Predacon Blazer

aka UltraCyberNinja

  • I live in Cybertron
  • My occupation is Being in the Cybertronian Elite Guard
  • I am an Autobot Commander

Hello there, I am Predacon Plazer. I am proud to be here because I'm a big Ninjago fan. My favorite group in Ninjago are the Ninja. But you can also call me Master and Sensei Solus Orion if you want to :). The reason I'm called Predacon Blazer because I hunt down and Destroy every villain in my way. But my biggest challenge in the Future is Defeating The Golden Master and destroying his Shadow Legion. The weapons I weild is The Draconic Weapons. I make my home in the Island of Peace.  

My favorite wikis

  • Transformers Prime wiki
  • Lego Ninjago Fanon wiki
  • Ninjago Wiki
  • Transformers Legends 2 wiki
  • Transformer Legends Wiki
  • Brickipedia (Lego Wiki)


Fire Symbol SP: 600

Lightning Symbol SP: 600

Earth Symbol SP: 600

Ice Symbol SP: 600

Overall SP: 2,400


Ninjago Sets I Own so far:

Wish List



Favorite Characters

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