR AN ANIMATION MEME [GO WATCH IT :D] Whoosh man Great character, horrible person, get some therapy and stay away from the bean Like I said. Spanish class. Do you want me to explain? They gave him a baseball cap in Season 15... cowards I love these two Can you tell I totally draw Zane a lot Green dude Eeeeeeeehhhhhhhh it's o k a y I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE THIS ONE OTHER THAN HIS ARM ANATOMY Thick neck Kai ;-; I like her face at least! This is old avert your eyes First rendered art I ever did of Lloyd, from back in late 2020 :D

Read mah stuff

  • I try to be as optimistic as possible (:
  • Lloyd is my favourite character, he is a green bean and I have a borderline obsession with him (not like my entire user page is green or anything…)
  • I love to make Ninjago fan art and stop-motion animations
    • But mostly fanart
  • I also like to write fanfics but I still haven't published any, agh
  • I have no clue how to respond to my talk page, I'm sorry :')

  • I love to draw, and I draw a lot of Ninjago art. A lot.
    • I draw with an iPhone touchscreen and my fingers
    • I have zero confidence in my artistic ability, but I try XD
    • I absolutely suck at anatomy, but I'd like to think my strong suit is shading.
  • I do stop-motion animation. I have it all on my YouTube channel. I've only made three in my entire life, but it's fun.
  • I can also do traditional animation, to some extent, but that's rarer since it frustrates me.
  • I also LOVE to write! Even the technical stuff like grammar is fun!

  • I absolutely love the movie
    • The show is better, but still.
      • The movie is actually what got me into the show. I'd actually randomly seen part of Child's Play (lowkey one of my favourite episodes) on CN years before that, but I hadn't gotten the chance to stick around and finish the episode. :') My parents bought TLNM when it came out because our family liked the previous two Lego movies, and I was just kind of like "the Lloyd dude is cool". Then my sister discovered the show and I decided to watch it... seeing tiny Lloyd after only knowing movie Lloyd was a bit of a shock XD.
  • I watched that Lego Turkish Airlines safety video solely to see those five seconds of movie Lloyd and Garmadon~
  • I will forever stan the soundtrack.
  • So, like, Misako is a bad parent imo. Just saying.

  • Meat is the best food
  • My birthday is Christmas Eve
  • I'm a Christian (:
  • I'm that weirdo who uses the British spelling for words despite living in America
    • I've used these spellings since I learned to write
    • I really don't know why
  • Yeah, other shows I like include
    • TROLLHUNTERS IS AMAZING and written by the Hagemans... sooo... Ninjago connection hehe
    • TMNT 2012
      • Also TMNT 2003
      • Rise is okay
      • 1987 is a 1980's cartoon, what do you expect?
    • My Hero Academia (most of the fandom is trash tho)
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Tangled: The Series
    • Spy x Family
    • The Disastrous Life of Saiki K
    • Voltron: Legendary Defender
    • Phineas & Ferb
    • The Clone Wars
    • There's more but I'm tired
  • Favourite characters from each:
    • Lloyd and Garmadon from Ninjago (Lloyd comes first)
    • Mei, Red Son, MK, etc. from Monkie Kid
    • Jim from Trollhunters
    • LEO FROM TMNT WHEEEEEEEEEEE (order of all the turtles from favourite to least goes Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey, but I'd like to clarify I like all of them XD)
      • seriously help it's like Ninjago but with turtles and their epic rat dad
      • that was the worst description ever but we're going with it
      • I have an entire Venn diagram comparing 2012 Leo and Lloyd, fight me
    • Tokoyami from MHA because he's cool
      • I ALSO have a Venn diagram comparing him and Lloyd
      • tehehe
    • Varian from Tangled
    • Loid and Anya from Spy x Family (hehe he's named Loid hehehe)
    • Keith from VLD
      • And by that I mean COMPLETELY EXPECTED!!!
    • Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obi-Wan from Star Wars babyyyyy
  • I had coffee when I typed all of this, I'm sorry


  • Okay, so-
  • Three tiny Lloyds (in the hoodie) (one with a Legacy face)
  • Tiny ZX Lloyd (with a giant crack down his side :( )
    • Why did they never make an official minifigure for him?
  • Older ZX Lloyd
  • Elemental Robes Lloyd
  • Original Golden Lloyd
  • Techno Lloyd (with a fedora for no reason)
  • Stone Armour Lloyd
  • Tournament Lloyd (I gave him rollerskates >:) )
  • Zukin Lloyd (He's still being shipped to me)
  • Deepstone Lloyd
  • Skybound Lloyd
  • Honour Lloyd
  • Hands of Time Lloyd
  • SOG Lloyd (favourite seasonnnn)
  • Hunted Lloyd (lowkey one of my favourite outfits)
  • Legacy Lloyd
  • Sleeveless Legacy Lloyd ("manter")
  • Sleeveless Legacy Lloyd ("master")
  • Golden Legacy Lloyd
  • Armour Lloyd
  • Forbidden Spinjitsu Lloyd
  • Spinjitsu Slam Lloyd
  • Lloyd in the swimsuit from SOTFS (I bothered to create this-)
  • Digi Lloyd
  • Avatar Karen (aka MOHAWK LLOYD)
  • Hero Lloyd
  • Spinjitsu Burst Lloyd
  • Golden Ten-Year Anniversary Lloyd (which also happens to be the tenth Lloyd I got lol)
  • Island Lloyd
  • Scuba Lloyd
  • EVO Spinjitsu whatever-it's-called Lloyd
  • Movie (Ninja Force) Lloyd
  • Movie Lloyd with the hoodie unzipped to show her gi underneath
  • Movie Kendo Lloyd
  • Two Casual Movie Lloyds (with the cereal bowls c:)
  • Does a giant Lloyd plush count?
  • The Legacy flashlight/keychain Lloyd because why not
    • ...Fine, I'm obsessed.
  • Floyd Parmesan


  • ZX Kai
  • Skybound Kai
  • Two Legacy Kais (they're all over the place)
  • Armour Kai
  • Scuba Kai (non-canon but still cool)
  • Movie Kendo Kai
  • The villain from Kung Fu Panda III


  • Techno Cole
  • Skybound Cole (GHOST COLE YESSSS)
  • Armour Cole
  • City Gardens Casual Cole
  • One Cole I made with random pieces since an eBay seller sent me his head on a Lloyd figure by mistake
  • Movie Casual Cole
  • Coleslaw


  • Samurai X Nya (2015)
  • Hunted Nya
  • Hero Nya
  • Island Nya
  • Merged Nya (seriously this minifigure is beautiful)
  • A second Merged Nya
  • Spinjitsu Training Nya
  • Does the water dragon set count as a Nya fig? I mean... it's HER XD
  • nyaaaaaaa~ 🐈


  • ZX Zane
  • Honour Zane
  • Legacy Zane (titanium)
  • Forbidden Spinjitsu Zane
  • Pink Zane
  • Scuba Zane
  • Movie Casual Zane
  • inzanity


  • Skybound Jay
  • Fusion Jay
  • Legacy Jay
  • Hero Jay
  • City Gardens Casual Jay (but I lost his face)
  • Movie Casual Jay
  • A jaywalker


  • Four-Armed Garmadon
  • Sense Garmadon (Rebooted)
  • Resurrected Garmadon (with the cracked armour and purple blood on his torso, not the movie torso)
  • Legacy Two-Armed Garmadon
  • Movie Flashback Garmadon (with the suit)
  • Garmadab


  • Hero Wu
  • Golden 10th Anniversary Wu
  • Movie Wu
  • Wuhoo


  • Hunted Pixal (Samurai X)
  • That's it


  • City Gardens Misako
  • Casual Koko (SO much better than Misako as a person)

Other Characters

  • Morro
  • Hunted Skylor
  • Tox
  • Vania
  • Harumi (Quiet One)
  • The Mechanic
  • Vex
  • The Omega
  • Fang-Suei
  • Clutch Powers
  • Dareth (Rebooted)
  • Legacy Ronin
  • Okino
  • Murt
  • A Geckle whose name I keep forgetting
  • Benthomaar
  • Kalmaar
  • A second Kalmaar
  • Glutinous (coffee boi hehe)
  • Skales
  • Brad (I made this)
  • Sally (I also made this)
  • Wolf Akita
  • A manta ray ig
  • The Mailman
  • Echo Zane
  • There's a few more but I'm tired

Members of Villainous Factions

  • A Pyro Viper
  • A Stone Warrior
  • A Nindroid
  • Two Blizzard Warriors
  • A Blizzard Sword Master
  • A Blizzard Archer
  • SIX Marray Guards
  • Two Oni, one of whom I've designated as Mystake, fight me
  • A Keeper

Non-Ninjago Minifigures

  • Leonardo (TMNT 2012)
  • Raphael (TMNT 2012)
  • Donatello (TMNT 2012)
  • Michaelangelo (TMNT 2012)
  • Emmet (The Lego Movie)
  • Lucy/Wyldstyle (The Lego Movie)
  • Benny (The Lego Movie) (SPACESHIP!!!)
  • Luke Skywalker but with Obi-Wan's torso because I didn't get him an ideal manner
  • Harry Potter
  • Two random Harry Potter dudes, I forgot their names
  • A Karen
  • A million random minifigures from the blind bag series
  • We don't talk about all the Lego Friends I had as a kid
As you can see, I hate Lego and do not collect anything at all. This whole collection is only a year old, I owned five figures prior to then. Muahaha >:)

  • Favourite ninja: Lloyd (wow, who would've guessed~)
    • The ninja in order from my favourite to least favourite (I still love all of them) goes:
      • Lloyd
      • Kai
      • Cole
      • Nya
      • Zane
      • Jay
  • Favourite side characters: Sensei Garmadon, Morro, Vania, Nelson (in that order)
  • Favourite villain: Garmadon, Harumi, Morro, Kalmaar (in that order)
  • Favourite ship: Colania :)
  • Favourite object: Lloyd's fedora. It’s in my name, after all!
  • Favourite season: My top 5 are 8, 9, 10, 4, and 5. In that order.
  • Favourite elemental master (other than the ninja): Tox and Morro
  • Favourite Weekend Whip: all of them- Fine, the Shintaro Dungeon Whip and The Rift Whip.
  • Favourite Soundtrack Piece: ALL OF THEM. ABSOLUTELY. But if I had to pick one, it would be Lloyd vs. Garmadon Reborn.

Sign my page if ye so desires :)


  • coughs* Lloyd's hot *cough*- Could it be..@AbbythepurpleNinja?? (No one knows)
  • Awsome ART- Tigertabby14
  • Your arts and profile pages are awesome. Well Done! I wish you continued success. Cenk555 or a friend (as Lloyd's quote in Racer Seven)
  • Henlo, I managed to sign your wall, sign mine for a cookie -Frank the bunny
  • Laughs cutely* Noice Profile! Also the Lloyds are 👌 -Totally not Executive Cucumber
  • Ur Awesome! How do you do the floating Lloyds? -Not Pmcnulty
  • You're art is good -BabyGroot99
  • Remember me when your art becomes famous- Your friend RedRiptide
  • Your art is Awesome =D- I am not JayIsWayBetterThanKai. I said I'm not!
  • I like your art - Guy holding nunchucks aka not AwesomeDudeX9
  • amazing arts the 3 lloyds are annoying me.- your friend UltimateLloydFanB8
  • I Recently Subbed To Your Channel, I Wish I Had As Many Green Bean/Lloyd Minifigures As You Do, P.S I Am A BIG Lloyd Fan Too, GREEN BEAN PRIDE! 😀 - Green Ninja 2814
  • Hello Platy! I hope you appreciate my GIF of Lloyd doing the ankha zone that was secretly made for you! Now, though I’m a true Kai fan, yes, Lloyd is a genuine bean. (talk) Kumaruby
  • I couldn’t find a way to add my name to the bullet list without deleting the beautiful floating green bois but here you go fellow artist/Lloyd stan—Hibiscus :3 (I did it for you! :) - Platy)
  • Neither could I lol- Anyway, Howdy Platypus, I’m tipping my Top Hat right back at you. - Happi123
  • Me Threether. Awesome Art! Wish you the best of luck in 2022.-That Annoying Cowdog
  • dies in can't sign correctly- (ps, green bean could use some character development) -OMGisdaDERP
  • Above is my failed signature I'm sorry - OMGisdaDERP
  • Love ur art!!!!!!!!!! - OnceWasProtostar
  • Howdy there fellow Lloyd fan, even if he's one of my favourites I still like watching him suffer for some reason-How do I get 2 floating Lloyds for my profile? I was probably going to get 2 Forbidden Spinjitzu Lloyds from the Season 11 gifs - Green Ninja2814
  • Hey dude, I LOVE your art so ofc I HAVE to sign lmao. - LegoGeek33
  • hi platy i love ur art!- ninja
  • I CANNOT BELIEVE I'VE NEVER SIGNED YOUR USER PAGE THIS IS A TRAVESTY - Definitely one hundred percent not Wild
    • —The Man who speaks in Maroon and Purple
  • Hi!, It's your sister. You make beautiful art :`> - ShayCrystal
  • Hi Platypusrocks - Blue Lighting 53 (I moved your "hi" down here since that's where it's supposed to be :) sorry!)
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