Hey guys this Carolstar123 aka Carolina this is big new you guys have been waiting for all year the new season of Ninjago is finally here the new season is called rebooted and the ninjas, sensei , and nya are back for more action this time around a new threat lies in ninjago and the ninjas go to a new place called borg industries and that's where it starts the ninjas are confused of why they have new ninja outfits and new weapon called techno blades and NOW that's where the action really begins with the ninja's new outfit and techno blade they are ready to face thw new threat u can watch the new season of Ninjago Rebooted on December 18 of 2013 or the next year of 2014 i don't it said it would be on December 18 of 2013 so i will cross my fingers to hope it will be on december 18. Also there is a new video uploaded om lego's channel called Lego Ninjago Rebooted: Official Trailer so check that for yourself and also see the video under my proflie of Google + i will be back for more Ninjago news for the Thanksgiving Break and also on the Hoildays and one more thing before i leave don't forget to see my on youtube called Ninjago News Of Season 3  and maybe just maybe i will make a new ninjago news video of the trailer rebooted. so this is Carolina signing off bye.

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